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UtahMountainBiking's  International Team  files this report...
Mike MacDonald hits the Golden Triangle Epic in Bendio, Australia, and files this report. Good on ya, mate!.    Read more...   December 2010 

Toquerville Falls
This is an old favorite ride for the local kids. It's a dirt road to Toquerville Falls. It's 12 miles round trip, and you have to climb over a mountain to get there.    Read more...   December 2010

Nephi's Twist
Nephi's Twist is a short doubletrack ride up a colorful wash near La Verkin. The non-official version includes a technical ridge-line ride. But this singletrack can only be found by those who know exactly where it is.    Read more...   December 2010

Three Fingers Canyon
This is a dirt-road ride on the eastern cusp of the San Rafael Reef. The views of the Reef are nice. The ride's destination is Three Fingers Canyon, where there's a collection of rock art.  Unexciting easy non-tech riding, suitable for beginners.    Read more...  November 2010

Update, Cedar City's Red Mountain
This short little technical playground is now hard to navigate due to ATVs and alternate lines.  I have a GPS track that will deliver you to the north end of the classic loop.    Read more...   November 2010
Gooseberry Mesa Northeast Rim Trail
This is a non-official (outlaw) trail that's 13 miles long. The east end is on private property. The locals suggest you leave this one alone until it gets "official" status.    Read more...  November 2010

UMB Cross team
Results for our UMB team members in the first 8 races are posted.  Updated to include 11/13 Ogden race.  Did I miss anybody?  Read more...  November 2010
UtahMountainBiking has been named Mountain Race Team of the Year for 2010 by Cycling Utah

Mountain Team of the Year!
UtahMountainBiking has been named Mountain Race Team of the Year for 2010 by Cycling Utah
Western Rim Trail !  An awesome ride you've never heard of.
This is a beautiful 24-mile loop ride on the Colorado River, with a trailhead just off I-70, 60 miles east of Green River. Two sections of wow cliff-side singletrack, then a return via the Kokopelli Trail. Terrific views. Gotta hit this one.  Read more...  November 2010
Top of the World... Monster climb, monster view
Are you ready for this one? Starting at the Colorado River 29 miles northeast of Moab, this ride is an 18-mile round trip with 3300 vertical feet of climbing, some of it fairly technical. Top of the World is a fabulous viewpoint overlooking the Onion Creek Narrows.   Read more...  November 2010

Good Water Canyon Rim
Absolutely fabulous 15-mile singletrack in the San Rafael 40 miles south of Price. Loop w dirt road 21 miles. Killer views. One of Utah's best rides.   Read more...  October 2010

Buckhorn Wash
Another relatively famous dirt-road ride. This ride has beautiful scenery all the way to the top of the wash. Native American rock art. Nice spot to camp and ride with the family. For those who like to suffer, continue on uphill to the Little Grand Canyon (Wedge) overlook for a 34-miler.   Read more...  October 2010

Little Grand Canyon Overlook - "The Wedge"
OK, there are eye-popping views once the road, yes road, reaches the edge of the San Rafael River gorge. It's more of a destination ride. Easy easy easy riding. But it might be just what your family wants.  Read more...  October 2010
Duchesne River Gorge Overlook!
Yes, it's ATV track. So what. Fabulous viewpoint at 10,100 feet elevation, 2600 feet above the Duchesne River. Reached via the Soapstone Basin Loop, which I bet is really pretty when the wildflowers are blooming in July.  Read more...   October 2010

Mule Ear to Mule Shoe Loop 
Team member and riding bud Gene tipped me off to this new trail. It's a six-mile loop just north of the campgrounds of North Fork in Ogden Valley. Nice trail, mostly in forest, with occasional breakouts to views.   Read more...  October 2010

Sardine Peak loop ride!
with a side trip to Coldwater Canyon Odgen Overlook.

