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Mercer Hollow
with Mercer Mountain and Two Hollows

These trails lie on the southern slope of Traverse Mountain, just across Traverse Ridge from the Corner Canyon trails. The Mercer Hollow trail runs through a shallow valley, connecting two spots on Suncrest Drive. It joins the bottom of Two Hollows about half-way down then continues on as doubletrack along the utility corridor.

View east toward the Wasatch Range from upper Mercer Hollow. Original review and ride description by Bruce on September 20, 2016. Latest update October 2019.

Mercer Mountain forks off Mercer Hollow at the top and descends around the hill to the Two Hollows trail. Two Hollows climbs into Hog Hollow for connections to Peak View or Alpine.

View over my Rocky Mountain's handlebars as the Mercer Hollow trail drops off Suncrest Drive.

Two Hollows follows a pipeline corridor from the subdivision, crossing from Hog Hollow into Mercer Hollow. It was completed in spring 2018. Two Hollows is very easy pedaling, with a gradual gradient.

All three trails are two-directional, and are good climbing routes. This opens many different riding combinations.

Mercer Hollow and Mercer Mountain are easier-intermediate in technical requirement. Mercer Hollow was cut in 2016. Combined with a reworking of Eagle Crest and South Maple Hollow, this began Draper City's development of their southern trail system, which includes Vertigo and Levitate. Mercer Mountain was completed in spring 2018.

Descending Mercer Mountain toward Two Hollows, with Lone Peak in the background.

On these south-facing slopes at foothill altitude, the riding season is mid April through November. But if you're planning an extended ride in early spring, the trails on the north side of Traverse Mountain (such as Rush, Ann's, and Canyon Hollow) may still be muddy when this trail is dry. The sample ride listed below uses only trails on the southern slope.

View south, with Utah Lake in the distance.

Mercer Hollow
The Mercer Hollow trail is 2.0 miles long, about half singletrack and half doubletrack with 500 feet of elevation change. Both ends are on the east side of Suncrest Drive. The upper end is where the sort-of-flat terrain of Traverse Ridge gives way to the slope of Mercer Hollow. There's no formal parking at the top, but riders can find a spot nearby where they can wedge their vehicle between the road and the oak brush.

The downhill end is just east of the Mercer Hollow subdivision. There's a wide spot off the road with enough room to leave a car or two if you're using the trail's bottom as your starting point. Or if you're doing shuttled laps.

Looking east. The notch in the mountains is American Fork Canyon.

At the top, the Mercer Hollow trail begins on the east side of Suncrest Drive at 5950 feet elevation, 1/2 mile downhill from the 4-way stop at the summit. (See the directions near the page bottom.) Look for the fire hydrant just below the new eastbound road (under construction in 2016) on Traverse Ridge. This is about 100 yards uphill -- and across the road -- from the eastern end of the Eagle Crest trail. 

Looking south as I climb the Mercer Hollow singletrack. There are a lot of swoops in the trail. These are great fun but they also keep water from channeling on the trail and washing it out.

The first 1.1 miles is swooping twisting singletrack that drops 300 vertical feet as it descends southbound. but it won't be 100% descending. Most of the uphill bits are very short grade reversals to help the trail shed water, and you'll just roll right over them. But there are a couple of spots where you'll need to pedal.

The terrain is small stands of gambel oak in grassy meadows with occasional sage brush. We're looking northeast.

The trail's riding platform is broad and smooth, with no significant bang-over rocks. Turns are highly banked for speed. While most riders will love descending this trail, it's also an easy climb. I passed a couple of uphill-bound warriors in full battle armor riding DH bikes, and they weren't working too hard.

Little Rocky rests on the berm of a turn. Nice thinking, trailbuilders, placing the rocks so dipwads don't cut across the turn.

At the first southward turn or the trail, Mercer Mountain forks away to the left. Keep right for the Mercer Hollow descent. The trail will cross over to the east side of Mercer Hollow, then back to the west side. At mile 1.1, the singletrack ends on a narrow cindered road. At this spot, you can turn right (uphill) to head for the paved neighborhood street, or go across to the doubletrack to resume descending.

Shortly afterward, the Two Hollows joins the doubletrack on your left. The doubletrack portion of Mercer Hollow is 0.9 miles long, dropping another 200 feet. It will hit Suncrest Drive at a chain-link fence gate (with a couple of heavy-construction tires alongside in 2016).

Heading northeast toward the far side of Mercer Hollow, with Lone Peak on the skyline.

Mercer Mountain
The Mercer Mountain trail is 1.1 miles long. It's twisting curving singletrack, good as either a climbing or descending route. There's a surprising amount of swooping and whooping for a machine-built trail.

The western end starts on Mercer Hollow, just as the trail turns to the right southbound in the first major turn. It runs generally southeast. There's 200 feet of elevation loss over the course of the trail. 

Approaching the trail fork, with Timpanogos in the background. Right for Mercer Hollow; straight (left) for Mercer Mountain. This trail reviewed May 6, 2018.

