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2022 2022 trail stories...

New Templar Trail in Ephraim Canyon
Templar is 2.3 miles, but it connects to 6 different trails -- including Pioneer -- opening up a world of new loop options. Read about it on the Ephraim Canyon trail page.   Trail page...   October  2022. 

The "Spork" trail is awesome!
It's not finished yet, but the first 3.5 miles of this five-mile loop in Ogden Valley's North Fork Park are open for out-and-back riding. And it's so good that you shouldn't wait. It's engineered as a bikes-only trail. Go ride it now.   Trail page...   October  2022. 

New Sufferin Succotash and What's Up Doc trails!
There are two new trails in the Cutthroat riding area by Jordanelle. Sufferin Succotash joins the southern tip of the Wile E Coyote loop to the Coyote Loop on the ridgeline. Uphill or down. What's Up Doc joins the west side of Wile E Coyote uphill to Coyote mid-way between Cutthroat and the Looney Tunes trail. Lots of fun new riding options!   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Lonely Mountain and the Smaug loop. 
Lonely Mountain has been finished from the top of Mordor to Chop'd Coyote. Best done in the downhill direction. In the middle of Lonely Mountain is a quick loop called Smaug   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Big Dipper downhill-only, bikes-only
Big Dipper is a bikes-only downhill-only intermediate trail that descends from Milky Way near the top of Skyridge Peak. It's still a big loose, so you'll need to control your speed!   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Update for new trails at Tuhaye!
The HooDoo trail is a lot of fun with fabulous views. The Kings Light Loop has a couple of DH flow trails, and of course there's the old North Star trail -- still worthwhile. West Oak is detoured for subdivision construction. Info and tracks on my trail page!   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Lambert's Flow Trails Open
Both sides of the "Blue Flow" trail (as well as Pepper) are now open for riding in Lambert Park.   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Clark Ranch Loop is a fun ride!
The Sparky trail opened for riding this past weekend, and it's a very nice little loop! Only 3.5 miles, but the downhill makes it worth doing twice. It's a one-way flow trail.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

New Wormwood trail at Rabbitbrush in Hobble Creek...
This is a really fun little riding area, close to civilization. Great for a quick ride when there isn't much time. The Wormwood trail adds some new twists. Check out the video to see what it's like!   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Updates for a new DH trail, paved trailhead, and re-routes at Eagle Mountain...
The third DH trail is finished on Hickman Hill. The parking lot is paved and open. Supersonic and Cracker Jack have been re-routed above the construction area. It's going to be awesome!   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Checking out the rebuilt Dark Hollow trail...
I've been trying to hit Dark Hollow for a long time, but it's never worked out. And I wanted to evaluate possible loop rides for those who'd rather climb than shuttle. Finally made the ride.  Here's the latest info!    Trail page...   September  2022. 

BST from Mueller Park to North Canyon! NICE!
This 4-mile link between North Canyon and Mueller Park is proving very popular for loop rides. No it's NOT officially open yet, but tons of riders are doing it daily and the trail crew is letting them through. (The new BST north from Mueller Park is still under "hard closure" but may open late this fall.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Update for the singletrack options in lower North Canyon
You can't tell from Trailforks, but there are actually THREE trails in the bottom mile of North Canyon. Of course, there's the ugly gravel doubletrack we all rode in the past. But there's a singletrack climbing trail and a bikes-only DH trail alongside the road.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

The rebuilt Left Fork of Bunker Creek
So, it's been a secret that the Left Fork of Bunker Creek has been rebuilt and is open. And it's renamed as plain "Bunker Creek" while the historic Right Fork has been renamed "North Fork" because everybody was always confused on the left versus right thing. Got a video for you, too.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Upper Spinal Tap: review and a video!
The upper 9-mile section of Spinal Tap in Richfield is open, although a bit of tweaking work is still going on. That makes 18 miles of continuous expert-level singletrack from 9700 feet elevation down to Richfield.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Mother Urban is done!
Lots of people waiting impatiently for this trail to finally be finished! The Mother Urban trail is complete, climbing from lower Sweeney's Switchbacks to Midmountain.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Climbing trail added to DH system at Iron Springs!
Adding to the ledger of strange trail names is jeYESup's climb. This 1.5-mile singletrack gets you to the top of sYdwindErS, Yes Please, and Yes Sir.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Middle Spinal Tap is now open
The middle section of Spinal Tap in Richfield is finished and open to riders. There's now 10.1 miles of downhill, out of 18 planned. Do it with a shuttle or ride the road uphill! The upper segment is expected to be complete in a month or so.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Climbing trail added to DH system at Iron Springs!
Adding to the ledger of strange trail names is jeYESup's climb. This 1.5-mile singletrack gets you to the top of sYdwindErS, Yes Please, and Yes Sir.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

New stuff at the Beaver Bench trail system
The trails now have official names and trail signs. I've added the newer Static Noise and Rambler trails to the trail page.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Green Flow opens at Lambert
The easier DH flow trail on Lambert's south end is now open. Climb to the top via the new Zag.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Mill Creek Meadows
This is an optional route off the Wasatch Crest that passes through several beautiful meadows. Or, it can be a brutal up-and-back lariat loop ride from Big Water. Has some steep spots, so Mill Creek Meadows is a downhill.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Mother Urban status report!
Lots of people waiting impatiently for this trail to finally be finished! The Mother Urban trail is complete from the upper South Sweeney trail to Midmountain. My report tells you how to find the completed piece and ride it through some confusing intersections.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

The Town Loop -- update for Sweeney's and John's trails
Over 20 years ago, I first reported on the Town Loop ride in Park City. Here's an update with lots more navigation information and tons of photos.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New updated Dog Lake information
With a new plush Dog Lake to Mill D Connector trail, there are awesome ride options to consider for your Dog Lake trip. Drop over into Big Cottonwood for an add-on loop, or climb from Big Cottonwood on those dastardly odd-numbered days when you're banned from Mill Creek!   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Loose Moose and First Time Return!  Quickie DH ride.
Here's a short but sweet loop in Park City. Climb Jenni's and drop the one-way DH Loose Moose, part of CMG, and the First Time Return trails. Everything you need to know on this page.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Shadow Lake epic loop update
This monster ride was my first big alpine mountain bike ride. It was among the first few trail reviews published on UtahMountainBiking. In the last 20 years, many new trails have been created here. So it was high time to update the page, throw out the junk, but give you more information about the trails you'll be riding and your navigation options.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Cyn City DH flow trail
Well-built trail winds down the slope from Charlie's 9K trail to Midmountain trail in Park City. Loop or shuttle. Loads of fun -- you'll like this one!   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New 8-mile section of the BST from Wild Rose to North Canyon
Very nice plush trail extends from the middle of the North Canyon trail to the top of the Wild Rose system. More connecting BST coming soon! Recommend up-and-back to Rudy's Flat from Wild Rose   Trail page...   July 2022. 

No Worries -- a nice new way to hit Road to WOS
This great trail connects the Road to WOS loop through Toll Canyon and down to Arcylon. This makes a nice big ride that's fun and satisfying. Certainly worth the trip!   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New DH flow options at Arcylon! and XC trails connecting east and west
Here's an update to the Gorgoza Park area, with a rebuilt Gorgoza Park, new DH flow trails, and A Toll New World linking this area to Summit Park's trail system.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New Upper Pipeline links Big Water and Elbow Fork in Mill Creek
If you do the shuttled Wasatch Crest ride, this is something you wanted. Rolling singletrack from Big Water down to the top of the Pipeline trail at Elbow Fork. Details added to an updated Pipeline trail page!    Trail page...   July 2022. 

Rattlesnake section of the BST!
Rattlesnake BST climbs from lower Mill Creek Canyon to the Pipeline. Once the Grandeur Peak BST is complete this fall, the BST will be complete from Mill Creek to Parley's.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Hickman Hill beginner loops at Eagle Mountain
OK. So they're still working on the trailhead. And they're starting on another downhill trail option in a few days. But riders are taking their kids on these loops now, so here you go. Added to the northern Eagle Mountain area page.   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Mountain Green's Cottonwoods Trail System
Here are the details of the 20 trail segments within this trail system. Lots of photos, plus a recommendation for a big loop ride that ties the trails together.   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Great riding on Eden's Sidewinder trail!
Nice four-mile loop on the gentle slopes at the eastern side of Ogden Valley near Eden! Just off the road to Powder Mountain.   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Wile E Canyon Loop
This is great riding, but not known to many city folks just yet. Looney Tunes and Wile E Canyon were completed last fall and are now prime for riding!   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Mordor! Expert DH at Coyote.
Still working on updating the trail info and maps for this area, but I'm throwing the Isengard/Mordor area trail page out there now. Upper Potatoes, Lower Potatoes, Isengard, Lonely Mountain, Mordor. Awesome stuff. The trail page likely still has a typo or two, but you can look at the details while I update the other FIVE pages of trail reviews for the Coyote/Riverview riding area.  Trail page...   June 2022. 

Curley Springs raw singletrack loop
Short little adventure ride on narrow tight singletrack above the Crop Circles area. Not really a destination trail in itself but an add-on to a bigger ride in the area.   Trail page...  May 2022. 

Mahogany Bench Climb and Rojo Rolling downhill
Part 2 of the update to the Mahogany Mountain area, newly designated as official trails by the Forest Service. Lots of nice riding in the hills above Pleasant Grove and Cedar Hills.    Trail page for the Mahogany Bench southern area...  April 2022.

...and fresh updates to the Mahogany Mountain trail page and the northern Utah County Bonneville Shoreline page.

Edelweiss Trail on Traverse Ridge.
The Edelweiss trail connects eastern Eagle Crest to Ann's Trail near the Peak View trailhead. This creates an 8.4 mile dirt loop around Traverse Mountain. And it links the Peak View and Maple Hollow areas together without making you  ride city streets. We've been waiting many years for this!    Trail page...  April 2022. 

Sneaky Shiz and Thunderdome.
With names like that, you just know these trails will be serving up some delicious dirt. Sneaky Shiz runs from the Pleasant Grove BST up to Mahogany Mountain, then Thunderdome takes you on up to a fabulous viewpoint. There are no trail signs here -- so take your GPS navigation app with you -- and read this review to be prepared for the ride!   Trail page...  April 2022. 

Preview of the new DH trail at Fort Canyon.
There's a new upper-intermediate DH ride in upper Big Hollow above Fort Canyon in Alpine. But it's not officially open for riding yet. (Finishing touches still being done.) The chains were down last weekend -- and back up on Monday -- so maybe you can find a day to ride it soon! YouTube video featuring (almost) the entire length of the trail:   Play VIDEO    Fort Canyon trail page...  April 2022. 

Bonneville Shoreline Update - Slate Canyon to Spring Canyon
21 years ago, I set out from Slate Canyon towards Hobble Creek and turned around thinking "Wow, nobody would ever want to ride this!" Well, it's better now. Here's the info on the Bonneville Shoreline, as well as the alternate singletracks and the Slate Canyon DH flow trail. Worth a look!   Trail page...  April 2022. 

Rabbitbrush Trail at Hobble Creek
This is the first installment of a planned trail system for Hobble Creek. Nice little loop when combined with a bit of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Good ride for kids and beginners! Or if you're a local, go do some laps!   Trail page...  April 2022. 

Northern (Phase 3) trails at Valley Vista
Two stacked loops called The Pit and Hard Rock are ready to ride at Valley Vista. They can be reached via the Murdock Canal trail from the Cedar Hills trailhead, or by dropping onto Hard Rock from Molly's trail north of the main riding area.   Trail page...  March 2022. 

Awesome Quail Creek to Tipple Trail loop ride!
Here's Bruce's review of a nice loop in the Red Cliffs recreation area. Add it to a northbound ride on Prospector, or start at the White Reef trailhead for a nice easy 5-miler.   Trail page...  February 2022. 

Red Cliffs recreation area -- tons of trails. Here's where to start!
This trail page has zoomed-in views of the multiple smaller trails around the White Reef and Red Reef trailheads, with description of the connections to longer rides in the area.   Trail page...  February 2022. 

Confluence Park in La Verkin
This would be of interest only if you live there or are staying right in town and need something quick, low, and dry. There are some views of impressive basalt cliffs, but the riding is meh.   Trail page...  February 2022. 

White Reef to Leeds Reef
Can't believe it's been 11 years since I reviewed these trails. (And there's been a fire.) Time to start over and get all the latest information for you!   Trail page...  February 2022. 

Rusty Cliffs doesn't suck as much as they say.
Went back to this trail after 20 years. Read my review, then see if you want to try this little slice of adventure. Lots of nicer places to ride, but I had fun. Now if we could just carve a new alignment that goes around the 1/2-mile sand pit, it would be a great ride.   Trail page...  February 2022. 
2021 2021 trail stories...

EZ Breezy -- Alpine's first directional flow trail
The fun new trail through upper Big Hollow is now open for riding! Reached via Bodily Harm just off the Three Falls Fort Canyon section. Option for little loops once you're there, can be part of a big loop through the north Alpine trail system.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

New Parley's Pointe BST section is open
Great trail heading north from Parley's Canyon. Not a cruiser -- it has a surprising amount of climbing. Fun stuff with great views of the valley (inversion allowing). Already lots of dogs and hikers on the northern end.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

Manti Race Loop and Gunnison Reservoir Trails!
Some very nice riding west of Gunnison Reservoir. But you'll never find it on your own, so pay attention to the "Getting There" section of my ride review.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

H Trail and East Bench Preserve
I'd ignored this tiny bit of trail because I thought nobody outside the neighborhood would be interested. But I was there, so why not ride it? I still don't think you'll want to ride this, but if -- like me -- you're right there sitting on your bike, here's the story.   Trail page...  November 2021. 

Nung'wu Poa (Paiute Trail)
There's a mile of new trail, with some rough edges, on the hill above the Virgin River in Springdale. Here's the info.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Toe Trail in Ivins
A bit over a mile of absolutely flat cindered trail on top of a flood-control dike, plus two bits of singletrack at the eastern end. Nice for very young kids and adults who are brand new to bike riding. Of little interest to most mountain bikers. Heavily used by locals for their morning exercise.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Newest trail (and a video) for the Beaver Bench trail system
Brand-new BLM trails at the mouth of Beaver Canyon. An eastern loop is now complete, making around 8 miles of nice trail in the pinion and juniper! Nice easy riding with the Sage Advice lariat loop, the eastern loop, and two DH flow trails. Still waiting to learn the other trail names!   Trail page...  October 2021. 

New Hot Lava Loop trail at Glenwood Hills
Here's a nice 3.7 mile loop option off the main Glenwood Hills race loop. Done together, it creates a single 8.6 mile loop ride with swoopy fun riding and great views.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Cottonwood Kids Loop at Pahvant
Newest addition to the Pahvant system at Richfield: an easy 1.7 mile loop at the far north end of the system, specifically made for true beginners and kids. The northern (Kiln) trailhead is now official, with a bike repair kiosk.   Trail page...  October 2021. 

Lost Lad
This downhill trail between SLC and Bountiful is lots of fun, but is for experts. Not just for the downhill part, though. There's some steep climbing required to get to the top.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Carpe Diem!
This trail is a weird mix. And it still has some rough edges. Maybe you'll love that. And even if you don't, there's lots of other good stuff to love on this ride. Carpe Diem is a two-way, but you absolutely should ride it downhill.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Trail Yeah!
Nice 3.2 mile loop with fun aspen swooshing and great views. Located off the Sunrise trail at Powder Mountain, so your ride will be around 10 miles to experience this trail.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Sunrise -- and Doctor's Dozen update
The completion of the Sunrise trail (replacing the old Hidden Lake Lodge trail) adds a bunch of great riding options to Powder Mountain. It's not just Brim, Stupid.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Popperton Park
This is a tiny trail loop in the Avenues area of Salt Lake. It's super easy to ride. Popperton is the perfect trail for young kids, or for getting that timid relative onto a mountain bike for the first time!   Trail page...  September 2021. 

