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Gorgoza Park Trails
Road to Arcylon, Gorgoza Trail, Up Trail

Road to Arcylon is a downhill trail with expert-level man-made features. It's found at Gorgoza Park, just off I-80 east of Parley's Summit. The supporting trails Gorgoza and the Up Trail are used to access this downhill. (Note: You'll encounter connections to neighborhood trails to the south and east. These are private trails for residents only. Follow the riding directions below to be sure you're staying on public trails.)

Ramp with drop onto steep transition zone, going directly into banked turn. My bike is sitting alongside the intermediate ride-around. Photos and review by Bruce on July 18, 2015.

Gorgoza is just west of the Jeremy Ranch I-80 exit, on the south side of the freeway. Take Kirby Road west 0.7 miles. According to the trail sign, the preferred parking for mountain bikers is the big Gorgoza Park lot. I found that lot chained off. So I parked in the smaller gravel lot just east of Gorgoza Park.

Note:  Do NOT park in the neighborhoods above or east of the trail, and do NOT drive into these neighborhoods to drop off shuttle riders. (This behavior is creating neighborhood opposition to expanding the trails.)

View east from the smaller gravel parking lot. The dirt trail (with the hiker) takes you to Millenium at the far side of the pond. The OFFICIAL ride, though, is to start from Gorgoza parking and take Millenium east past this lot.

From either parking lot, you can backtrack to the paved Millenium Trail and head east. As the trail turns south and skirts the edge of a pond, the Gorgoza Trail is straight ahead as Millenium curves back east. Use the leftmost trail. The more obvious trail to the right goes straight up the ski slope, and while it will get you there, it's pretty steep.

In the gravel parking, you can also aim for the break in the fence at the southeast corner (see the photo above). That trail will take you to the pond, where it joins Millenium.

Looking uphill. The obvious trail (where the hang-gliders are assembling a parachute) is not where you'll be going. Instead, you'll be to the left in the trees.

The Gorgoza Trail will veer off into the trees and climb through several turns. It will pass two connectors on the left that branch to neighborhood roads.

For local residents there are three connections to Gambel Drive (see map) just a bit to the east. The upper trail also connects to the Sunridge Perimeter Trail. This is a private singletrack that heads uphill to the southwest corner of Pinebrook and is for residents only.

Climbing uphill on Gorgoza.

Just after the Sunridge Perimeter/Gambel Drive connector fork (private trail for residents), the ski slope trail joins on your right. Now the Gorgoza trail widens briefly, becoming essentially a doubletrack. At mile 1.1 from the bottom, the doubletrack continues uphill to the ridge (joining Sunridge just 100 feet uphill), while your singletrack trail veers right and levels off.

Looking back downhill to the north. Still quite a ways to climb.

The singletrack Gorgoza Trail will now join the Up Trail at mile 1.3. Fork left. (The right fork is the uphill route from the bottom of Road to Arcylon.) Climb through a couple of turns. The climbing rate on the Up Trail is mild, but I'd hate to do it on a heavy DH bike. At the apex of the Up Trail, where a couple of resting benches await, you'll enter the top of the downhill.

Rock-plated rim of a gap jump, with a dirt jump to follow. Intermediates can roll these.

The entry begins with a rock-garden rollover designed to discourage tourists. That's the trickiest thing you're forced to do, as all the remaining tech spots have ride-arounds. The downhill is closed to hikers, dogs, and horses.

Sample of high-bermed quick turns.

If you're stopping or slowing for any reason, swing up and off the riding path first. Bikes and riders who are stopped in the trail may become roadkill. The trail isn't particularly steep, but it moves along at high speed, and sight lines are limited around turns and below stunts.

About the midpoint of the descent. The signs warns that the wooden ramp leads to a deep gap jump. It's a good idea to read the signs on a first run where you take the intermediate lines.

Most turns have high berms to maintain speed. On straight sections, there will be frequent bumps that form low gap jumps. These are flat enough that intermediates can simply roll them. Stunts are plainly marked, with the ride-around route obvious.

Another drop.

Most riders will want to take a test-run down the intermediate lines to scope the transition zones below drops and jumps. For many of them, you can't see what you'll be getting into from uphill.

Jump with a roll-out.

Arcylon turns back into Up without an obvious marker as it veers east then begins gradually going back uphill. If you're done, you still have to climb back uphill to the junction between Gorgoza and the Up Trail.

A particularly nasty-looking gap jump with a short-fall wheel-catcher. It leads into a second ramp. 

Most riders will, of course, keep heading back uphill to do multiple runs down the tech stuff. The total loop is 1.8 miles, with 0.8 of it being the downhill.

The preferred riding attire is, of course, your best roadie lycra. Extra points for doing it on your cyclocross bike. And if you're wondering what bit of Utah Pioneer heritage or Native American culture is responsible for the name of the trail, spell "Arcylon" backwards.

On the way back uphill on the Up Trail.

Road to Arcylon riding notes:
0.0   Millenium Trail eastbound
        N40 45.326 W111 35.028
0.1   East of pond N40 45.294 W111 34.942
        Keep straight onto leftmost singletrack
0.4   Keep L (R goes 0.1 mile to road)
        N40 45.147 W111 34.838
0.9   Keep L (R = Sunridge Perimeter,
        also two connectors to road)
        N40 45.016 W111 34.875
        Meadow trail joins, trail widens
1.1   R on ST N40 44.946 W111 35.049
        (Straight on DT = to Sunridge)
1.3   Fork L (R = return from DH)
        N40 44.913 W111 35.298
1.8   Begin Road to Arcylon
        N40 44.771 W111 35.379
2.6   Begin Up Trail climb
        N40 44.957 W111 35.488
3.1   Back at Gorgoza fork
        N40 44.912 W111 35.301
        R = Up Trail for another lap
        L = down Gorgoza, done
Getting there:
From Salt Lake City, take I-80 east up Parley's Canyon. After crossing the summit, take the Jeremy Ranch exit. Turn right, then immediately right again to take Kirby Road westbound. After passing a small hill, you'll see a small gravel parking lot on the left side of the road. It's preferred that you save this little lot for hikers that are visiting the pond. Go another 100 yards to the big paved Gorgoza Park lot. (If the big lot is closed -- as it was on the Saturday I visited -- grab a spot in the little lot.) Head back out to the paved Millenium Trail and follow it east until it heads south uphill past the pond. Just above the pond, the mountain biking trail veers uphill as the Millenium trail turns sharply eastward. (Keep to the left of the two trails. The trail you see heading straight up the mountainside meadow gets there, but it's hike-a-bike steep.)

Do NOT park in the neighborhoods to the east of the trails, and do NOT use the neighborhood roads to drop off shuttle riders above Arcylon! Note that the Sunridge Perimeter Trail is a private trail for residents and their guests only.

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