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A snowy final CX race in Kaysville!
Wow, what a great time! Riding in the snow, weaving through the trees of Barnes Park. It was like the weather was saying goodbye. And for some riders, the sidewalk and frozen ground said "Hello" or as translated into English, "Thud."   Photos and UMB team results...    December 2013.

Cyclocross #11 at Fort Buenaventura
The leaves are now on the ground, hiding roots and rocks from the eyes. This second race at The Fort had a different feel from the last one, two months ago. Here's the report on the course, and a photo of random UMB riders.   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Cyclocross #10, State Championship at Weber
A new course layout was greeted by warm sunshine at the Weber County Fairgrounds. Intermittently, the wind blasted through to show us that, indeed, it's almost winter.   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Dead Cow Loop!  Adventure ride for your bucket list.
Ride down and back up water-filled sandstone canyons along the Green River. The admission price is a long ride including some tough sand-riding. For experienced adventurers only.  Read more...  November 2013

Cyclocross #9 in the snow at Kaysville!
Wow, what an experience. Mother Nature served up cyclocross weather that made the old veterans grin. Read about the course and check out a few photos!   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Mary's Trail.  Great Entrada slickrock!
For 10 years, I've been meaning to find a way to ride Mary's Trail that doesn't require walking a mile through sand. OK, here it is. This trail has the most beautiful sandstone you'll find anywhere. But it's for experts only.  Read more...  November 2013

A heavenly bit of everything!  Red Butte to Red Slot loop.
I was trying to sneak into the White Wash area by the back door and discovered three trails that fit together into a nice loop ride. Red Butte, Red Rock, and Red Slot:  slickrock; undulating dirt; and a rock-bottomed wash run. Just 12 miles of I-70 east of Green River.  Read more...  November 2013

Cyclocrosss #8 at Weber County Fairgrounds
A new course at the Weber County Fairgrounds served up some fun and interesting challenges, such as five logs in a row. The weather was unseasonably warm as racers enjoyed bright November sunshine.   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Update to the Riverview system:  13-mile Front-side Loop!
Here's the latest on the Riverview (Sorenson) trail north of Heber. New Sheep Bones singletrack links up Lower Riverview and new singletrack ties Lower Riverview back to Coyote and Upper Riverview at the south end. Definitely worth hitting before the snow buries it!  Read more...  November 2013

Rocky Mountain Raceway Cyclocross
For race 7 of the 2013 UtCX season, the party moved to Rocky Mountain raceway on Saturday November 2. This was an interesting and challenging course, requiring mountain-biking skills as well as roadie speed for long pavement stretches.  Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

New riding options in east Corner Canyon: Rattler Trail. 
This new trail creates new possibilities for the unloved east side of Draper's Corner Canyon. Because this slope is sun-exposed, we're hoping this will be a winter-riding option when combined with the Corner Canyon road or the Aqueduct Trail.   Read more...  October 2013

Jurassic Trail!  Butter-smooth singletrack in Moab. 
The entire Jurassic Trail is now open for riding, and it may change your plans for the Klondike Bluffs area. There's now singletrack down the entire west side of the valley, with connectors to the east-west trails that climb the bluffs. The loop with Dino Flow is a blast.   Read more...  October 2013

Inside Passage trail - fun little bypass to boring doubletrack
OK, this little trail probably doesn't deserve its own web page, but here goes. This delicious singletrack connects the southern Klondike Bluffs parking to the road 1/2 mile later. Sadly, it's short. But it gets you away from the motos and grommets on the main trail.   Read more...  October 2013

Halloween Cross at Cottonwood Park
Saturday October 26 was the official wear-your-costume cyclocross race at Cottonwood Park. The course was again a high-speed grassy layout with plenty of tight turns and tough climbs. A favorite of the spectators was the sickest sand-pit.   Photos and UMB team results...    October 2013.

Prospector Trail in Moab 
It may take you longer to read this page than to ride this little trail along Highway 191 in north Moab.  Read more...  October 2013

Another great CX day at Weber Fairgrounds
A new course layout with more turns and a few fun tricky spots awaited racers at the Weber County Fairgrounds today. After a cold morning, the day served up warm fall sunshine.   Photos and UMB team results...    October 2013.

Huntsman World Senior Games Mountain Biking!
The race team was represented by four riders at the Senior Games in St. George.. Events include Hillclimb and Downhill on Monday October 14, and Cross-country on Tuesday. Here's the story.    Photos and UMB team results...    October 2013.

Week 3 of CX at Weber Fairgrounds
The Weber County Fairgrounds served up a zippy course with a lot of tight turns that never let you rest. Here's a report on the race, with a link to more photos.    Photos and team results...    October 2013.

UtCX cyclocross! Fort Buenaventura
This was a great CX course. Fast and fun, with a bit of everything. Except snow. Well, there was frost for the first wave of racers. Go team!   Photos and team results...    October 2013.