19th Avenue trail
This lovely new three-mile downhill flow trail lies above the Bonneville Shoreline in northeast Salt Lake. You'll like it. Also, some sections of the BST in City Creek and the Avenues have been rebuilt.  It's a good reason to hit this area again.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

I Street Bike Park
Jump lines above the avenues. This is the wildest, most chaotic trail layout I've ever come across. But who cares? You're here to jump. Keep doing it, and you'll figure out the trail layout eventually.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

City Creek and Avenues Bonneville Shoreline Trail update!
If you haven't been here for a couple of years (and who doesn't enjoy playing in Salt Lake traffic just to ride a foothill trail), things are changing. Like new bench-cuts and one-way trails. Adequate trail signs are still missing, so ride prepared. Here's an update to the BST from City Creek to Dry Gulch.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Hell Canyon - Ensign Peak trail
On the northern tip of the Salt Lake Valley, this route starts on a busy road and climbs to Ensign Peak. There's the option of a climb to the BST, with many using this route to reach DH trails such as Lost Lad or Tio Bob's.   Trail page...  September 2021. 

Cutler's Twist
This is some buttery smooth singletrack. Although technically a two-way, it's an awesome downhill flow trail with banked turns and high-speed riding. A couple of stunts and lots of nice trail.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Finally made it to the Traildemic trail
Can you guess the year that a trail named "Traildemic" was built? Not new-new, but still new. I describe a loop ride of Traildemic and the Bicentennial trail, located in North Fork Park in Ogden Valley.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Expanded info -- and new trail-cut -- on the Cutler Flat Loop ride!
The old lariat loop was a pretty brutal ride. Still a bit of work. But it's been made way more plush, with some nice banked flow trail and an extension of the downhill ST. Here's my updated trail report.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Timpanogos Wildlife Management Area re-opens!
Following the fire in October 2020, the Timp WMA was closed. The process of replacing burned trail signs and repairing damage continues, but the area was declared open for mountain bikes at the end of July. Note that trail names have changed, and many "social trails" have been eliminated. See my specific trail pages, via links on this general-info area page.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Iron Springs DH flow trails
On the south slope of Three Peaks are three one-way engineered descending routes. Climbing options include the main Iron Springs trail to Three Peaks, or a direct climb via ATV track. Details in my most-excellent trail review.   Trail page...  August 2021. 

Upper Zion Trail System
Located just outside the eastern entrance to Zion National Park, these trails range from easy to high-expert. Still some finishing touches going on but legal to ride now.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Tom's Canyon! Very fun loop on the edge of Kanab
Narrow twisting and dipping singletrack on the skirts of the cliffs, runs around a small valley starting at the last homes of northeast Kanab.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Steamboat Mountain Trail in Springdale
Short singletrack along the northern edge of Springdale, just outside Zion National Park. In case you're stuck there with a bike and an overpowering need for dirt.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Tombstone and Bone Yard in Iron Hills!
Super-techy riding for those looking for a challenge. Tombstone is one long rock-garden of a climb for anyone who's ever complained about "dirt sidewalks", and Bone Yard is a double-black descent that's a lot of fun!   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Lava Link trail at Cedar City
An upper mountain link from Lava Flow to the top of Elevate and Black Ops. Nice loop ride options, and access to expert-tech loop of Tombstone and Bone Yard.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Peacemaker Trail links Porcupine, Longview, and Peakview
This new one-mile trail sits at the top of Longview. Left takes you to Porcupine (for a short loop on Achtung Baby) and right takes you uphill to Peakview near the Jacob's Ladder connector. Good stuff; you'll like it.    Trail page...  July 2021. 

Valhalla Trail!
New route in northern Cedar City connects the Thunderbird trails to the 13th Hole loop. Still pretty loose and sloppy, so you could be forgiven if you waited until it gets packed down.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Nebo Summit Trail
Most of this trail has been re-cut, so it's now friendlier to mountain bikes (it used to suck). Great views, cool forested riding at elevation. Brutal if you ride the whole thing out-and-back. (But you can do a pleasant 8-mile out-and-back on the upper end.) Can be done as a shuttled ride, or a loop via pavement.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Southview Skills Track at Cedar City
This is an easy and non-stressful spot for kids to ride with their not-so-expert parents. Not like the big and exciting bike park at St George! Nothing scary.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

Milky Way to the top of Skyridge
Here's a fun and scenic new out-and-back ride above Jordanelle Reservoir. The trail page also covers the Oh Deer Flow trail from the same trailhead.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

The Pine Forest trail and the lower Payson Pipeline
Pine Forest and the Pipeline make a quick ride in lower Payson Canyon. Located just uphill and across the road from Forebay.   Trail page...  July 2021. 

New trailhead and new trails at Forebay in Payson Canyon!
There's so much great new stuff, I had to rewrite the Forebay page and expand the trail descriptions to 3 pages.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

In-depth review of Mojo, Rawhide, and Hardlick
When you think you're ready to hit the harder stuff in Herriman's great trail system, here's the information to help you decide what to ride and how to do it.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Ephraim Canyon singletrack trail system - Awesome!
If you're looking for mellower family riding with beautiful views -- and the option of starting the newbs and the younger kids  from the top -- this is a great bunch of trails.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Parents! Are your little buckaroos ready for some kid-specific DH?
I put the new beginner downhill trails at Blackridge Pond onto a page of their own, so parents can get the info they need to decide how to make this outing with their kids.   Trail page...  June 2021. 

"New and Improved" Thunder Mountain trail page
I've expanded the trail information and added over 20 new photos. So you'll really understand what you're missing if you don't go ride this Classic Must-Ride Trail!   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Spinal Tap review!
Lots of challenges on this ride. Hiked down a spooky double-drop in front of the local high school team, acted like it was because they were working on a ride-around trail, but really I was scared stiff. So I've revised the upper Pahvant page with new photos and ride information!   Trail page...  June 2021. 

Fabulous Slate Creek
This is what you've always wanted. A trail in the Uintah Mountains built specifically for biking. Trailhead on the Mirror Lake Highway right across from lower Beaver Creek. Fun loop ride with a swooping downhill and the occasional rock garden.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Tank Run and Big Red
Lots of fun options at Richfield! If you're wondering what this system is like, read my new expanded trail review of the lower Pahvant trails! TLDR version: it's an awesome collection of wonderfulness.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Fabulous little trail system at the mouth of Farmington Canyon. Great stuff crammed into a small area. Get your laps in. There's plenty of jumps and fun stuff on 5 different downhill trails.  Trail page...  June 2021. 

Traverse Traverse
This fabulous trail connects western Ann's Trail of the Corner Canyon system to Mo-mentum of Lehi's Traverse Mountain trail system. Great ride by itself, with twisting shady trail in the maples and wide open views of mountains and valleys at the top.  Trail page...  May 2021. 

Longview Trail
The Longview Trail is that climbing route in Hog Hollow that you've been waiting for! Extends from the bottom of Fango/Achtung Baby up to the tippy-top of the Peakview Trail.  Trail page...  May 2021. 

St George Airport Trails!
Here's the info on this trail system, popular with locals but hard for northerners to find. These trails hug the western side of the bluff near the new airport. Trails range from easy to expert, with plenty of rock and views. Trail page now includes a video.  Trail page...  February 2021. 
2020 2020 trail stories...

Vista Ridge
Just completed, the Vista Ridge trail is already seeing heavy traffic. And that's partly because it's a nice ride with great views. But it's also because Bodily Harm is temporarily closed so locals are using this as their Three Falls connection.  Trail page...  October 2020. 

9K Trail from Empire Pass to Blazing Saddles
The second section of Park City's 9K is open for riding. Out-and-back for intermediates and strong beginners; loop options for the hard-core! Great views, nice alpine riding.    Trail page...  October 2020. 

Lolo's Loop at Traverse Ridge
Fun new loop off Sensei, easy riding but a bit of climbing!  Trail page...   October 2020

Pine Canyon Bike Park trails
The new trails in Pine Canyon feature jumps and fun riding. Lies within state park, requires a fee to ride.  Trail page...   June 2020

Momentum trail at Traverse Ridge
New loop off northern Sensei in Traverse Ridge.  Trail page...   June 2020

Little Canyon revision for Mag 7
Little Canyon has been changed. The bottom is now part of Gold Bar Singletrack, and the trail now turns to meet the new Arth's Extension at Gemini Bridges Road.  Trail page...   June 2020

Arth's Extension
Arth's has been doubled in length. It now extends down to Gemini Bridges Road to meet a new Little Canyon extension.  Trail page...   June 2020

Extension of Fango to Woods Hollow
Fango now goes further west, crossing the Suncrest Road to meet Woods Hollow at mid-mountain.  Trail page...   June 2020

New DH trails in Spanish Fork
The Spanish Oaks trail system has two loops to climb to one-way downhill trails.  Trail page...   May 2020

New Trails at Eagles Rise
The new northern trails at Eagles Rise are a fun and scenic ride.  Trail page...   May 2020

Spanish Fork River Trail
Cruising the paved Spanish Fork River trail. Lots of miles along the river.  Trail page...   May 2020

Desert Canyons update
New trailheads for access to Desert Canyons.  Trail page...   March 2020

Falcon Flow opens in Moab
New Falcon Flow trail off Sand Flats Road will be part of a new descending option.  Trail page...   March 2020
2019 2019 trail stories...

Rattle and Hum
Easier downhill-only trail to open on southern Traverse Mountain.  Trail page...   November 2019.

Fango Trail in Hog Hollow
The Fango trail traverses from Hog Hollow at the bottom of Achtung Baby over to Mercer Hollow.  Trail page...   October 2019.

Pahvant Trails at Richfield
New trail system under development east of Richfield. Trails on the lower mountain are ready to ride.  Trail page...    September 2019.

13th Hole trail at Cedar City
Short and fun loop on the outskirts of Cedar City.  Trail page...   August 2019.

Cowley's Cure at Valley Vista
New one-way trail added to Valley Vista system.  Trail page...   July  2019.

365 Trail at North Park
Fun and scenic ride in Ogden Valley with option for loop ride.  Trail page...   July  2019.

Rio Oso at Evanston
Here's the low-down on Evanston's singletrack system above the Bear River.  Trail page...     July 2019.

New south trailhead at Lambert Park
The new big trailhead at High Bench has lots of parking, running water, and flush toilets!  Trail page...  July 2019.

Iron Giant trail in Cedar!  Very nice.
This two-mile flow trail is designed for beginners and intermediates, but experts won't be disappointed. It's reached via a climb up Lichen It (or a descent down Green Hollow). There's a connector at the midpoint for a shorter kid ride.  Trail page...    April 2019.

Here's the info on the East Mountain Wilderness Park trails...
4 miles of very nice singletrack in the trees of the EMWP. Dry and ready to ride.   Trail page...    April 2019.

Eagle Mountain Update...
A fourth page of trail information about Eagle Mountain, this one focusing on the trails on the western slope of Lake Mountain. Here's info on Cropduster, Gunslinger, and Rock-a-Billy.   Trail page...    April 2019.

Fruit Loops trail system in Fruit Heights!
A few miles of super-fun and well-built trail looping around the foothill above Fruit Heights. It's already fully dry and ready for your bike tires!   Trail page...    March 2019.
2018 2018 trail stories...

Sensei trail... and the status of Lehi's Traverse Mountain system
The Sensei trail is ready to ride, although there's nearby subdivision construction that complicates access. The page updates the status of the trail construction in this system.   Trail page...    October 2018.

New connector trail links Secret Sauce to Pushing Tin
After the flood destroyed the first 100 yards of the Desert Canyons system, bikes are riding a "detour" just a few yards to the side of the eroded former trail. But here's the good stuff:  there's now a 0.7-mile singletrack link between Pushing Tin and Secret Sauce at the Desert Canyons trailhead.  And I have a new video to show you what the trail system is like.   Desert Canyons trail page...    October 2018.

St. George Bike Park.  Not officially open, but you can ride
Here's info on the three finished riding areas in this 60-acre bike park. Lots of good stuff.   St.G Bike Park trail page...    October 2018.

Eric's Trail links Blackridge to Juniper Crest
I've updated the Herriman trail pages with new maps, trail descriptions, and photos. There's a new video of the Mustang Loop ride on the Blackridge page, and a quick POV run down Eric's east side on my YouTube channel. Great riding.   Eric's / Blackridge trail page...    October 2018.

Snow Gauging trail
Bet you've never heard of this one. It's a great ride in American Fork Canyon. Previously published as an option on the Horse Flat ride, it now has its own trail page. Includes an embedded video.   Trail page...   August 2018.

The Oakley Trail Park is open!
Oakley offers a small but very fun system of trails, including downhill-only trails for beginner, intermediate, or expert. Connects to higher-mountain trails for those who want something wilder. Includes a video of a quick loop ride.   Trail page...   September 2018.

Tibble Fork diversion trail is open
We lost the bottom of Tibble Fork, but now a diversion trail is open. At about 1/2 mile above the dam, it sends you over to the Mill Canyon trail. Yes it's good to have Tibble open, but I'm not fond of the diversion. The traverse has some grunt granny-gear climbing, and it dumps you on the top of that despicable 20% downslope on Mill Canyon.    Trail page...   August 2018.

Updates to East Fork, Middle Fork, Green Pond, and Wheeler Creek
Time to freshen up the Snowbasin-area pages. Sick of looking at crappy old disposable-camera, low-res scanned pictures from 1998. So here's an update with new ride tracks, new photos, more info, and a new printable topo map.   Wheeler Creek / Icebox  page...    Green Pond Loop page...   East Fork / Middle Fork trail page...   August 2018.

Right Fork of Bunker Creek is open
After the fire burned about 30% of the Bunker Creek downhill route, a flood washed much of the trail away. The Right Fork has been excavated and is open for riding now. Still worth doing. Check out the video.   Trail page...  July 2018.

Red Canyon Rim
So much beauty it will make you puke! Went back to this nice trail and made a video so you can decide if it's something you want to do while you're at Flaming Gorge or if you'll make a special trip just to do it.   Trail page...  July 2018.

Stump Hollow
Updated the trail page and added a video that really shows you what the trail is like.    Trail page...  July 2018.

Updated Sardine Peak page with video
Can't believe it's been 8 years. But I'm back on Sardine Peak with new photos and a video of the loop!   Trail page...  July 2018.

Ogden Canyon Overlook
This is a great out-and-back for beginning and early-intermediate riders. The reward is an awesome view. But you've got to invest a bit of leg, because it's 900 vertical feet up!   Trail page...  July 2018.

Update to Four Bay
I ran into a few new trails while making a video of Four Bay in Payson Canyon. There's a little loop off JMC called Ezra, a rather techy narrow twister called K-Launi that bypasses a bit of JMC, and a connector from Little Shawn to Overlook. So I've added them to my topo map.    Trail page...  July 2018.

New Pulp Friction trail
There's a new 1.5-mile downhill-only trail on the west side of Round Valley. It's a very well-built flow trail, not techy but fun and swooping. Got a video if you're interested.   See Round Valley trail page...  July 2018.

Beaver Mountain
There's 5 miles of trail in two loops at the Beaver Mountain ski area at the top of Logan Canyon.  See what it's like with the embedded video.  Trail page...  July 2018.

Tooele? Seriously, Tooele?
Expecting sage brush and juniper, I arrived at Settlement Canyon, a mile from downtown Tooele. Immediately I was riding through tall maples, fir, and aspen. Try it.   Trail page for the Dark Trail...    and for the Left Hand Fork trails...    July 2018.

Blackridge Trails
An update to the trail system at Blackridge Pond in Herriman. Worth riding whether you're a newb or a hardcore. The new Blackridge trail is now at mile 4.1, and you're welcome to ride up to the viewpoint and back.    Trail page...     July 2018.

Maple Canyon
Nice trail, but unless you live in southern Utah County you probably won't be interested. The lower trail is fabulous but it's short, and the upper trail is one mean mama of a climb. But here's the info. You decide!    Trail page...     July 2018.

Big Pole Canyon
Nice system of trails located just east of Heber. Easy riding, some nice views. And of course, I've got a video for you.   Trail page...     July 2018.

New stuff at High Star
Back to High Star Ranch to test the new beginner and expert trails. And now, the trails actually have names! Nice helpful trail signs, including occasional maps on signposts, and a nice variety of fun riding.   Trail page...     July 2018.

Kyhv Peak singletrack climbing route
New narrow singletrack trails wind back and forth as they climb through the cool forest behind Kyhv Peak. Narrow and twisty with a remote wild feel. But you won't find them without some help. Ride from the bottom of the Kyhv Peak road all the way to Buffalo Peak on singletrack!   Trail page...     June 2018.

Update to the Kyhv Peak DH page!
Lots more information and new photos of the DH options from Buffalo Peak down to the BST. Includes the Overlook Trail as a DH option.   Trail page...     June 2018.

