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The Snakepit
This is a short but fun trail that links the eastern and western sides of the Stucki Spring trail. It can be used for a mini-loop with the southern side of Stucki. This will become a very popular option as more riders learn about this trail.   Read more...   December 2011

Wow!  Lots of new stuff for Stucki Springs.
The Stucki Spring page is now updated, with riding options from Bloomington, Santa Clara, and Green Valley. I've uploaded individual GPX course files with by-the-mile ride descriptions (linking to single-page riding guides).   Read more...   December 2011

The new Bearclaw Poppy options
The page has new photos, much more information, and a more detailed ride description. The all-area track file has connectors to new stuff like Snake Pit, Snake Pit Rim, Stucki cut-off, the wash along the acid drops, and more.    Read more...   December 2011

June's Bottom. A very nice looking bottom.
June's Bottom is a big slickrock area on Navajo sandstone overlooking the Green River. There's a descending trail down to the river's edge. Located about 6 miles south of Bull Bottom. You've got to do this trail, if only for the jokes about June's Bottom.   Read more...   November 2011

Guacamole Update!
I made it back to the Guacamole Trail this week. The maps and web page have been updated to show the newer  singletrack on the west side and south end. The GPX files include the new stuff, and have been sharpened to remove some 2006-era blundering around looking for the trail.   Read more...   November 2011

EKG Trail
This trail is four miles of continuous technical sandstone. Although there's no overall elevation gain, the trail rocks up and down for 1000 vertical. It starts on Baby Steps south, transects Little Salty and Baby Steps North, and joins Mega Steps at the north end.  Read more...   November 2011

Mega Steps! More riding options off the Baby Steps Loop.
At the far north end of the Klondike Bluffs riding area, Mega Steps ties the top of the Baby Steps Loop to Copper Ridge road below. Intersecting the EKG Trail at its northern end, it provides many different riding options.  Read more...   November 2011

Little Salty: nice sandstone riding
Little Salty is an up-down route on the tilted sandstone north of Klondike Bluffs. It transects the Baby Steps loop, creating an easier Baby Steps option, a loop via Mega Steps, or an alternate climbing route.  Read more...   November 2011

Longbranch in Brand Trails area
This is a short expert-level trail that links Deadman's Ridge with Bar B's southern end. It just opened for business this fall. The sample ride (with GPX track file for your navigation pleasure) is 12 miles.  Read more...   November 2011

New Beginner Trail: Rusty Spur in Moab's Brand Trails
Rusty Spur is a short, very easy singletrack loop trail in the Brand Trail area north of Moab. You can get to it via the paved Old 191 bike trail from Moab, or ride from the Brand Trail parking. Suitable for kiddies and rank beginners!  Read more...   November 2011

White Rock! Fun new climb with great views.
Thanks to Gene Poncelet for letting this little cat out of the bag. Stan is still digging the last few feet of this trail, but it's ready to ride. White Rock makes a great loop ride in the fall colors near Brigham City, or it's another option on the 4200-foot climb to Grizzly Peak!  Read more...   October 2011

Rhythm & Blues. A fun little Moenkopi bikefest!
It has snowed. Time to think, once again, about Moab and St. George! Rhythm & Blues is a short (2.6 mile) expert-level loop nestled in the triangle between Harrisburg Bench, US-9, and the Quail Creek road (between I-15 and Hurricane).   Read more...   October 2011

Huntsman World Senior Games... Mountain Biking report!
Three Race Team members went to St.George for the 2011 Senior Games. Here's the scoop on how they did.   Read more...   October 2011

Midmountain to Johns99. Nice 'n Easy.
Almost every time I'm in the Park City Mountain Resort parking lot, someone pulls up and asks how they can ride the Midmountain Trail without any brutal climbing. Well, here's the answer.  Read more...   September 2011

Park City's Rossi Hill, Gina's, and etc.
By request, a route for pavement-phobic riders who want to connect an off-the-mountain at Deer Valley with a started-the-ride at Park City Mountain Resort's parking.  Read more...   September 2011

UMB Race Team season honors
At the team season picnic, we honored those racers who made outstanding efforts during 2011. Here's the run-down on the picnic menu... and the racers who, by vote of the team, won awards for the season.  Read more...   September 2011

Wasatch Crest to Midmountain Loop!
Here are the options (and my recommendations) for this epic ride. Individual course tracks for the more popular routes. The "featured ride" starts at the doubletrack on Guardsman Road in Big Cottonwood.   Read more...   September 2011

Speedbag Loop. Another quickie from Daly Canyon
Another "not your typical tourist destination" ride. A quick little jaunt at relatively lower altitude, with a blazing descent down narrow tree-infested singletrack on Speedbag.  Read more...   September 2011