This trail is so new, the engines of the trail excavators are still warm. Nice views, great little out-and-back side trip from the loop to the Ogden Overlook.   Read more...  October 2010

Spiro Trail! to PCMR trails, The Canyons, Deer Valley.
I've done Spiro around twenty times, but always on the way somewhere else. Spiro is a beautiful buff trail. But I find I've made the official Spiro Trail page into an instruction manual about how to get somewhere else, such as the Wasatch Crest.  Read more...  October 2010

Robs Trail to Hollys Loop. Nice 13 miles!
The fall colors made this ride near The Canyons in Park City a pleasure. There are a couple of shorter options using trails within the loop such as Ambush. Or you can do bigger rides -- I was having so much fun I finished the day with 28 miles.  Read more...  September 2010

UMB team season picnic and awards... by vote of the team!
The UMB Intermountain Cup Squad wrapped up its season with a picnic September 25. (Our Endurance Squad is going strong, and the Cyclocross Squad goes into action October 2nd.) The team voted for special honors for some of our racers.   Read more...  September 2010

Bear Canyon Trail, on the south side of Nebo!
This is a pretty little singletrack across the mountain from Payson Canyon, further south on the Nebo Loop Road. It makes a nice loop ride with 9 miles of road gaining 2200 feet, followed by a three mile singletrack plunge down Bear Canyon. Or shuttle it!  Read more...  September 2010

Bike Troubleshooting Quickie Guide
This page started as a written guide for Scoutmasters who need to identify and fix a scout's bike problem in the middle of a troop ride. The result is this "diagnose by symptom" step-by-step guide to bike problems, with links to appropriate pages within our repair section.   Read more...  August 2010

Princess Di Trail. Nice.
The Princess Di trail is a narrow singletrack east of Park City at Promontory. If you need switchback practice, this is your trail. Fun, challenging, nice views. 14.5-mile loop includes the paved Three Mile Canyon, then Princess Di, then 4 miles of the Rail Trail.  Read more...  August 2010

South Canyon Trail.
Same trailhead as Princess Di, but not an exciting ride. Six or nine-mile versions of loop using part of the Rail Trail. Add more miles to Princess Di, but can't give it much of a recommendation otherwise.  Read more...  August 2010

Testing Fit and Function for Large-group Newby Rides 
Taking your scout troop on a cycling activity? Most of your boys will show up with bikes that have problems. Rarely do their bikes fit their bodies. Here's a system with a step-by-step process to fit and test a large number of bikes in the least time.   Read more...  August 2010

UMB team member Justin Griffin wins National Championship 
In Granby, Colorado, Justin Griffin won the mountain biking National Championship for the age 13-14 category. Utah Riders Keegan Swenson and Noah Talley take 1st and 2nd in the age 15-16 race. Here's the story according to Justin, with a re-telling from his Dad's point of view.   Read more...  August 2010

ICup Season Winners
Twenty team riders got to the season podium in their categories. UMB won the IMBA trailwork trophy for another year. Setting another new record for team points earned, the UMB ICup squad permanently retires the 12-year championship trophy.   Read more...  August 2010

Rock the Canyons! ICup season finale. 
The last race of the 2010 Intermountain Cup season was held on a shortened course at The Canyons on Saturday, August 8. The rain held off until the afternoon for a fun morning of racing.   Read more...  August 2010

Basin Bash XC - the Snowbasin ICup race... 
It was already toasty-warm and humid at the 9 am race start, as racers headed out for a long race at Snowbasin. Tricky rock gardens and tight turns meant an early end to the race for many riders.   Read more...  July 2010

The race team trailwork report...
Our race team does volunteer trail maintenance and construction. For the 2010 Intermountain Cup season, team members combined for over 240 hours of digging, pruning, rock-hauling, tree cutting, and thistle chopping.   Read more...  July 2010

Mill Canyon... time for an update!
2.5 miles of beautiful new singletrack trail was opened for biking this spring at the top of Mill Canyon. It may change the way you ride in American Fork Canyon. I took a new look at the old brutal Mud Springs - Mill Canyon loop, and I'm changing my ride recommendation.  Read more...  July 2010