New downhill flow trail on the south side of Traverse Mountain, starting on Eagle Crest just west of Levitate and Vertigo. Still a bit chunky, with riders dropping into the "beginner line" on the bottom rather than rolling the berms. Needs moisture and riders who will hit the berms high.   Trail page...     June 2018.

Achtung Baby!
Already bloodied myself on this lovely new flow trail. There's just too much tempting fun stuff built into it. See my trail page for a video of a loop ride via Hog Hollow.   Trail page...     June 2018.

Check out the Richfield Race Loop
Used to be, the area between Payson and Parowan was a mountain bike desert. Nothing there. Now there's new singletrack going in everywhere. Here's what the newest race loop in Utah looks like.   Trail page...     June 2018.

New trail at Desert Canyons
Nice easy 2.9-mile loop along the Southern Parkway south of St. George airport. But attention, it uses a different trailhead from Pushing Tin. I enjoyed a very nice ride on Pushing Tin looking for the connection before I got back in my car and went looking for the correct trailhead.   Trail page...     May, 2018.

Making sense of Black Hill
Black Hill offers great riding in a wildlife management area  just outside Ephraim. There are over a dozen trails interconnected with doubletrack. Navigation can be complex. Watch the lovely video, then check out the ride suggestions. You might find my map useful to print and take with you.   Black Hill trail page...     May, 2018.

Video of M.O.A.B.
The "Brand Trails" of the Bar M riding area, all in a single video of the loop ride. See the Circle O or Rockin A pages. Also, new pics of Bar M on that trail page.   Bar M trail page...   Circle O trail page...   Rockin A trail page...     May, 2018.

EKG trail. One of my faves.
Every year I try to hit EKG in the Klondike area. Love that trail. This trip, I saw only one other rider in 4 hours of shooting video on EKG. Obviously, more people need to see how awesome this trail is. So I've refreshed the web page and added a video tour.   Trail page...     May, 2018.

Lambert Park. Redux!
Since I first published the Lambert Park trails review in 1998, there have been a lot of changes. I've updated the page periodically, but because these trails are right next door to me, I didn't pay much attention. I've made three new videos (there are how 7 Lambert Park vids on my YouTube page) and split the trail description into 4 pages.   General Lambert trail page...   North Lambert trails...    West Lambert trails...    South Lambert trails...     May, 2018.

Zoltar and Houdini video tour
The Klonzo riding area has a lot of easy intermediate-tech miles. If you're hungry for a little sandstone riding, try this loop of Borderline, Zoltar, Houdini, and Hogdog.    Video on south Klonzo trail page...     May, 2018.

Redford Run trail
This is a popular neighborhood trail that feeds into Lambert Park. Rode it years ago, but only mentioned it casually on the old Lambert Park web page.   Trail page...    May, 2018.

Lexie & Ethan trail
The new Lexie & Ethan trail passes across the top of Red Rock to connect Red Potato to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail near the Mike Weir Drive crossing. I've added it to the Potato Hill trail page.   Trail page...    May, 2018.

Mercer Mountain and Two Hollows
The Mercer Mountain trail is a nice addition to Draper's trail system on the south side of Traverse Mountain. And theTwo Hollow (pipeline corridor) trail is now open for riders, connecting Mercer to Hog Hollow.   Trail page...    May, 2018.

Wild Horse (Goblin Valley) trails switch to one-way
The Wild Horse trails have packed down nicely so they're fast and rolling. Four of the five loops are now one-way. This does two things: it changes two formerly soft climbs to downhills, and it avoids hassles with passing oncoming riders on areas where narrow trail hugs steep soft side-slope. New video shows the way to ride it!   Trail page...    May, 2018.

Three Falls to Alpine and Lambert Park!
The road crossing in Three Falls is now ready for riders, and you're cleared for takeoff! So here's the info on connecting Alpine's Fort Canyon or Alpine Cove (road connection to Lambert Park) to Draper via the Three Falls trail.   Trail page...    May, 2018.

Back to Alaska
New photos and a nicely long video of Alaska, Nome, and Mega Steps as a loop ride.   Trail page...    May, 2018.

New Trails at Eagle Mountain
I've added the Backspacer, Given to Fly and Wile E Coyote trails to the Treadstone trail page and the Eagle Mountain printable map.   Trail page...    April, 2018.

New Athena Trail in Green River
This trail is a lot of fun. It's new and a bit raw, but you need to do it. Because it's right off the freeway exit, you can hit it on your way to Moab.   Trail page...    March, 2018.

Tempi'po'op (rock writing) trail
I've updated the trail system locally known as the Anasazi Trail for new trail names! New photos and a trail video of the gnarly eastern side of Tempi'po'op.   Trail page...    March, 2018.

Pushing Tin Loop
Short but satisfying ride on the Arizona border, just south of the St. George airport. Worth checking out while you're in the area!   Trail page...    March, 2018.

The Twist & Shout DH (an alternate line at Quail)
The trail elves have finished connecting a 0.4 mile alternate one-way line off the main Twist & Shout trail (also known as south Lakeside or Quail Connector). You'll find the info on our trail page.   Trail page...    March, 2018.
2017 2017 trail stories...

Creed and Nirvana trails in Eagle Mountain...
More great riding in Eagle Mountain. These trails span the gap between the Treadstone trail and the Pony Express Parkway. Good stuff, and virtually free of snow.   Trail page...    December, 2017.

Shuttle parking for Maple Hollow DH!
The Oak Hollow trailhead on Traverse Ridge Road is now fenced and official. As you finish the DH, you must turn right downhill and go to the BST, cross under the road, then climb up to the trailhead on the north side of the road. We hear that vehicles parked elsewhere along Traverse Ridge Road may receive tickets.   Trail page...    December, 2017.

New routing on Twilight Zone at Three Peaks
I ran into an unmarked trail fork that kinda messed me up -- I didn't know what trail I was on, all the way to the Petrified Whales - Three Peaks intersection. So my new map shows the option. Also, a trail video that will have you drooling for Three Peaks.    Trail page...    December, 2017.

Update to City Creek Trail page!
Not exactly a renowned favorite, the City Creek trail is worth doing if you're hungry to taste ALL the trails in the St. George area. It's a bit too techy for casual riders, yet too short for hardcore out-of-towners. But it's fun, and it's right on the edge of town, and it's a quick ride. And if you're curious, I made a video.    Trail page...    December, 2017.

Updated Temple Quarry Trail in St. George
This is a trail to an abandoned quarry on Black Hill used by the early settlers to harvest blocks of basalt. I can see this trail from my house, but it's been 15 years since the last time I rode it.  Trail page...    December, 2017.

New stuff for Antelope Island
Lots of variety in the trails of Antelope. But what they all have in common is awesome views. More trail information and a rock-bashing video on the updated page.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Feeling Lazy and want to take it EZ?
Due to the mobs of riders who love the Lazy-EZ loop, it's now one-way counterclockwise. Updating the trail page was an excuse to make a trail video. See why this trail is so popular.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Back to the Klonzo riding area!
The most under-rated riding area in Moab. Solid intermediate trails like Dunestone with a gazillion connection options, easy family stuff like Carousel, and nice expert stuff like Gravitron. Three new trail videos show you what it's like.   Klonzo North trail page...    Carousel trail page...   Gravitron-VertiGo trail page...      November, 2017.

Black Dragon Wash...  an update
15 miles west of Green River, right off Interstate 70, there's a ride that you share with motos -- but it's worth it. Watch the new trail video and see if it interests you.    Trail page...    November, 2017.

Barrel Trail updated page and video.
Not Barrel Roll! Also called Barrel Ride, this is a techy ride above Green Valley near St. George. New ramps and marked routes through the sandstone.  And a new trail video.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Another awesome bit of unknown rock.
Pioneer Rim was one of the first trails I rode in St. George. Rode up from a motel in the 90s. Not many people ride it, or even know it's there. Too bad. Check out the video!   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Updated trailhead info for Dino Cliffs. Plus video.
It says a lot about St. George that a trail nobody cares about, or goes out of their way to ride, is soooo good. Dino Cliffs.   Trail page...    November, 2017.

Hog Hollow Creek singletrack!  And Porcupine!
Yeah, the connection between Hog Hollow and Porcupine was closed by construction yesterday. But they said they'd be out of the way for riders by the next day. Take your chances. The Hog Hollow page has been updated to include Hog Hollow Creek and the Porcupine connector to Peak View.   Trail page...    October, 2017.

Doctor's Dozen
The eastern half of the old Hidden Lake Lodge trail at Powder Mountain has been resurfaced and renamed. A new trailcut traverses the north slope of the mountain, then descends down to Hidden Lake. At Hidden Lake, doubletrack connects over the ridge to the lower lodge.  Trail page...    September, 2017.

Updated GPX area file and map for Dutch Hollow.
There have been several trail re-routes in Dutch Hollow recently, including Dutchman Way, north Sage (now Top Notch), and Boneyard. The new Flatline extends two miles north on the east side. So I have a new topo map for you to print and take along. Plus a trail video to show what the area is like!    Trail page...   June 2017.

Freemason Trail in Park City
Freemason, Lost Prospector, and Skid Row are now updated on the Lost Prospector Loop page. New photos, a video, and more detailed trail description and options.  Trail page...    October, 2017.

Update to Powder Mountain's west side trails...
Here's the latest info on Brittain's Ribbon, Woody's World, and Paper Airplane.   Trail page...
September, 2017.

Woods Hollow is open
The Woods Hollow trail is a nice plush climbing route for your laps on Vertigo and Levitate.   Trail page...
September, 2017.

New Peak View and Three Falls trails in Draper
Three Falls is open for riding, but is only complete to just above the Three Falls subdivision of Alpine (no connection!). The eastern two-mile section to Alpine Cove (near Lambert Park) is closed for subdivision construction.   Trail page...   July 2017.

Virgin River Rim Trail update
New tracks, new photos, and a video of the eastern (Pink Cliffs) loop ride using the Virgin Rim trail.   Trail page...   July 2017.

Highlands Trail at Cedar City
The last piece is in place for a continuous route from Southview to the C Overlook. Uphill out-and-back, shuttled downhill, loop ride.   Trail page...   July 2017.

New pics and video for Big Springs.
Surprised to learn it had been 10 years since my last ride in Provo Canyon's South Fork. So it was time to spiffy up the page with new photos and a trail video.   Trail page...   June 2017.

Payson Canyon!
I've updated the Blackhawk, Jones Ranch, Rock Spring, and Shram trail pages with new photos, higher-resolution GPS tracks, and a new area topo map. Plus three Payson Canyon videos.   Blackhawk...   Jones Ranch...   Rock Spring...   Shram Creek...     June 2017.

Ross Creek at Jordanelle. Easy, fun, and scenic.
Here's a nice 3.5 mile figure-eight ride on non-treatening trail. This ride combines the new Wada Way and Keetley singletracks. Great for beginners but experienced riders will enjoy it too.    Trail page...   June, 2017.

Boy, is the gravity crowd happy! But you may be wondering if this new expert-level jumping trail is too dangerous for your own skill-set. Well, if you're a good experienced rider and want to learn to take air, this is your trail. I've added this trail to the Vertigo page. Oh, and there's a video of an old man managing to get down this trail alive.    Trail page...
June, 2017.

Cliffs, rocks and great views. Not your usual Country Club.
South of Helper on Bull Mesa, a network of trails has been developed. The trailhead overlooks the Country Club, but you won't ride there nor will you drive in with your car.   Trail page...
June, 2017.

Superb!  The High Star trail system in Kamas is boss.
10 miles of well-constructed fun trail, most of it one-way flow.  This is a trail system that you absolutely must do.    Trail page...
May, 2017.

New trail in Moab!
Here's a 9.2-mile loop ride in the Horsethief area. Easy-intermediate in tech requirement; not a lot of climbing. But it's brand new, so there's a lot of loose dirt in the middle of the loop. For now, I think you'll be happier riding this on a fatty!   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Updated Wood Hill riding area...
There's a new trailhead -- with a toilet, even -- with new Solis Way trail and Bill's Sandy. Take another look at the Price riding area! Now I just need to hit those Country Club trails...    Wood Hills area trail index page...
May, 2017.

Updated Corner Canyon - Creekview page
There have been some changes in lower Corner Canyon due to pipeline construction, but it's all healed now and ready to ride. The very very old trail page for the little loop has been updated with new photos, riding instructions, and a video. PS use the underpass from the parking lot, NOT the crosswalk.  Trail page...
May, 2017.

Broken Mesa! When you really really want to break something!
I've re-worked the Broken Mesa page with new photos and updated ride description. And my awesome four-minute video will tempt you to ride a trail you're going to absolutely hate. Or not.   YouTube video...    Trail page...
May, 2017.

Windmill plus Bowls and Ledges update!
I've fleshed out the Gooseberry Mesa Windmill Trail page with fresh information and new photos. Also, a couple of trail videos.  YouTube video...    Trail page...
May, 2017.

Owen's. Another lesser-known St. George trail
Owen's Loop Trail, also known as the Bluff Street Cliffs, is a rather techy little route on the cliffs above -- guess where -- Bluff Street. The trail page has been updated, with a video for those who want to see what the trail is like.   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Paradise Rim. The best little trail you've never heard of.
I've done an update to the St. George Paradise Rim trail page. All new photos and a trail video. This really is a fun little trail, but it doesn't get much press.   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Update to the C Trail!
After 15 years, it was time to hit Cedar City's C Trail. This gem runs from the Kolob Reservoir road at 8250 feet down to the paved East Bench trail at 6000 feet. Also, a trail video on the page shows you what it's like.   Trail page...
May, 2017.

Are you Lichen It?
The Lichen It and Lava Flow trails create a loop that's great fun for riders of all abilities. Quick (just over 4 miles) and only a minute off the south Cedar City I-15 exit. See our new trail video on the updated information page.   Trail page...
April, 2017.

Lightning Switch at Cedar City
Here's the story on the latest installment of the 50-mile trail system in the Thunderbird Gardens area near Cedar City. Kind of a tough climb, and a bit of gnar on the downhill. Not a ride for the delicate. Add Thor's Hideout to this loop, and it's a satisfying bike outing.   Trail page...
April, 2017.

New Wire Mesa video...
    If you haven't done this trail yet, you need to. A great addition to the many superb trails near Hurricane.
    Wire Mesa video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Updated Thor's Hideout trail page. And a video!
    Thor's Hideout video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Battered but unbeaten. Juniper Crest trail update
    A new subdivision is being built within the middle of the Juniper Crest loop in Herriman. The trail is being "nicked" here and there by the construction, but is still very rideable and will endure as a permanent city trail.
    Juniper Crest video on YouTube...
    Herriman trail page...
April, 2017.

Offical Opening for the Valley Vista trails...
Fun riding on this well-designed and well-built system of stacked loops. In honor of the official Grand Opening, here's a video that spans 6 of the trails.
    Valley Vista video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Good Water Rim!
New video with drone footage shows that this trail is like:  singletrack near the edge of the cliff, closely hugging the rim of Good Water Canyon off the San Rafael River gorge.
    Good Water video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

What about Highland Hollow?
This little trail system sits in the Dry Creek gulch along the Timpanogos Highway. The new video will show you what it's like.
    Highland Hollow video on YouTube...
    Trail page...
April, 2017.

Video for Eagle Mountain Race Loop
Wondered how this trail rides? If it's worth your time? Is it just butt-ugly high-desert desolation? So here's your answer in a three-minute video. Usually good to ride when foothill trails are muddy!
    Race Loop video on YouTube...
    Eagle Mountain Race Loop trail page...
April, 2017.

Webb Hill (Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail) video...
The 3.8-mile singletrack loop around upper Webb Hill is always harder -- more techy -- than I remember it. And now there's a video that shows what it's like to ride.   Trail report...    Go directly to YouTube video.  March 2017.

Videos added to some St. George pages! Check 'em out.
   Scout Trails (Quail Overlook) page...
   Anasazi Trail page...
   Stucki Springs page...
March 2017.

Update to the Barrel Roll trail
Very popular trail, but most early-intermediate riders hit this trail with no idea how technical the riding can be. Lots of "hikers" during my last visit. So my new trail video shows Barrel Roll's bumpy side as well as the cruising.  Trail report...   March 2017.

New videos in the Green Valley area.
Doing some trail updating down south. Added videos for a few trails.
   Bloomington MicroLoop trail report... 
   Bearclaw Poppy page...
   Green Valley Race Loop page -- now has two videos...
March 2017.

