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Getaway Trail

The Getaway is an alternate trail on the upper slopes of the Magnificent 7 trail system, in the Gemini Bridges area north of Moab. Although it can be done as an out-and-back, Getaway will usually be one piece of a longer ride using other trails and dirt roads in the area. Getaway also provides an entry point to the newer Horsethief Riding Area trails.

View north on the Getaway singletrack. Monitor (peeking through the junipers mid-right) and Merrimac (middle on the horizon) stand in front of the distant Book Cliffs. Original review and photos September 27, 2012 by Bruce. Update October 28, 2015.

Top elevation for Getaway is 5980 feet. From the top of the Gemini Bridges road at Highway 313, it descends 900 vertical feet over a distance of 7.8 miles, ending where Arth's Corner hits the road just below Gemini Bridges. The riding is easier-intermediate technical.

As we turn from the Gemini Bridges road onto Getaway singletrack, a rolling ribbon of hardpack dirt starts the fun.

Getaway also makes a good climbing route. It's significantly easier than Bull Run both uphill and downhill, although Bull Run is much more fun and scenic. I recommend a lariat loop ride from the top of Getaway down to southbound 7-Up, over to the Bull Run trailhead, Bull Run downhill then Getaway back to the top. Or make it a figure eight by adding on a loop of Little Canyon and Great Escape at the bottom.

The first trail fork from uphill is the Mustang Loop. Later we'll cross 7-up. Nice views ahead as we ride east downhill.

Getaway starts on the upper end of the Gemini Bridges road just as it leaves Highway 313. It can also be reached near the uphill end directly from 7-Up  or via a one-mile doubletrack shortcut. Downhill 3.2 miles from the top, a singletrack connector joins Getaway to Bull Run.

Getaway has a connection to a little-known "shortcut" doubletrack from upper 7-Up. A bit further downhill, there's a singletrack connector over to Bull Run.

The downhill end of Getaway hooks into Arth's Corner just a few feet from the small trailhead shared by the two trails. This lower TH is on the Gemini Bridges road about 1/4 mile downhill from the parking area for the bridges hiking trail.

Most of the rock is short and rolling. Here's a stretch of longer slickrock as we head east and downhill on the trail.

Intermediate riders will enjoy a simple loop linking Bull Run and Getaway. This can be done from the downhill end at the Arth's Corner trailhead, but most riders would choose to do it from uphill. I suggest using Getaway as the uphill limb of the loop.

Wide-open views to the north, with buttes of Entrada sandstone. That's Monitor and Merrimac at the far right. 2018 photo.

Stronger riders can get more great singletrack by turning the loop into a figure-eight. From the Gemini Bridges end, continue down Arth's Corner and Little Canyon, then climb back via Great Escape. Or do it the other direction; either is a great choice. This figure-eight ride is 20 miles.

We're in Arth's Pasture. Buck up, Little Camper. This ribbon of dirt - surrounded by butt-ugly brush - is also mountain biking. The dirt is hard-packed for lightning-fast cruising.

Getaway can be part of a monster loop ride that includes 7-Up. This loop is 31.5 miles with 2500 vertical feet of climbing.

Start at the Highway 191 to Highway 313 fork. Pedal up the road to 7-Up, then climb the trail to the top of Bull Run. Then drop down the Gemini Bridges road to Getaway. Getaway links into Great Escape. Then take Little Canyon to Gold Bar to the Gemini Bridges Road. Close the loop with the paved trail along US 191.

A detailed ride description is available on the 7-Up page.

A break from open dirt as we hit some rock in a corner of Arth's Pasture. Still heading east.

The bottom 5.5 miles of Getaway was new in 2012, with a nice upper 3.3 miles added in 2015.

Also new is the connector from the old top end of Getaway over to Bull Run. This can be used to make a shorter loop ride (see map).

The dirt is behind us, and we're entering the final portion of Getaway.

The upper half of Getaway follows the southern edge of Seven Mile Canyon. There will be views to the north of the Monitor and Merrimac area. This riding is mostly rock with occasional short stretches of dirt. Juniper and pinion pine surround the trail.

Looking south from Getaway at Bull Canyon near Gemini Bridges. The bridges are located just out of sight, right in the middle of this photo.


Once you reach Arth's Pasture, the riding and the views both get less satisfying. You can occasionally see the La Sals over the brush. But for the most part, we're talking 360 degrees of flat horizon and sage brush.

Rolling the rock on the uphill trip with the La Sals in the background. A bit of Behind the Rocks is seen in the midground, between the trail and the mountains.

The last half mile before the junction with Arth's Corner returns to rolling slickrock with short stretches of dirt. Now you can see Bull Canyon to the south. To the east, the fractured fins of Behind the Rocks rise in front of the La Sals.

The junction with Arth's Corner. Green is Getaway; Mango northbound is Arth's; Yellow westbound is Bull Run.

Great Escape and Bull Run both join Arth's Corner a few feet from the trailhead on the Gemini Bridges Road. For a loop ride, or for the figure-eight, continue across the road to Great Escape. You will absolutely love Great Escape.

View toward US 191 (located below the notch in the rocks) from Great Escape as we do the big Loop Ride.

If riding the figure-eight, you'll turn left uphill when you reach the Little Canyon singletrack.

If you're doing a loop or point-to-point downhill, you'll turn right to continue your descent on Little Canyon.

Starting down the last section of Little Canyon ST. Two Tortoise rock is at the right.

