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Chilkoot Pass

Chilkoot Pass was added to the northern end of the Klondike riding area in 2014. It's a short lariat loop from the Agate trailhead. Or, it's a quick passage to Agate from its own trailhead on the Dinosaur Tracks Road. The riding is easy beginner-level, with nothing technical and very little elevation change.

Riders approach the Chilkoot trailhead on the Dinosaur Tracks road. We're looking west. Yeah, the views are not exciting. But it's a useful trail. Photos May 21, 2014 by Bruce.

As a stand-alone trail Chilkoot won't raise much interest for hard-core Moab riders. But what it offers is a continuation of the easy western singletrack route of Klondike Bluffs riding area. There's now continous trail from Jurassic north to Jasper to Agate and now Chilkoot, a cruise of around 6 miles with very little climbing and no terror for newbies.

And it has a nice big trailhead parking lot, right on the main gravel road, with a toilet. So a lot of sedans and small SUVs park here even if they're headed to Jasper/Agate or Mega Steps.

View north from the beginning of the lariat loop as it forks off the Agate trail a few feet from the Agate trailhead parking.

The little lariat loop is only 1.4 miles long with about 30 feet of total elevation change. This makes it a plush and quick ride for beginners and kids. The scenery isn't inspiring as the trail winds through barely-vegetated dirt. But the singletrack is well-built and flows nicely.

The trail winds through boulders blackened with desert varnish. A few desert marigolds bloom in the May sunshine.

The circle of the lariat hits the dirt road to the dinosaur tracks. Here's a small parking area. It's just after the dinosaur tracks road turns east to head for the mountains, and just before the fork where a smaller road turns right toward the Agate trailhead, then goes on to the Mega Steps trailhead. The advantage of this trailhead is, it's on the main dirt road and is more friendly to RVs, sedans, and flimsy bike racks. (Note: this trailhead is a couple of miles away from the actual Dinosaur Track trailhead where Dino Flow starts.)

We're approaching the Chilkoot trailhead from the south. The trailhead sits at the top of the loop of the lariat.

From this northern trailhead, you can select the "Cutoff" trail which takes you quickly to the Agate trail 0.5 miles away, or the main Chilkoot trail which is a horrific 0.9 mile journey to Agate.

Looking south on the cutoff trail.

So what's this trail good for? It puts a bit more singletrack into the easy loop of Dinosaur road, Dino Flow, Jurassic, Jasper and Agate (see the Jurassic page). And it's a quick way to test the kid's abilities with a short ride.

Experts will use this trail as a connector when grinding out the miles at the end of a hard riding day, making a loop around the valley.

Easy pedaling.

Clockwise loop from the Agate Trailhead:
0.0  Go through fence, take right-most trail
0.3  Fork left to Pass
0.9  Chilkoot TH, keep R
1.1  Keep L
1.4  Back at Agate Trailhead

Looking down toward the Agate trailhead.

Getting there, Northern Klondike Chilkoot TH:  On Highway 191 8.5 miles south of I-70 and 6.5 miles north of the southern Klondike Bluffs road (about 5 miles north of the airport), watch for a "Northern Klondike" sign at N38 49.504 W109 46.893. Turn east (toward the sandstone bluff). Keep to the right as the road winds south around a small hill. 1.2 miles from the highway as the road is heading east toward the bluff, the Chilkoot trailhead is on your right.
Agate TH:  Go a bit past the fenced parking area then fork right on a fainter jeep road at N38 49.103 W109 46.061. (The main road continues to the dinosaur tracks, with an alternate trailhead here for the Dino Flow trail.) At mile 1.6 from the highway, you'll come to the TH for the Jasper and Agate loops (N38 49.087 W109 45.625) on your right.
Mega Steps TH:  Continuing past the Agate TH, at 2.0 miles you're at the bottom of Mega Steps at a larger parking area N38 49.179 W109 45.417.

Bathroom at Chilkoot TH. No water, no camping.

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