The Quail Creek Lakeside East and South trail page has been updated. New video!
This trail is seeing some major traffic since it was completed a couple of months ago. It's easy to see why. Watch Bruce's new four-minute video of the south (connector) and east Lakeside Trail.  Trail report...   March 2017.

Updated JEM area trails...
A tweak here and there, and on-page videos for More Cowbell, Dead Ringer, Cryptobionic, and Goosebumps. Fun!!
  Cryptobionic/Goosebumps trail report... 
  More Cowbell trail report...    
  Dead Ringer trail report...    
March 2017.

Updated Sidewinder and Suicidal Tendencies
New photos, tweaked ride description, and VIDEOS for these popular Santa Clara trails!
  Sidewinder and Precipice trail report... 
  Suicidal Tendencies trail report...    
March 2017.

Sand Mountain (Hurricane Dunes!)
For the adventurous fat-bike rider who's looking for exciting stuff in the St. George area, here it is. Miles of slickrock riding among hoodoos and fabulous views. Oh yeah. And sand.   Trail report...   March 2017.

Updated Rim Rock page...
The Rim Rock page now includes a 4 minute video of the trail system to show you what it's like to ride. And there's a new Barrel Roll Area topo map to print and a GPX multi-track area file to download.   Trail report...   March 2017.
2016 2016 trail stories...

Hog Canyon system near Kanab
You'll probably hate this. But if you're looking for a reason to ride your fat bike in southern Utah, here it is. An adventure ride with epic views and lots of fun sand. Yeah, so it's ATV trail. You got a problem with that?   Trail report...   December 2016.

Kanab's new singletrack loops!
With such great rock and pretty scenery, you might be surprised to learn that Kanab had ZERO legal mountain biking singletrack until this year. While the completed portion of Kanab's big trail plans is short, it's very well-done. So if you're in the area, bring your bike.   Trail report...   December 2016.

New trail in the Quail Overlook area!
Two miles of new singletrack on the East Lakeside Trail, interconnecting with the Scout Trail system in the big dip between the hills. It's significantly easier riding than the main Quail Overlook trails, but don't let that discourage you.   Trail report...   December 2016.

Updated info for Grafton Mesa
Unofficial social trails on the upper mesa. New GPS tracks, area map, and riding directions for the adventurous.   Trail report...   December 2016.

Hurricane City to Gould's Rim Connector Trail
Fun but expert-level singletrack connects the city to the doubletrack road part of the Gould's Rim ride. Great for tides that originate in town, or as a return to town following a drop-off at JEM or Hurricane Rim.   Trail report...   December 2016.

Wire Mesa.  More nice stuff down south!
Wire Mesa has a 7.3 mile loop of intermediate-level riding. Nice views, less techy and lots less work than Gooseberry. But just down the road.   Trail report...   December 2016.

Greens Lake Lichen It Extension
5.2 miles of nice climbing, or a fun downhill. You can shuttle the thing, or climb up and back. Especially fun in six inches of snow! But it's hard to see what the trail is like, dear reader, so I'll have to go back and take some pictures when the trail is dry. At least that's the excuse I'm giving to ride it again!  Trail report...   November 2016.

Webb Hill (Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail) is FINISHED
The 3.8-mile singletrack loop around upper Webb Hill is now complete. It's a worthy ride, quite fun but a bit more techy than you'd think.   Trail report...   November 2016.

Vertigo!  Nice zippy flow trail.
Gravity Logic has just finished work on this 1.7 mile magic carpet ride. It's already awesome, and it will only get better once it gets a little water and compacts.  Trail report...    November 2016.

Ghost Falls update
It's been a few years since I updated the Ghost Falls page. Riders are taking new routes through the area. Lots of confusing connectors. So here's a page with expanded information.   Trail report...    November 2016.

New WOW to SR 222 connecting trail
1.5 miles of new singletrack connects Wasatch Over Wasatch to a big trailhead on SR 222 at 8450 feet elevation. Nice riding, and for a limited time only, still free of snow.   Trail report...    October 2016.

New South Maple Hollow trail is finished!
There's nice new singletrack top to bottom in South Maple Hollow on Utah County's side of Draper's trail system. Great climbing route after a downhill on Mercer Hollow. And stay tuned for the new DH trail from Eagle Crest to Brookside, which will use South Maple Hollow as its climbing route.   Trail report...    October 2016.

Update to the Clark's Trail page...
It's been about 10 years since the original review. And two years ago I had to throw out the photos that showed riders going downhill. Cuz it's uphill-only now.  Lots of new photos, and better information about riding to the trail.   Trail report...    October 2016.

Orson Smith and Ralph's
Here's a little ride to visit the Bear Canyon suspension bridge on the BST. Yeah, sounds kinda lame, but you'd be surprised how many hikers and cyclists are doing this.   Trail report...    September 2016.

Hidden Valley to Gasline
The combo of Gasline, Aqueduct, and the new Hidden Valley singletrack creates a 3.5 mile corridor along the hillside, visiting the BST, Quail, Sadler, Orson Smith, and Ralph's along the way. Also makes a nice loop ride with the Draper-to-Sandy BST.   Trail report...    September 2016.

The Chisholm trail is now a major player!
Chisholm has been extended to 7.2 miles, joining the Mustang Loop to Navajo Rocks. It has its own trailheads on Highway 313 and outside the Horsethief Campground. Great as an out-and-back, but the loop ride options will <Clickbait> blow you away! </Clickbait>   Trail report...    September 2016.

New photos and fresh info on south SLC BST...
15 years after my initial BST review, I've carved up the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in the south valley into three segments, adding new photos and fresh useful information about connecting trails along the way.   Sandy to Draper BST...   Corner Canyon BST...   Traverse Mountain BST...   September 2016.

This is soooo nice. Mercer Hollow
Mercer Hollow is well-engineered and superbly cut. Nice and firm, so you'd hardly know it's a new trail. Before the snow hits you, you need to hit this trail!   Trail report...    September 2016.

Eagle Crest. The new and improved...
Traverse Mountain's Eagle Crest trail has been partially re-routed, with widening and buffing of the remaining trail. It's now a super-cruiser. Even if you think you know this trail, you should go try it again. Loop it with Ann's, or with Mercer Hollow (info coming soon).   Trail report...    September 2016.

TM and Happy Gilmor
New trails on the north end of Round Valley offer some nice loop options and tie the Trailside Bike Park to the 35+ trails of the Round Valley network. Updated Round Valley web page.   Trail report...    September 2016.

Highland Hollow trail system...
There's four miles of brand-new meandering trails in the big gulch just off the Timpangos Highway. Nice stuff and ready to ride.   Trail report...    September 2016.

24-7 has been rerouted in the area of Bob's Basin
Here's an update (with new maps and GPX track files) to the 24-7 route and the DH trails in Bob's Basin.  Trail report...    September 2016.

Valley Vista is finished!
Soft Rock, Rose, Gambel, Cowley's Curse and Fault Line make a nice 5.1-mile loop. Viking Run and Tufa are short DH plunges off Cowley's. The system is super-buff, well-marked, and a great ride. Located off the Murdock Canal Trail in Pleasant Grove.  Trail report...    September 2016.

Webb Hill Update. 
No, it's not finished yet. Webb Hill, also known as the Kentucky Lucky Chicken Trail for who knows what reason, is getting closer to being a complete loop. Right now, an out-and-back from the parking strip is a worthy 5 miles of rock-slamming technical riding. If you're ready to try it out, here's the updated information.   Trail report...   August 2016.

Ireland and the Blackbird Trails
Helping you make sense of the north-south trails in the Timpanogos foothills.  Climb Ireland then head east to the top of either of the Blackbirds for a  nice downhill.  Trail report...    July 2016.

For the adventurous, Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu
These are primitive trails in the northeast (uphill) corner of the Timpanogos Foothill riding area.  GPS tracks supplied, because these trails are tough to find as well as tough to ride.   Trail report...    July 2016.

Great new stuff at Eagles Rise in Mantua!
The Ridge Trail loop is 1.5 miles with 350 feet of climbing and a techy descent option. The Little Knoll lariat loop is a fun intermediate ride. Both of these are options off the easy main loop of Eagles Rise.   Trail report...    July 2016.

For most Timp foothill riders, Betty is the way uphill. This page give you directions for a double figure-eight ride that includes Buckle, Altar-51, and Mouse Climb.   Trail report...    July 2016.

Shooter!   Installment 1 of the Timp foothills...
After several days of riding circles on the flank of Timpanogos above the Orem Bench (over 70 miles and 10,000 vertical feet), I spent about 20 hours messing with GPS tracks, phtos, and maps. Now I'm ready with what I hope is useful information.  Only one, yes one, riding route so far. But it's a doozy.  Trail report...    July 2016.

The Kyhv Peak circles. 
Letting the secret out. This trail system is not finished, but it's ready to ride now. There's great narrow shaded singletrack, hand-built and fun to pedal. My ride directions give you a lovely 6-mile, 1200-vertical cruise.   Trail report...    July 2016.

Updating a few old rides... 
Sometimes I look at a trail page I created 15 years ago and think WTF? Tiny JPG's compressed 25%  and chaotic layout?  And missing connections to newer trails!   So as I'm working with other trails in the area, I've updated a couple of pages. You're welcome.
Provo River Parkway    Provo Canyon Race Loop    Provo Canyon South BST    Provo Canyon North BST     July 2016.

Buffalo Peak - Kyhv Peak DH route. Why not?
OK, so I avoided putting this route on the UMB site because the parts I'd seen were wide, steep, and cobble-infested. But then I actually rode the thing and it's not horrible. There's 6.5 miles of fast riding, preceded by a pretty pavement climb up the Kyhv Peak Road to 7700 feet.   Trail report...    July 2016.

Treadstone. Nice addition to the Eagle Mountain trail system!
This is a fun little trail that creates some new loop options. For example, start from town via the Hidden Canyon Trail, hit the Race Loop, then play on Treadstone before dropping back to pavement.    Trail report...    July 2016.

When a bullet ricochets, that's a miss, right? Well, the Ricochet Trail is not a miss. It's a fun new route downhill from Mid Mountain -- if you don't mind sharing with the gravity jocks at The Canyons. Page includes info on Double Down, Insurgent, and Redcoat.   Trail report...    July 2016.

The first piece of Valley Vista is open!
Soft Rock, 1/2 mile long, is the first loop of this trail system. Help with the trail construction. Come dig and take a ride while you're there.  Trail report...    July 2016.

Updated page for Holly's Trail.
The last couple of times I rode on Holly's Trail, it didn't occur to me that UMB's information on this trail was woefully outdated. Much of the trail has a whole new alignment compared to 6 years ago. So I've updated the page, map, and GPS files.  Now I have to track down all the other rides on the site that use "old Holly's."    Trail report...    July 2016.

Brittain's Ribbon. Wow.
Great for climbing or descending, Brittain's Ribbon takes you from the bottom of Powder Mountain up to the top. Add it to the Hidden Lake Lodge trail, and it delivers you to the Brim Loop for a monster ride.  Trail report...    June 2016.

J-Boy. A  nice techy and beautiful trail at Red Fleet!
My new favorite in the Vernal Area is J-Boy. Add it to Handsome Cabin Boy and the north side of Jazz Chromoly for a great loop ride.   Trail report...    June 2016.

The Utah Olympic Park Bobsled is now a full LOOP. And it's awesome!
Beautiful views, plush trail, satisfying climbing and fun downhill. The loop is 6.4 miles. I tell you how to ride it as a combo with other UOP trails for a 14-mile pedalfest!   Trail report...    June 2016.

High Rollas trail at McCoy Flat.
This lariat loop climbs to the top of an irregular mesa within the Milk and Cookies loop, following the mesa edge for nice views of the surrounding area. Not your first choice of the area rides, but a nice addition.   Trail report...    June 2016.

New photos and tracks from Three Peaks.
Finally Bruce is back from river running and is on the trail with a new Rocky Mountain custom build. The Outer Limits trail has been added to the Three Peaks general riding area page, with fresh photos and new details from the Big Hole Loop and the Three Peaks Loop.    June 2016.

Mahogany Mountain. And the spaghetti trails north of Grove Creek.
There's some decent riding in the foothills of northern Utah County, much of it non-sanctioned like Crop Circles. Mahogany Mountain forks off Grove Creek, but you can reach it via a tangled web of foothill trails including the unmarked unofficial Bonneville Shoreline.   Trail report...   May 2016.

Kokopelli. 142 miles.
14,000 vertical feet of climbing, and riders do it in one day. But it can also be a multi-day camping bike trip. Here's the story of the route from Fruita to Moab.   Trail report...   May 2016.

Ooh, I love to dance a little Sidestep...
(For extra points, name that movie!) Great new options off Baby Steps South! Three new trails -- Sidestep North, Instep, and Sidestep South -- let you bypass the boring flats. Make it longer and techy; take a shortcut; ride a nice tech loop. This area just keeps getting better.   Trail report...   April 2016.

Gold Bar Rim. So much fun, it used to be illegal.
New photos, ride tracks, and instructions for the Gold Bar Rim. Super-techy rock with views like no other trail in Moab. <editorial> Now if only the BLM would authorize an alternate route to bypass that sucky awful crappy upper Gold Bar 4x4 so we can ride a BIKE route to the top! </editorial>   Trail report...   April 2016.

Malachite and Azurite
Geo buffs will recognize these trail names as copper minerals. So of course these trails offer new riding options off Miner's Loop in the Klondike Bluffs mountain biking area.    Trail report...   April 2016.

Red Hollow (Cedar City version).
Link Thor's Hideout to Highway 14, with a return via the Red Mountain trails for a nice loop ride.   Trail report...   April 2016.

Cedar City's paved bike paths.
A new East Bench trail has been added to the Coal Creek trail. As the new singletrack system is developed, the paved trails will link Red Hollow to a new bike park, the C Trail and the Iron Hills system.   Trail report...   April 2016.

Webb Hill. Sneak preview. But you can ride it now.
Webb Hill has been dug from the trailhead out to the Bloomington overlook. Work continues on the full loop, but for now it's a nice out-and-back ride with some techy stone.   Trail report...   April 2016.

Special April 1st Edition:  The fabulous Valhalla Trail.
Ever want to go biking and never come back? That's the sort of riding you'll find on the Valhalla Trail, an adventure ride like none that you'll find in all of Utah.   Greatest trail report ever...    April 1, 2016.

Hammer Thor's to the Hideout.
This is the first installment of a major trail system in the mountains north of Highway 14 by Cedar City. Short, but nice.   Trail report...   March 2016.

Ready for a trip to the Twilight Zone?
The Twilight Zone trail at Three Peaks opens new loop possibilities, as well as giving you a direct (but fun and slightly techy) route to the "Whale Trails" on the southeast corner.   Trail report...   March 2016.
2015 2015 trail stories...

First installment of Iron Hills trail system in Cedar City!
This loop links easy Lichen It as the climb with Lava Flow as an awesome downhill. Ready to ride and lots of fun. But don't muck up your bike and damage this brand-new trail -- ride only when the ground is frozen rock-solid. The locals think this will be a good fat-bike ride in the winter.   Trail report...   December 2015.

New Horsethief Riding area on 313 northwest of Moab
OK, here's a new area you absolutely must ride. Lots of options. Also nearby, there's a new extension of Bull Run, more miles on Getaway, and a new singletrack diversion on 7-up.   So read all about it!    Horsethief Overview page...     Mustang Loop...     Whirlwind Loop...     Wildcat and Hildalgo...   October 2015.

Horsethief Campground Trails. Good ride for kids!
There are two short easy trail loops south of Horsethief Campground (on Highway 313 northwest of Moab). The Chisholm Trail can take you from the campground to the main Horsethief trail system.  Trail report...   October 2015.

Rockport's Lakeview trail. Families and newbs...
The Lakeview trail runs on the hillside east of Rockport Reservoir in the state park. It's super-easy, suitable for newbies, significant others, and families. For hard-core riders, not a destination trail. But if you're camping there, bring the bike.   Trail report...   October 2015.

Payroll.  Fun downhill -- short laps or shuttle!
Payroll is a new downhill-only "freeride" trail in Empire Canyon west of Deer Valley. You can reach the two-mile loop via Midmountain, or hit it on your way downhill from Empire Pass on a shuttled ride.  Trail report...   October 2015.

