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Rabbitbrush Trail
and Hobble Creek Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The Rabbitbrush Trail -- together with a short segment of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail -- is the first installment of a planned trail system at the mouth of Hobble Creek Canyon. Together the two trails form a lariat loop of one mile. More trail construction is planned for summer 2022, including intermediate and expert-level paths.

Descending Rabbitbrush to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail at the eastern side of the trail system on a clockwise ride. Photos and trail review by Bruce on April 4, 2022.

In addition, there are three short connectors between the BST and Rabbitbrush. At the time of my checkout ride, the easternmost is an official route and is called Wormwood. The other two (as shown on my map below) are unsigned, but I understand the middle trail is destined to become part of a future intermediate-level trail.

The Wormwood Trail reaches Rabbitbrush. Note the nice trail markings.

The current trails are all very easy, beginner-level riding. There's very little climbing, so it's not much work.

At this time (2022) this riding area won't be of great interest to those who don't live nearby. It's a nice ride to do with your 10-year old or your out-of-shape newbie neighbor. As more trail is added, I will update this page as quickly as I can.

View south over Mapleton from the BST.

To ride Rabbitbrush, go to 400 South in Springville and drive east, turning south onto Canyon Road at the roundabout. Once you're in the canyon, watch for a small reservoir dam on the right side of the road. On the left side of the road, across from the Hobble Creek paved pathway and the pond, is a small gravel strip for parking. The BST entry is on the far west (downhill) end of the parking zone.

You might think you can reach the trail via the BST from Slate Canyon in Provo or Spring Canyon in Springville. However, there's a subdivision in the way, and the two connecting trails from Spring Canyon to that subdivision are posted as closed. (See below.)

Looking east into Hobble Creek Canyon. I'm standing near the BST trail entry, looking toward the parking strip.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail
Access to Rabbitbrush, Wormwood, and future expansion trails is through the Bonneville Shoreline (BST) trail. This segment of the BST is 0.9 miles long. Elevation change is only about 40 feet, most of it during the first 1/10th mile from the trailhead.

The BST begins across the road from the small reservoir on the Hobble Creek Canyon Road. It heads west (away from the canyon) through a grove of mature trees. After a short climb, it settles onto an old doubletrack uphill from the canal.

Heading west on the BST.

The Hobble Creek Bonneville Shoreline Trail ends as it hits 800 South. Despite what you may see as you glance at your navigation app, in 2022 there's no way through to the Springville BST. You may find a trail, but there will be gates and no trespassing signs. This includes the Canal Trail (along the paved ditch), and the BST (higher on the mountain) which has construction completely blocking the former trail.

To reach the northbound Springville and Provo section of the BST, you'll have to drop down on paved streets to Canyon Drive, head back toward the city a bit, then turn right on 2080 East. After 1/2 mile, just as the road turns from north to northwest, find the BST Access on your right at Spring Canyon.

Looking from the circle at the end of 800 South toward Hobble Creek Canyon. The BST is the smaller trail to the left.

Rabbitbrush Trail
The Rabbitbrush trail is 0.5 miles long, with only around 80 feet of elevation change. The trail can be ridden in either direction.

The terrain is typical Wasatch foothill stuff. Most of the slopes are grass-covered with an occasional sage or rabbit brush. The trail winds between small stands of scrub oak.

On the clockwise ride, we're looking east as the trail meanders uphill through oak and grass.

The eastern side of the Rabbitbrush trail begins by forking right uphill from the BST 1/10th mile from the roadside parking strip. The western end then reconnects to the BST about 1/2 mile from the trailhead. Most riders will chose to do a loop of Rabbitbrush and the BST.

While riding west on the BST, we've arrived at the first trail fork. Rabbitbrush turns hard to the right, while the Bonneville Shoreline continues west.

If you want to do the loop clockwise, fork left at the first trail intersection to stay on the BST. Ride the BST for 1/2 mile until you reach the western end of the trail (as shown in the photo) then fork right uphill to loop around.

Most of the BST follows an old doubletrack just above the homes in Hobble Creek Canyon. Here we've reached the trail fork where the western end of Rabbitbrush forks to the right uphill.

Rabbitbrush is a hand-cut trail with a fairly narrow track. Turns are generous in radius and sight lines are long. Many turns have modestly sized berms. The trail surface is smooth dirt with no rocks or roots or technical stuff at this time. The alignment tends to run between clumps of brush rather than through the brambles, so there's plenty of elbow room.

The trail makes a slow curve uphill. Note the absence of water control grade reversals both before and after the turn, which riders have come to expect on newer trails.

At the ride's highest elevation, it falls onto an old bench-cut for a bit. This is the straight spot you can see on the map. At the eastern end of this straight area, Rabbitbrush turns downhill, while the faint uphill path is the location of a future expert line higher on the mountain, to be called Katseye. (Don't go there now.) 

Overall the riding on Rabbitbrush feels "old fashioned." I didn't see any grade reversals, flow-check humps or other water-control engineering in the trail layout. So Rabbitbrush has nice flow but may need more touchup over the years when compared to a trail using modern sustainable alignments.

Heading into Hobble Creek Canyon on an old overgrown dirt road.

Wormwood Trail
The Wormwood trail runs between the BST and Rabbitbrush. The bottom of the trail is on the BST 0.2 miles from the trailhead. The upper end is 1/10th mile from the eastern end of Rabbitbrush. It's only 0.1 mile in length and can be done in either direction.

Wormwood will be extended downhill to an intermediate-level trail that will parallel Rabbitbrush eastbound. This is scheduled to be finished in summer 2022.

View downhill to the west as we descend Wormwood.

Bottom Line:
Good start for a trail system. It's a very short ride as of spring 2022. So the trails will be of interest mainly to those who are looking for a short, easy and nearby system for beginners and kids. And local riders who'll squeeze in a few laps after work.

Here's why you shouldn't plan to just keep riding toward Slate Canyon on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from the subdivision north of Rabbitbrush. Hopefully, a permanent trail alignment for the BST will be designated here in the future!
This used to be the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. You could pass
through the the subdivision to the BST at the north end. 
The BST has another closure sign just before Spring Canyon.
This is the canal trail, which is an alternate route for
connecting through the subdivision to reach Spring Canyon.
This sign specified "No Bikes."

Getting there:  Take the 400 South Springville exit (260) from I-15, turning east on U-77. Go straight through Springville. As you begin to climb the foothills, you'll come to a 4-way stop. Turn right (southward) towards Hobble Creek Canyon. The road will begin to veer back to the east. As it turns eastward, a road comes in from the right (south side), and you'll notice that the sidewalk on your right has become a wide paved path. This is the Hobble Creek paved trail. Continue up the road 1/2 mile until you pass a earthen dam with a small reservoir. The gravel parking strip is on the left (uphill) side of the road across from the pond. The BST trail entry is at the far west end of the parking area, marked by a carsonite post. There's no bathroom or other services at the trailhead itself, but there's a picnic area on the other side of the reservoir.
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