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Maverick Trail? Just a little one-way off North 40.
At the Brand Trails (Bar M area), the Maverick Trail is a 1/2-mile twisting dirt ribbon. It's a one-way shortcut on the eastern side of the North 40 loop. The information has been added to the North 40 trail page.   Read more...  November 2012

Klonzo Trail System now open
The Klonzo Trails lie just east of the Sovereign/Salt Wash trail system, on Willow Springs Road north of Moab. Four miles are complete, with additional trails opening over the coming months.   Read more...  November 2012

We have a real store, you know.
In the spirit of tooting our own horn, let us show you around the UMB shop in Lehi. UMB is not just a web site. Come buy the highest-quality bike stuff. Go biking on Saturday, because we're only open Monday through Friday.  Read more...  November 2012

Wild Rose trails in North Salt Lake!
The easy Wild Rose Loop is 2.4 miles and starts right off the (paved) Bonneville Shoreline in the rugged foothills. There's a little DH trail, and nasty connectors to the ridgeline above City Creek Canyon.   Read more...  October 2012

The Agate and Jasper Loops. Easy stuff!
These two little connected loops have no exciting riding and feature blah uninspiring views. What Agate and Jasper offer is some very easy singletrack riding. The loops are in the Klondike Bluffs riding area north of Moab.   Read more...  October 2012

7-Up.  Dirt and rock route to the top of the Mag 7!
Another new trail in Moab is 7-Up. While most (lazy) riders are riding it as a shuttled downhill, it's a great climbing route to the top of Bull Run. This opens up some very nice but brutally long loop rides.   Read more...  September 2012

Jenni's Trail.  New riding option in Park City!
Just finished in August 2012, Jenni's Trail offers a new climbing option from Park City Mountain Resort to Midmountain. Several nice new loop options are now possible.   Read more...  September 2012

UMB racers on the podium!
UMB put 21 racers on the season podium for the Intermountain Cup, and won the team competition. Here's the story.   Read more...  September 2012

Elk Park. Uintahs riding near Flaming Gorge.
Elk Park has some flattish dirt roads for beginners and kiddies. But the real riding here is the Elk Park Loop, which I will charitably describe as a bit of an adventure.   Read more...  August 2012

Snowbasin's Basin Bash
10th and last ICup race of the 2012 season! 
The August 4 race at Snowbasin was a great finish to the Intermountain Cup racing season. UMB takes the team championship, and 21 UMB riders take spots as overall category winners for the season.    Read more...   August 2012

Solitude! 16th Chris Allaire Memorial
It was a beautiful day at Solitude Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, with trails in great shape. At the 9th race of the 10 races of the Intermountain Cup season, the UMB race team made a strong performance.    Read more...   July 2012

Wasatch Back 50
The third race of the USCS 2012 season was a brutal test of climbing: 7300 vertical feet over 52 miles. There were more than a few DNFs. The downhill was fun, fast, and sick on this race that included Soldier Hollow and ATV track in the Little Deer Creek area.    Read more...   July 2012

Red Pine Road Trail
The is the "other" Mill Creek Canyon trail. It's a fast climbing route to the Crest, or a blazing descent if you're trying to outrun a thunderstorm. Or do a six-mile loop ride, which I describe here.    Read more...   July 2012

Pine Cone Ridge
Here's the info on Pine Cone Ridge, a new trail that links Midmountain (near upper Armstrong) to the Wasatch Crest at Puke Hill. It is, without overstatement, a game-changer.  I've done it from Park City and from Mill Creek. It is awesome.    Read more...   July 2012

The new HAM trail in Park City... 
HAM is only 0.8 miles long. You might wonder why they bothered digging it. Well, it creates a good easy loop ride (or a last minute quickie), plus a new more-efficient route up to northbound Midmountain or to the Wasatch Crest via Pine Cone Ridge.   Read more...   July 2012

New "Prospector" Trail at Dutch Hollow
Prospector forks north from the top of Donkey Ridge and contours north to the Dutchman road. This opens up new riding combinations, and finally makes the area west of the road worth riding. Updated maps, GPX track for Prospector loop ride.   See our updated Dutch Hollow page...   July 2012

Snowbird Mountain Bout
In the 8th race of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season, riders found that the new downhill singletrack turned Snowbird from an OK race venue into a great big loop of fun. Here's the report from the race team.   Read more...   July 2012

Wimmer's XC at Sherwood
Here's the UMB team page for the Sherwood Hills race (delayed a few days by evacuation for the Alpine fire). In memory of Patrick McKnight.   Read more...   June 2012

Round Valley USCS race #2 report  
In an afternoon race in upper-80 heat, racers hit the twisting singletrack of Round Valley in the second Utah State Championship Series race of 2012. Here's a quick report and the run-down on the UMB team racer results.   Read more...   June 2012

Deer Valley Pedalfest report  
The Deer Valley Pedalfest for 2012 was a USA Cycling qualifier event. As such, racing categories were different than the usual ICup groups.   Read more...   June 2012

Deer Creek South Fork reroute opens
On National Trails Day on June 2, the UMB race team joined URMB (Utah Rocky Mountain Bikers, an IMBA-affiliated club) and many volunteers to open a new trail segment in American Fork Canyon. It's ready to ride. Do the Deer Creek South Fork Loop and check it out!   Read more...   June 2012

Rush is finished!!!
Section number 4 of Rush is now open and ready for business. (Some trail improvements are still going on.) The twisty turns are butter-smooth and highly bermed, jumps and stunts are there for those who want them.   Read more...   May 2012. Also see the new Corner Canyon overview page.