Moonlight Meadows. Tough classic La Sals ride!
It's hard to leave Moab feeling like crap. This ride kicked my butt, and I found a lot to dislike about it. Yes, there's a nice little mini-loop. But the classic loop past Clark Lake has some very ugly segments. But of course, you'll do just fine. Really. Go ahead.  Trail report...   September 2015.

Geyser Pass singletrack. Top of the Whole Enchilada!
Nice singletrack linking Geyser Pass to Burro Pass. Makes a great start to the Whole Enchilada, or as a little high-altitude alpine loop ride  Trail report...   September 2015.

WoW (Wasatch Over Wasatch) now complete to SR 222.
Out-and-back of 18.5 miles with 2600 feet of climbing, or shuttled ride using SR 222. Your choice. Do it before the snow  hits!  Trail report...   Updated September 2015.

Making sense of Wasatch Mountain State Park.  The Crows Nest!
North of Midway at the intersection of the Snake Creek and Pine Canyon roads are 10 miles of singletrack that you can access from the Wasatch Mountain State Park visitor center. And if you wondering, it's free.   Trail report...   August  2015.

Eagle Mountain race loop.  Plus.
There's some good riding in the hills south of Eagle Mountain. The singletrack trails Jackrabbit, Road Runner, and Deadwood form the heart of the race loop. Add Hidden Canyon and Cow Tracks as a singletrack route to the race loop, starting right at the Pony Express Parkway, for a great day on the bike.  Trail report...   August  2015.

Jake the Snake
This is one I've been wondering about for a while. Jake the Snake is a short but fun ride, making it a nice add-on second ride if you're in the area.   Trail report...   August  2015.

Catherines Pass trail. Where to?
The Catherines Pass trail rises steeply from the Albion Basin road to Catherines Pass. I hear some people can actually ride this thing. Connect to the Great Western Trail at the ridge line for some awesome and brutal adventure rides.  Trail report...   July  2015.

Devils Castle!
Singletrack loop around Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Been meaning to do this one for a while since trail crews finished a fresh dig on nice singletrack above the campground.  Trail report...   July  2015.

A great ride in the middle of nowhere. Josephite Point.
The Josephite Point singletrack has 7 miles of trail at an altitude of around 9000 feet. It can be done out-and-back, shuttled, or as part of a  monster 28-mile, 3300-vertical epic called the Pete's Hole loop.  Trail report...   July  2015.

Marathon Trail.  Great concept.  Not so great as a trail.
The Marathon Trail was hyped as an awesome 26-mile pedalfest from Brian Head to Navajo Lake. But it's basically a "rebranding" of dirt road as a mountain bike trail, which almost never works. The two former ends of the route have been abandoned, and the default ride is now to Duck Creek. So here's your information.  Trail report...   July  2015.

Road to Arcylon - Gorgoza Park trails
Bruce liar reports that he liar hit all of the man-made tech features liar on Road to Arcylon liar. If you've heard about this trail, you're probably wondering whether it's something you want to (or dare to) try.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Summit Park and the Road to WOS
This is a beautiful trail with great riding. Well-built, and worth your time for a checkout ride. At the top of Parley's.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Utah Olympic Park Trails:  RTS, UOP, Legacy
RTS is one of the nicest beginner trails in the Park City area, but it's not boring for hardcore riders. And it connects via Iron Bill to the Legacy Trails above the bobsled launch and ski jumps for a worthy climb.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Goblin Valley:  the Wild Horse trail system
Just a month ago, 7 miles of mountain bike trail opened at Goblin Valley State Park. It needs bike tires to pack it down, but it's going to give you another reason to visit Goblin Valley!   Trail report...   July  2015.

Unique ride:  The Rainbow Rim
We're kidnapping this trail from the Arizona Strip and including it among our southern Utah rides. The Rainbow Rim runs along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and is actually closer to Utah's riders than to Arizona's. It's a unique ride that's worth the trip.   Trail report...   July  2015.

New Brim Trail at Powder Mountain
Some of you may remember the old Powder Mountain race loop. Well, it went away. Finally, there's a great singletrack loop at Powder Mountain that's among the best rides in the state. Check out the Brim Trail.   Trail report...   July  2015.
Crop Circles (Lindon). Explored this intermediate-level singletrack loops on the hillside above the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Legal status of some of the trails in the area is unclear.  July 2015.

Jordanelle Perimeter update!
As one of the first trails on this site in 1998, the Jordanelle Perimeter page had a couple of grainy tiny photos, no topo map, and no trailhead directions. So it was time to get new information.  Trail report...   June  2015.

Rocky Top!  Kamas Valley Overlook trail.
While you're in the area, this is a nice singletrack climb from Highway 32 at the Provo River up to a point overlooking the Kamas Valley. Quick and fun, 8 miles round trip.  Trail report...   June  2015.

More great stuff in the Riverview area
I may be a bit premature in publishing this information, as trail signage (and apparently the trail names) are still evolving! Hope I've made some sense of the trail system for you. But go ride this stuff. Fun trails for a quickie while you're in the Heber area.  Trail report...   June  2015.

Payson Canyon's Four Bays riding area:  NICE!
The Payson riders must be conspiring to keep this wonderful singletrack all to themselves, because you sure don't hear much about Four Bays. Well, I'm tossing these trails out there for anybody to ride. And you'll want to. Nice narrow hand-cut singletrack, swooping and twisting.  A great ride!  Trail report...   June  2015.

With Coldwater Canyon, the North Ogden BST is ready for your tires!
The new Bonneville Shoreline Trail section in Coldwater Canyon, there's 10.5 miles of fun BST between Ogden Canyon and North Ogden Canyon. Direct connections to the Pleasant View BST to the north and Ogden BST in the south. Here's the dope on trailheads, loop rides, and trail characteristics.  Trail report...   June  2015.

WOW!  Actually, that's the name of the trail: Wasatch Over Wasatch
There's around 7 miles of trail between the Phosphate Loop and trail's end, as the WOW trail moves up toward the ridge above Park City. There's parking along Highway 224 in Wasatch Mountain State Park, and you can climb the first 6-ish miles as an out-and-back.   Trail report...   June  2015.

Coyote Middle!
Here's the scoop on the new trail linking to backside of Coyote Loop with upper Riverview above the UVU Wasatch Campus. Opens up some new riding options. But first, you need to find the trail. I'll bet you Wasatch 50 racers go right past without seeing it.   Trail report...   June  2015.

Updated maps to Dutch Hollow...
There have been some changes to Dutch Hollow, with Barrel extended down to the new Sage Loop route. Prospect has new connections to the Phosphate trail. There are no trail markers on the west side, so you'll like the new printable high-res topo.   Trail report...   June  2015.

Fun loop ride option north of Midway: Phosphate Hill
The new Phosphate Trail has settled well during the winter and is ready for your tires. There's a 6.3-mile lariat option from Pine Canyon at the WOW trailhead, or a fun but complex-navigation big loop from Dutch Hollow.   Trail report...   June  2015.

New tech trails at Three Peaks!
The BLM is just finishing the signage on the "whale trails" at Three Peaks near Cedar City. The pink granite gives great traction for awesome tech riding. Lots of ladder bridges and fun stuff make this a unique and worthwhile bike destination! See the updated trail map and info.   Trail report...   May 2015.

Family ride:  Candy Mountain Express
Here's a nice easy paved trail in Sevier Canyon. Ride along the Sevier River to Big Rock Candy Mountain. Take the kids to the Fremont Indian State Park after the ride.   Trail report...   May 2015.

Upper JEM is now one-way!  Options for getting to the top?
JEM is now downhill-only from the Highway 59 (upper) trailhead down to the Goosebumps intersection.  To climb from the valley to the upper trailhead, you can take Dead Ringer on the west, or the rediscovered JEM Doubletrack on the east. (The doubletrack has also found new life as part of an 11-mile loop ride including Goosebumps, Dead Ringer, and More Cowbell.)   Trail report for the JEM Doubletrack...   May 2015.

Dead Ringer is complete!
Still working on some of the support materials (like riding guides). And I need to update other trail pages in the area. But here's what I have so far on the five miles of bliss called Dead Ringer.   Trail report...   March 2015.

More Cowbell!  Nice easy ride in the JEM area.
New singletrack trail above ledges of white limestone, with Gooseberry Mesa looming to the east. Makes a nice trip for families and beginning bikers.   Trail report...   January 2015.

Here's the dope on the new Quail Overlook trail system!
This brand-new system has four loops, each visiting the top of a tooth of the escarpment southeast of Quail Creek Reservoir. This is technical riding for experts and upper-intermediates, and it's already a hit! Now that the trails have names (although they're still unmarked), I can unveil the trail page.   Trail report...   January 2015.

Rock and Roll. Zippy riding at Rhythm and Blues
OK, so I'm an idiot. At the southwest end of Rhythm and Blues I ignored a little path forking to the right, assuming it was some irresponsible outlaw riders shortcut. Last trip, the trail wasn't so little. Turns out, it's Rock and Roll, a 3.4 mile clockwise loop that's a blast to ride. I've updated the R&B page.  Trail report...   January 2015.
2014 2014 trail stories...

West Navajo Rocks. Big Mesa Trail!
With the completion of Big Mesa, Navajo Rocks now offers five sequential trails that form an 18-mile loop. Or you can do half-loops of the east or west side of around 10 miles. Here's the dope on Big Mesa, The Big Lonely, and Coney Island.  Trail report...   December 2014.

Hitting the Quail Creek trail...
Plenty of rock and roll on this Moenkopi-fest of a singletrack along the badland slopes of Harrisburg Bench. Worth your time, but definitely for expert riders.  Trail report...   December 2014.

The Klonzo system is finished with the addition of Gravitron and VertiGo
Here's the information for the latest trails in the north Klonzo riding area. More technical (and longer) than the other 20 trails in this trail system.  Trail report...   November 2014.

You've been wondering about Zephyr. Here's the scoop!
Most riders won't be excited by Zephyr. But it opens some wonderful riding opportunities, both for long-mileage hammerheads and beginners looking for a cruise. And if it's not your thing, well, you should never complain about having more trail to other people to ride.  Trail report...   November 2014.

Great new trail, but it's too late!
The Jimmy Keen singletrack is 8 miles of twisting fun in the La Sals. It was just opened November 1st. But at over 8000 feet elevation, this weekend's storm will bury it. Remember it for next year! It's a super alternative to the tedious Kokopelli section of the Whole Enchillada!   Trail report...   November 2014.

Klonzo Beginner Slickrock
Overweight, out-of-shape, and never been off the sidewalk before? Box-store single-gear bike? Planning to take your preschool kids with stroll-a-bikes? Well, now you can mountain bike on slickrock too. The Carousel area in South Klonzo (10 miles north of Moab) is open and already packed with riders. It's another big hit from the Trail Mix volunteers!   Trail report...   October 2014.

Klonzo South!
Located on Willow Springs Road just west of Arches National Park, the opening of Klonzo South gives you 20 trails in this riding area -- worth spending the whole day. My favorites are Houdini and Topspin, which I've incorporated into a sample ride for you.   Trail report...   October 2014.

Herriman Trails
Here's the info on the loop off Juniper Crest, the Firebreak Trail, and the ridge route at Blackridge Pond. As fall arrives, you'll appreciate more options for low-altitude riding.   Trail report...   August 2014.

North Ogden Divide to Willard
Here's a 12.5-mile route along the west edge of Ben Lomond Peak, with the Pleasant View section of the Bonneville Shoreline in the south and narrow singletrack clinging to the rugged mountainside for 7 miles in the north.   Trail report...   August 2014.

Snowbird's new Big Mountain Trail
Descend from Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet down to the base at 8000 feet over 7.5 miles of singletrack. Snowbird's new trail has had a few rainy weeks for the surface to pack down. If you've been wondering whether it's worth the tram fee (or getting up early in the morning while the trail is still two-way), here's Bruce's report.   Trail report...   August 2014.

Eagle Point trails, top of Beaver Canyon
At over 10,000 feet elevation, these trails are nicely cool on a summer's day. They're well-built and fun. There aren't a lot of miles at this time, but it's worth a side trip as you pass through Beaver on Interstate 15. Or just enjoy camping in the area and hit the trails for a couple of hours.  Trail report...    August 2014.

New trails in the Hurricane Rim system:  Cryptobionic and Goosebumps!
These trails offer new variations on your favorite JEM rides. Alternate downhills for the big Hurricane Loop, or nice fun figure-eights from the Virgin trailhead. Finished in spring 2014, they're ready for you to explore.   Trail report...    August 2014.

New singletrack on upper Ridge 157!
Now there's 2.7 miles of nice singletrack bypassing that "1000-vertical in 1 mile" north of Mill Canyon. South-to-North is now a fun option!    All-new Ridge Trail page...    June 2014.

Miner's Loop!  More great riding in Klondike Bluffs.
Miner's Loop forks off the southern end of the awesome EKG Trail in the Klondike Bluffs riding area north of Moab. Just finished a couple of weeks ago, it adds a new flavor to the many riding options here. You'll want to add this trail to your Moab plans.  Trail report...    May 2014.

Colorado River paved bike path is open!
This very expensive path hangs out over the water as it separates bikes from cars on State Route 128 along the Colorado. Bike back from Porcupine Rim without dodging traffic. Or just go for a pleasant ride. I've added information on this trail (and the new Moab Trail Hub) to the Old 191 page.  Moab Canyon Pathway (Old 191) report...    Page updated May 2014.

Chilkoot Pass. Final piece on the west side of Klondike Bluffs.
Yeah. This little lariat loop is the most boring bit of trail in all of Moab. Very easy beginner riding and nothing pretty to look at. But it completes a north-south route on the west side of Klondike, extending all the way up to a small parking area on the Dinosaur Tracks road.  Trail report...    May 2014.

All-new Potato Hill page includes the new Red Potato Trail.
It's amazing how many new opportunities open up with a small addition. The 0.7 miles of Red Potato really changes how you'll attack the eastern side of Draper's Corner Canyon.   Trail report...    May 2014.

Navajo Rocks!  New trail system in Moab.
Two of the planned four trails of the Navajo Rocks system are now finished, forming a nice 9-mile loop. These trails are found on Highway 313 just north of Moab.   Trail report...    May 2014.

Jedi Slickrock. More sandstone in the Bartlett Wash area.
This mesa just south of Bartlett Wash is an open-riding area -- there's no official trail, and you can ride anywhere you want within the designated zone. Play on smooth Entrada slickrock.  Trail review...    March 2014.

Now 18 miles of trail at Dead Horse Point.
The trail system at Dead Horse Point has become a favorite of families and beginning riders. Last month 9 miles of new trail opened west of 313, interconnecting with the original Intrepid system. It's great stuff.  Trail review...    March 2014.

Hymasa Trail!  A beautiful singletrack on Amasa.
My riding buddies love the brutal ledge-strewn climb on Amasa. Not me. This two-way trail bypasses most of the jeep road as you climb to the Amasa Saddle. Connecting directly to Captain Ahab, this trail just opened last week.  A big THANK YOU to the volunteers of Moab Trail Mix.  Trail review...    March 2014.
2013 2013 trail stories...

