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Lambert Park,  north trails

The northern end of Lambert Park -- north of Box Elder Drive -- has a different character than the rest of the park. It's a bit cooler here. The trees are bigger. In years with usual snow depth, these northern trails are snowed-under for January through March. And the snow stays a bit longer. North Lambert may not be ready to ride for 6 to 8 weeks after XC bikes are riding south of Box Elder. 

Coming around a hairpin turn on Middle Spring. Original Lambert Park trail review August 1998 by Bruce. Latest update May 2018.

The northern trails have two trailheads: the Rodeo grounds and the Bowery. You can also pedal across Box Elder Drive from the Middle or Spring trails -- which are discussed on the western Lambert trail page. See the map.

The Spring trail runs past the Bowery trailhead. This is good spot to start for either the northern, or the western Lambert trails. The Bowery is reached via a short paved connector from Box Elder Drive.

The theme of the north end is DOWNHILL. Not hard-core boulder-dropping tech, but swooping intermediate trail. Even experienced beginners will enjoy lower Rodeo.

The four trails discussed on this page are Rodeo Up, Middle Spring, Spring, and Rodeo (upper and lower). The trails lie on Alpine City property and are maintained by volunteers. See the general Lambert Park page for additional information.

Hitting the sidewall of the old wash on lower Rodeo in early spring.

Rodeo Up
 Length: 0.5 mi.  One-way
 Elevation change: 150 ft
 Tech: intermediate
 Uphill ONLY. Climbing route to the top of lower half of Rodeo.
 Bottom end Box Elder paved road N 40 28.553 W 111 45.392
 Upper end Rodeo Grounds trailhead

Trying not to bang the handlebars on the lower trail as it twists through tight maple forest. 

Rodeo Up is a climbing route for the lower (ravine) portion of the Rodeo Trail. It's often a tight fit, as the trail twists through tall gambel oak. It starts on Box Elder Drive, where Middle, Rodeo Up, Rodeo Down, and the Lambert hiking-only loop cross the road at the crosswalk. (It's the left-most of the three trails on the north side of the crosswalk.)

When combined with Middle Spring, Rodeo Up offers a climb to the top of Rodeo and Spring that is significantly tougher and more technical than climbing Spring.

This area is fairly lush and green, especially compared to southern Lambert. It's noticeably cooler.

The ride is mostly in dense tall forest, but there are a couple of breakouts through sage flats where you can admire the mountains.

Rodeo Up will cross the Rodeo Trail in a small clearing. When you see signs of a trail crossing ahead, look uphill before proceeding. Riders will be coming fast. Go straight across to re-enter the woods.

Breaking out of the forest, we're heading toward the next stand of gambel oak as the granite peaks of the Snowbird ridge offer nice views.

At the top of Rodeo Up, a right fork takes you onto Middle Spring.

A few feet further along Rodeo Up, you can fork to the left to drop down lower Rodeo. If you keep straight, you'll climb to the Rodeo Grounds trailhead. (Do not fork left. This is the one-way of upper Rodeo.)

Getting closer to the uphill end of Rodeo Up. As I said, some of the turns are a bit tight if you're climbing with any velocity.

Middle Spring
 Length: 0.6 mi
 Elevation change: 180 ft
 Tech: Upper-intermediate to advanced
 Serpentine narrow trail with tight turns and challenges.
 Connects top of Rodeo Up to top of Spring near Rodeo Trail
  Bottom end near top of Rodeo Up N 40 28.669 W 111 45.028
  Upper end on Spring  Trail N 40 28.648 W 111 44.768

Getting close to the top of Middle Spring. The big boulders fell off the hillside above us, so we must be approaching the break in the slope.

Middle Spring is a two-way trail that has hairpin turns and occasional steeps. It lies in low gambel oak forest on the northeast upper slope. As you climb uphill from Rodeo Up, you'll quickly cross Rodeo, then an old doubletrack before hitting the main body of the trail..

Middle Spring winds back and forth across the slope, taking up as much distance as possible. As an uphill, it has a couple of difficult -- although short -- grunts. There are frequent breaks in the climbing where you'll coast a bit back downhill as you traverse.

Drone view. The homes of Box Elder sit in an island in the middle of Lambert Park, surrounded on north, south, and west by the park, and on the east by the US Forest wilderness.

At the top, Middle Spring makes a T intersection with Spring in a dense grove of maple. A left turn takes you a bit uphill to the north before Spring plunges west downhill. (When Spring hits the paved Rodeo Grounds road, you can turn uphill on the road to the parking lot, or go across to join the middle of Rodeo Up.)

