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New Templar Trail in Ephraim Canyon
Templar is 2.3 miles, but it connects to 6 different trails -- including Pioneer -- opening up a world of new loop options. Read about it on the Ephraim Canyon trail page.   Trail page...   October  2022. 

The "Spork" trail is awesome!
It's not finished yet, but the first 3.5 miles of this five-mile loop in Ogden Valley's North Fork Park are open for out-and-back riding. And it's so good that you shouldn't wait. It's engineered as a bikes-only trail. Go ride it now.   Trail page...   October  2022. 

New Sufferin Succotash and What's Up Doc trails!
There are two new trails in the Cutthroat riding area by Jordanelle. Sufferin Succotash joins the southern tip of the Wile E Coyote loop to the Coyote Loop on the ridgeline. Uphill or down. What's Up Doc joins the west side of Wile E Coyote uphill to Coyote mid-way between Cutthroat and the Looney Tunes trail. Lots of fun new riding options!   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Lonely Mountain and the Smaug loop. 
Lonely Mountain has been finished from the top of Mordor to Chop'd Coyote. Best done in the downhill direction. In the middle of Lonely Mountain is a quick loop called Smaug   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Big Dipper downhill-only, bikes-only
Big Dipper is a bikes-only downhill-only intermediate trail that descends from Milky Way near the top of Skyridge Peak. It's still a big loose, so you'll need to control your speed!   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Update for new trails at Tuhaye!
The HooDoo trail is a lot of fun with fabulous views. The Kings Light Loop has a couple of DH flow trails, and of course there's the old North Star trail -- still worthwhile. West Oak is detoured for subdivision construction. Info and tracks on my trail page!   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Lambert's Flow Trails Open
Both sides of the "Blue Flow" trail (as well as Pepper) are now open for riding in Lambert Park.   Trail page...   October  2022. 

Clark Ranch Loop is a fun ride!
The Sparky trail opened for riding this past weekend, and it's a very nice little loop! Only 3.5 miles, but the downhill makes it worth doing twice. It's a one-way flow trail.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

New Wormwood trail at Rabbitbrush in Hobble Creek...
This is a really fun little riding area, close to civilization. Great for a quick ride when there isn't much time. The Wormwood trail adds some new twists. Check out the video to see what it's like!   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Updates for a new DH trail, paved trailhead, and re-routes at Eagle Mountain...
The third DH trail is finished on Hickman Hill. The parking lot is paved and open. Supersonic and Cracker Jack have been re-routed above the construction area. It's going to be awesome!   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Checking out the rebuilt Dark Hollow trail...
I've been trying to hit Dark Hollow for a long time, but it's never worked out. And I wanted to evaluate possible loop rides for those who'd rather climb than shuttle. Finally made the ride.  Here's the latest info!    Trail page...   September  2022. 

BST from Mueller Park to North Canyon! NICE!
This 4-mile link between North Canyon and Mueller Park is proving very popular for loop rides. No it's NOT officially open yet, but tons of riders are doing it daily and the trail crew is letting them through. (The new BST north from Mueller Park is still under "hard closure" but may open late this fall.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Update for the singletrack options in lower North Canyon
You can't tell from Trailforks, but there are actually THREE trails in the bottom mile of North Canyon. Of course, there's the ugly gravel doubletrack we all rode in the past. But there's a singletrack climbing trail and a bikes-only DH trail alongside the road.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

The rebuilt Left Fork of Bunker Creek
So, it's been a secret that the Left Fork of Bunker Creek has been rebuilt and is open. And it's renamed as plain "Bunker Creek" while the historic Right Fork has been renamed "North Fork" because everybody was always confused on the left versus right thing. Got a video for you, too.   Trail page...   September  2022. 

Upper Spinal Tap: review and a video!
The upper 9-mile section of Spinal Tap in Richfield is open, although a bit of tweaking work is still going on. That makes 18 miles of continuous expert-level singletrack from 9700 feet elevation down to Richfield.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Mother Urban is done!
Lots of people waiting impatiently for this trail to finally be finished! The Mother Urban trail is complete, climbing from lower Sweeney's Switchbacks to Midmountain.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Climbing trail added to DH system at Iron Springs!
Adding to the ledger of strange trail names is jeYESup's climb. This 1.5-mile singletrack gets you to the top of sYdwindErS, Yes Please, and Yes Sir.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Middle Spinal Tap is now open
The middle section of Spinal Tap in Richfield is finished and open to riders. There's now 10.1 miles of downhill, out of 18 planned. Do it with a shuttle or ride the road uphill! The upper segment is expected to be complete in a month or so.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Climbing trail added to DH system at Iron Springs!
Adding to the ledger of strange trail names is jeYESup's climb. This 1.5-mile singletrack gets you to the top of sYdwindErS, Yes Please, and Yes Sir.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