Dead Cow Loop!  Adventure ride for your bucket list.
Ride down and back up water-filled sandstone canyons along the Green River. The admission price is a long ride including some tough sand-riding. For experienced adventurers only.  Read more...  November 2013

Mary's Trail.  Great Entrada slickrock!
For 10 years, I've been meaning to find a way to ride Mary's Trail that doesn't require walking a mile through sand. OK, here it is. This trail has the most beautiful sandstone you'll find anywhere. But it's for experts only.  Read more...  November 2013

A heavenly bit of everything!  Red Butte to Red Slot loop.
I was trying to sneak into the White Wash area by the back door and discovered three trails that fit together into a nice loop ride. Red Butte, Red Rock, and Red Slot:  slickrock; undulating dirt; and a rock-bottomed wash run. Just 12 miles of I-70 east of Green River.  Read more...  November 2013

Update to the Riverview system:  13-mile Front-side Loop!
Here's the latest on the Riverview (Sorenson) trail north of Heber. New Sheep Bones singletrack links up Lower Riverview and new singletrack ties Lower Riverview back to Coyote and Upper Riverview at the south end. Definitely worth hitting before the snow buries it!  Read more...  November 2013

New riding options in east Corner Canyon: Rattler Trail. 
This new trail creates new possibilities for the unloved east side of Draper's Corner Canyon. Because this slope is sun-exposed, we're hoping this will be a winter-riding option when combined with the Corner Canyon road or the Aqueduct Trail.   Read more...  October 2013

Jurassic Trail!  Butter-smooth high-speed singletrack in Moab. 
The entire Jurassic Trail is now open for riding, and it may change your plans for the Klondike Bluffs area. There's now singletrack down the entire west side of the valley, with connectors to the east-west trails that climb the bluffs. So you never need to ride Copper Ridge again. The loop with Dino Flow is a blast.   Read more...  October 2013

Inside Passage trail - fun little bypass to boring doubletrack in Klondike 
OK, this little trail probably doesn't deserve its own web page, but here goes. This delicious singletrack connects the southern Klondike Bluffs parking to the road 1/2 mile later. Sadly, it's short. But it gets you away from the motos and grommets on the main trail.   Read more...  October 2013

Prospector Trail in Moab 
It may take you longer to read this page than to ride this little trail along Highway 191 in north Moab.  Read more...  October 2013

Lambert Park is Fixed.   AGAIN! 
On Saturday September 7, Lambert was hit by its second flood in 16 days, exactly 7 days after volunteers completed the trail rebuild project. Less than two weeks later, the damaged trails are repaired or replaced. Thanks to our many volunteers!   The Rebuilding of Lambert Park, take Two...  September 2013

South to Alaska. 
New trails in Moab!  In the Klondike area, ride the new Alaska trail with a visit to Nome and Homer. Very much worth your time. And did you know that Dino Flow has been extended all the way north to the Dinosaur Trackway parking area? New trailhead... and the only toilet in the area.   Read more...  September 2013

Lambert Park trail rehab report! 
Zag and White Dog have been rebuilt. Obviously, the flood areas aren't the same. They're a little bit more twisty, a bit more dippy. Scroll down to the bottom of our trail rehab report for photos from our Saturday workday.   Read more...  August 2013

Round Valley update. Over 30 trails. Ride recommendations that make sense!
I ride pieces of Round Valley frequently and do the USCS race there. After 11 years, I finally spent 5 hours and 40 miles riding around in circles, mapping (almost all) the trails. I've put together a few ride recommendations (with GPS tracks of course) for you. New color-coded satellite map.    Read more...  August 2013

Little Valley Loop Trail. Just finished this past week!
Little Valley is a little trail that forks off Ann's Trail just south of Potato Hill. Experienced riders will find it a nice but very short variation on Ann's. Beginners can do a nice little loop from Potato Hill. It's still a bit soft with a few mini-roots waving in the air, but ready to ride.   Read more...  August 2013

Tommy's Two Steps Trail in Park City. Three described rides from 10 to 18 miles.
Tommy's Two Steps is a new trail joining Midmountain (just south of Steps, Jenni's, and Johns) to the Yurt at the top of Steps. It creates some interesting riding possibilities.   Read more...  August 2013

Mojave Trail in Park City. Some new options...
Mojave is only a mile long (1.9 if you count the new trailcut up to Keystone), but it opens up some new possibilities for the Park City Resort area. Here's the report, with a couple of ride suggestions.  Read more...  August 2013

Murdock Canal Trail. Trailheads and stuff...
OK, I know. This is a paved trail. A trail where you can take the wife, girlfriend, neighbor, or kids and get them hooked on biking. And at 17 miles each way, it's a decent training ride for you hammerheads. And it's prettier than you'd think.  Read more...  August 2013

A little Corner Canyon housekeeping!
Draper keeps improving their Corner Canyon trail system, so here are a few updates. For those who don't like to pedal, Rush is now 0.7 miles shorter, as a section called The Trees has been bypassed. Canyon Hollow now goes through the Silica Pit over to the Coyote Hollow Trailhead. And there's a new trail connecting Ann's to Eagle Crest.  And no, the new trail across from Potato Hill isn't ready to ride yet.  August 2013.

Coyote Canyon Loop. An instant classic!
The Wasatch Trails Alliance buffed up the final section of this big loop on National Trails Day June 1. Located northeast of Heber, the ride has endless views on epic twisting trail. The shortest version is 20.2 miles, but it's worth it. This is a great trail that will quickly become a favorite -- put it on your "Must Ride" list now.   Read more...  June 2013

Klonzo Trail System is now fully built. And it rocks!
The Klonzo Trails lie just east of the Sovereign/Salt Wash trail system, on Willow Springs Road north of Moab. 8.5 miles of interconnecting loops make a gazillion riding options. Easy riding, nothing scary for intermediates.   Read more...  May 2013

New expert-level singletrack "Captain Ahab"
Wondering when the Moab trailbuilders were going to quit creating more Ride-With-The-Kids trails and build something gnarly? Well, here it is: 4.3 miles of singletrack for hard-core riders. You'll need to ride up Amasa Back to get to it.  Read more...    April 2013.

Sidewinder Trail at the Bar M in Moab
New trail allows you to skip a portion of paved Old 191 when connecting trails in the Brand Trail area. Yeah, it's not exactly a trail that will make you load up your bike and skip work. But it adds new options.  Read more...    April 2013.

Suicidal Tendencies. A new trail near Santa Clara!
Suicidal Tendencies drops from the top of Sidewinder, across the valley between mesas, then climbs even higher to a loop on the mesa south of Sidewinder. The trail is now open to riding, although some of the switchbacks need to be hiked.   Read more...    February 2013.
2012 2012 trail stories...

Maverick Trail? Just a little one-way off North 40.
At the Brand Trails (Bar M area), the Maverick Trail is a 1/2-mile twisting dirt ribbon. It's a one-way shortcut on the eastern side of the North 40 loop. The information has been added to the North 40 trail page.   Read more...  November 2012

Klonzo Trail System now open
The Klonzo Trails lie just east of the Sovereign/Salt Wash trail system, on Willow Springs Road north of Moab. Four miles are complete, with additional trails opening over the coming months.   Read more...  November 2012

Wild Rose trails in North Salt Lake!
The easy Wild Rose Loop is 2.4 miles and starts right off the (paved) Bonneville Shoreline in the rugged foothills. There's a little DH trail, and nasty connectors to the ridgeline above City Creek Canyon.   Read more...  October 2012

The Agate and Jasper Loops. Easy stuff!
These two little connected loops have no exciting riding and feature blah uninspiring views. What Agate and Jasper offer is some very easy singletrack riding (especially Jasper) where you can take your kids -- or spouse -- for some "real mountain biking". The loops are in the Klondike Bluffs riding area north of Moab.   Read more...  October 2012

7-Up.  Dirt and rock route to the top of the Mag 7!
Another new trail in Moab is 7-Up. While most (lazy) riders are riding it as a shuttled downhill, it's a great climbing route to the top of Bull Run. This opens up some very nice but brutally long loop rides.   Read more...  September 2012

Jenni's Trail.  New riding option in Park City!
Just finished in August 2012, Jenni's Trail offers a new climbing option from Park City Mountain Resort to Midmountain. Several nice new loop options are now possible.   Read more...  September 2012

Elk Park. Uintahs riding near Flaming Gorge.
Elk Park has some flattish dirt roads for beginners and kiddies. But the real riding here is the Elk Park Loop, which I will charitably describe as a bit of an adventure.   Read more...  August 2012

Red Pine Road Trail
The is the "other" Mill Creek Canyon trail. It's a fast climbing route to the Crest, or a blazing descent if you're trying to outrun a thunderstorm. Or do a six-mile loop ride, which I describe here.    Read more...   July 2012

Pine Cone Ridge
Here's the info on Pine Cone Ridge, a new trail that links Midmountain (near upper Armstrong) to the Wasatch Crest at Puke Hill. It is, without overstatement, a game-changer.  I've done it from Park City and from Mill Creek. It is awesome.    Read more...   July 2012

The new HAM trail in Park City... What's it good for?
HAM is only 0.8 miles long. You might wonder why they bothered digging it. Well, it creates a good easy loop ride (or a last minute quickie), plus a new more-efficient route up to northbound Midmountain or to the Wasatch Crest via Pine Cone Ridge.   Read more...   July 2012

New "Prospector" Trail at Dutch Hollow
Check out the trail at Dutch Hollow near Midway. Prospector forks north from the top of Donkey Ridge and contours north to the Dutchman road. This opens up new riding combinations, and finally makes the area west of the road worth riding. Updated maps, GPX track for Prospector loop ride.   See our updated Dutch Hollow page...   July 2012

Deer Creek South Fork reroute opens in American Fork Canyon 
On National Trails Day on June 2, the UMB race team joined URMB (Utah Rocky Mountain Bikers, an IMBA-affiliated club) and many volunteers to open a new trail segment in American Fork Canyon. It's ready to ride. Do the Deer Creek South Fork Loop and check it out!   Read more...   June 2012

Rush is finished!!!  Final section opens for ICup race.  
Section number 4 of Rush is now open and ready for business. (Some trail improvements are still going on.) The twisty turns are butter-smooth and highly bermed, jumps and stunts are there for those who want them. The trail finally is living up to its name -- it's a rush to ride.  Page includes loop option, ICup track.   Read more...   May 2012. Also see the new Corner Canyon overview page for a listing of trail stats in this complex riding area!

Mantua Dike Trail.  Nice family ride
Take your family around the Dike Trail, then go ride the new Eagle Rise singletrack while they try to catch a fish.  Go to Mantua Dike Trail page...     May 2012

Eagles Rise singletrack at Mantua
New trail is ready to ride on the slopes east of Mantua Reservoir (above Brigham City, on the way to Logan). A scenic but short 2.5 mile loop is finished, with a partly-done side trail nearing a viewpoint -- ready to go if you're willing to walk 100 yards. Go to Eagles Rise page...   May 2012

Providence Canyon Trail.  
Gene and Joel helped me test this shady singletrack route up Providence Canyon south of Logan. The climb is pretty, and the downhill is amazing. It's a short ride (6.4 miles round trip), so you may want to combine it with another ride in the Logan area. The trail was just completed last fall but it's already buff and bermed.   Read more...   May 2012

Sorenson Trail.  
This Heber-area trail was cut last fall and is being buffed up this spring. It's ready to ride now. It traverses the mountain from Highway 32 to Coyote Canyon at the north end of Heber. It's 6 miles in length with almost constant views over the Heber Valley.   Read more...   May 2012

North Ogden Bonneville Shoreline update.  
I've been waiting 10 years for this trail to be finished. But here's the latest update, including a helpful multi-track GPX file and high-res map that shows the connectors to subdivision trailheads. It's the current navigation for those heading north from Rainbow Gardens.   Read more...   April 2012.

Pineview Trail.  Short fun ride for the kids..
I've done the Pineview Trail a few times with scout groups and as a return route from the Southern Skyline loop. But I didn't realize that there was no information about it on this site. Until now...  Read more...   April 2012.

UFO.  Nice change for the Baby Steps Loop at Klondike.
UFO is a short singletrack and slickrock trail connecting the top of Baby Steps South to Little Salty. It just opened last week in the Klondike Bluffs area north of Moab. UFO lets you bypass a couple of miles of worthless dirt road when riding Baby Steps Loop. I also describe a 12-mile lariat loop that's a quick and satisfying ride.  Read more...   April 2012.

North 40.  The latest in the Brand Trails complex.
North 40 is a loop or figure-eight ride within the north end of the Bar M loop. Great for experienced beginners or early-intermediate riders. I describe a loop that combines North 40 with the slickrock trails east of Bar M.  Read more...   March 2012.

Dino Flow Trail.  New easy-riding option in the Klondike Bluffs area!
This trail runs parallel to the EKG Trail, transecting Baby Steps (North and South) and Little Salty before ending on Mega Steps. It's mostly dirt and is quick riding for the tired or the inexperienced. It creates some new riding possibilities.  Read more...   March 2012.

Great Escape.  New trail in the Mag 7 area.  
Great Escape opened for bike tires this spring in the Gemini Bridges riding area. This trail is similar to nearby Arth's Corner and Little Canyon Singletrack. Not too tough, not too technical. It offers nothing radically new, but is another nice riding option. I describe a long ride and a short ride.  Read more...   March 2012.
2011 2011 trail stories...

The Snakepit
This is a short but fun trail that links the eastern and western sides of the Stucki Spring trail. It can be used for a mini-loop with the southern side of Stucki. This will become a very popular option as more riders learn about this trail.   Read more...   December 2011

Wow!  Lots of new stuff for Stucki Springs.
The Stucki Spring page is now updated, with riding options from Bloomington, Santa Clara, and Green Valley. I've uploaded individual GPX course files with by-the-mile ride descriptions (linking to single-page riding guides). The new map and tracks also show exactly how to get from Green Valley to Barrel Roll by bike. Don't thank me, just spend your Christmas money at the UMB store.   Read more...   December 2011

An update to an old favorite...  the new Bearclaw Poppy options
I've updated the Bearclaw Poppy (Green Valley) page, which I first published in 1998. The page has new photos, much more information, and a more detailed ride description. The all-area track file has connectors to new stuff like Snake Pit, Snake Pit Rim, Stucki cut-off, the wash along the acid drops, and more. Plus single-track riding course files for popular cruises that use Bearclaw Poppy.   Read more...   December 2011

June's Bottom. A very nice looking bottom.
Here's the second reason to hit the San Rafael desert south of Green River. June's Bottom is a big slickrock area on Navajo sandstone overlooking the Green River. There's a descending trail down to the river's edge. Located about 6 miles south of Bull Bottom. You've got to do this trail, if only for the jokes about June's Bottom.   Read more...   November 2011

Guacamole Update!
I made it back to the Guacamole Trail this week. The maps and web page have been updated to show the newer  singletrack on the west side and south end. The GPX files include the new stuff, and have been sharpened to remove some 2006-era blundering around looking for the trail.   Read more...   November 2011

EKG Trail
This trail is four miles of continuous technical sandstone. Although the path traverses a gentle sideslope with no overall elevation gain, the trail rocks up and down for 1000 vertical. The trail starts on Baby Steps south, transects Little Salty and Baby Steps North, and joins Mega Steps at the north end for dozens of possible ride combinations.  Read more...   November 2011

Mega Steps! More riding options off the Baby Steps Loop.
At the far north end of the Klondike Bluffs riding area, Mega Steps ties the top of the Baby Steps Loop to Copper Ridge road below. Intersecting the EKG Trail at its northern end, it provides many different riding options.  Read more...   November 2011

Little Salty: nice sandstone riding
Little Salty is an up-down route on the tilted sandstone north of Klondike Bluffs. It transects the Baby Steps loop, creating an easier Baby Steps option, a loop via Mega Steps, or an alternate climbing route.  Read more...   November 2011

Longbranch in Brand Trails area
This is a short expert-level trail that links Deadman's Ridge with Bar B's southern end. It just opened for business this fall. The sample ride (with GPX track file for your navigation pleasure) is 12 miles.  Read more...   November 2011

New Beginner Trail: Rusty Spur in Moab's Brand Trails
Rusty Spur is a short, very easy singletrack loop trail in the Brand Trail area north of Moab. You can get to it via the paved Old 191 bike trail from Moab, or ride from the Brand Trail parking. Suitable for kiddies and rank beginners!  Read more...   November 2011

White Rock! Fun new climb with great views.
Thanks to Gene Poncelet for letting this little cat out of the bag. Stan is still digging the last few feet of this trail, but it's ready to ride. White Rock makes a great loop ride in the fall colors near Brigham City, or it's another option on the 4200-foot climb to Grizzly Peak!  Read more...   October 2011

Rhythm & Blues. A fun little Moenkopi bikefest!
It has snowed. Time to think, once again, about Moab and St. George! Rhythm & Blues is a short (2.6 mile) loop nestled in the triangle between Harrisburg Bench, US-9, and the Quail Creek road (between I-15 and Hurricane). It's an expert-level technical ride, but skilled intermediates can do it with a few walk-overs. Hit it for a couple of laps on your way into or out of town.  Read more...   October 2011

Nice 10-mile beginner-level ride on Midmountain to Johns99.
Almost every time I'm in the Park City Mountain Resort parking lot, someone pulls up and asks how they can ride the Midmountain Trail without any brutal climbing. Well, here's the answer. To avoid boredom I'm throwing in a lariat-loop with Johns99 and Little Chief. Nice ride, even if you're NOT a beginner.  Read more...   September 2011

Park City's Rossi Hill. Not a ride by itself, but a way of connecting up.
By request, a route for pavement-phobic riders who want to connect an off-the-mountain at Deer Valley with a started-the-ride at Park City Mountain Resort's parking. Links Rossi Hill to Prospect to Ontario Ridge to Daly Grind to Gina's Daly Bypass to King Road to a side-ways sneak through Sweeney's South and North.  Read more...   September 2011

