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Steam Mill Hollow

Steem Mill Hollow is a loop ride high in Logan Canyon, a few miles up from Tony Grove. I haven't done this ride yet -- the photos, map, and GPS track on this page were created from material posted to our forum. (Thanks, guys! I'll get up there soon. Too many trails, too few days before the snow hits.)

This ride description gives you the bare basics.

Try not to get lost.

The ride starts on improved gravel road along the Logan River, 3.2 miles up-canyon on US-89 from the Tony Grove Lake road.

Ride north uphill along the river 3.2 miles on the dirt road then fork left on a smaller doubletrack heading up Steep Hollow.

After riding 1.1 miles heading generally west on the Steep Hollow doubletrack, fork left (south) and begin skirting Steam Mill Peak.

There may be some trail forks. I suggest you use your GPS and the track file.

Some short sections of the ride are a bit wild and steep. There will be a little bit of push-a-bike on your way. It will be three miles of up-and-down riding, mostly up, before you reach Steam Mill Canyon

As you hit the creek in Steam Mill Canyon, you'll reach the old boiler near the upper trail fork. From here you can take a side trip to visit Steam Mill Lake. Or fork left to descend 3.6 miles down the canyon back to the original road along the Logan River, 1/4 mile from your car.

The out-and-back to Steam Mill Lake is around 1.3 miles. There are some steep pitches here, but overall you'll climb a do-able 400 vertical feet over a mile and a quarter.

The easiest descent is to follow your original climbing route. My map shows a loop ride with a shorter but steeper descent from Steam Mill. (Keep to the right at the fork as you descend from the lake area.) This is one of the more technical downhills in the Logan area. It's steep with rock gardens, downed trees, and exposed roots. Great fun! 

Getting there:  In Logan on US-89, turn east at 400 North. Continue to the mouth of Logan Canyon. Drive 24 miles up the canyon (3.2 miles past the turnoff to Tony Grove). Turn left on the Logan River road, then immediately left again to park. Start the ride by heading up the road.
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