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Edelweiss Trail

The Edelweiss Trail is a 1.2-mile singletrack at the top of Traverse Ridge in Draper. It begins across Suncrest Drive from the eastern end of Eagle Crest then crosses the ridge to join Ann's Trail at 0.5 miles from the Peak View trailhead. Edelweiss was added to Corner Canyon's trail system in late 2021. It's not a "destination trail" but can be used to tie other trails together for a satisfying ride.

Climbing across the ridge on Edelweiss from Ann's trail. Review by Bruce on April 26, 2022.

The trail surface and the slope are suitable for beginners. The riding season is late April through November, with top elevation of 5950 feet.

In addition to tying the trails of the Eagle Crest area to those of the Peak View area, Edelweiss creates a continuous 8.4-mile loop of singletrack around Traverse Mountain when combined with Ann's Trail, Ann's Connector, and Eagle Crest

Following the trail corridor through the homes. The Edelweiss trail is half wilderness and half somebody's back yard.

Reaching the Edelweiss Trail
Via Ann's

The northern end of Edelweiss lies on Ann's Trail. From Suncrest Drive, take Canyon Pointe Drive until it becomes the Peak View trailhead access road. Park there. From the Peak View trailhead, pedal west on Ann's Trail for 0.5 miles, then veer left at the fork.

From the Potato Hill trailhead, take the Potato Hill trail east, then keep right to take a short connector to Ann's Trail. Turn left (away from the underpass) to go eastbound on Ann's. Climb uphill for 1.7 miles, then take a hard right onto Edelweiss.

Bathroom and picnic pavilion at the paved Peak View trailhead.

Via Eagle Crest

Edelweiss' southern end is on Suncrest Drive, just across from the Eagle Crest trail. Don't even think about parking here. To ride from this end, you'll need to connect from the Eagle Crest trail. The closest parking is the Eagle Crest trailhead at the end of Traverse Ridge Road. Ride 1.5 miles from the Eagle Crest trailhead to Suncrest Drive. While Edelweiss is just across the street, the preferred place to cross is up the sidewalk 200 yards at the crossing light on Edge Road. Find the trail at the northeast corner of that intersection.

Arriving at the sidewalk on Eagle Crest. It's recommended that you pedal on uphill on the sidewalk to the marked crossing where there are warning lights.

Edelweiss Trail (described north to south)
The Edelweiss trail is 1.2 miles long. From the northern end on Ann's Trail (0.5 miles from the Peak View trailhead), it will climb 200 vertical feet to cross Traverse Ridge. It will then descend a bit from the ridge to end at the intersection of Canyon Pointe Drive with Suncrest Drive.

The Edelweiss trail is half forest and half subdivision trail corridor.

Trail fork where Edelweiss forks left from Ann's Trail.

The climbing pitch is fairly easy during the first 0.6 miles while the trail is in forest. Here the surface is compact dirt, surrounded by tall maple and oak.

When coming the opposite direction (south to north) this section is a fun downhill romp.

Climbing westbound through oak and maple. The trail will make a semi-circle around the hill to reach the subdivision.

There will be occasional views over the Salt Lake Valley when riding from Ann's. In the other direction, you'll be treated to the tall peaks of the American Fork Canyon area rising above Traverse Mountain.

Looking east from Edelweiss. The tall peak to the left is Box Elder.

When you reach a meadow area, you're almost ready for the "civilization" side of the ride. For the next 0.6 miles, you'll follow a trail corridor through the subdivision. The space is generous, so it's not too claustrophobic. But it's not forest.

Approaching the homes. We're not through climbing yet.

On the trail corridor, the pitch of the trail is less pleasant for beginning riders. The trail winds back and forth to decrease the brutality of it. You'll cross three roads. Don't pinch-flat on the curbs; there are no ramps. At the traffic light on Edge, cross Suncrest and continue south on sidewalk to Eagle Crest. (The trail continues 100 yards further to Canyon Pointe Drive. Use this trail section if your target is Mercer Hollow or Mercer Mountain.)

Crossing the a subdivision road on the trail corridor, complete with Moron-ATV extruder hardware.

Ride Option:  Loop with Ann's Trail (8.4 miles)

Select a trailhead. For simplicity, we'll start from the Maple Hollow (Deer Crest) trailhead at the west end of Eagle Crest and go counterclockwise. Pedal east, passing south Maple Hollow, Zooropa, Vertigo, and Woods Hollow. Now cross Suncrest Drive to Edelweiss at mile 2.6. When Edelweiss ends on Ann's Trail at mile 3.8 turn hard left. Follow Ann's down past Potato Hill at mile 5.3 and under the road. Pass the Little Valley trails, then start cranking uphill. The Maple Hollow DH trail crosses at mile 6.9. When you reach Ann's Connector at mile 7.3, turn left uphill and pedal back to the trailhead.

For added miles, take any of the above connecting trails to do a little loop.

On Eagle Crest looking southwest down at Suncrest Drive.

Getting there...

Deer Ridge (Maple Hollow) trailhead:  At the stop sign in Suncrest, get on Deer Ridge Drive (right turn from SLC, straight from Utah Co). Go 0.9 miles. Just before the road crosses a bridge, turn right onto Elk Glen Drive and immediately turn left to park at the small picnic area.

Eagle Crest trailhead:  From the hill-top stop sign above, go south on Traverse Ridge Road (straight from SLC, left turn from Utah Co). To to the end of the road and park.

Peak View trailhead:  On Suncrest Drive, turn onto Canyon Pointe Drive. Keep straight until you find yourself on the narrower paved trailhead road. It's 0.7 miles from Suncrest Drive to Peak View. This trailhead has bathrooms, water, and repair facilities.

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