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East Fork Loop
(Wheeler Creek, Middle Fork, East Fork Trails)

The East Fork Loop is a fast ride on broad, well-groomed singletrack. The loop is 5.8 miles in length, with 800 vertical feet of climbing, to a peak altitude of 6200. The surface is easy-intermediate technical. Riders who want more of a workout can start from the Wheeler Creek trailhead near Pineview dam, for a 9.3 mile 1300-vertical ride that's still pretty easy overall.

The East Fork trail is a fairly plush singletrack for climbing or descending. Photos and original ride description October 22, 2003 by Bruce. Latest update August 5, 2018.

The loop can be ridden either direction. Most riders prefer clockwise, taking the East Fork trail up to Middle Fork, then heading downhill to end on Wheeler Creek. I think this way is easier because it puts some rough bumpy trail on the downhill side.

A typical section of trail: broad, smooth, lined on each side by a mix of aspen and maple. This is the junction between Middle Fork and East Fork, just downhill from the Green Pond trailhead.

The ride alternates forest of maple and aspen (and an occasional fir) with grassy meadows. There aren't a lot of view opportunities on this loop. If you want to see more of Mount Ogden, try the Maples Loop, which starts from the same trailhead.

There are only occasional breakouts where you'll see views of the surrounding mountains. Most of the trail is densely forested.

Bruce breaks out into the open on a downhill section of East Fork.

The trail is very buffed, with smooth wooden bridges over every little gulch or trickling brook. The climbing never gets beyond middle-chainring steep for the typical biker.

Some sections of East Fork and Wheeler Creek pass through meadows of clay. These areas get very ugly when wet. I recommend against early-season, late-season and rainy-day riding on this loop.

A bridge on the East Fork trail.

East Fork!

From the Art Nord trailhead on the old Snowbasin road, go back out to the road. Ride around the metal gate and pedal about 50 feet uphill. Turn left on the singletrack and begin climbing.

View of Mount Ogden as East Fork crosses a meadow.

The climb will be mostly dirt, with a few embedded rocks. This part of the ride is pretty plush. However, the soil is clay. Neither you or the trail will enjoy wet riding here!

Climb 700 vertical feet over the next 2.8 miles. The first trail fork you'll encounter is the Middle Fork. Turn right. (If you need to go out to the road, it's just 0.2 miles away, uphill on East Fork, at the Green Pond trailhead.)

Having a little fun on the many many bridges on East Fork.

Middle Fork!

The Middle Fork starts out pretty mellow and plush. Then it gets steeper and rooty and rocky. You'll quickly understand why most riders prefer to go clockwise. (It's very ride-able uphill. Just a bit more work than the gentle pedaling up East Fork.)

Rolling a smoother spot on Middle Fork.

At 1.3 miles downhill, you'll hit the old Snowbasin road. Go straight across and find the continuing trail -- sometimes it's not really easy to see. The sign is on the uphill side of the road.

Now pedal another 1/2 mile to the Wheeler Creek trail.

Taking a break at the trail sign where Middle Fork crosses the old Snowbasin road.

Wheeler Creek!

Fork to the right on Wheeler Creek. Play dodge-the-loose-boulders on the heavily eroded non-sustainable rock-filled trail.

After 1/3 mile, keep right as the Icebox Canyon trail forks away on your left. There will be a little bit of climbing to get over a low hill as you approach the Art Nord trailhead, then the climb up the bank of the creek itself.

Rolling through a grove of aspen, maple, and chokecherry.

Bottom Line...

Good ride for intermediates or experienced beginners. Not much on views, but decent riding. The loose rock on Wheeler can be a problem for small wheels (kids) and beginners who can't let go of their brakes. An out-and-back on East Fork might be a better choice for them.

Looking toward Wheeler Canyon from East Fork.

Riding Notes, counter-clockwise loop w Middle Fork:
Add 1.8 to mileage if starting from Pineview Trailhead
0.0  Art Nord Trailhead (Wheeler Creek trail)
       West downhill on ST near back of parking area
       N 41 14.017' W 111 49.224' Alt=5430
1.4  Fork L for Middle Fork trail
       N 41 13.707' W 111 50.307' Alt=5640
1.9  Cross road to Middle Fork trail
       N 41 13.350' W 111 50.270' Alt=5720
3.3  Fork L on East Fork trail
       (R goes 0.3 to road and Green Pond trailhead)
       N 41 12.453' W 111 49.995' Alt=6220
5.8  Back at Art Nord Trailhead

Great ride for a crisp fall day!

Getting there:  From Ogden, head up the canyon on U-39. For the Wheeler trailhead, turn R on doubletrack just before Pineview dam (Trailhead GPS N 41 15.168' W 111 50.511'). For Art Nord (recommended, bathrooms), keep straight (R) at the dam, then 2.7 miles later, turn R on U-226. Go another 3.6 miles and turn R into the Art Nord trailhead parking N 41 14.017' W 111 49.224'.

From the south, leave I-15 for US-89 in Farmington. Turn right (east) to take I-84 up Weber Canyon. Take the Huntsville/Pineview exit and turn left under the freeway, then right to continue up the canyon. About a mile later, follow the signs to turn left towards Huntsville on U-167. 6.8 miles after leaving I-84, turn left on U-226 towards Snowbasin. The Green Pond trailhead is at a parking turnout 1.3 miles from the turn. The Middle Fork trailhead is 4.7, and Art Nord is 6.0.

Riding resources:
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     Small loop with Middle Fork    Loop Green Pond from Art Nord
     Loop around Snowbasin to Icebox from Wheeler TH
     GPX area file  (multiple trails)
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