TG Classic Loop... A big satisfying ride!
Up Tour des Suds to Moose Bones, across to TG, then down to Johns 99, Johns, 4:20, then Gravedigger for a big 13-mile tour of some of Park City's best. This is a ride you've got to do. Add it to your Park City list!  Read more...   September 2011

Moosehouse Loop
A little off the beaten track, this 6-miler starts in Daly Canyon and climbs via Empire Link to Johns99, then rapidly drops down Moosehouse to Gravedigger. Forested riding, not a lot of views, but fun trail. Option of rad DH lines on Moosehouse versus fairly tame intermediate descent.  Read more...   September 2011

Ruby Loop
Most of this loop is brand-new trail, some of which just opened two days before my ride. So I was probably the first to put this particular loop together, and since it rides past the top of the Ruby Lift, I'm calling it the Ruby Loop. Oh, yeah, and it's a great little ride.  Read more...   September 2011

Flat Cable - Johns99 Loop
Another "what the..." navigation nightmare through the most complex area of Park City's trails. Offering good stuff away from the busier trails, this 12-mile 1800-vertical loop is a fun ride. Take a GPS track or pay really close attention to the mile-by-mile ride description.  Read more...   September 2011

Scott's Pass Loop from Park City
Are you one of those insane hammerheads who complains that Park City doesn't have enough mountains? Here's a nice climb for you. 3700 vertical in one 8-mile chunk, then 11 miles back to your car. And what the hey... Where did the Dead Tree go?  Read more...   September 2011

Tour des Suds... Is this trail still worthy?
While sitting around with a broken toe, I updated my old Tour des Suds page with track files and photos from a recent ride. The Tour will never be what it formerly was. But these riding directions will let you navigate up the mountain for a great loop ride eastbound or westbound.  Read more...   September 2011

Bowhunter Loop  (Team Big Bear and Flagstaff Loop)
Very nice ride from Deer Valley climbs to 9100 feet and circumnavigates the mountain to provide clear views in all directions. 10-mile short ride, or start from the lower lodge for a 17-mile 2000-vertical day.  Read more...   September 2011

Armstrong Trail in Park City...
This is a new four-mile climbing trail (one-way only for bikes!) that extends from the Spiro trailhead to the Midmountain Trail. I describe a 10-mile loop ride, plus a bunch of more adventurous longer rides using the Armstrong Trail as your climb.  Read more...   August 2011

Pioneer Trail!
Pioneer is a fun three-mile bikes-only trail in upper Ephraim Canyon. I rode up the canyon road to combine Pioneer with Flume for a 13.2-mile ride.   Read more...   August 2011

Flume Trail in Ephraim Canyon.
This fun little trail meanders along an old flume path before starting a 15% one-mile plunge into the valley. After the mid-summer snowdrifts melt high on the mountain, it can be combined with the Pioneer Trail for a 2500-vertical DH-fest.  Read more...   August 2011

New Potato Hill trailhead -- another Traverse Mountain option!
The gravel roller just finished prepping the parking area at Potato Hill, so the new trailhead is ready to receive your bike. Use Potato Hill as a starting point for some interesting loop rides.  Read more...   August 2011

The new Draper Rim route -- Ann's Trail.
The final cutting has been completed on this 6-mile route on Traverse Mountain below Suncrest. Best as part of a 10-plus mile loop. The eastern end is still a little rough, but it's worth your attention.  Read more...   August 2011

Snowbasin ICup Season Finale!
After 11 races, the 2011 Intermountain Cup racing series is over.  At the season-ender on Saturday July 30th, racers enjoyed great trails and nice weather, as UMB and Mad Dog fought for the team season championship in the Basin Bash XC.  Read more...   July 2011

Chris Allaire Memorial at Solitude
The 10th race of the Intermountain Cup season had great weather and magnificent trails at Solitude Resort. A new race loop changed the dynamics by cutting off that hateful road-grunt. The riding at Solitude has never been better than it is this year.   Read more...   July 2011

USA Cycling Nationals:
Results for racers

Utah riders take to the podium at the national championship in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Read more...   July 2011

Mountain Bout at Dutch Hollow
The "Snowbird" Mountain Bout was moved to Dutch Hollow by Midway, because people are still skiing on the bike trails at Snowbird. At Dutch Hollow, racers found a great no-apologies race course with tight twisting singletrack.   Read more...   July 2011

Wimmers XC at Sherwood
Perfect weather, great trail. The 8th race of the Intermountain Cup season was at Sherwood Hills in the mountains south of Logan. The temperature was pleasant, the trail was buff, and the scenery was beautiful. Could you ask for more?  Read more...   May 2011

Deer Valley Pedalfest -- a great day of racing at ICup race #7.
The snow was still heavy on the upper slopes of Deer Valley, but a minor trail route change put the event onto dry smooth singletrack. This race was a USAC qualifier and the State Championship.  Read more...   May 2011

