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Yoo Hoo

Yoo Hoo DH is a downhill trail in the Luke's area. It's only 1.5 miles long, but is a continuation of Shamrock & Roll. As of 2011, it's still being worked on, but is ready to ride. The first half-mile is awesome; the rest is underwhelming but has great potential. Yoo Hoo drops about 400 vertical over the run of the trail.

Note Sept. 2015:  Received a note that lower Yoo Hoo was hard to overgrown and hard to follow. (It was faint and barely navigable when I rode it in 2011.) You might want to check current conditions with a local bike shop before committing to this loop.

Stunts on the side of the trail. Review and photos by Bruce on May 31, 2011.

The ride I describe here is a loop 12 miles long and is intermediate technical overall. Total climbing is about 1400 feet. The Shamrock & Roll and Yoo Hoo sections can be done by intermediates, but really need advanced tech skills to be enjoyed properly.

We're heading north along Knott Pete's Rim. The Book Cliffs are in the background. The trail will follow the edge of the mesa to the right (east) side of this photo.

The ride starts at the Luke's Trailhead on the mesa north of Price. Head east to Knott Pete's Rim and follow it along the southern border of the mesa. At Smo' Joes, the ride will turn north and continue to follow the mesa rim.

Now we're northbound on Smo' Joes. The terrain is typical for Luke's area -- juniper and pinion on raw dirt and rocks, with occasional shrubs such as bitterbrush.

At the fork with IMBAtween, keep right and head for Mead's Rim. Keep heading north as you join Mead's Rim, then connect to Floating Rocks.

Continuing a slow climb to the north on Floating Rocks, we're getting closer to the Book Cliffs.

Fork right at the unmarked (as of 2011) intersection with Lollipop after a mile on Floating Rocks. Then keep right again as Lollipop forks. You'll follow the little loop at the top of Lollipop, almost around to the starting point. Now fork right onto Shamrock & Roll.

We've reached the northern end. In the valley north of the mesa is the little town of Kenilworth.

Shamrock & Roll will cross dirt road, climb, then descend to dirt road again. Just after that second road crossing, the trail will fork. Keep right and downhill to start Yoo Hoo.

After a tech descent, we've climbed up a ridge west of the main mesa on Shamrock & Roll. To the west is the plateau of the Skyline Drive.

The trail will zip in and out of the wash, with a few plunges and sharp up-agains. There are a few spots that offer stunts. Intermediates will walk a few tricky stretches.

Downhill we go on Yoo Hoo.

After a half mile, the trail will drop into the bottom of a wash. Here's where the trail desperately needs some whoop-de-doos and in-and-back-out wash crossings. But, as pointed out, this trail is a work in progress. I rode two days after a one-inch rainstorm and the washbottom was an unexciting stretch of wet gravel and scattered boulders.

There are some sharp drops into the wash with quick short uphills. Best to maintain speed! This drop-off can actually be rolled -- no air time necessary.

After about a mile, the trail crawls out of the wash on the left side, right where the washbottom drops over a little waterfall/cliff. Watch for it -- you don't want to drop this "ledge," believe me.

We're in the wash. Yawn. Let's see some sidewall hits, drop-ins, and crossings.

Here the trail becomes more faint and hard to follow. After crossing the wash twice, the trail stays on the left side as it continues down the canyon.

When it looks like a cliff ahead, it is. The trail is shown on the mountainside above the drop.

When you reach the big dirt road, go left and ride 1/2 mile to intercept Luke's trail on your right. Follow Luke's back to the parking area.

Bound for the trailhead on Luke's.

Yoo Hoo Loop counterclockwise:
0.0   From Luke's TH, backtrack E on DT
0.1   Cross road to ST N39 37.357 W110 48.697
1.3   L on Smo' Joes N39 37.652 W110 48.276
        R = Wyatt's Way (option side loop)
1.4   Stay L (R= Wyatt's Way)  N39 37.727 W110 48.242
2.8   Keep straight, cross cattleguard N39 38.722 W110 48.272
        L = shortcut to Lukes
3.4   R toward Meads N39 39.075 W110 48.063
        L = IMBAtween
3.7   L (north along rim) on Meads Rim
        N39 39.279 W110 47.950
4.0   Fork R and climb (L = alternate)
        N39 39.464 W110 47.933
4.1   R on Floating Rocks  N39 39.535 W110 47.898
5.2   R on Lollipop  N39 40.240 W110 48.094
5.9   R to start Lollipop loop  N39 40.795 W110 48.127
6.2   Fork R onto Shamrock & Roll  N39 40.825 W110 48.178
7.5   Fork L uphill (R = Yoo Hoo)
        N39 40.275 W110 48.209
8.4   Keep L of waterfall N39 39.705 W110 48.138
8.5   Stay in main canyon, L of wash (hard to follow)
        N39 39.572 W110 48.098
9.0   L on dirt road N39 39.278 W110 48.343
9.5   L on Lukes ST N39 38.849 W110 48.430
9.55 Keep straight (L) N39 38.849 W110 48.458
        R = option Bonus Loop
9.6   Straight N39 38.829 W110 48.496
        (L after cattleguard = to Smo Joes)
10.8   Keep L N39 38.246 W110 49.160
        (R = option Alan's Way loop)
11.1   Keep L N39 38.038 W110 49.046
        (R = return from Alan's)
12.1   At trailhead

Getting there, Wood Hill trailhead parking:  Eastbound on US 6, take the first Price exit. Turn left and enter town on 100 North. About a mile after leaving the freeway, turn left (north) on 300 East. Drive to 900 North and turn left. The road will turn to dirt and/or narrow asphalt, and will veer right and climb the mesa.  As you reach the top of the mesa 1/2 mile later, continue straight north for another 1/2 mile. The gravel trailhead will be on your left. Solis Way begins across the doubletrack from the northwest corner.
South Luke's parking:  As you first reach the top of the mesa, fork left (west) and proceed 100 yards to the primitive Luke's parking area.

Camping:  Primitive sites just southwest of the trailhead
Water:  None at trailhead.
Bathrooms:  Wood Hill trailhead
Bike services:  Price

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