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Summit Park Trails
Road to WOS, Short Stack, Short Ribs

The Summit Park trails offer well-designed fun singletrack in cool fir forest. The riding starts at 7300 feet elevation, climbing via your choice of two paths to an undulating traverse on the upper mountain at 7900. Because the riding is on a north-facing slope, the riding season is late-June through mid-October.

Westbound as we hit a small break in the trees Road to WOS. Photos and ride review July 18, 2015 by Bruce.

The trail is an easier-intermediate technical ride, and can be handled by experienced beginners. The sustained climbing during the first part of the ride puts this ride outside the capabilities of most young children. Strong pre-teens will do fine.

The trail base is broad and 90% of the surface is smooth as silk. Some short stretches have a little limestone chunk, just enough to make noise under the tires, but there are no ledges or rock gardens or spooky side-slopes. Turns are nicely bermed with a comfortable turning radius. This is a ride where you just enjoy whooshing through the trees.

Climbing up Short Stack through shady fir forest.

There's no formal trailhead parking, at least not yet (July 2015). Riders park along the side of the road near one of two entries. Trailheads are marked with signposts. There's no bathroom or water.

The Short Stack sorta-trailhead is reached by "keeping to the right" after leaving I-80 at Parley's Summit. It's the easiest navigation, and is a good choice if you're doing the loop ride. You'll see the trail on your right as you drive uphill, shortly after the road turns to gravel.

The Road to WOS trailhead requires a bit of road-sign reading, is fully paved, but will have a few more hikers and hounds.

Oak forest northbound on the upper portion of Short Stack near Road to WOS.

You can do a lariat ride from either trailhead. After climbing uphill on either Short Stack or Road to WOS, you'll ride a stretched-out loop that combines upper Road to WOS with Short Ribs. The lariat from Short Stack is almost a mile longer but has the same amount of climbing as the lariat from the Road to WOS trailhead.

On the lower Road to WOS, we're riding through a jungle as we cross a drainage.

My recommendation is a loop ride that uses the doubletrack through the preserve to join the two trailheads. (This gravel connector is a continuation of Innsbruck Strasse, which is the road leading up to the Short Stack trail. Gates keep the doubletrack closed to vehicle traffic. On the east end, it begins as paved road passing about three homes before turning to gravel.) 

This loop is 5 miles with 750 total feet of climbing. While you're on the mountain top I'd suggest you do a loop-around:  Instead of descending, use Short Ribs to connect back for another run around the upper mountain. This adds 2.6 miles and 300 feet of climbing to your ride.

View to the east with receding mountain ridges.

Most of the terrain is shaded fir forest. On occasion you'll ride sun-exposed east-facing slopes with a canopy of oak trees. Wildflowers can be found here and there where enough light gets through the forest.

Viewpoints are rare -- mostly a partial glimpse to the north through the trees. You'll want to stop on the far east corner of the loop for the ride's best views. On the edge of the ridgeline, you'll be able to see many miles to the north and east.

Desert trumpet (scarlet gilia) blooms on a rare sun-splashed section of trail.

All trail forks are marked with carsonite posts. Once you've found the trail by driving uphill forever and ever, navigation is easy. There are multiple spots where narrow steep hiking trails cut across the bike route. These intersections show the little hiker symbol as well as the trail name. It should be obvious that these are foot-traffic only.

Sample turn on lower Road to WOS. Huge berm, wide radius, smooth track.

Bottom Line:
Very fun ride with swooping trail in cool forest. Suitable for strong beginners, but fun for advanced riders as well. It's a short route by hammerhead standards (with no connecting trails to lengthen the ride), but the riders I encountered were planning to do an extra lap at the top. It's a relatively unknown trail at this time, but worth the trip.

When the loop is done counterclockwise, the doubletrack connector starts out as pavement before turning to gravel. 

Loop (plus a loop) from Short Stack:
0.0   Park on Innsbruck Strasse
        N40 44.467 W111 37.052
        Climb Short Stack singletrack
1.2   Keep L uphill (R = Short Ribs)
        Road to WOS N40 44.191 W111 37.228
1.5   Keep L uphill N40 43.998 W111 37.325
3.4   L straight onto Short Ribs
        N40 43.990 W111 37.017
3.8   Hard L on Road to WOS
        N40 44.191 W111 37.228
6.0   Back at fork, R downhill
        N40 43.990 W111 37.017
6.8   Pavement at TH, go L uphill
        N40 44.115 W111 36.976
        Pavement turns into gravel DT
7.6   Back at car at Short Stack
Getting there:
Short Stack trailhead. 
At the top of Parley's Canyon, take the Parley's Summit exit from I-80. Turn south (right if you're exiting after climbing from Salt Lake City). Immediately turn to the right to head west along the freeway on Aspen Drive, which becomes Maple Drive. Keep to the right at all road intersections. Follow the main road as it turns left uphill and becomes Crestview Drive. Again keep right as Crestview veers left, and you'll be on Innsbruck Strasse. The pavement will turn to dirt. A bit further uphill, you'll see the trail on the right side of the road. Now find a place to park.
Road to WOS trailhead.  Get onto Aspen/Maple Drive as above and follow it to Crestview Drive. Take the left fork where Crestview turns eastward. As you reach a Y intersection, go right on Parkview Drive. Now stay on Parkview until you hit the T intersection with Matterhorn Drive. Cross the road to find a spot to park. The trailhead is just a bit east of the intersection on the south side of the road. It starts as a gravel doubletrack for around 100 yards before becoming dirt singletrack.
Note:  You can't drive the doubletrack between Short Stack and Road to WOS. There are two ride-around gates.
Riding Resources for this trail:
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