Yoo Hoo DH
This trail is a DH continuation of the awesome Shamrock & Roll on the mesa north of Price. Only the first section is buffed; the rest is roughed in but still needs some work to be worthy. But if you're interested, here's a description of a 12-mile loop that will let you try Yoo Hoo.   Read more...   June 2011

Floating Rocks Loop
Prediction: this is going to be your favorite ride in Price. This route is dumbbell-shaped, with a loop of other trails on each end of Floating Rocks. Plenty of rim riding, great views, some tech downhill, and lots of fun. 13.3 miles with a 16.5-mile version that adds three add-on meanders.   Read more...   June 2011

Knott Pete's Rim and Wyatt's Way to The Devil's Backbone
Why does every trail in Price need an apostrophe? Anyway, here's installment #2 on the Luke's area trails in Price. A couple of quick little rides on the southern edge of the mesa overlooking town.   Read more...   June 2011

The Price is Right!  Luke's Trail revisited... with Alan's Alley and the Bonus Loop
Explored 14 trails on the mesa around Luke's Trail north of Price. This update to Luke's is the first installment. Oh so many trails, so many riding options. Looking for a place to do major miles while waiting for the snow to clear?   Read more...   June 2011

Memorial Day race report!  ICup race #6.
The weather did everything it could to mess up the Stan Crane Memorial race in Draper. An inch of rain, plus snow, fell overnight, and the temperature at registration was in the upper 30s. But those who braved the weather had great (wet) racing.   Read more...   May 2011

Hammerfest!  ICup race #5.
Here's the race report for the Hammerfest at the Hollow ICup race. The UMB team scores well, but drops to 2nd in season ranking as Mad Dog again scores big.   Read more...   May 2011

Sundance Spin at Soldier Hollow!  ICup race #4.
The new trail setup proved to be great and the weather was nice for racing. The Mad Dog team really sank their teeth into this race.  The cantankerous canines showed up in a massive pack and snatched the kibble from the under-manned UMB team.   Read more...   May 2011

Bull Canyon.  Nice new variations on an old tired classic.
Bull Canyon is a gravel road then ATV track to a foot trail under the Gemini Bridges arches. Never been excited about it. Add it to the Two Tortoise Rock loop, or do a Tour de Bridge above and below Gemini Bridges via the Magnificent 7, and it becomes something you may want to do!   Read more...   May 2011

Chicken Corner.  A report by "The" Chicken
This is one of the least-technical rides in Moab, but it's 43 miles long. The views are amazing. And it ends at fabulous Chicken Corner, where, just around the bend in the rock above the river Jesse James' treasure awaits. As far as I know.    Read more...   May 2011

Two Tortoise Rock - a nice loop ride
Two Tortoise Rock offers easier riding with fantastic views. This trail is found just off the Gemini Bridges road, and offers a trip to below the arches via Bull Canyon as a possible add-on. Options for 6-mile, 16-mile, 20-mile or even 32-mile versions.   Read more...   May 2011

By request -- the dope on Old 191 paved trail in Moab
A very enjoyable 8-mile stretch of paved bike path replaces the old dirt 191 route. Access to the Brand Trails, Gemini Bridges, and the Canyonlands road.   Read more...   May 2011

Five Mile Pass!  Report from the UMB race team.
Five Mile Pass was dry and dusty, which was a welcome change from the ugly weather of the last couple of years. The UMB ICup squad came out in force and enjoyed a sunny race in perfect temperatures.   Read more...   May 2011

Bull Bottom -- worth going into the middle of nowhere!
This is an area of slickrock along the Green River south of I-70. The riding is lots of fun and pretty easy. The scenery is pretty (once you're on the bike). The remoteness requires a bit of preparation.   Read more...   May 2011

Rusty Nail Trail. Another way to play with Golden Spike.
The Rusty Nail trail can be the downhill part of a nice Gold Bar to Golden Spike loop, or it can be the climbing route to Golden Spike for a long point-to-point ride to Poison Spider.   Read more...   May 2011

Little Creek. An update to the latest update.
I've got a more-accurate GPS track for those who want to do the Big Loop -- it gets rid of the "detours" and riding in circles in the hard-to-follow spots. I've added a couple of new on-trail guides and more riding options, and updated the mile-by-mile.   Read more...   April 2011

Gold Bar Singletrack. Good stuff.
Here's Installment #4 of the Magnificent 7: The Gold Bar Singletrack, formerly known as the Blue Dot trail. (Upper Blue Dot is closed!) The ST, plus a bit of the Gold Bar Rim, will put you on the cliffs above the highway, ready to continue with Golden Spike, the 5th section of the Mag 7.   Read more...   April 2011