The bottom end of Little Canyon ST links to the Gold Bar 4x4 road. Turn left and follow it to the Gemini Bridges road. Pedal out to the highway. If you're doing the loop, your car is about a mile north (left) via the paved bike trail. If you're doing the shuttled point-to-point, go right and roll Old 191 back to town.

The Gooney Bird guards Gemini Bridges Road.

 Getaway as a climbing route...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Lariat loop ride w Bull Run downhill:
0.0   Getaway TH, top of Gemini Bridges road
        L on Getaway ST N38 34.409 W109 47.504
0.6   Keep R (L = Mustang)
        N38 34.710 W109 47.295
1.5   L on 7-up N38 35.013 W109 46.666
        Cross Gemini Bridges Rd
1.7   Bull Run TH, cross to Bull Run trail
        N38 34.921 W109 46.580
3.3   Cross gate N38 35.230 W109 45.502
5.2   Cross Crips Hole Rd N38 35.379 W109 43.511
6.3   Cross Gemini Bridges Rd N38 35.292 W109 42.873
7.0   L on Getaway
        N38 35.267 W109 42.215
        Stay on ST as you cross several DTs
11.7 Fork R (L = connector to Bull Run)
        N38 35.435 W109 44.901
13.3 Cross 7-up N38 35.013 W109 46.666
14.3 Stay L (R = Mustang)
        N38 34.710 W109 47.295
14.9 Back at parking
Figure-8 Bull Run, Arth's, Little Canyon,
Great Escape, Getaway and upper 7-Up:

0.0   Getaway TH, top of Gemini Bridges road
        L on Getaway ST N38 34.409 W109 47.504
0.6   Keep R (L = Mustang)
        N38 34.710 W109 47.295
1.5   L on 7-up N38 35.013 W109 46.666
        Cross Gemini Bridges Rd
1.7   Bull Run TH, cross to Bull Run trail
        N38 34.921 W109 46.580
3.3   Cross gate N38 35.230 W109 45.502
3.8   Keep straight (L = connector to Getaway)
        N38 35.435 W109 44.901
5.2   Cross Crips Hole Rd N38 35.379 W109 43.511
6.3   R on Gemini Bridges Rd N38 35.292 W109 42.873
6.6   R toward Gemini Bridges N38 35.306 W109 42.589
6.7   Park bikes N38 35.233 W109 42.605
        Walk to bridges (0.2 mile each way)
        Leave parking to east, pass viewpoints
6.9   Keep R on main road N38 35.252 W109 42.408
7.0    L into Arth's Corner TH N38 35.247 W109 42.240
         R on Arth's Corner N38 35.267 W109 42.215
8.6    R on Metal Masher dirt road
         N38 35.817 W109 41.650
8.7    Cross Gemini road to Little Canyon
         N38 35.737 W109 41.615
9.5    Cross Bull Canyon Road
         N38 35.731 W109 41.006
10.1  R onto Great Escape
         N38 35.648 W109 40.545
11.8  Cross Bull Canyon Road
         N38 34.971 W109 40.960
13.7  Cross Gemini Rd to Getaway
         N38 35.247 W109 42.240
         Keep L (R = Arth's)
14.9   Cross DT N38 35.834 W109 43.021
15.3   Cross DT N38 35.903 W109 43.326
15.6   Cross DT N38 36.049 W109 43.514
15.9   Cross DT N38 36.171 W109 43.770
16.2   Cross DT N38 36.146 W109 44.086
16.7   Cross DT N38 36.135 W109 44.208
18.1   Cross DT N38 35.890 W109 45.425
20.0   Cross 7-Up N38 35.013 W109 46.666
20.9    Stay L (R = Mustang)
           N38 34.710 W109 47.295
21.5    Back at parking
Loop Ride using 7-up (31.5 miles):  See 7-Up page for details.

Getting there!
Gemini Bridges Road (Getaway) Trailhead:  For longer rides of the area trails. At mile 12.9, turn left at the Gemini Bridges sign. About 200 feet from the pavement, spot a small parking area on your left with the Getaway trail just east of parking.
Bull Run trailhead: Go to Highway 313 (20 miles south of I-70 and 10 miles north of Moab on Highway 191). Drive 13 miles on 313 to the Gemini Bridges sign and turn left onto dirt road N38 34.390 W109 47.548. Park there, or descend about a mile down the road to the Bull Run trailhead. Getaway starts 1.5 miles down the Gemini Bridges Road
Arth's Corner trailhead: Just 1/4 miles south of the Gemini Bridges foot trail parking, there are a few parking spots where Arth's and Getaway share a common trailhead.
For loop ride via 7-Up: From I-70 and Crescent Junction, drive south on US-191 for 20 miles. From Moab, go 9 miles north of the Colorado river. For the loop ride, park on the large gravel area right where 313 forks right off 191.
Riding resources:
Printable one-page Bull Run loop ride    Figure-8 ride
   (see 7-Up page for 31-mile loop ride)
GPS track file (right-click and select "Save Target as..."):
     Getaway only     Loop Getaway from 313 w Bull Run DH (15 mi)
     Shorter loop from Bull Run (13 mi) w visit to Gemini Bridges 
     Figure-8 adding from Bull Run w Arth's, Little Canyon, Great Escape
     Area (Mag 7) trail tracks  

Topo map for printing:
    Low Res Mag 7 area    High-Res 7-Up, Getaway
Lodging, camping, shops:     Link to Moab area resources

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