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Lambert Park

Alpine's Lambert Park is a foothill area on the edge of the national forest. Over 16 miles of singletrack trails meander though scrub oak, maple, and sage. The singletrack ranges from easy intermediate to advanced intermediate. The many interconnecting trails offer hundreds of riding options. Lambert Park is popular for early and late season riding, as well as winter fat biking.

On the Middle Trail of Lambert Park. Original Lambert Park trail review August 1998 by Bruce. Latest update May 2018.

The lower and southern side of the park -- south of Box Elder Drive -- offers snow-clear singletrack by early March. During the winter, the snow on the loop consisting of Middle Trail and High Bench is usually packed and ready for Fat Bikes. (In mid-winter, other trails depend on the timing and amount of snowfall and the determination of the local fatties.)

NOTE!  The southeastern corner of Lambert Park is undergoing a major re-build. See the southern Lambert trail page for current information.

Swooping turns on the Ziggy trail.

There are many different ways to ride Lambert Park. (You can hit every trail in one day, but the shortest way to do that is a monster ride of around 16 miles.) 

Although built by cyclists specifically for mountain biking, hikers and equestrians are welcome. Some singletrack trails are closed to horses because of risk of injury to horse/rider/cyclist (Rodeo, Lambert Luge). 

Mitt flies through the trees during an early April bike race in Lambert Park.

  Lambert in the winter...

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Trails and Riding Areas

Northern Lambert Park

The area north of Box Elder Drive features climbs and downhills in cool maple forest, as the park extends further up the mountain. Lambert's most popular ride is on this hillside. Go to the this trail page for individual trail descriptions and sample ride.

[ Lambert Park - North Trails ]

The Bowery picnic pavilion and trailhead parking area.

Western Lambert Park

The main corridor down the west side of the park is home to trails favored by local hikers, and a mainstay of mountain bikers. These trails tend to stay open year-round. After packed singletrack fat-tire biking during the winter, they quickly dry for early-spring riding.

[ Lambert Park - West Side Trails ]

Northbound on the High Bench trail.

Southern Lambert Park

On the southern end of Lambert Park, the riding area again extends higher up the mountain. Winding trails for meandering, climbing, or descending dominate this area. There are two trailheads with immediate access to the south trails, or you can pedal in via the Redford Run neighborhood trail.

[ Lambert Park - South Trails ]

Swooping and rolling on the Ziggy trail.

The main north-south doubletrack (High Bench Road) is a fun broad path for beginners and families. As of summer 2017, motorized vehicles are forbidden in Lambert Park, except on paved Box Elder Drive and the paved roads to the Bowery and Rodeo Grounds parking areas. At this time the ban includes High Bench Road and the Lambert Homestead (poppy field) road. These dirt roads will continue to exist, however, as they are used for utility access by authorized vehicles and as fire-fighting and evacuation routes.

In late 2021, a broad hiking-only trail called Judy's Trail is being constructed. It starts at the Bowery, crosses Box Elder at the junction between Middle and Rodeo Up/Down, then heads south along the far west edge of the park before turning to cross the bike trails as it heads east uphill. From the top of the Poppy Trail it will go north back to Box Elder and the Bowery (this portion is unfinished as of January 2022).

Getting started...
Taste 'o Lambert.  Beginner. Fun but non-threatening, no brutal climbing. About 3 miles. Start at the Rodeo Grounds. Ride down Rodeo to the River Trail. Follow the River Trail until it turns back to become the Middle Trail. Ride Middle back to Rodeo Up.

Diane cruises past the poppies of the Poppy Trail.
May 25, 2001.

Lambert Classic.  Early-intermediate. A nice ride, with moderate amounts of climbing. Start at the Rodeo Grounds parking. Go down Rodeo, turn onto River. At the south end, curve back north onto Middle. Turn right onto Ziggy then right again to Zag. Left downhill on Ziggy, follow Ziggy down. Back at Middle, turn right on Middle, then right on Poppy and continue on Ruin. Right on Middle. Right on Spring and climb all the way up and around, then connect to Rodeo Up to get back to parking.