The terrain is oak brush. Although on a southern slope, the trail doesn't dry until May.

Mercer Mountain provides a connection from the top of Mercer Hollow to Hog Hollow and Porcupine further east on Traverse Mountain. The eastern (downhill) end of Mercer Mountain lies on the Two Hollows trail. Two Hollows climbs slowly to combine with Hog Hollow about 1/10th mile downhill from the Porcupine trail. 

Riders arrive at the bottom of Mercer Mountain.

The combination of Mercer Hollow, Two Hollows, and Mercer Mountain makes a nice little triangle loop ride. If you start from the Peak View trailhead, climb over to Porcupine, then connect to this loop via Two Hollows, it's 8.0 miles with 950 vertical feet of climbing.

The trail is twisty and swoopy. Good riding both uphill and down.

Mercer Mountain is your connection from Eagle Crest to the Peak View trailhead. The Two Hollows trail joins Hog Hollow to take you to the Porcupine singletrack, which climbs up to the Peak View trail, which then descends to the trailhead.

Rocky Mountain Element on Mercer Mountain with Lone Peak in the distance.

Mercer Mountain is also your connection from Eagle Crest to Alpine. Hog Hollow drops down to west Alpine and the Hog Hollow Creek singletrack. Uphill on Hog Hollow, the Porcupine trail takes you to Peak View, where a right (uphill) turn takes you eastbound to the Three Falls trail. Three Falls has a connecting trail to a trailhead in Fort Canyon, plus an eastward extension to Alpine Cove near Schoolhouse Springs (where you can hop on pavement to Lambert Park).

Heading around the ridge from Mercer Hollow into the Hog Hollow drainage. On the left, Timpanogos looks over the lower hills formed of the scarps of the Wasatch fault.

Mercer Mountain is also your connection from Eagle Crest to Alpine. Hog Hollow drops down to west Alpine and the Hog Hollow Creek singletrack. Uphill on Hog Hollow, the Porcupine trail takes you to Peak View, where a right (uphill) turn takes you eastbound to the Three Falls trail. Three Falls has a connecting trail to a trailhead in Fort Canyon, plus an eastward extension to Alpine Cove near Schoolhouse Springs (where you can hop on pavement to Lambert Park).

Almost to the bottom.

Two Hollows
Two Hollows follows a sewer corridor. When converted to a trail in 2018, it's a broad path but will narrow with time. It's a critical piece of the navigation, as it connects the Mercer trails to Hog Hollow (for connections uphill and eastbound).

The trail is 2.3 miles long, with 550 feet of elevation change.

Looking south toward Mount Timpanogos on Two Hollows

On the uphill end, the trail begins on Canyon Pointe Road at an altitude of 5800 feet, about 1/4 mile from Suncrest Drive. Access is on the northern side of the road, with an underpass taking you to the downhill run into Hog Hollow. As you exit the underpass, veer left.Tthe singletrack entry to Achtung Baby is on your right.

At mile 0.4 from the top, the Porcupine trail is on your left. It climbs up to Peak View. (Across from Porcupine is an exit from Achtung Baby.) At mile 0.5, the trail splits. The more steep trail on the left is Hog Hollow. The broad route on the right is Two Hollows.

Underpass from downhill. When climbing, fork left as you exit to climb up to the road.

Just 100 yards downhill from the Hog Hollow trail fork, the Achtung Baby trail joins on your right, then in a few feet it forks away on the left. This downhill flow trail drops to Hog Hollow in the lower canyon, for a nice little loop add-on while you're in the area. 

Continuing downhill on Two Hollows, at mile 1.1 there's a turnout with a viewing area. Take a minute to admire Utah Valley. Directly opposite the turnout, the Mercer Mountain trail begins its uphill climb on your right.

The viewpoint on Two Hollows, across from Mercer Mountain's downhill end.

From the Mercer Mountain fork, Two Hollows curves around the hill and drops into Mercer Hollow. It joins the Mercer Hollow doubletrack -- which is the continuation of the pipeline corridor -- just below the end of the singletrack. If you're riding a loop with Mercer Hollow, turn right uphill on the doubletrack and climb 100 yards to the singletrack.

The Two Hollows trail turns north as it descends to the bottom of Mercer Hollow.

 Ride up Mercer Hollow and down Mercer Mountain...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Sample ride...  Loop around Mercer trails with Two Hollows - from Peak View TH
This ride is 8.0 miles with 950 feet of total climbing. It starts from the Peak View trailhead -- so you've got to get there first. Which as of spring 2018, you can't do via your car. (The closest access is at the end of Canyon Pointe Road in the subdivision. A doubletrack takes you 1/3 mile to the trailhead.)

This is a lariat ride, but you can do the loop either direction. Climb Peak View to Porcupine and descend to Two Hollows. At the bottom of Two Hollows, fork uphill on Mercer Hollow and climb to the top. Then fork onto Mercer Mountain and take a swooping descent to Two Hollows. Now make the climb back up and over to the trailhead.

