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Final race of the Cyclocross season 
In a snowy cold day at Fort Bueneventura, the race team slips and slides its way through the final race of the 2009 CX season, finishing in 7th place.   Read more...  December 2009

Flintstone DH Trail
This is an expert mile down the northeast corner of Lake Mountain, with man-made stunts and some pretty hairy natural rock drops. 4.7 mile loop ride from Eagle Mountain's bike park. For experts only.  Read more...  December 2009

Cyclocross race 10 at Draper's Equestrian Center
Next to last race of the season. The weather is cold, with frozen ruts down near the pond, but it was a great day to race. The UMB team gets some good placements.   Read more...  November 2009

Mountain Ranch Bike Park
With a large skills area, pump track, jump line, and DH trails with man-made stunts, Eagle Mountain's bike park is the biggest and best I've seen in Utah. Even riders in Salt Lake valley will find it's surprisingly fast to get there via Redwood Road.  Read more...  December 2009

2010 Frozen Hog registration is now open! is pleased to announce that Bike Peddler (of American Fork) will be the managing sponsor of the Frozen Hog. The race is set for 9 am, Saturday February 6, with staging at the Bowery Pavilion in Alpine's Lambert Park. Posted November 2009.
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Double-Cross weekend at Wasatch and Wheeler...
The weather wasn't as bad as predicted, so the UMB Cross Team had a great time racing Saturday in Heber at the Wasatch fairgrounds and in Salt Lake at Wheeler Farm on Sunday. Our new CX team is in 7th place for the season.  Read more...  November 2009

Frozen Hog 2010 will be Saturday February 6! is pleased to announce that Bike Peddler (of American Fork) will be the managing sponsor of the Frozen Hog. The race is set for 9 am, Saturday February 6.  Preliminary information...  Posted November 2009

Germania Dirt Trail
This little dirt loop is (as far as I know) the only official dirt singletrack on the floor of Salt Lake Valley. It's brand new. So what's it good for? Winter riding. Family rides. Beginners. Cyclocross practice. The trail is accessed from the Jordan River Parkway in Murray.  Read more...  November 2009

CX #7 at the Weber County Fairgrounds!
The UMB Cross Team hits the Weber course and despite a few flat tires, manages to move up in the standings to 7th place for the season.  Read more...  November 2009
UtahMountainBiking is Mountain Bike Team of the Year!
In a repeat performance, UtahMountainBiking has been named Mountain Bike Team of the Year by Cycling Utah magazine, in recognition of our trail work and domination of the Intermountain Cup competition.  November 2009

Double Cross Weekend at Wheeler Farm!
Races 5 and 6 of the 2009 Cyclocross season saw 17 UMB Cross Team riders compete in 25 races. This included two 1st-place finishes as well as a 2nd and a 3rd place.  Read more...  November 2009
25 hours of Frog Hollow
UMB team members Joel Quinn and Jake Weber were part of this race. Joel's team took 1st place in the corporate category. Jake Weber files the report.  Read more... November 2009

Cyclocross race #4 at Draper
The largest group of UMB team racers ever hits the race course at the Draper Equestrian Center and grabs some good finishes! That's in spite of a few flats and mechanicals.   Read more...  October 2009

Cyclocross race #3 at Heber
On October 17, a small UMB contingent races in the third CX race of the season. But while few in number, the team does well enough to move upward in the season standings!   Read more...  October 2009

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The new Corner Canyon one-way bike trail... 
There's been a lot of excitement about the new downhill-only bicycle-preferred trail that's coming together in Corner Canyon. The top half is ready to ride, from the top of Clarks to the Pipeline trail above the Ghost Falls South connector. The map and the GPS track are temporarily on the Canyon Hollow / Brocks Point page.    Link to the Canyon Hollow page...   October 2009
24 hours of Moab
Two UMB team members hit the race. Jake Weber for his 2nd time, and Steve Brumbaugh for six times. "What else is there that allows you the opportunity to suffer from hypothermia one moment and within about 4 hours, you are sunburned to a crisp? It truly is a unique experience." Jake's report    Steve's blog...