State Open Championships at Solitude -- ICup race #11. 
The race loop at Solitude has plenty of climbing and a technical downhill. The mountain gave flat tires and broken chains, and in exchange, accepted offerings of blood and skin. A great day of racing for the UtahMountainBiking team.   Read more...  July 2010

Snowbird!  23rd Annual Mountain Bout Report 
Crisp temperatures, sunshine, clean mountain air. And gnarly treacherous trail in a brutal high-altitude race. Who could ask for more? The UMB race team puts the wheels on the trail at Snowbird.   Read more...  July 2010

Red Canyon Rim... The Rim Trail.
This a fun ride along the rim of Red Canyon at Flaming Gorge. Nice singletrack with some tech sections.  9.6-mile out-and-back, a little climbing. Great views.  Read more...  June 2010

Swett Ranch Loop
This is a "what the hell, I'm in the neighborhood" type of cruiser ride. Nice scenic views, low-voltage easy riding. Not something you'd make a special trip for, but a nice mid-ride add-on while doing the Red Canyon Rim Trail out-and-back.   Read more...   June 2010

Dowd Mountain revisited. Nice ride.
After 12 years, I made it back to Dowd Mountain overlooking Flaming Gorge Reservoir. This time, I got data for a more detailed ride description, GPS tracks, and a high-res topo map. This 10.5-mile loop is under-used.   Read more...   June 2010

Jackson Hole! 
On the most technical course of the Intermountain Cup season, the UMB team speeds over rocks and roots on the beautiful singletrack. Great individual efforts help the team come away with another win.   Read more...  June 2010

Rush "unidirectional, bicycle-preferred" Trail
One-way singletrack route from the top of Traverse Ridge (upper Clark's trailhead). About half-completed, with the upper half ready to ride. Connects to Canyon Hollow at bottom for now.   Read more...  June 2010

Sherwood Hills Race Report
The singletrack in the trees of Sherwood Hills had just the right amount of moisture. The temperatures were pleasant as sunshine played over the trailside flowers. It was a great day of racing on this fun and challenging course.   Read more...  June 2010
Red Mountain DH: two descents
Expert riders will enjoy these ATV-track routes down a cuesta about 10 miles north of Vernal. Two descent options, approx 5 miles each, 1700 vertical. Option of strenuous XC loop for advanced riders.   Read more...   June 2010

Deer Valley Pedalfest! Rainy! Cold! Slippery!
After a cancellation and rescheduling due to torrential rains, the Deer Valley ICup race was held Wednesday evening 6/16. Laughing hysterically, the Race Weather Gods sent a cold front to drizzle on the shivering racers as they waited to brave the slippery singletrack.   Read more...  June 2010

Rojo Trail - Fun tech slickrock!
If you've got strong legs and good tech skills, add the Rojo Trail to your Vernal wish list. Usually done top-to-bottom after a DT climb, I rode it out-and-back. So while my description follows the "official route" there's no law says you can't do the fun stuff up AND down.   Read more...   June 2010

Dutch Hollow - Updated info with topo map and track files
Dutch Hollow is a system of trails on the mountainside above Midway. A downhill-only trail called Barrell has been added since my 2003 review. Nice Cottontail loop for beginners, narrow tight twisty stuff for experts.   Read more...    June 2010

Lapoint trails! Corkscrew and Racetrack
Just east of Lapoint (about 15 miles northeast of Roosevelt) are two very nice trails that share a common trailhead. Racetrack is easier, with a short and medium version. Corkscrew is 9 miles with an excellent twisting and dipping descent.  Read about Corkscrew...    Read about Racetrack...   June 2010

Flume Trail (Dry Fork)
Wow! What a great trail. I did a 20-mile epic and was hungry for more. The Flume Trail offers great riding both uphill and down. Beautiful scenery. A few tech challenges. And a history lesson. This trail makes my "Must Ride" list!  Read more...  June 2010