0.0  Through south fence to Peak View trail
        N40 29.285 W111 49.233
0.6  R on Porcupine N40 29.286 W111 48.877
1.5  Hard L downhill on Two Hollows
       N40 28.929 W111 49.026
1.6  Keep R (L = Hog Hollow)
       N40 28.898 W111 48.912
2.3  Viewpoint on L (Mercer Mtn on R)
       N40 28.493 W111 48.690

3.5  Hard R uphill on Mercer Hollow DT
       N40 28.327 W111 49.224
3.6  Cross DT to ST Mercer Hollow
       N40 28.347 W111 49.257
4.6  Hard R on Mercer Mtn N40 28.723 W111 49.372
5.7  Straight onto Two Hollows N40 28.502 W111 48.687
6.4  R on Porcupine N40 29.286 W111 48.877
7.3  Straight onto Peak View N40 29.286 W111 48.877
8.0  Back at TH

Sample ride...  South-side loop ride with Maple Hollow

For the loop ride using South Maple Hollow and Eagle Crest, turn uphill and crank west up Suncrest Drive in the bike lane. At the first side-street on the left, cross over to Brooklings Drive.

Follow Brooklings to the first street on the right. Jog right-left to Brookside Drive and continue uphill to the end of the road to catch the new singletrack on the left. At the trail fork about 1/2 mile uphill, keep to the right and uphill to continue climbing. (The left fork takes you down to the flood-control dam. Uphill from the "pond" is the hiking singletrack uphill.)

Descending the eastern side of Mercer Hollow.

Riding notes, clockwise south side loop from Maple Hollow TH:
0.0   L south downhill to underpass
        N40 28.542 W111 51.056
0.1   L on Eagle Crest N40 28.489 W111 50.993
0.3   Keep R (L = to road) N40 28.519 W111 50.824
0.5   Keep L (R = Maple Hollow connector)
        N40 28.394 W111 50.715
1.0   L uphill on DT N40 28.350 W111 50.255
        100 ft R on ST
1.2   Skirt trailhead fence to south end
        N40 28.354 W111 50.174
2.5   Suncrest Drive, cross N40 28.692 W111 49.402
        Uphill 150 feet, L singletrack Mercer Hollow
        N40 28.726 W111 49.453
3.6   Cross cindered DT to DT southbound
        N40 28.347 W111 49.257
4.6   R on Suncrest Drive N40 27.694 W111 49.095
4.8   L to Brooklings Drive N40 27.696 W111 49.329
5.4   1st L uphill (Acre Lane)
        N40 27.610 W111 49.915
        200 feet then L on Brookside Dr.
5.7   L onto ST Maple Hollow South
        N40 27.726 W111 50.220
6.4   R uphill (L = down to DT and dam)
        N40 28.042 W111 50.588
6.8   R (L = old descending trail)
        N40 28.291 W111 50.758
6.9   L on South Maple Hollow (R = connector)
        N40 28.360 W111 50.718
7.4   Straight and through underpass
7.5   Back at parking
Getting there: From I-15 in Salt Lake City, take the Bluffdale exit and head east on Highland Drive toward the mountains. As you reach the traffic light at the top of the hill, about 3/4 mile after leaving the freeway, turn right on Traverse Ridge Road. Drive about two miles up to the top of the mountain to the stop sign.
From Utah County, get on the Timpanogos Highway. At the Lehi-Highland border, go north on Highland Blvd at the big stop light east of Smiths. This will become Suncrest Drive as it enters Draper. Climb to the stop sign at the top of the hill.
Deer Ridge (Maple Hollow) trailhead:  At the stop sign in Suncrest, get on Deer Ridge Drive (right turn from SLC, straight from Utah Co). Go 0.9 miles. Just before the road crosses a bridge, turn right onto Elk Glen Drive and immediately turn left to park at the small picnic area.

Eagle Crest trailhead:  From the hill-top stop sign above, go south on Traverse Ridge Road (straight from SLC, left turn from Utah Co). To to the end of the road and park.
Top of Mercer Hollow: 
There is some roadside parking off Suncrest Drive near the top of the trail, on the east side of the road 1/2 mile downhill from the four-way stop in Suncrest. But there are some cautions. In 2016 this is an active construction area, so be sure you're not in an access-point or work zone!
Bottom of Mercer Hollow:  There's room for 3 or 4 cars at the bottom of the doubletrack portion of Mercer Hollow on Suncrest Drive.
Brookside Drive:  Brookside Drive turns to the west off Suncrest Drive, just uphill from the Maple Hollow subdivision. Drive past the homes and uphill to the end of the road. The South Maple Hollow trail is on the west side of the road. It will take you uphill, where you can connect to the Eagle Crest trail (or cross over the ridge to Ann's Connector).

Riding Resources:
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    Two Hollows track
    Loop around Mercer trails from Peak View
    Eagle Crest - Mercer - Maple Hollow Loop
    Draper Traverse Ridge area multi-track file
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