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Ann's Connector
Elk Glen (Suncrest) to Ann's Trail

This short trail is a two-way connector from Ann's Trail to Elk Glen trailhead at the top of Suncrest (at the west end of the Eagle Crest Trail on the south side of Traverse Mountain). The trail is 1.1 miles in length.

View southwest as we climb uphill. Trail review August 1, 2013 by Bruce.

Ann's Connector makes the Elk Glen trailhead useful. Shuttled DH riders could access the Maple Hollow DH trail from here, but XC riders didn't have a viable non-pavement option for getting back uphill. Ann's Connector now allows riders to descend to Ann's (Draper Rim) Trail, ride a nice loop, then climb back uphill.

From the Elk Glen trailhead looking west, the left trail is Ann's Connector. The right trail descends to the Maple Hollow DH.

This trail also ties to Eagle Crest on the south side of Traverse Mountain. As you climb up to the trailhead from Ann's, just turn left on the broad cinder path, pass under the road, then continue on the singletrack. (Some riders are doing a loop of Ann's and Eagle Crest. Don't take the trail right across Suncrest Drive. Instead, ride a bit further up the road to find one of three connectors over to the Peak View trailhead. The first starts when you encounter a white-gravel area on the right side of Suncrest.)

Trail view as we go through some deep maple forest.

The surface is a smooth machine cut with a steady rate of climb. The altitude change is about 350 feet per mile. As of 2013, there are no rocks or roots to make things interesting.

Looking northwest over the Salt Lake Valley from higher on the mountain.

So as of 2013, the main use of this trail is an uphill route for the Maple Hollow DH. From the bottom of Maple Hollow, go downhill a tad and hop the westbound BST (Bonneville Shoreline Trail) as it emerges from the underpass on the uphill side of Traverse Mountain Road. Climb through the gully and fork left on Ann's Trail at the ridge after 1/2 mile. 

Looking uphill at the homes in Suncrest.

Keep climbing uphill on Ann's. The steepest section are now behind you. From here, the slope should be tolerable even on a gravity bike. At mile 2.1 from Traverse Mountain Road, fork hard left onto Ann's Connector. And at mile 3.2, you're at the trailhead. As you reach the kiosk, do a 180. Now take the trail to the right. That's the Maple Hollow DH.

We're approaching Ann's Trail, looking north over the valley.

For those who want to continue over to Eagle Crest, you'll be rewarded with a 2.8 mile jaunt on narrow singletrack. There are views of Utah Lake to the south-southwest, and Timpanogos and Cascade Mountain to the southeast.

Eagle Crest Trail, just after emerging from the underpass. That's Timpanogos on upper left.

Ann's Connector will open up a lot of riding possibilities "on top of the mountain" once the trails in Draper's newly purchased land on Traverse Ridge are developed.

Looking south toward Utah Lake from Eagle Crest.

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