Cyclocross race #2 at the Weber Fairgrounds
The report of the growing UMB CX team for race #2 is now ready. Thanks, Dan! Seven UMB riders hit the CX track, with Jeff Kingsford doing two races. Looks like FUN stuff!   Read more...  October 2009
Senior Games at St. George!
UMB Team members Jay Griffin and Joel Quinn hit the Mountain Biking events at the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George on October 12 and 13. Each of them won the overall championship in their category for the event, with a total of 5 gold and one silver between them!  Read more... October 2009's Cyclocross Team starts the season
Our race team, only in its fifth year, is expanding into other areas of racing. Check out our CX page and link to the report on the first race of the cyclocross season!   Read more...  October 2009
Center Canyon (Daniel's Creek) - Why bother?
This is a short trail (about three miles round trip) in the middle of Daniel's Canyon southeast of Heber. Option of riding higher as singletrack turns steep and ugly. Not to be confused with Center Trail in Diamond Fork area. Read more... September 2009
Widowmaker 2009!
UMB team member Justin Griffin has again won the Snowbird Widowmaker hillclimb event with a time of 55:51. Not bad for somebody who's not old enough to shave yet! Eric Ellis took 4th overall, 2nd in his 20-29 age group. Jay Griffin took 1st place in the 50+ group and 5th place overall. Good job guys! September 2009

Green Canyon - A favorite of Logan locals
The Green Canyon trail starts right at the edge of northeast Logan. It's a gentle climb on smooth fun trail. Most riders do 4 miles to the fence, or you can ride another 1.7 miles up narrower singletrack before turning back at the (unmarked) wilderness border.   Read more...   September 2009

Fifth Water Ridge
This is a "so good I can't believe I've never heard of it" type of ride. Located near Strawberry Ridge, this 12-mile, 1500-vertical loop ride is absolutely great. It's a nice mix of smooth trail and great views with a smattering of short challenges thrown in.   Read more...   September 2009
Steep Hollow to Steam Mill Canyon Loop
Neil and the guys in Logan have posted a GPS track file and photos for this loop ride of about 11 miles with 2000 vertical feet of climbing. Located just uphill from Bunchgrass. Want to try it?  Read more...   September 2009

Willow Creek 025 - French Hollow
Located south of Soldier Creek and Strawberry Reservoir, Willow Creek 025 connects to several trails that drop down from FR 090. FR 090 is actually a very nice bike ride by itself. On this page, I describe 4 loop options of varying difficulty, ranging from an epic 36-miler with over 4000 vertical to a little 7-mile giggler.  Read more...  September 2009

Center Trail to Strawberry Ridge Loop
Tough 18-plus mile ride with over 4000 vertical feet of climbing, at an average altitude of 8000 feet. Awesome ride. Climb up Second Water, cross five mountains on the Center Trail to Fifth Water. Climb to the Strawberry Ridge Road for more up-and-down riding before the descent.  Read more...  September 2009
Pocatello Endurance Festival
At the big endurance race in Pocatello, Joel Quinn took 1st place in 20K, Justin Griffin got 2nd place in 40k, and Jay Griffin hurried behind Justin for 3rd place in the 40K. September 12, 2009

Race Team Season Picnic and Awards
Over 60 UMB race team members came to a cookout at Lambert Park on September 12. We honored our "workhorses" and presented special awards to several team members. Who was our Racer of the Year?  Read more...  September 2009
UMB team racers at the Park City P2P race!
Brian Oliver and Dan Hutchings competed in the Park City Point 2 Point endurance race. Of 168 racers, 131 finished, including our guys! Brian had a time of 9 hours 39 minutes. 