Stan Crane Memorial -- ICup racing at Draper  
On Memorial Day, the UMB team hits Corner Canyon in Draper for the 6th Intermountain Cup race of the season. Our racers deliver a good turnout and strong performances in the fun but tough race.   Read more...   May 2012

Eagles Rise singletrack at Mantua
New trail is ready to ride on the slopes east of Mantua Reservoir (above Brigham City, on the way to Logan). A scenic but short 2.5 mile loop is finished, with a partly-done side trail nearing a viewpoint -- ready to go if you're willing to walk 100 yards. Go to Eagles Rise page...   May 2012

Mantua Dike Trail. Nice family ride
Take your family around the Dike Trail, then go ride the new Eagle Rise singletrack while they try to catch a fish.  Go to Mantua Dike Trail page...     May 2012

Providence Canyon Trail.  
Gene and Joel helped me test this shady singletrack route up Providence Canyon south of Logan. The climb is pretty, and the downhill is amazing. It's a short ride (6.4 miles round trip), so you may want to combine it with another ride in the Logan area.  Read more...   May 2012

Hammerfest at the Hollow.  
The UMB team hits Soldier Hollow for the half-way point of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season.  The trails were perfect for the race, with sunshine and pleasant temperatures.   Read more...   May 2012

Sorenson Trail.  
This Heber-area trail was cut last fall and is being buffed up this spring. It's ready to ride now. It traverses the mountain from Highway 32 to Coyote Canyon at the north end of Heber. It's 6 miles in length with almost constant views over the Heber Valley.   Read more...   May 2012

Sundance Spin!
At Sundance Resort in the North Fork of Provo Canyon, the UMB team hits the fun twisty singletrack of the Intermountain Cup's 4th race of the season.   Read more...   May 2012.

Five Mile Pass!
The UtahMountainBiking team makes a strong showing in the dusty doubletrack of Five Mile Pass. The morning started with a chilly wind, but conditions were great for the race at 10 a.m. as Intermountain Cup racers hit the third race in the 2012 series.  Read more...   April 2012.

USCS Lambert Park race. Awesome!
The trail was perfect for the high-speed Lambert Park race that kicks off the 2012 Utah State Championship Series of four races.  UMB was well-represented at this event, putting nine racers onto the podium.  Read more...   April 2012.

North Ogden Bonneville Shoreline update.  
I've been waiting 10 years for this trail to be finished. But here's the latest update, including a helpful multi-track GPX file and high-res map that shows the connectors to subdivision trailheads. It's the current navigation for those heading north from Rainbow Gardens.   Read more...   April 2012.

Pineview Trail.  Short fun ride for the kids..
I've done the Pineview Trail a few times with scout groups and as a return route from the Southern Skyline loop. But I didn't realize that there was no information about it on this site. Until now...  Read more...   April 2012.

UFO.  Nice change for the Baby Steps Loop at Klondike.
UFO is a short singletrack and slickrock trail connecting the top of Baby Steps South to Little Salty. UFO lets you bypass a couple of miles of worthless dirt road when riding Baby Steps Loop. I also describe a 12-mile lariat loop that's a quick and satisfying ride.  Read more...   April 2012.

Cactus Hugger!  ICup Race 2.
Red Rock's Cactus Hugger was held April 7 at the Green Valley competition area of St. George. Highlights were great weather and fine technical singletrack riding. Here's the report from the UMB race team.  Read more...   April 2012.

North 40.  The latest in the Brand Trails complex.
North 40 is a loop or figure-eight ride within the north end of the Bar M loop. Great for experienced beginners or early-intermediate riders. I describe a loop that combines North 40 with the slickrock trails east of Bar M.  Read more...   March 2012.

Dino Flow Trail.  New easy option in the Klondike Bluffs area!
This trail runs parallel to the EKG Trail, transecting Baby Steps (North and South) and Little Salty before ending on Mega Steps. It's mostly dirt and is quick riding for the tired or the inexperienced.   Read more...   March 2012.

Great Escape. New trail in the Mag 7 area.  
Great Escape opened for bike tires this spring. This trail is similar to Arth's Corner and Little Canyon Singletrack. Not too tough, not too technical. It offers nothing radically new, but is another nice riding option in the area. I describe a long ride and a short ride.  Read more...   March 2012.

True Grit Epic race report!  
The 2012 True Grit had 23, 50, and 100-mile options. The weather was fabulous, and the trails were fun but brutal. racers took 2 podium spots. Here's the race report from Bruce.  Read more...   March 2012.

Desert Rampage!  ICup 2012 Race Number One is History.
On March 3, racers from the region fled the snowy north for the sunny dirt of St. George. This always-fun race course was a great start to the Intermountain Cup 2012 season.  Read more...   March 2012.

Try new CocoNutz Fuel!
We have the new energy balls from CocoNutz Fuel in stock at the UMB shop. This is the great on-trail energy food developed by Casey Zaugg, cycling pro with the UMB Race Team. Call UMB at 801-653-2689 or  order CocoNutz Fuel on-line.   January 2012

Congratulations on a successful 2012 Frozen Hog team members were at the 2012 Frozen Hog as volunteers and as racers. Team Pro Casey Zaugg takes 2nd place.  Frozen Hog website...   For Race Team results, read more.   January 2012
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