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Cedar City's paved bike paths.
A new East Bench trail has been added to the Coal Creek trail. As the new singletrack system is developed, the paved trails will link Red Hollow to a new bike park, the C Trail and the Iron Hills system.   Trail report...   April 2016.

Webb Hill. Sneak preview. But you can ride it now.
Webb Hill has been dug from the trailhead out to the Bloomington overlook. Work continues on the full loop, but for now it's a nice out-and-back ride with some techy stone.   Trail report...   April 2016.

April 1st Edition:  The fabulous Valhalla Trail.
Ever want to go biking and never come back? That's the sort of riding you'll find on the Valhalla Trail, an adventure ride like none that you'll find in all of Utah.   Greatest trail report ever...    April 1, 2016.

Hammer Thor's to the Hideout.
This is the first installment of a major trail system in the mountains north of Highway 14 by Cedar City. Short, but nice.   Trail report...   March 2016.

Ready for a trip to the Twilight Zone?
The Twilight Zone trail at Three Peaks opens new loop possibilities, as well as giving you a direct (but fun and slightly techy) route to the "Whale Trails" on the southeast corner.   Trail report...   March 2016.

First installment of Iron Hills trail system
This loop links easy Lichen It as the climb with Lava Flow as an awesome downhill. Ready to ride and lots of fun. But don't muck up your bike and damage this brand-new trail -- ride only when the ground is frozen rock-solid. The locals think this will be a good fat-bike ride in the winter.   Trail report...   December 2015.

New Horsethief Riding area northwest of Moab
OK, here's a new area you absolutely must ride. Lots of options. Also nearby, there's a new extension of Bull Run, more miles on Getaway, and a new singletrack diversion on 7-up.   So read all about it!    Horsethief Overview page...     Mustang Loop...     Whirlwind Loop...     Wildcat and Hildalgo...   October 2015.

Horsethief Campground Trails. Good ride for kids!
There are two short easy trail loops south of Horsethief Campground (on Highway 313 northwest of Moab). The Chisholm Trail can take you from the campground to the main Horsethief trail system.  Trail report...   October 2015.

Rockport's Lakeview trail. Families and newbs...
The Lakeview trail runs on the hillside east of Rockport Reservoir in the state park. It's super-easy, suitable for newbies, significant others, and families. For hard-core riders, not a destination trail. But if you're camping there, bring the bike.   Trail report...   October 2015.

Tidal Wave!  No other trail like it.
This is the ultimate machine-built trail. Extra dirt where it's needed, table jumps, huge berms, wide track for blazing speeds. Pay for the ski lift, or pay with your sweat as you grunt uphill.  Trail report...   October 2015.

Payroll.  Fun downhill -- short laps or shuttle!
Payroll is a new downhill-only "freeride" trail in Empire Canyon west of Deer Valley. You can reach the two-mile loop via Midmountain, or hit it on your way downhill from Empire Pass on a shuttled ride.  Trail report...   October 2015.

Moonlight Meadows. Tough classic La Sals ride!
It's hard to leave Moab feeling like crap. This ride kicked my butt, and I found a lot to dislike about it. Yes, there's a nice little mini-loop. But the classic loop past Clark Lake has some very ugly segments. But of course, you'll do just fine. Really. Go ahead.  Trail report...   September 2015.

Geyser Pass singletrack. Top of the Whole Enchilada!
Nice singletrack linking Geyser Pass to Burro Pass. Makes a great start to the Whole Enchilada, or as a little high-altitude alpine loop ride  Trail report...   September 2015.

WoW (Wasatch Over Wasatch) now complete to SR 222.
Out-and-back of 18.5 miles with 2600 feet of climbing, or shuttled ride using SR 222. Your choice. Do it before the snow  hits!  Trail report...   Updated September 2015.

Making sense of Wasatch Mountain State Park. 
North of Midway at the intersection of the Snake Creek and Pine Canyon roads are 10 miles of singletrack that you can access from the Wasatch Mountain State Park visitor center. And if you wondering, it's free.   Trail report...   August  2015.

Eagle Mountain race loop.  Plus.
There's some good riding in the hills south of Eagle Mountain. The singletrack trails Jackrabbit, Road Runner, and Deadwood form the heart of the race loop. Add Hidden Canyon and Cow Tracks as a singletrack route to the race loop, starting right at the Pony Express Parkway.  Trail report...   August  2015.

Jake the Snake
This is one I've been wondering about for a while. Jake the Snake is a short but fun ride, making it a nice add-on second ride if you're in the area.   Trail report...   August  2015.

Catherines Pass trail. Where to?
The Catherines Pass trail rises steeply from the Albion Basin road to Catherines Pass. I hear some people can actually ride this thing. Connect to the Great Western Trail at the ridge line for some awesome and brutal adventure rides.  Trail report...   July  2015.

Devils Castle!
Singletrack loop around Albion Basin at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Been meaning to do this one for a while since trail crews finished a fresh dig on nice singletrack above the campground.  Trail report...   July  2015.

Marathon Trail.  Confused?
The Marathon Trail was hyped as an awesome 26-mile pedalfest from Brian Head to Navajo Lake. But it's basically a "rebranding" of dirt road as a mountain bike trail. The two former ends of the route have been abandoned, and the default ride is now to Duck Creek.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Middle of nowhere. Josephite Point.
The Josephite Point singletrack has 7 miles of trail at an altitude of around 9000 feet. It can be done out-and-back, shuttled, or as part of a  monster 28-mile, 3300-vertical epic called the Pete's Hole loop.  Trail report...   July  2015.