Sleepy Hollow -- Big climb, bigger views
This is a scenic but stiff climb in the hills north of Strawberry Reservoir. The view from 10,000 feet is spectacular. Can be done as an 8 mile (round trip) out-and-back with 1800 feet of climbing, or as part of a loop ride including Co-op Creek. Season June through September.  Read more...  August 2009
Snowbird Hill Climb
Justin Griffin raced to a first place, junior division, in the Snowbird Hill Climb road race on Aug 22, 2009. He took 19th place overall out of over 300 racers.

The Mount Ogden 50K race at Snow Basin
Eleven riders from the UMB race team participated in this long and brutal race on August 22. Five were members of two-man relay teams riding one lap each. Eleven did the whole thing. Here's the report of how our riders did.   Read more...  August 2009

Co-op Creek Trail!  Awesome.
The Co-op Creek Trail is gentle singletrack climbing along the side of Co-op Creek to an elevation of 8,900 feet. Great views in the lower canyon, pretty aspen forest higher up. For the hard-core, add the Chicken Creek ATV route and the singletrack Sleepy Hollow trail.  Read more...  August 2009

The Foreman Trail. Can you take it?
The Foreman Trail is where you send your buddies when you're really, really mad at them. Well, maybe it's not that bad, but you will suffer. Shingle Hollow is pretty, and the loop is worth doing if you're looking for adventure. In Daniel's Canyon near the summit.  Read more...  August 2009

Willow Creek - Fun and easy singletrack
The Willow Creek trail itself is only two miles long, but I've put together a loop-within-a-loop route for a 14 mile ride with five miles of singletrack. Or, you can just do a simple out-and-back. Climbing is gentle and easy.  Read more...  August 2009

2009 ICup season champions!
Running up a new record of 1599 team points for the season, UMB keeps the ICup trophy for another year. This was a hard-fought campaign, with runner-up Mad Dog scoring 1375 and Revolution also getting over 1000 points.  Season Champions Page...  August 2009

IMBA Trailwork Trophy for 2009
With over 350 hours of trail work done by our race team members, UMB has again won the IMBA Trailwork Trophy for the 2009 season. Team members worked on new trail for five major trail systems, and performed trail improvement and maintenance for many existing trails.    UMB's trailwork scrapbook...  August 2009

Rock the Canyons - the final ICup race of 2009
The final ICup race was rather warm, brutal, and treacherous. This interesting course featured an unending tough climb followed by a rocky rooty moon-dusty descent where hazards awaited you around blind corners.  Read more...  August 2009

The Skyline Drive -- 75 dirt miles at 10,000 feet
The Skyline Drive is the alpine equivalent of the White Rim Trail -- a multi-day bike ride on dirt road with incredible views. Perfect for a scout troop to ride their bikes to the next camping spot on a 3 or 4 day trip. It's possible to ride the whole thing in one day, but certainly not easy.  Read more...  July 2009

Taming the Tetons... The Jackson Hole race report
It was an absolutely beautiful morning in Wyoming as the UMB race team hit the fun and technical singletrack at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Flat tires, crashes, and damaged bikes... but our determined riders got across the line.   Read more...  July 2009

Utah State Open - UMB at the Solitude race
July 18 was a beautiful day in Big Cottonwood Canyon, and the new race loop was a lot of fun. Temperatures were nice for the first wave, but getting a bit warm and dusty for the mid-day racers.   Read more...  July 2009

Snowbird Mountain Bout race report.
Riding through intermittent drizzle, the UMB team hits the slopes of Snowbird for the 9th ICup race of the season. The race loop has some new singletrack switchbacks that replace the dreaded Dick Bass Highway. Now if we can only do something about that doggone Tram Road...  Read more...  July 2009

Breaking ground for Corner Canyon's new bicycle-preferred downhill-only trail. This trail will span from the upper Clarks trailhead on Traverse Ridge down to the Silica Pit with plenty of swooping turns on its 3.5-mile run. Most of the trail will be hand-built. Please volunteer to help dig!  July 2009