The Fall Colors are here. Time to hit the Wasatch Crest to Midmountain Loop!
OK, I've hinted at the options and linked to a few track files. But here are the options (and my recommendations) for this epic ride. Individual course tracks for the more popular routes. The "featured ride" starts at the doubletrack on Guardsman Road in Big Cottonwood. It climbs back from Midmountain on a gentle grade using Crescent Mine Grade, Apex, Keystone, and Shadow Lake.  Read more...   September 2011

Speedbag Loop. Another quickie from Daly Canyon
Another "not your typical tourist destination" ride. A quick little jaunt at relatively lower altitude, with a blazing descent down narrow tree-infested singletrack on Speedbag.  Read more...   September 2011

TG Classic Loop... A big satisfying ride!
Up Tour des Suds to Moose Bones, across to TG, then down to Johns 99, Johns, 4:20, then Gravedigger for a big 13-mile tour of some of Park City's best. This is a ride you've got to do. Add it to your Park City list!  Read more...   September 2011

Moosehouse Loop
A little off the beaten track, this 6-miler starts in Daly Canyon and climbs via Empire Link to Johns99, then rapidly drops down Moosehouse to Gravedigger. Forested riding, not a lot of views, but fun trail. Option of rad DH lines on Moosehouse versus fairly tame intermediate descent.  Read more...   September 2011

Ruby Loop
Never heard of this one? Well, I just made up the name today. Most of this loop is brand-new trail, some of which just opened two days before my ride. So I was probably the first to put this particular loop together, and since it rides past the top of the Ruby Lift, I'm calling it the Ruby Loop. Oh, yeah, and it's a great little ride.  Read more...   September 2011

Flat Cable - Johns99 Loop
Another "what the..." navigation nightmare through the most complex area of Park City's trails. Offering good stuff away from the busier trails, this 12-mile 1800-vertical loop is a fun ride. Take a GPS track or pay really close attention to the mile-by-mile ride description.  Read more...   September 2011

Scott's Pass Loop from Park City
Are you one of those insane hammerheads who complains that Park City doesn't have enough mountains? Here's a nice climb for you. 3700 vertical in one 8-mile chunk, then 11 miles back to your car. And what the hey... Where did the Dead Tree go?  Either rename the trail or kill a new tree!  Read more...   September 2011

Tour des Suds... Is this trail still worthy?
While sitting around with a broken toe, I updated my old Tour des Suds page with track files and photos from a recent ride. The Tour will never be what it formerly was. But these riding directions will let you navigate up the mountain for a great loop ride eastbound or westbound.  Read more...   September 2011

Bowhunter Loop  (with climb on Team Big Bear and tour of Flagstaff Loop)
Very nice ride from Deer Valley climbs to 9100 feet and circumnavigates the mountain to provide clear views in all directions. 10-mile short ride, or start from the lower lodge for a 17-mile 2000-vertical day.  Read more...   September 2011

Armstrong Trail in Park City...
This is a new four-mile climbing trail (one-way only for bikes!) that extends from the Spiro trailhead to the Midmountain Trail. I describe a 10-mile loop ride, plus a bunch of more adventurous longer rides using the Armstrong Trail as your climb.  Read more...   August 2011

Pioneer Trail!
Pioneer is a fun three-mile bikes-only trail in upper Ephraim Canyon. I rode up the canyon road to combine Pioneer with Flume for a 13.2-mile ride. Have I mentioned, I hate gravel-road climbs? But the ride is worth the trip to the land of Snow College.  Read more...   August 2011

Flume Trail in Ephraim Canyon.
This fun little trail meanders along an old flume path before starting a 15% one-mile plunge into the valley. After the mid-summer snowdrifts melt high on the mountain, it can be combined with the Pioneer Trail (more later) for a 2500-vertical DH-fest.  Read more...   August 2011

Check out the new Potato Hill trailhead -- another Traverse Mountain option!
The gravel roller just finished prepping the parking area at Potato Hill, so the new trailhead is ready to receive your bike. Use Potato Hill as a starting point for some interesting loop rides.  Read more...   August 2011

The new Draper Rim -- Ann's Trail.  A little rough on the east end, but nice!
The final cutting has been completed on this 6-mile route on Traverse Mountain below Suncrest. Best as part of a 10-plus mile loop. The eastern end is still a little rough, but it's worth your attention.  Read more...   August 2011

Yoo Hoo DH
This trail is a DH continuation of the awesome Shamrock & Roll on the mesa north of Price. Only the first section is buffed; the rest is roughed in but still needs some work to be worthy. But if you're interested, here's a description of a 12-mile loop that will let you try Yoo Hoo.   Read more...   June 2011

Floating Rocks Loop
Prediction: this is going to be your favorite ride in Price. This route is dumbbell-shaped, with a loop of other trails on each end of Floating Rocks. Plenty of rim riding, great views, some tech downhill, and lots of fun. 13.3 miles with a 16.5-mile version that adds three add-on meanders.   Read more...   June 2011

Knott Pete's Rim and Wyatt's Way to The Devil's Backbone
Why does every trail in Price need an apostrophe? Anyway, here's installment #2 on the Luke's area trails in Price. A couple of quick little rides on the southern edge of the mesa overlooking town.   Read more...   June 2011

The Price is Right!  Luke's Trail revisited... with Alan's Alley and the Bonus Loop
Explored 14 trails on the mesa around Luke's Trail north of Price. This update to Luke's is the first installment. Oh so many trails, so many riding options. Looking for a place to do major miles while waiting for the snow to clear?   Read more...   June 2011

Bull Canyon.  Nice new variations on an old tired classic.
Bull Canyon is a gravel road then ATV track to a foot trail under the Gemini Bridges arches. Never been excited about it. Add it to the Two Tortoise Rock loop, or do a Tour de Bridge above and below Gemini Bridges via the Magnificent 7, and it becomes something you may want to do!   Read more...   May 2011

Chicken Corner.  A report by "The" Chicken
This is one of the least-technical rides in Moab, but it's 43 miles long. The views are amazing. And it ends at fabulous Chicken Corner, where, just around the bend in the rock above the river Jesse James' treasure awaits. As far as I know.    Read more...   May 2011

Two Tortoise Rock - a nice loop ride
Two Tortoise Rock offers easier riding with fantastic views. This trail is found just off the Gemini Bridges road, and offers a trip to below the arches via Bull Canyon as a possible add-on. Options for 6-mile, 16-mile, 20-mile or even 32-mile versions.   Read more...   May 2011

By request -- the dope on Old 191 paved trail in Moab
A very enjoyable 8-mile stretch of paved bike path replaces the old dirt 191 route. Access to the Brand Trails, Gemini Bridges, and the Canyonlands road.   Read more...   May 2011

Bull Bottom -- worth going into the middle of nowhere!
This is an area of slickrock along the Green River south of I-70. The riding is lots of fun and pretty easy. The scenery is pretty (once you're on the bike). The remoteness requires a bit of preparation.   Read more...   May 2011

Rusty Nail Trail. Another way to play with Golden Spike.
The Rusty Nail trail can be the downhill part of a nice Gold Bar to Golden Spike loop, or it can be the climbing route to Golden Spike for a long point-to-point ride to Poison Spider.   Read more...   May 2011

Little Creek. An update to the latest update.
Little Creek has finally dried out and offers excellent riding. I've got a more-accurate GPS track for those who want to do the Big Loop -- it gets rid of the "detours" and riding in circles in the hard-to-follow spots. I've added a couple of new on-trail guides and more riding options, and updated the mile-by-mile for the latest conditions.   Read more...   April 2011

Gold Bar Singletrack. Good stuff.
Here's Installment #4 of the Magnificent 7: The Gold Bar Singletrack, formerly known as the Blue Dot trail. (Upper Blue Dot is closed!) The ST, plus a bit of the Gold Bar Rim, will put you on the cliffs above the highway, ready to continue with Golden Spike, the 5th section of the Mag 7.   Read more...   April 2011

Little Canyon Singletrack. Magnificent 7 segment 3.
Installment #3 on the Mag 7 is the Little Canyon ST, 2.3 miles in length. It's fairly easy riding, before the brutal tech of the Gold Bar segment. So you could be forgiven if you just did the first 3 segments for an 11-mile fun ride, then shuttled back to the top.  Read more...   April 2011

Arth's Corner. Mellow slickrock and singletrack.
Installment #2 on the Mag 7 is Arth's Corner. Only 1.5 miles long, Arth's can also be a nice family or beginner ride. Do it as an out-and-back or as a loop using the Gemini Bridges road. If you're riding the Mag 7, you're 8 miles into it when you finish Arth's Corner.  Read more...   April 2011

Bull Run -- not quite finished -- is a great start to the Magificent 7
Installment #1 on the Mag 7 is Bull Run. This 6-mile trail section starts on the upper Gemini Bridges road and cruises over tech slickrock and singletrack down to just above the twin arches.   Read more...   April 2011

Moab Rim to Hidden Valley Loop
Here's a brutal loop loop of adventure and fine riding -- for those who don't mind a bit of rock-scrambling while carrying their bike. This route ties Moab Rim, Hidden Valley, and Pipe Dream together.  Read updated Moab Rim page...    Read about Hidden Valley...    April 2011

Grafton Wash -- ST route between Goose NE Rim and Grafton Mesa
Here's the low-down on a route that connects all the trails of Gooseberry to the singletrack of Grafton Mesa.  Not sure exactly how this would fit into your ride plans, but here's how to do it.  Read more...   April 2011

Pipe Dream Trail in Moab
This is fun singletrack just below the cliffs on the southwest corner of the Moab Valley. Upper-intermediate in tech requirement, with a few tricky spots and some steep mountainside exposures. About 10 miles out-and-back, or make an easier loop ride. Worth doing.    Read more...   April 2011

Interactive map of Utah trails
New feature! Zoom to area trails and trailheads on map or satellite views.  Programmed by Todd.  Choose a riding region, then zoom-in to see the trails, color-coded by difficulty. Hover over trails for name.   Let's see the map!   April 2011

Tech singletrack on Grafton Mesa... Very fun!
I found three new trail sections on Grafton Mesa that you'll want to ride. These trails are easy to miss, so you'll want to use my new map and riding directions. Downloadable GPX course files for a mesa-top figure-8 ride and big loop as well as the classic DH plunge.    Read more...   April 2011

Rockstacker and Jackson -- A scary, tricky alternate return route from Amasa
You may have heard rumors of a highly technical alternate trail down from Amasa Back. Here's 4 miles of very tough and hazardous riding for those very skilled riders who are looking for adventure.  I've got the trail info for you, including a GPX course file to follow.   Read about Rockstacker...   Read about Jackson Singletrack...    March 2011

Lazy-EZ Loop - a new addition to the Brand Trails system
This trail is an easy 3-mile loop inside the Bar M Loop north of Moab. It will excite riders who need a place to take beginners, scout troops, and non-excited spouses. No cliffs, nothing hairy, a nice taste of singletrack for those starting out. For experts, it offers a more-fun route to the big stuff at Deadman's, Bar B, Rockin A, and Circle O.    Read more...   March 2011

Miners Run
Only a few adventurous riders will want to consider this route. To find it and navigate the route, you need a GPS unit that displays tracks at high resolution. You need a sharp eye for cairns. There really is no "trail" -- at least, not yet. The reward is tech riding on a lot of slickrock on the edge of the San Rafael Swell.    Read more...   March 2011

Pothole Arch Trail
This is a fun trail with great scenic views. Unfortunately for the less-strong and unskilled (me), you have to get to it by climbing the Amasa Back trail first. I describe a 15-mile ride that you'll want to add to your Moab bucket list.   Read more...   March 2011

Little Creek trails update
I'm getting a lot of requests for updated Little Creek information. So here's what I have: by-the-mile riding directions for the West Mesa Loop, the Small Sandstone Loop, and the newer East Point Loop. Download individual "course" riding files for your Edge (or other) GPS system for all three loops.   Read more...   March 2011

Gooseberry Secret Trail - Status Report!
The Harris Secret Trail on Gooseberry is a bit overgrown. Needs some Tough Love with pruning shears. If you ride it now, I suggest shin guards or knee socks plus forearm protection such as long-sleeve jersey or arm warmers.   Read more...   February 2011

Icehouse Trail! A nice zippy downhill.
This trail is lots of fun. Even with a long crank up the Turkey Farm road for the shuttle-less. Very speedy with great flow. Quite a different feel from upper Broken Mesa, which joins the bottom half of this trail.   Read more...   February 2011

Little Purgatory Loop.  A new option for the tech-lover!
This is a six-mile ride east of Leeds near St. George. The loop climbs the Historic Babylon trail and descends the highly-technical Little Purgatory trail. The descent has been compared to Zen. Worth doing.    Read more...   January 2011
2010 2010 trail stories...

Nephi's Twist
Nephi's Twist is a short doubletrack ride up a colorful wash near La Verkin. The non-official version includes a technical ridge-line ride. But this singletrack can only be found by those who know exactly where it is.    Read more...   December 2010

Toquerville Falls
This is an old favorite ride for the local kids. It's a dirt road to Toquerville Falls. It's 12 miles round trip, and you have to climb over a mountain to get there.    Read more...   December 2010

Three Fingers Canyon
This is a dirt-road ride on the eastern cusp of the San Rafael Reef. The views of the Reef are nice, but the ride's destination is Three Fingers Canyon, where there's a collection of rock art.  This is unexciting easy non-tech riding suitable for beginners.    Read more...  November 2010
Gooseberry Mesa Northeast Rim Trail
This is a non-official (outlaw) trail that's 13 miles long. The east end is on private property. The locals suggest you leave this one alone until it gets "official" status.    Read more...  November 2010

Update, Cedar City's Red Mountain
This short little technical playground is now hard to navigate due to ATVs and alternate lines.  I have a GPS track that will deliver you to the north end of the classic loop.    Read more...   November 2010
Western Rim Trail !  An awesome ride you've never heard of.
This is a beautiful 24-mile loop ride on the Colorado River, with a trailhead just off I-70, 60 miles east of Green River. Two sections of wow cliff-side singletrack, then a return via the Kokopelli Trail. Terrific views. Gotta hit this one.  Read more...  November 2010
Top of the World... Monster climb, monster view
Are you ready for this one? Starting at the Colorado River 29 miles northeast of Moab, this ride is an 18-mile round trip with 3300 vertical feet of climbing, some of it fairly technical. Top of the World is a fabulous viewpoint overlooking the Onion Creek Narrows.   Read more...  November 2010

Good Water Canyon Rim
Absolutely fabulous 15-mile singletrack in the San Rafael 40 miles south of Price. Loop w dirt road 21 miles. Killer views. One of Utah's best rides.   Read more...  October 2010

Buckhorn Wash
Another relatively famous dirt-road ride. This ride has beautiful scenery all the way to the top of the wash. Native American rock art. Nice spot to camp and ride with the family. For those who like to suffer, continue on uphill to the Little Grand Canyon (Wedge) overlook for a 34-miler.   Read more...  October 2010

Little Grand Canyon Overlook - "The Wedge"
OK, there are eye-popping views once the road, yes road, reaches the edge of the San Rafael River gorge. It's more of a destination ride. Easy easy easy riding. But it might be just what your family wants.  Read more...  October 2010
Duchesne River Gorge Overlook!
Yes, it's ATV track. So what. Fabulous viewpoint at 10,100 feet elevation, 2600 feet above the Duchesne River. Reached via the Soapstone Basin Loop, which I bet is really pretty when the wildflowers are blooming in July.  Read more...   October 2010

Mule Ear to Mule Shoe Loop 
Team member and riding bud Gene tipped me off to this new trail. It's a six-mile loop just north of the campgrounds of North Fork in Ogden Valley. Nice trail, mostly in forest, with occasional breakouts to views.   Read more...  October 2010

Sardine Peak loop ride!
with a side trip to Coldwater Canyon Odgen Overlook.