A right turn takes you to a shallow ravine in a small clearing. Here a left turn continues on Spring, while straight ahead will drop you into the Rodeo trail.

We're arriving at the Spring trail. Left turn to descend the north limb of Spring, right to descend Rodeo or the southern limb of Spring.

As a downhill, there are a lot of fast straight-aways ending in hairpin turns in the oak. You may have an occasional glimpse of the mountains to the north.

After crossing an old doubletrack, the trail crosses Rodeo before ending on Rodeo Up. Make a right turn here, as Rodeo Up is one-way. 30 feet later, you can drop to the left to descend lower Rodeo, or go straight and uphill to the Rodeo Grounds parking.

Total climbing is almost twice as much as the altitude change, because the trail typically reverses from climbing to descending after every turn.

Spring Trail
 Length: 2.0 mi
 Elevation change: 350 ft south side, 150 feet north side
 Tech: intermediate
 South end Middle Trail N40 28.374 W111 45.432
    connects Lambert Luge m 0.3 
    crosses Box Elder Dr m 0.5 N40 28.550 W111 45.319
    Bowery trailhead m 0.6 N40 28.591 W111 45.214
    Rodeo trail fork m 1.3 N40 28.617 W111 44.755
    Middle Spring fork m 1.4 N40 28.652 W111 44.766
    Rodeo grounds connector m 1.8 N40 28.766 W111 45.106
 North end on Rodeo Up N40 28.680 W111 45.206

Riding northeast on Spring as we approach Box Elder Drive.

Most bikers have used Spring in the counterclockwise direction, using it as a climbing route to the top of Rodeo or Middle Spring, or as a loop-around ending on Rodeo Up. A 2018 remodel of several steep spots now makes the clockwise direction an attractive option as well. It's a straightforward climb in either direction, alternating forest and sage.

The terrain is a mix of sage, scrub oak, and a bit of maple.

The southwest 0.3 miles of Spring is less-used. Starting in the middle of the park, this segment spans between the Middle Trail and the start of Lambert Luge before turning and heading north to Box Elder Drive. Typically, riders will reach Spring either from the Bowery trailhead, or while riding on trail via the connector from the 4-way of the Middle Trail with River/High Bench just across from the exit from Rodeo onto Box Elder Drive.

At the top of Spring, we're riding through a tunnel of oak among boulders from the hillside above.

The trail will run up and over the intake box of the spring. The cement platform is a popular spot to stop and take in the views. Directly below you along the creek is the entry to Rodeo, while a right-turn uphill continues toward Middle Spring.

Riding a swooping turn on the northern limb of Spring.

The northern side of Spring runs along the edge of the park. Formerly a steep trail that was essentially one-way westbound, the 2018 remodel makes this side an excellent climbing trail as well as a fun descender.

Downhill on Spring.

In the counterclockwise direction on the northern side of Spring, you can fork onto a short connector to the Alpine rodeo arena parking. If you continue downhill, Spring crosses the rodeo grounds road, then connects to Rodeo Up. If you don't WANT to go up, within 100 feet you'll have the option to turn right downhill to drop into lower Rodeo. 

Heavy winter snow often stops fatties from riding the Spring Trail in mid-winter. But it's usually good through December.

  Spring trail...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Rodeo trailhead to Spring trail connector
 Length: 0.1 mi. 
 Elevation change: 30 ft
 Tech: easy
 Short connector from Rodeo Grounds parking to northern limb of Spring.
 Upper end on Spring N40 28.766 W111 45.106
 Bottom end north side of Rodeo trailhead parking N40 28.721 W111 45.043

Looking downhill at the Rodeo grounds parking from the connector trail.

This short trail heads north from the rodeo grounds parking to the Spring trail. New in May 2018, it opens up new riding possibilities. Combined with the remodeling of Spring so it can be climbed clockwise, it offers a quick route to the top of Rodeo.

Climbing up the connecting trail to the fork with Spring.

Rodeo Trail
 Length: 0.8 mi.  One-way downhill!
 Elevation change: 300 ft
 Tech: intermediate DH trail
 Short connector from Rodeo Grounds parking divides the
 trail into upper Rodeo and lower Rodeo
 Upper end on Spring N40 28.621 W111 44.759
     Cross Middle Spring m 0.25 N40 28.669 W111 44.985
     Parking connector m 0.3 N40 28.688 W111 45.024
     Cross Rodeo Up m 0.5 N40 28.659 W111 45.185
 Bottom end on Box Elder Drive N40 28.540 W111 45.393

Hitting the first bridge shortly after dropping into Rodeo.