New stuff at the Beaver Bench trail system
The trails now have official names and trail signs. I've added the newer Static Noise and Rambler trails to the trail page.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Green Flow opens at Lambert
The easier DH flow trail on Lambert's south end is now open. Climb to the top via the new Zag.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Mill Creek Meadows
This is an optional route off the Wasatch Crest that passes through several beautiful meadows. Or, it can be a brutal up-and-back lariat loop ride from Big Water. Has some steep spots, so Mill Creek Meadows is a downhill.   Trail page...   August 2022. 

Mother Urban status report!
Lots of people waiting impatiently for this trail to finally be finished! The Mother Urban trail is complete from the upper South Sweeney trail to Midmountain. My report tells you how to find the completed piece and ride it through some confusing intersections.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

The Town Loop -- update for Sweeney's and John's trails
Over 20 years ago, I first reported on the Town Loop ride in Park City. Here's an update with lots more navigation information and tons of photos.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New updated Dog Lake information
With a new plush Dog Lake to Mill D Connector trail, there are awesome ride options to consider for your Dog Lake trip. Drop over into Big Cottonwood for an add-on loop, or climb from Big Cottonwood on those dastardly odd-numbered days when you're banned from Mill Creek!   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Loose Moose and First Time Return!  Quickie DH ride.
Here's a short but sweet loop in Park City. Climb Jenni's and drop the one-way DH Loose Moose, part of CMG, and the First Time Return trails. Everything you need to know on this page.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Shadow Lake epic loop update
This monster ride was my first big alpine mountain bike ride. It was among the first few trail reviews published on UtahMountainBiking. In the last 20 years, many new trails have been created here. So it was high time to update the page, throw out the junk, but give you more information about the trails you'll be riding and your navigation options.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Cyn City DH flow trail
Well-built trail winds down the slope from Charlie's 9K trail to Midmountain trail in Park City. Loop or shuttle. Loads of fun -- you'll like this one!   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New 8-mile section of the BST from Wild Rose to North Canyon
Very nice plush trail extends from the middle of the North Canyon trail to the top of the Wild Rose system. More connecting BST coming soon! Recommend up-and-back to Rudy's Flat from Wild Rose   Trail page...   July 2022. 

No Worries -- a nice new way to hit Road to WOS
This great trail connects the Road to WOS loop through Toll Canyon and down to Arcylon. This makes a nice big ride that's fun and satisfying. Certainly worth the trip!   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New DH flow options at Arcylon! and XC trails connecting east and west
Here's an update to the Gorgoza Park area, with a rebuilt Gorgoza Park, new DH flow trails, and A Toll New World linking this area to Summit Park's trail system.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

New Upper Pipeline links Big Water and Elbow Fork in Mill Creek
If you do the shuttled Wasatch Crest ride, this is something you wanted. Rolling singletrack from Big Water down to the top of the Pipeline trail at Elbow Fork. Details added to an updated Pipeline trail page!    Trail page...   July 2022. 

Rattlesnake section of the BST!
Rattlesnake BST climbs from lower Mill Creek Canyon to the Pipeline. Once the Grandeur Peak BST is complete this fall, the BST will be complete from Mill Creek to Parley's.   Trail page...   July 2022. 

Hickman Hill beginner loops at Eagle Mountain
OK. So they're still working on the trailhead. And they're starting on another downhill trail option in a few days. But riders are taking their kids on these loops now, so here you go. Added to the northern Eagle Mountain area page.   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Mountain Green's Cottonwoods Trail System
Here are the details of the 20 trail segments within this trail system. Lots of photos, plus a recommendation for a big loop ride that ties the trails together.   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Great riding on Eden's Sidewinder trail!
Nice four-mile loop on the gentle slopes at the eastern side of Ogden Valley near Eden! Just off the road to Powder Mountain.   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Wile E Canyon Loop
This is great riding, but not known to many city folks just yet. Looney Tunes and Wile E Canyon were completed last fall and are now prime for riding!   Trail page...   June 2022. 

