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365 Trail
plus Pipeline Trail

The 365 trail is an easier singletrack ride in Ogden Valley's North Fork Park. Most riders combine it with a portion of the Pipeline trail for a loop ride, while others use it as a starting point for a ride to the Mule Ear - Mule Shoe loop and Cutler Flat. (See below for details on the Pipeline Trail.)

Rolling through a meadow area filled with lupine flowers. Photos and ride report by Bruce on June 19, 2019.

365 Trail details and loop ride description

365 is 2.2 miles long and is an experienced-beginner to early-intermediate ride. The starting elevation is 5550 feet. There's 100 feet of elevation difference between the bottom and top, but some up-and-down will bring the total climbing for the loop ride to around 200 vertical feet.

The trail wanders through many groves of trees and small meadows.

365 starts at the main campground gate. Shortly after turning onto the road to the Ben Lomond trailhead, there are posts with a tire-ripper on the opposite side. Turn left into the cindered parking area just before the gate. The trail starts on the far side of the parking area at the uphill corner.

Handlebar view as the trail twists and turns.

On the day of my check-out ride, most riders were going counterclockwise -- climbing to the top of 365 and riding it downhill. If you want to do this, go back to the road and pedal through the gate. 100 yards later, at the far side of the camp host's semi-circle, turn right on the broad gravel path. Find the entry to the Pipeline trail on the uphill side, about 60 feet from the road.

A lot of the ride is in forest shade.

The general course of 365 is an arc around the south and west sides of the North Fork main campground. But the trail makes a lot of meanders, stuffing those 2.2 miles into an as-the-crow-flies distance of around 1/3 mile bottom to top.

Mule's Ear flowers and stout old oak trees along the trail.

There are a lot of humps in the trail, serving as water diversion, speed control, and launch ramps -- if you're so inclined. Turns are nicely banked.

Just off the side of the trail, you'll see picnic tables and campsites here and there. The trail skirts the campground.

There's a lot of pretty scenery on this little loop.

At the trail's highest elevation, you'll circle around the Ben  Lomond trailhead. It's the primitive parking area with the big metal corral. You'll cross two feeders to Ben Lomond before descending back to the east. Just keep straight at any intersection or road crossing.

At mile 1.7, you'll cross a small trail. To the left uphill, the trail goes to Durfee Creek, where you can either ride out on the road or continue singletrack up to the junction of Mule Ear with the Mule Connector. This trail is labeled Traily McTrailface on Trailforks.

Almost to the Ben Lomond trailhead area on a clockwise ride.

2.2 miles from the parking area, 365 ends on the Pipeline trail. Turn right to descend back to the trailhead. (A left turn takes you uphill, where you can connect directly to the Mule Shoe trail. To do this, follow Pipeline gently uphill, crossing a road, and then a small creek. Just after crossing the creek, take the right fork steeply uphill. The connector will climb to Mule Shoe just east of the road crossing. See the Mule Loop page.)

Rolling around a typical banked turn.

When Pipeline approaches a small fenced water reservoir, keep left. The right fork just goes out to the road. At mile 2.5, Pipeline ends on a gravel semi-circle. Turn right and go out to the road, then left to descend 100 yards to the gate and the trailhead parking.

Looking down the upper Pipeline trail. There's a pipe buried under the trail here, making it flat and straight.

Pipeline Trail details

The Pipeline trail is 0.7 miles long, consisting of an older upper section along the pipeline corridor itself, plus a new twisty route through the trees on the downhill end. The elevation change over the trail is only 100 feet. Pipeline serves two roles: (1) the lower half is part of a loop ride on the 365 Trail, and (2) with the 2019 addition of a connector trail, Pipeline links the 365 trailhead parking lot to Mule Shoe.

Rolling past some blooming Mules Ear.

At the bottom, Pipeline begins on the uphill side of the campground host's traffic circle just inside the North Fork Park gate. From the 365 parking lot, go through the gate. Pedal 100 yards uphill, then turn right into a wide gravel path. Spot the singletrack on the uphill side of the path, about 50 feet from the road.

The Pipeline trail runs through a heavily forested area.

After 0.3 miles climbing through the trees, you'll reach a fenced water-storage pond. Keep right (the left fork goes out to the road). You're now on the actual pipeline corridor. Here the trail becomes straight and flat, with only a hint of uphill tilt.

100 yards later, keep right again as the 365 Trail joins on your left.

Handlebar view as we negotiate the trees of the lower Pipeline trail.

At mile 0.4 of the singletrack, the trail crosses a campground road. Then at mile 0.6 it crosses the creek. If the bridge is washed out or underwater, there's a short connector to the road on your left just before the bridge. It's only about 30 feet up to the road, where you can cross the creek, then immediately catch another connector back to the trail.

Heading uphill, we're crossing a campground road to continue on the flat portion of Pipeline.

Just after crossing the creek, there's a trail fork. The trail to the left just goes in an arc around to the road. (The road here -- with a right turn at the road fork just uphill -- is the old route up to the Mule Loop.)

Fork left, and the trail becomes steep for the first time. This is the new connector trail to Mule Shoe. It's a stiff climb for 100 yards, then the trail curves to the right and levels out. In 0.2 miles it reaches Mule Shoe.

We're at the bridge. Can be ridden, but boy is it slippery. Just don't fall off to your right.

The Mule Shoe trail fork is oriented so it would send you onto a counterclockwise loop. If your goal is the easier Mule Ear Connector trail (or you're headed for Cutler Flat), make a hard left turn here. Mule Shoe will hit the road in 1/10th mile, Cross over to Mule Ear, and in another 1/10th mile, turn hard right onto Mule Ear Connector.

Looking downhill on the new Pipeline to Mule Shoe connection.

Bottom Line:

365 is a very nice trail to meander around and play on. I encountered lots of group riders on this trail, most of them going counterclockwise. If you're in a hurry to get uphill, consider going up Pipeline, which is a more direct route to the Mule Loop. The newer section of Pipeline, and the connector uphill to Mule Shoe, makes this trail suddenly important and worth riding.

Looking toward Ben Lomond, we see the rollers that help the trail shed water.

 365 Trail and Pipeline clockwise loop...

 If the above video does not appear on your browser/device, you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here.

Getting there:  Go up Ogden Canyon. (From the north on I-15, take the 12th South Ogden exit and head east on Highway 39. From the south, exit I-15 on US 89. Pass I-84 and climb up the hill, then turn right on Harrison Blvd. Continue on Harrison until you hit U-39 and turn R toward Ogden Canyon.) Turn left across the dam at Pineview Reservoir. At the stop sign in Eden, turn left. Turn left at the stop sign in Liberty. After about 1/4 mile, take the next right. Just after you cross the river, veer left toward North Fork Park. Turn left again at the Ben Lomond Trailhead - North Fork Park sign. As you approach the campground entry gate, turn left into the 365 Trail trailhead and park. The 365 Trail is at the southwest corner of the parking lot.

For the Pipeline trail, pedal back to the road, go through the gate and 100 yards uphill, then turn right to find the trail post marking the entry to the singletrack trail.

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