Road to Arcylon - Gorgoza Park trails
Bruce liar reports that he liar hit all of the man-made tech features liar on Road to Arcylon liar. If you've heard about this trail, you're probably wondering whether it's something you want to (or dare to) try.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Summit Park and the Road to WOS
This is a beautiful trail with great riding. Well-built, and worth your time for a checkout ride. At the top of Parley's.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Utah Olympic Park Trails:  RTS, UOP, Legacy
RTS is one of the nicest beginner trails in the Park City area, but it's not boring for hardcore riders. And it connects via Iron Bill to the Legacy Trails above the bobsled launch and ski jumps for a worthy climb.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Goblin Valley:  the Wild Horse trail system
Just a month ago, 7 miles of mountain bike trail opened at Goblin Valley State Park. It needs bike tires to pack it down, but it's going to give you another reason to visit Goblin Valley!   Trail report...   July  2015.

Unique ride:  The Rainbow Rim
We're kidnapping this trail from the Arizona Strip and including it among our southern Utah rides. The Rainbow Rim runs along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and is actually closer to Utah's riders than to Arizona's. It's a unique ride that's worth the trip.   Trail report...   July  2015.

New Brim Trail at Powder Mountain
Some of you may remember the old Powder Mountain race loop. Well, it went away. Finally, there's a great singletrack loop at Powder Mountain that's among the best rides in the state. Check out the Brim Trail.   Trail report...   July  2015.

Rocky Top!  Kamas Valley Overlook trail.
While you're in the area, this is a nice singletrack climb from Highway 32 at the Provo River up to a point overlooking the Kamas Valley. Quick and fun, 8 miles round trip.  Trail report...   June  2015.

Jordanelle Perimeter update!
As one of the first trails on this site in 1998, the Jordanelle Perimeter page had a couple of grainy tiny photos, no topo map, and no trailhead directions. So it was time to get new information.  Trail report...   June  2015.

More great stuff in the Riverview area
I may be a bit premature in publishing this information, as trail signage (and apparently the trail names) are still evolving! Hope I've made some sense of the trail system for you. But go ride this stuff. Fun trails for a quickie while you're in the Heber area.  Trail report...   June  2015.

Payson Canyon's Four Bays riding area:  NICE!
The Payson riders must be conspiring to keep this wonderful singletrack all to themselves, because you sure don't hear much about Four Bays. Nice narrow hand-cut singletrack, swooping and twisting.  A great ride!  Trail report...   June  2015.

Coldwater Canyon, North Ogden BST!
The new Bonneville Shoreline Trail section in Coldwater Canyon, there's 10.5 miles of fun BST between Ogden Canyon and North Ogden Canyon. Direct connections to the Pleasant View BST to the north and Ogden BST in the south.   Trail report...   June  2015.

WOW!   Wasatch Over Wasatch
There's around 7 miles of trail between the Phosphate Loop and trail's end, as the WOW trail moves up toward the ridge above Park City. There's parking along Highway 224 in Wasatch Mountain State Park, and you can climb the first 6-ish miles as an out-and-back.   Trail report...   June  2015.

Coyote Middle!
Here's the scoop on the new trail linking to backside of Coyote Loop with upper Riverview above the UVU Wasatch Campus. Opens up some new riding options. But first, you need to find the trail. I'll bet you Wasatch 50 racers go right past without seeing it.   Trail report...   June  2015.

Updated maps to Dutch Hollow...
There have been some changes to Dutch Hollow, with Barrel extended down to the new Sage Loop route. Prospect has new connections to the Phosphate trail. There are no trail markers on the west side, so you'll like the new printable high-res topo.   Trail report...   June  2015.

Fun loop ride north of Midway: Phosphate Hill
The new Phosphate Trail has settled well during the winter and is ready for your tires. There's a 6.3-mile lariat option from Pine Canyon at the WOW trailhead, or a fun but complex-navigation big loop from Dutch Hollow.   Trail report...   June  2015.

New tech trails at Three Peaks!
The BLM is just finishing the signage on the "whale trails" at Three Peaks near Cedar City. The pink granite gives great traction for awesome tech riding. Lots of ladder bridges and fun stuff make this a unique and worthwhile bike destination! See the updated trail map and info.   Trail report...   May 2015.

Family ride:  Candy Mountain Express
Here's a nice easy paved trail in Sevier Canyon. Ride along the Sevier River to Big Rock Candy Mountain. Take the kids to the Fremont Indian State Park after the ride.   Trail report...   May 2015.

Upper JEM is now one-way!
JEM is now downhill-only from the Highway 59 (upper) trailhead down to the Goosebumps intersection.  To climb from the valley to the upper trailhead, you can take Dead Ringer on the west, or the rediscovered JEM Doubletrack on the east.    Trail report for the JEM Doubletrack...   May 2015.

Dead Ringer is complete!
Still working on some of the support materials (like riding guides). And I need to update other trail pages in the area. But here's what I have so far on the five miles of bliss called Dead Ringer.   Trail report...   March 2015.

More Cowbell!  Nice easy ride in the JEM area.
New singletrack trail above ledges of white limestone, with Gooseberry Mesa looming to the east. Makes a nice trip for families and beginning bikers.   Trail report...   January 2015.

New Quail Overlook trail system!
This brand-new system has four loops, each visiting the top of a tooth of the escarpment southeast of Quail Creek Reservoir. This is technical riding for experts and upper-intermediates, and it's already a hit!   Trail report...   January 2015.

Rock and Roll. Zippy riding at Rhythm and Blues
At the southwest end of Rhythm and Blues is Rock and Roll, a 3.4 mile clockwise loop that's a blast to ride. I've updated the R&B page.  Trail report...   January 2015.
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