Dead Horse Point's Big Chief Trail! Here's the scoop.
The new bike trail at Dead Horse Point tries to please everybody, and I think it succeeds. It's fun and satisfying for experienced riders, yet non-threatening and non-brutal for beginners. At 6000 feet, it's a great trail for an afternoon ride while it's hot hot hot in Moab.   Read more...  June 2009

The Strawberry Narrows Trail!
This is a high-voltage scenic ride. To do the whole thing as an out-and-back is 24 miles, but there's a nice 16-miler from the eastern end that hits all the stuff you want to ride. The trail is free of snow, with only a couple of deadfall logs still on the trail.  Read more...  June 2009

Deer Valley Pedalfest ICup race report.
An overnight rain soaked the Deer Valley trails for the June 13 Pedalfest. But aside from slippery trail edges, the track held up well and gave reasonable traction even on the downhills. The UMB race team returns to the "W" column and extends their season lead.  Read more...  June 2009

Checking out Draper's new Canyon Hollow trail...
Corner Canyon has a new multi-user trail to replace the old Pipeline route. Combine it with Clarks Trail, Ghost Falls, or Jacobs Ladder.  The trail is ready to ride if you don't mind dodging a few little roots sticking out of the ground from the trail cut.   Read more...  June 2009

Oak Vista to Eagle Crest Loop ride at Suncrest
Last year, I ignored the Oak Vista trail because it just didn't seem to go anywhere. Well, this is a fun little trail. If you don't mind cranking up Traverse Ridge Road for a mile, there's a very nice little loop of 4.5 miles using the Eagle Crest singletrack on the south side of Traverse Mountain.   Read more...  June 2009

See our new guide to Moab's Little Canyon Rim
Also known as Eagle's Nest and Metal Masher, Little Canyon Rim isn't as well known or as well-traveled as other Moab rides. But it's a terrific ride that visits the highest point on the cliffs along Highway 191. Slickrock, ledges, views -- tons of great stuff.   Read more...  June 2009

Sundance Spin! ICup race report.
It was a beautiful day at the first "mountain" race of the ICup season. Green trees and grass, brilliant sunshine, Mount Timpanogos in all its splendor. The twisting singletrack trail was in great condition.   Read more...  May 2009

Fitting the Bike
This spring Bruce has been researching the best advice on fitting your bike to your body. Practical stuff like adjusting handlebar height, placing your cleats, adjusting seat position for efficient pedaling, and setting the angle of your brake levers.  Read the article...  May 2009

Stan Crane Memorial ICup race report: Draper.
Team Revolution defends its own territory in fine style in a re-routed and rain-delayed sixth Intermountain Cup race. Ed and his helpers did a great job of finding a fun backup race loop.  Read more...  May 2009

Baby Steps loop ride!
No longer just a more-technical route to Klondike Bluffs, Baby Steps now offers a great 15 mile loop ride. The downhill singletrack is absolute fun, putting Baby Steps up near the top of your list of things to do in Moab.  Read more...  May 2009

Hammerfest at Soldier Hollow ICup race report.
The Heber Valley had plenty of clean air and sunshine, with temperatures absolutely perfect for racing. The trail was dry and in good condition, if just a little bumpy and grooved on some of the singletrack turns.   Read more...  May 2009
Little Baldy hill climb!
Bruce has mapped this tough climb up the south side of Mount Timpanogos. It's clear of snow and ready for bike tires. On the way down, loop around to Dry Canyon via Trail 51.  Read more...  May 2009

Sherwood Hills ICup race report.
The snow melted just in time for the May 9th Wimmer's XC at Sherwood Hills near Logan. The UMB race team was a bit thin in number as they tried to defend their lead toward the season championship.  Read more...  May 2009

Salt Wash and Cedar Mountain!
More riding options for the Sovereign Singletrack.