Little Canyon Singletrack. Magnificent 7 segment 3.
Installment #3 on the Mag 7 is the Little Canyon ST, 2.3 miles in length. It's fairly easy riding, before the brutal tech of the Gold Bar segment. So you could be forgiven if you just did the first 3 segments for an 11-mile fun ride, then shuttled back to the top.  Read more...   April 2011

Arth's Corner. Mellow slickrock and singletrack.
Installment #2 on the Mag 7 is Arth's Corner. Only 1.5 miles long, Arth's can also be a nice family or beginner ride. Do it as an out-and-back or as a loop using the Gemini Bridges road. If you're riding the Mag 7, you're 8 miles into it when you finish Arth's Corner.  Read more...   April 2011

Bull Run -- not quite finished -- starts the Magificent 7
Installment #1 on the Mag 7 is Bull Run. This 6-mile segment starts on the upper Gemini Bridges road and cruises over tech slickrock and singletrack down to just above the twin arches.   Read more...   April 2011

Moab Rim to Hidden Valley Loop
Here's a brutal loop loop of adventure and fine riding -- for those who don't mind a bit of rock-scrambling while carrying their bike. This route ties Moab Rim, Hidden Valley, and Pipe Dream together.  Read updated Moab Rim page...    Read about Hidden Valley...    April 2011

Grafton Wash -- ST between Goose NE Rim and Grafton Mesa
Here's the low-down on a route that connects all the trails of Gooseberry to the singletrack of Grafton Mesa.  Not sure exactly how this would fit into your ride plans, but here's how to do it.  Read more...   April 2011

Pipe Dream Trail in Moab
This is fun singletrack just below the cliffs on the southwest corner of the Moab Valley. Upper-intermediate in tech requirement, with a few tricky spots and some steep mountainside exposures. About 10 miles out-and-back, or make an easier loop ride. Worth doing.    Read more...   April 2011

Interactive map of Utah trails
New feature! Zoom to area trails and trailheads on map or satellite views.  Programmed by Todd.  Choose a riding region, then zoom-in to see the trails, color-coded by difficulty. Hover over trails for name.   Let's see the map!   April 2011

Tech singletrack on Grafton Mesa... Very fun!
I found three new trail sections on Grafton Mesa that you'll want to ride. These trails are easy to miss, so you'll want to use my new map and riding directions. Downloadable GPX course files for a mesa-top figure-8 ride and big loop as well as the classic DH plunge.    Read more...   April 2011

Cholla Challenge - ICup race #2
At Warner Valley south of Hurricane, the UtahMountainBiking team takes on the tough Cholla Challenge desert race course. Here's the report on the race, plus links to photos and video.   Read more...   April 2011

Rockstacker and Jackson
You may have heard rumors of a highly technical alternate trail down from Amasa Back. Here's 4 miles of very tough and hazardous riding for those very skilled riders who are looking for adventure.    Read about Rockstacker...   Read about Jackson Singletrack...    March 2011

Lazy-EZ Loop - in the Brand Trails system
This trail is an easy 3-mile loop inside the Bar M Loop north of Moab. It will excite riders who need a place to take beginners, scout troops, and non-excited spouses.For experts, it offers a more-fun route to the big stuff at Deadman's, Bar B, Rockin A, and Circle O.    Read more...   March 2011

Miners Run
Only a few adventurous riders will want to consider this route. To find it and navigate the route, you need a GPS unit that displays tracks at high resolution. You need a sharp eye for cairns. The reward is tech riding on a lot of slickrock on the edge of the San Rafael Swell.    Read more...   March 2011

Pothole Arch Trail
This is a fun trail with great scenic views. Unfortunately for the less-strong and unskilled (me), you have to get to it by climbing the Amasa Back trail first. I describe a 15-mile ride that you'll want to add to your Moab bucket list.   Read more...   March 2011

Little Creek trails update
I'm getting a lot of requests for updated Little Creek information. So here's what I have: by-the-mile riding directions for the West Mesa Loop, the Small Sandstone Loop, and the newer East Point Loop. Download individual "course" riding files for your Edge (or other) GPS system for all three loops.   Read more...   March 2011

The Intermountain Cup Series is underway!
The UtahMountainBiking team finds warm weather and fun riding at the Red Rock Rampage, the first race of the 2011 Intermountain Cup Race Series.   Read more...   March 2011

Gooseberry Secret Trail - Status Report!
The Harris Secret Trail on Gooseberry is a bit overgrown. Needs some Tough Love with pruning shears. If you ride it now, I suggest shin guards or knee socks plus forearm protection such as long-sleeve jersey or arm warmers.   Read more...   February 2011

Icehouse Trail! A nice zippy downhill.
This trail is lots of fun. Even with a long crank up the Turkey Farm road for the shuttle-less. Very speedy with great flow. Quite a different feel from upper Broken Mesa, which joins the bottom half of this trail.   Read more...   February 2011
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