Lambert in Four Seasons.  If video will not play in window above, click to launch in separate window through YouTube

Trailheads... Driving directions below with map
Rodeo Grounds trailhead

Far north end of Lambert Park, best for riders who want to ride laps on the famous Rodeo trail. This is a popular trailhead but has plenty of parking. Bathroom, kiosk. The lower Rodeo downhill trail starts on the south side of parking by the kiosk.

Rodeo Grounds parking, looking east.

Bowery trailhead

The Bowery is just off of Box Elder Drive as you enter the park from Grove Drive. After crossing the creek, go right, then turn left on the smaller paved road when Box Elder Drive turns to the right. The Bowery has amenities such as bathroom, water, shaded picnic tables, volleyball pit. The Spring trail is on the south side of the parking lot.

Bowery parking, looking east.

Moyle Drive trailhead

Small trailhead without bathroom, located at the end of Moyle Drive with direct access to the hiking loop trail and the High Bench bike trail. On Alpine Blvd, turn left onto Moyle Drive and continue to the end of the pavement.

Aerial view of the Moyle trailhead.

South Trailhead also called High Bench or the "Church" trailhead

Very popular place to start your ride. On Alpine Blvd, turn left as you pass the church, then immediately left onto a narrow paved road at the back side of the church. This road will end at the gravel trailhead. Nice bathroom with running water, lots of parking.

High Bench trailhead, looking northeast.

Bald Mountain - unofficial TH

There's a wide area for parking at the end of Bald Mountain Drive for riders who want to start from the far south end. No water or bathroom. This is also a good spot to start the Redford Run trail -- good for true beginners and kids. 

Bald Mountain parking, looking north.

Getting to Lambert Park by bike...

From Draper... Get to the Peak View trailhead, then take Peak View to Three Falls. As you reach Fort Canyon, take either Forbidden or continue on Three Falls to Bodily Harm (see the Three Falls to Alpine Cove page). Once you hit Alpine Cove, take city streets 1/2 mile to Lambert Park. You'll arrive at Box Elder Drive. See the trail pages linked above.
Within Alpine... In the southern 2/3 of Alpine, pedal uphill to intersect the Redford Run trail, then traverse north to the south end of Lambert Park.
From Cedar Hills and Highland... The Lone Peak Wilderness trail from the American Fork Canyon mouth is also discussed on the Redford Run trail page, but some of the trail lies within the borders of an official wilderness area.

Looking northeast at the switchbacks descending into Alpine.

Getting there: Take I-15 to the Alpine/Highland exit, just south of Point-of-the-Mountain. Drive straight east 5 miles towards the mountains, turning left at the stoplight in Highland (where you see the grocery store and gas station). Drive 2 miles north into Alpine to the 4-way stop at 200 North. Turn right. At the next stop sign, turn left. You'll be on 200 East, which becomes Grove Drive. Continue northeast on Grove for two miles. The road will turn 90 degrees to the right. Pass two streets on your left, then arrive at a T in the road. Turn right, across the river. At the fork in the road, go right for the Bowery parking area, left for the Rodeo grounds.

Rodeo grounds trailhead: Keep left at the fork and drive 0.25 mile on pavement, then turn right onto a dirt road and drive 0.25 mile. The trailhead is on the right side of the road, where you'll see a parking strip and a bathroom just before the rodeo arena. (Toilet.)

Bowery trailhead: Keep right at the fork as you cross the river on the paved road. Pass the High Bench dirt road on your right. About 300 feet further up the paved road, keep straight as the main road turns right, entering a smaller road. The Bowery pavilion is on the left, 500 feet up the dirt road, with a parking lot on the right. (Toilet, pavilion, water.)

High Bench trailhead: About 1.5 miles up Grove Drive (as above), turn right on Alpine Boulevard. Go 1/2 mile until the road turns from east to south in front of a big church. After you pass the church, turn left toward the mountains. Immediately after the church fence turn left onto dirt road. Drive past the city water reservoir to a large gravel parking lot with wooden fence. (Toilet, running water.)

Bald Mountain Drive:  Turn onto 100 South in Alpine. Drive east until you're forced to turn at Country Manor Lane. Go left. At 300 North, turn right, then take the next left on Bald Mountain Drive. Go to the end of the road and park.

Topo map April 2022

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