The Rodeo Trail is the most popular trail in Lambert Park. It is a one-way downhill run -- and is closed to horses. Rodeo offers a one-way twisting forested downhill through its first half, then a swooping wall-hitting run down a wash. It will cross the creek 6 times on stout wooden bridges.

Upper Rodeo is a mix of maple and oak, with larger trees proving cool shade -- and keeping the trail covered with snow until late April or early May.

Rodeo forks off the Spring Trail. To get to the top, you can ride Middle Spring uphill, then fork right at the Spring trailfork. Or you can climb the southern limb of the Spring trail, which is easier.

The first 1/3 mile of Rodeo drops through tall maple forest, winding back and forth across the creek. Shortly after the 5th bridge, you'll cross the Middle Spring trail, then quickly arrive at the top of lower Rodeo. At this spot, you can turn to the right for the Rodeo Grounds parking, keep straight into the ravine, or fork left to head for the bottom of Middle Spring for another climb. (You MUST fork left on Middle Spring from Rodeo Up. Beyond this spot, Rodeo Up is one-way.)

Descending upper Rodeo.

Now Rodeo will whoosh back and forth as it descends the wash. As you enter a flat clearing, you're about to cross Rodeo Up. Look for riders and yield!

As Rodeo approaches Box Elder Drive, you can hook to the right on Rodeo Up for another go. (The broad trail to your left is a hiking-only loop trail.) Or, you can cross the road to Middle. On Middle about 100 feet from the road, a connector to your left takes you to the Spring Trail, where another left turn will take you across Box Elder again for the trip uphill on the Spring Trail.

Hitting the wall of the wash on lower Rodeo.

  Rodeo via Rodeo Up and Middle Spring...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Sample ride, Rodeo Loop via Middle Spring
0.0   Rodeo Up from Box Elder Drive
        N40 28.548 W111 45.397
        Fork L to Rodeo Up N40 28.565 W111 45.399
0.3   Spring joins on L N40 28.677 W111 45.205
0.35 Cross Rodeo N40 28.660 W111 45.185
0.5   R on Middle Spring N40 28.673 W111 45.029

0.55 Cross Rodeo N40 28.672 W111 44.988
1.1   R on Spring N40 28.647 W111 44.767
1.2   Straight to Rodeo N40 28.620 W111 44.758
1.4   Cross Middle Spring N40 28.672 W111 44.988
1.5   Straight to lower Rodeo N40 28.686 W111 45.024
1.6   Cross Rodeo Up N40 28.660 W111 45.185
1.9   Back at Box Elder

Getting there: Take I-15 to the Alpine/Highland exit, just south of Point-of-the-Mountain. Drive straight east 5 miles towards the mountains, turning left at the stoplight in Highland (where you see the grocery store and gas station). Drive 2 miles north into Alpine to the 4-way stop at 200 North. Turn right. At the next stop sign, turn left. You'll be on 200 East, which becomes Grove Drive. Continue northeast on Grove for two miles. The road will turn 90 degrees to the right. Pass two streets on your left, then arrive at a T in the road. Turn right, across the river. At the fork in the road, go right for the Bowery parking area, left for the Rodeo grounds.

Rodeo grounds trailhead: Keep left at the fork and drive 0.25 mile on pavement, then turn right onto a dirt road and drive 0.25 mile. The trailhead is on the right side of the road, where you'll see a parking strip and a bathroom just before the rodeo arena. (Toilet.)

Bowery trailhead: Keep right at the fork as you cross the river on the paved road. Pass the High Bench dirt road on your right. About 300 feet further up the paved road, keep straight as the main road turns right, entering a smaller road. 500 feet up the dirt road,, the Bowery pavilion is on the left, with a parking lot on the right. (Toilet, pavilion, water.)

High Bench ("church") trailhead: About 1.5 miles up Grove Drive (as above), turn right on Alpine Boulevard. Go 1/2 mile until the road turns from east to south in front of a big church. After you pass the church, fork left toward the mountains. Immediately after the church's back fence turn left onto a narrow paved road and proceed to the trailhead. (Toilet, shaded picnic, water.)

Moyle Drive:  On Alpine Blvd, turn left onto Moyle and drive to the end.

Bald Mountain Drive:  Turn onto 100 South in Alpine. Drive east until you're forced to turn at Country Manor Lane. Go left. At 300 North, turn right, then take the next left on Bald Mountain Drive. Go to the end of the road and park.

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