With the new Salt Wash trail parallel to (and replacing part of) the Sovereign Singletrack, plus the "wash trails" and the upper Sovereign loop, you need Bruce's new info to plan your ride.  About Salt Wash...   About Cedar Mountain...   May 2009

Five Mile Pass ICup race report.
The UtahMountainBiking team scores big at Five Mile Pass. The race was delayed and rerouted as massive rain turned the clay soil into slop. More intelligent racers packed up their bikes and went home, but UMB's racers played dirty to get the victory.  Read more...  May 2009

New! Your complete guide to the Moab Brand Trails
Bruce rides more trail to provide up-to-date info on these nice rides north of Moab, named after cattle brands: Bar M, Circle O, Rockin A, and Bar B. Plus the Killer B for good measure.  Read more...  May 2009

Upper Porcupine Singletrack is now LEGAL!
The UPS, an awesome "outlaw" route connecting Kokopelli to the Lower Porcupine Singletrack, is now an officially sanctioned trail! Can be combined with the Porcupine Rim, or as part of the Whole Enchilada.  See the trail page...  April 2009

Great slickrock Monitor and Merrimac bicycle loop!
Now there's a bicycle-only route that's about half slickrock and a quarter singletrack. Definitely worth your attention. The slickrock is easy, making this an excellent ride for beginners. Plus dinosaur bones in the cliff face!  Read more...  April 2009

New easy family-style trail to rock art at Anasazi Valley.
There's a new meandering trail that provides a gentle climb up to the prehistoric farmstead and rock art in the Santa Clara River Preserve. The trail is smoothed with road-base, so it's easy pedaling.  Read more...  April 2009

Ride it, or use it to get to Church Rocks... Dino Cliffs!!
Dino Cliffs is a short but fun ride along the sandstone cliffs north of Washington. It provides an all-dirt route from the city to Church Rocks and Prospector.  Read more...  April 2009

Great new riding option off Barrel Roll: Sidewinder!
Sidewinder is a really fun 3-mile out-and-back off Barrel Roll. It can also be reached via Precipice, a trail under construction from the Barrel Roll (Cove Wash) trailhead.  Read more...  April 2009

Cove Wash designated official cycling trail by BLM.
The Cove Wash trail is an ATV route that's friendly to mountain bikes. It goes to an impressive overlook of Cottonwood Wash, with connection options for more riding, including Stucki Spring. Read more... April 2009

New trails in the Santa Clara River Preserve.
South of Cove Wash are brand new singletrack trails Rim Rock, Rim Runner, Rim Reaper, and Rim Rambler. This system of trails offers various riding options, including easier or more difficult rides. Read more...  April 2009

Cholla Challenge race report!
April 4 was a sunny day in southern Utah as the UtahMountainBiking XC race team dominated the Cholla Challenge to take the lead in the 2009 Intermountain Cup Racing Series. Racers lined the trail pumping their tires as the tricky dips and rocks ate tubes and cut tubeless tire sidewalls. Read more... 
Using Dino Cliffs to bike directly to Church Rocks!
Fun little trail features open rock and desert singletrack, as out-and-back, loop ride, or as a route to Church Rocks or Prospector. Eastern end suitable for beginners.  Read more...

Desert Rampage race report!
The team scores a solid 93 points at the Desert Rampage in St. George to start the 2009 Intermountain Cup season.  It was a beautiful break from winter weather, and a nice excuse for a hamburger fry after the race.  Read more...  March 2009

UMB adds new video formats
We have over 50 trail video shorts. Typically about a minute and a half long, these are crisply edited segments that show what a particular trail is all about. We now offer a YouTube version for viewers in a hurry, and a beautiful 640x480 mpg version.  Check out our video download page...  March 2009
Frozen Hog race 2009
96 finishers cross the slushy finish line in a mean winter race. Adam Heckman is the top Expert finisher, and the Racers Cycle Service team (Kenny Jones, Chucky Gibson, Dan Nelson, and Brad Keyes) grabs the trophy!  Read more...  February 2009


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