This trail is so new, the engines of the trail excavators are still warm. Nice views, great little out-and-back side trip from the loop to the Ogden Overlook.   Read more...  October 2010

Spiro Trail! to PCMR trails, The Canyons, Deer Valley.
I've done Spiro around twenty times, but always on the way somewhere else. Spiro is a beautiful buff trail. But I find I've made the official Spiro Trail page into an instruction manual about how to get somewhere else, such as the Wasatch Crest.  Read more...  October 2010

Robs Trail to Hollys Loop. Nice 13 miles!
The fall colors made this ride near The Canyons in Park City a pleasure. There are a couple of shorter options using trails within the loop such as Ambush. Or you can do bigger rides -- I was having so much fun I finished the day with 28 miles.  Read more...  September 2010

Bear Canyon Trail, on the south side of Nebo!
This is a pretty little singletrack across the mountain from Payson Canyon, further south on the Nebo Loop Road. It makes a nice loop ride with 9 miles of road gaining 2200 feet, followed by a three mile singletrack plunge down Bear Canyon. Or shuttle it!  Read more...  September 2010

Princess Di Trail. Nice.
The Princess Di trail is a narrow singletrack east of Park City at Promontory. If you need switchback practice, this is your trail. Fun, challenging, nice views. 14.5-mile loop includes the paved Three Mile Canyon, then Princess Di, then 4 miles of the Rail Trail.  Read more...  August 2010

South Canyon Trail.
Same trailhead as Princess Di, but not an exciting ride. Six or nine-mile versions of loop using part of the Rail Trail. Add more miles to Princess Di, but can't give it much of a recommendation otherwise.  Read more...  August 2010

Mill Canyon... time for an update!
2.5 miles of beautiful new singletrack trail was opened for biking this spring at the top of Mill Canyon. It may change the way you ride in American Fork Canyon. I took a new look at the old brutal Mud Springs - Mill Canyon loop, and I'm changing my ride recommendation.  Read more...  July 2010

Red Canyon Rim... The Rim Trail.
This a fun ride along the rim of Red Canyon at Flaming Gorge. Nice singletrack with some tech sections.  9.6-mile out-and-back, a little climbing. Great views.  Read more...  June 2010

Swett Ranch Loop
This is a "what the hell, I'm in the neighborhood" type of cruiser ride. Nice scenic views, low-voltage easy riding. Not something you'd make a special trip for, but a nice mid-ride add-on while doing the Red Canyon Rim Trail out-and-back.   Read more...   June 2010

Dowd Mountain revisited. Nice ride.
After 12 years, I made it back to Dowd Mountain overlooking Flaming Gorge Reservoir. This time, I got data for a more detailed ride description, GPS tracks, and a high-res topo map. This 10.5-mile loop is under-used.   Read more...   June 2010

Rush "unidirectional, bicycle-preferred" Trail
One-way singletrack route from the top of Traverse Ridge (upper Clark's trailhead). About half-completed, with the upper half ready to ride. Connects to Canyon Hollow at bottom for now.   Read more...  June 2010
Red Mountain DH: two descents
Expert riders will enjoy these ATV-track routes down a cuesta about 10 miles north of Vernal. Two descent options, approx 5 miles each, 1700 vertical. Option of strenuous XC loop for advanced riders.   Read more...   June 2010

Rojo Trail - Fun tech slickrock!
If you've got strong legs and good tech skills, add the Rojo Trail to your Vernal wish list. Usually done top-to-bottom after a DT climb, I rode it out-and-back. So while my description follows the "official route" there's no law says you can't do the fun stuff up AND down.   Read more...   June 2010

Dutch Hollow - Updated info with topo map and track files
Dutch Hollow is a system of trails on the mountainside above Midway. A downhill-only trail called Barrell has been added since my 2003 review. Nice Cottontail loop for beginners, narrow tight twisty stuff for experts.   Read more...    June 2010

Lapoint trails! Corkscrew and Racetrack
Just east of Lapoint (about 15 miles northeast of Roosevelt) are two very nice trails that share a common trailhead. Racetrack is easier, with a short and medium version. Corkscrew is 9 miles with an excellent twisting and dipping descent.  Read about Corkscrew...    Read about Racetrack...   June 2010

Flume Trail (Dry Fork)
Wow! What a great trail. I did a 20-mile epic and was hungry for more. The Flume Trail offers great riding both uphill and down. Beautiful scenery. A few tech challenges. And a history lesson. This trail makes my "Must Ride" list!  Read more...  June 2010

Slippery When Wet
Another reason to head east to Vernal. With a trailhead at McCoy Flat, Slippery When Wet is a 6-mile upper-intermediate loop through desert and rock. The ride can be combined with Retail Sale, and if you do that, you can also hit More Hoes or Fire Sale on your way to Slippery When Wet.   Read more...  June 2010

This is a loop that starts on the Jackalope trail, then drops off the Asphalt Ridge in a twisting plunge. It connects to Retail Sale for the return to the McCoy Flats corral west of Vernal.   Read more...  May 2010
More Hoes
This is a fun technical singletrack loop near Vernal, reached via Retail Sale trail at McCoy Flat. Most of trail is upper-intermediate technical with some advanced-technical sections. A few short climbs, one big climb to a mesa with nice views. Read more...  May 2010

Fire Sale Trail
Fire Sale is a 2.5 mile section of nicely technical singletrack that you can substitute for about 1/2 mile of the Retail Sale loop. The ride I describe here is 9.2 miles, starting at the McCoy Flats corral west of Vernal.   Read more...  May 2010

Got Milk? And Cookies...
Have the urge for some singletrack, but don't want to work too hard? Go to the McCoy Flats area near Vernal. Combining the Got Milk trail with And Cookies gives the Milk and Cookies loop, six miles of unthreatening desert singletrack. For rank beginners, there's a 3.5 mile loop that adds Combo to And Cookies!  Read more...  May 2010

Jackalope Trail
This is an 8-mile loop west of Vernal. The clockwise loop climbs from the McCoy Flat trailhead to a ridgeline that peeks at the farmland around Vernal. The descent requires a bit of bike-handling skill because of loose rock, but the overall ride is intermediate.  Read more...  May 2010
2009 2009 trail stories...

Flintstone DH Trail
This is an expert mile down the northeast corner of Lake Mountain, with man-made stunts and some pretty hairy natural rock drops. 4.7 mile loop ride from Eagle Mountain's bike park. For experts only.  Read more...  December 2009

Mountain Ranch Bike Park
With a large skills area, pump track, jump line, and DH trails with man-made stunts, Eagle Mountain's bike park is the biggest and best I've seen in Utah. Even riders in Salt Lake valley will find it's surprisingly fast to get there via Redwood Road.  Read more...  December 2009

Germania Dirt Trail
This little dirt loop is (as far as I know) the only official dirt singletrack on the floor of Salt Lake Valley. It's brand new. So what's it good for? Winter riding. Family rides. Beginners. Cyclocross practice. The trail is accessed from the Jordan River Parkway in Murray.  Read more...  November 2009

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The new Corner Canyon one-way bike trail... 
There's been a lot of excitement about the new downhill-only bicycle-preferred trail that's coming together in Corner Canyon. The top half is ready to ride, from the top of Clarks to the Pipeline trail above the Ghost Falls South connector. The map and the GPS track are temporarily on the Canyon Hollow / Brocks Point page.    Link to the Canyon Hollow page...   October 2009
Center Canyon (Daniel's Creek) - Why bother?
This is a short trail (about three miles round trip) in the middle of Daniel's Canyon southeast of Heber. Option of riding higher as singletrack turns steep and ugly. Not to be confused with Center Trail in Diamond Fork area. Read more... September 2009

Green Canyon - A favorite of Logan locals
The Green Canyon trail starts right at the edge of northeast Logan. It's a gentle climb on smooth fun trail. Most riders do 4 miles to the fence, or you can ride another 1.7 miles up narrower singletrack before turning back at the (unmarked) wilderness border.   Read more...   September 2009

Fifth Water Ridge
This is a "so good I can't believe I've never heard of it" type of ride. Located near Strawberry Ridge, this 12-mile, 1500-vertical loop ride is absolutely great. It's a nice mix of smooth trail and great views with a smattering of short challenges thrown in.   Read more...   September 2009
Steep Hollow to Steam Mill Canyon Loop
Neil and the guys in Logan have posted a GPS track file and photos for this loop ride of about 11 miles with 2000 vertical feet of climbing. Located just uphill from Bunchgrass. Want to try it?  Read more...   September 2009

Willow Creek 025 - French Hollow
Located south of Soldier Creek and Strawberry Reservoir, Willow Creek 025 connects to several trails that drop down from FR 090. FR 090 is actually a very nice bike ride by itself. On this page, I describe 4 loop options of varying difficulty, ranging from an epic 36-miler with over 4000 vertical to a little 7-mile giggler.  Read more...  September 2009

Center Trail to Strawberry Ridge Loop
Tough 18-plus mile ride with over 4000 vertical feet of climbing, at an average altitude of 8000 feet. Awesome ride. Climb up Second Water, cross five mountains on the Center Trail to Fifth Water. Climb to the Strawberry Ridge Road for more up-and-down riding before the descent.  Read more...  September 2009

Sleepy Hollow -- Big climb, bigger views
This is a scenic but stiff climb in the hills north of Strawberry Reservoir. The view from 10,000 feet is spectacular. Can be done as an 8 mile (round trip) out-and-back with 1800 feet of climbing, or as part of a loop ride including Co-op Creek. Season June through September.  Read more...  August 2009

Co-op Creek Trail!  Awesome.
The Co-op Creek Trail is gentle singletrack climbing along the side of Co-op Creek to an elevation of 8,900 feet. Great views in the lower canyon, pretty aspen forest higher up. For the hard-core, add the Chicken Creek ATV route and the singletrack Sleepy Hollow trail.  Read more...  August 2009

The Foreman Trail. Can you take it?
The Foreman Trail is where you send your buddies when you're really, really mad at them. Well, maybe it's not that bad, but you will suffer. Shingle Hollow is pretty, and the loop is worth doing if you're looking for adventure. In Daniel's Canyon near the summit.  Read more...  August 2009

Willow Creek - Fun and easy singletrack
The Willow Creek trail itself is only two miles long, but I've put together a loop-within-a-loop route for a 14 mile ride with five miles of singletrack. Or, you can just do a simple out-and-back. Climbing is gentle and easy.  Read more...  August 2009

The Skyline Drive -- 75 dirt miles at 10,000 feet
The Skyline Drive is the alpine equivalent of the White Rim Trail -- a multi-day bike ride on dirt road with incredible views. Perfect for a scout troop to ride their bikes to the next camping spot on a 3 or 4 day trip. It's possible to ride the whole thing in one day, but certainly not easy.  Read more...  July 2009

Breaking ground for Corner Canyon's new bicycle-preferred downhill-only trail. This trail will span from the upper Clarks trailhead on Traverse Ridge down to the Silica Pit with plenty of swooping turns on its 3.5-mile run. Most of the trail will be hand-built. Please volunteer to help dig!  July 2009

Dead Horse Point's Big Chief Trail! Here's the scoop.
The new bike trail at Dead Horse Point tries to please everybody, and I think it succeeds. It's fun and satisfying for experienced riders, yet non-threatening and non-brutal for beginners. At 6000 feet, it's a great trail for an afternoon ride while it's hot hot hot in Moab.   Read more...  June 2009

The Strawberry Narrows Trail!
This is a high-voltage scenic ride. To do the whole thing as an out-and-back is 24 miles, but there's a nice 16-miler from the eastern end that hits all the stuff you want to ride. The trail is free of snow, with only a couple of deadfall logs still on the trail.  Read more...  June 2009

Checking out Draper's new Canyon Hollow trail...
Corner Canyon has a new multi-user trail to replace the old Pipeline route. Combine it with Clarks Trail, Ghost Falls, or Jacobs Ladder.  The trail is ready to ride if you don't mind dodging a few little roots sticking out of the ground from the trail cut.   Read more...  June 2009

Oak Vista to Eagle Crest Loop ride at Suncrest
Last year, I ignored the Oak Vista trail because it just didn't seem to go anywhere. Well, this is a fun little trail. If you don't mind cranking up Traverse Ridge Road for a mile, there's a very nice little loop of 4.5 miles using the Eagle Crest singletrack on the south side of Traverse Mountain.   Read more...  June 2009

See our new guide to Moab's Little Canyon Rim
Also known as Eagle's Nest and Metal Masher, Little Canyon Rim isn't as well known or as well-traveled as other Moab rides. But it's a terrific ride that visits the highest point on the cliffs along Highway 191. Slickrock, ledges, views -- tons of great stuff.   Read more...  June 2009

Baby Steps loop ride!
No longer just a more-technical route to Klondike Bluffs, Baby Steps now offers a great 15 mile loop ride. The downhill singletrack is absolute fun, putting Baby Steps up near the top of your list of things to do in Moab.  Read more...  May 2009
Little Baldy hill climb!
Bruce has mapped this tough climb up the south side of Mount Timpanogos. It's clear of snow and ready for bike tires. On the way down, loop around to Dry Canyon via Trail 51.  Read more...  May 2009

Salt Wash and Cedar Mountain!
More riding options for the Sovereign Singletrack.

With the new Salt Wash trail parallel to (and replacing part of) the Sovereign Singletrack, plus the "wash trails" and the upper Sovereign loop, you need Bruce's new info to plan your ride.  About Salt Wash...   About Cedar Mountain...   May 2009

New! Your complete guide to the Moab Brand Trails
Bruce rides more trail to provide up-to-date info on these nice rides north of Moab, named after cattle brands: Bar M, Circle O, Rockin A, and Bar B. Plus the Killer B for good measure.  Read more...  May 2009

Upper Porcupine Singletrack is now LEGAL!
The UPS, an awesome "outlaw" route connecting Kokopelli to the Lower Porcupine Singletrack, is now an officially sanctioned trail! Can be combined with the Porcupine Rim, or as part of the Whole Enchilada.  See the trail page...  April 2009

Great slickrock Monitor and Merrimac bicycle loop!
Now there's a bicycle-only route that's about half slickrock and a quarter singletrack. Definitely worth your attention. The slickrock is easy, making this an excellent ride for beginners. Plus dinosaur bones in the cliff face!  Read more...  April 2009

New easy family-style trail to rock art at Anasazi Valley.
There's a new meandering trail that provides a gentle climb up to the prehistoric farmstead and rock art in the Santa Clara River Preserve. The trail is smoothed with road-base, so it's easy pedaling.  Read more...  April 2009

Ride it, or use it to get to Church Rocks... Dino Cliffs!!
Dino Cliffs is a short but fun ride along the sandstone cliffs north of Washington. It provides an all-dirt route from the city to Church Rocks and Prospector.  Read more...  April 2009

Great new riding option off Barrel Roll: Sidewinder!
Sidewinder is a really fun 3-mile out-and-back off Barrel Roll. It can also be reached via Precipice, a trail under construction from the Barrel Roll (Cove Wash) trailhead.  Read more...  April 2009

Cove Wash designated official cycling trail by BLM.
The Cove Wash trail is an ATV route that's friendly to mountain bikes. It goes to an impressive overlook of Cottonwood Wash, with connection options for more riding, including Stucki Spring. Read more... April 2009

New trails in the Santa Clara River Preserve.
South of Cove Wash are brand new singletrack trails Rim Rock, Rim Runner, Rim Reaper, and Rim Rambler. This system of trails offers various riding options, including easier or more difficult rides. Read more...  April 2009
Using Dino Cliffs to bike directly to Church Rocks!
Fun little trail features open rock and desert singletrack, as out-and-back, loop ride, or as a route to Church Rocks or Prospector. Eastern end suitable for beginners.  Read more...
2008 2008 trail stories...
Trails re-routed in Lambert Park
The private property in-holding has been fenced, and trailbuilders have already responded. There's a new Ziggy that descends from Corkscrew to the old lower Ziggy. The new ZPC (Ziggy-Poppy Connector) offers additional riding opportunities.  Lambert Park Trail Page  November 2008
New Draper DH ready, although not officially open
The new DH-only track falls 2.5 miles from the Deer Ridge trailhead in Suncrest down to the Suncrest Road. Man-made stunts and air opportunities abound. The stunt areas will be extended further down the mountain next year.  More Info.  November 2008
Eagle Mountain working on bike park
The intrepid bikers of the western side of Utah Lake have begun work on a free-ride park with pump track and dirt jumps, a downhill track, and new singletrack trails. Volunteers are
working almost every Saturday. Bike park blog... October 2008
30 new trails in 2008...
Bruce has mapped over 30 new trails during 2008, including 5 in the St George area, 6 in Logan Canyon, and 3 near Brigham City. Several trails have been revisted to update the information. It's been a productive year! UMB now has around 300 trails on our site. October 2008
That's the end of the trail news...