Mordor! Expert DH at Coyote.
Still working on updating the trail info and maps for this area, but I'm throwing the Isengard/Mordor area trail page out there now. Upper Potatoes, Lower Potatoes, Isengard, Lonely Mountain, Mordor. Awesome stuff. The trail page likely still has a typo or two, but you can look at the details while I update the other FIVE pages of trail reviews for the Coyote/Riverview riding area.  Trail page...   June 2022. 

Curley Springs raw singletrack loop
Short little adventure ride on narrow tight singletrack above the Crop Circles area. Not really a destination trail in itself but an add-on to a bigger ride in the area.   Trail page...  May 2022. 

Mahogany Bench Climb and Rojo Rolling downhill
Part 2 of the update to the Mahogany Mountain area, newly designated as official trails by the Forest Service. Lots of nice riding in the hills above Pleasant Grove and Cedar Hills.    Trail page for the Mahogany Bench southern area...  April 2022.
...and fresh updates to the Mahogany Mountain trail page and the northern Utah County Bonneville Shoreline page.

Edelweiss Trail on Traverse Ridge.
The Edelweiss trail connects eastern Eagle Crest to Ann's Trail near the Peak View trailhead. This creates an 8.4 mile dirt loop around Traverse Mountain. And it links the Peak View and Maple Hollow areas together without making you  ride city streets. We've been waiting many years for this!    Trail page...  April 2022. 

Sneaky Shiz and Thunderdome.
With names like that, you just know these trails will be serving up some delicious dirt. Sneaky Shiz runs from the Pleasant Grove BST up to Mahogany Mountain, then Thunderdome takes you on up to a fabulous viewpoint. There are no trail signs here -- so take your GPS navigation app with you -- and read this review to be prepared for the ride!   Trail page...  April 2022. 

Preview of the new DH trail at Fort Canyon.
There's a new upper-intermediate DH ride in upper Big Hollow above Fort Canyon in Alpine. But it's not officially open for riding yet. (Finishing touches still being done.) The chains were down last weekend -- and back up on Monday -- so maybe you can find a day to ride it soon! YouTube video featuring (almost) the entire length of the trail:   Play VIDEO    Fort Canyon trail page...  April 2022. 

Bonneville Shoreline Update - Slate Canyon to Spring Canyon
21 years ago, I set out from Slate Canyon towards Hobble Creek and turned around thinking "Wow, nobody would ever want to ride this!" Well, it's better now. Here's the info on the Bonneville Shoreline, as well as the alternate singletracks and the Slate Canyon DH flow trail. Worth a look!   Trail page...  April 2022. 

Rabbitbrush Trail at Hobble Creek
This is the first installment of a planned trail system for Hobble Creek. Nice little loop when combined with a bit of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Good ride for kids and beginners! Or if you're a local, go do some laps!   Trail page...  April 2022. 

Northern (Phase 3) trails at Valley Vista
Two stacked loops called The Pit and Hard Rock are ready to ride at Valley Vista. They can be reached via the Murdock Canal trail from the Cedar Hills trailhead, or by dropping onto Hard Rock from Molly's trail north of the main riding area.   Trail page...  March 2022. 

Awesome Quail Creek to Tipple Trail loop ride!
Here's Bruce's review of a nice loop in the Red Cliffs recreation area. Add it to a northbound ride on Prospector, or start at the White Reef trailhead for a nice easy 5-miler.   Trail page...  February 2022. 

Red Cliffs recreation area -- tons of trails. Here's where to start!
This trail page has zoomed-in views of the multiple smaller trails around the White Reef and Red Reef trailheads, with description of the connections to longer rides in the area.   Trail page...  February 2022. 

Confluence Park in La Verkin
This would be of interest only if you live there or are staying right in town and need something quick, low, and dry. There are some views of impressive basalt cliffs, but the riding is meh.   Trail page...  February 2022. 

White Reef to Leeds Reef
Can't believe it's been 11 years since I reviewed these trails. (And there's been a fire.) Time to start over and get all the latest information for you!   Trail page...  February 2022. 

Rusty Cliffs doesn't suck as much as they say.
Went back to this trail after 20 years. Read my review, then see if you want to try this little slice of adventure. Lots of nicer places to ride, but I had fun. Now if we could just carve a new alignment that goes around the 1/2-mile sand pit, it would be a great ride.   Trail page...  February 2022. 
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