Slippery When Wet
Another reason to head east to Vernal. With a trailhead at McCoy Flat, Slippery When Wet is a 6-mile upper-intermediate loop through desert and rock. The ride can be combined with Retail Sale, and if you do that, you can also hit More Hoes or Fire Sale on your way to Slippery When Wet.   Read more...  June 2010

Stan Crane Memorial. A great race in Draper!
The Memorial Day weather was perfect for racing. After three races where fear of the weather kept racers away, the turnout was huge. The trails were in great shape and the new course layout was a blast  Read more...  May 2010
More Hoes
This is a fun technical singletrack loop near Vernal, reached via Retail Sale trail at McCoy Flat. Most of trail is upper-intermediate technical with some advanced-technical sections. A few short climbs, one big climb to a mesa with nice views. Read more...  May 2010

Fire Sale Trail
Fire Sale is a 2.5 mile section of nicely technical singletrack that you can substitute for about 1/2 mile of the Retail Sale loop. The ride I describe here is 9.2 miles, starting at the McCoy Flats corral west of Vernal.   Read more...  May 2010

Got Milk? And Cookies...
Have the urge for some singletrack, but don't want to work too hard? Go to the McCoy Flats area near Vernal. Combining the Got Milk trail with And Cookies gives the Milk and Cookies loop, six miles of unthreatening desert singletrack. For rank beginners, there's a 3.5 mile loop that adds Combo to And Cookies!  Read more...  May 2010

Hammerfest at the Hollow. Soldier Hollow ICup race report!
The overnight rain and foothill snow frightened a lot of racers. But those who showed up were rewarded with a fun, if slimy, race on the slopes of Soldier Hollow. The UMB team takes advantage of the low turnout to score a new record for team points.  Read more...  May 2010

Jackalope Trail
This is an 8-mile loop west of Vernal. The clockwise loop climbs from the McCoy Flat trailhead to a ridgeline that peeks at the farmland around Vernal. The descent requires a bit of bike-handling skill because of loose rock, but the overall ride is intermediate.  Read more...  May 2010

Sundance Spin. The Mad Dog Team rocks their own party!
The trails were near-perfect, the weather was beautiful, and it's great to be in the mountains again. Thanks to Sundance, sponsor Mad Dog, and the Intermountain Cup Series for an awesome event. The Mad Dogs show some teeth as they chew up the competition like an old slipper.   Read more...  May 2010

This is a loop that starts on the Jackalope trail, then drops off the Asphalt Ridge in a twisting plunge. It connects to Retail Sale for the return to the McCoy Flats corral west of Vernal.   Read more...  May 2010

Five Mile Pass ICup race report
The riders who dared to drive through the sleet and 34-degree temperatures found that Five Mile Pass was dry and dusty. A bit cool, and with schizophrenic racetime weather, but a great day. The UtahMountainBiking team grabs another team victory in the Showdown.   Read more...  May 2010

Cholla Challenge race report
While the rest of the state suffered under an Easter snowstorm, the weather in Warner Valley was perfect for racing. The UMB team celebrated with a burger fry, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and a convincing team win   Read more...  April 2010

Intermountain Cup race season is here! Desert Rampage report.
The 2010 Desert Rampage in St. George saw a huge racer turnout under pleasant temperatures. The UMB race team fielded 60 riders and struggled to win over 100 team points. And check out our cool new race jerseys!   Read more...  March 2010

Slush-fest  Frozen Hog  Saturday February 6.
Lambert Park was blessed with rain and toasty-warm temperatures during the 24 hours before the 2010 Frozen Hog race. The hard-pack singletrack trail turned soft. Deep and soft. Slippery and soft. Racers got a good calf workout running alongside their bikes. (Think of it as exercise to improve your run-up skills.) Even the doubletrack was tough riding. Can we say 2010 was the most brutal ever? Yeah, I think that's a safe assumption. UMB race team members' results...
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