UtCX cyclocross at Draper, September 28
Goatheads! Twisting singletrack! Deep sand! Railroad tracks! 18 racers competed for the cyclocross team.   Photos and team results...    September 2013.

Draper Fall Classic
Weather and trails cooperated for a perfect race in Draper's Corner Canyon on Saturday September 21. The combined USCS and ICup season for 2013 is now over. All that remains are the awards. Any bets on which raced team gets the season win?   Read about the Fall Classic...    September 2013.

Lambert Park is Fixed.   AGAIN! 
On Saturday September 7, Lambert was hit by its second flood in 16 days, exactly 7 days after volunteers completed the trail rebuild project. Less than two weeks later, the damaged trails are repaired or replaced. Thanks to our many volunteers!   The Rebuilding of Lambert Park, take Two...  September 2013

South to Alaska. 
New trails in Moab!  In the Klondike area, ride the new Alaska trail with a visit to Nome and Homer. Very much worth your time. And did you know that Dino Flow has been extended all the way north to the Dinosaur Trackway parking area? New trailhead... and the only toilet in the area.   Read more...  September 2013

Lambert Park trail rehab report! 
Zag and White Dog have been rebuilt. Obviously, the flood areas aren't the same. They're a little bit more twisty, a bit more dippy. Scroll down to the bottom of our trail rehab report for photos from our Saturday workday.   Read more...  August 2013 Race Team season honors...
After a fun cyclocross clinic (thanks, Jason!) the season awards were revealed. Who did the team vote for?.    Read more...    August 2013.

Round Valley update.
I ride pieces of Round Valley frequently and do the USCS race there. After 11 years, I finally spent 5 hours and 40 miles riding around in circles, mapping (almost all) the trails. I've put together a few ride recommendations (with GPS tracks of course) for you. New color-coded satellite map.    Read more...  August 2013

Soldier Hollow -- final race of 2013 ICup season
The trail was firm and surprisingly non-dusty as racers hit the slopes above Soldier Hollow on August 10 for the last race of the 2013 Intermountain Cup season.    Read more...    August 2013.

Little Valley Loop Trail.  
Little Valley is a little trail that forks off Ann's Trail just south of Potato Hill. Experienced riders will find it a nice but very short variation on Ann's. Beginners can do a nice little loop from Potato Hill.   Read more...  August 2013

Tommy's Two Steps Trail in Park City.
Tommy's Two Steps is a new trail joining Midmountain (just south of Steps, Jenni's, and Johns) to the Yurt at the top of Steps. It creates some interesting riding possibilities.   Read more...  August 2013

Mojave Trail in Park City. Some new options...
Mojave is only a mile long (1.9 if you count the new trailcut up to Keystone), but it opens up some new possibilities for the Park City Resort area. Here's the report, with a couple of ride suggestions.  Read more...  August 2013

Murdock Canal Trail. Trailheads and stuff...
OK, I know. This is a paved trail. A trail where you can take the wife, girlfriend, neighbor, or kids and get them hooked on biking. And at 17 miles each way, it's a decent training ride for you hammerheads. And it's prettier than you'd think.  Read more...  August 2013

A little Corner Canyon housekeeping!
For those who don't like to pedal, Rush is now 0.7 miles shorter, as a section called The Trees has been bypassed. Canyon Hollow now goes through the Silica Pit over to the Coyote Hollow Trailhead. And there's a new trail connecting Ann's to Eagle Crest. August 2013.

A light rain fell periodically as cloud cover kept temperatures cool at Solitude in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The 8th ICup race of the season was split into two waves.    Read more...    July 2013.

Snowbird. The Rage.
After a few days of record-setting rains, Snowbird was thoroughly saturated. The lush greenery combined with the challenging wet trail to create a memorable day of cycling.    Read more...    July 2013.

Sherwood Hills. Nice trail; hot day.
With a heat wave in the valley, Sherwood Hills was toasty but tolerable for Saturday's ICup race. Attendance wasn't as good as expected, possibly because of the heat. But racers who showed up were rewarded with great riding.   Read more...    June  2013.

Round Valley USCS race report.
Temperatures were cool for the afternoon face on June 22 at Round Valley. The course was in good shape and a steady north wind kept the dust down. Here's how the UMB team fared.   Read more...    June  2013.

Wasatch Back 50!
Tight switchbacks and fresh-cut trail added to the challenge of racing 50 miles with 6000 vertical feet of climbing. The 2013 WB50 offered delicious new trail and great racer support in the mountains northeast of Heber.  Read more...    June  2013.

Coyote Canyon Loop. An instant classic!
Located northeast of Heber, the ride has endless views on epic twisting trail. The shortest version is 20.2 miles, but it's worth it. This is a great trail that will quickly become a favorite -- put it on your "Must Ride" list now.   Read more...  June 2013

Draper's Stane Crane Memorial race!
The trails of Corner Canyon were in great shape for this event, which started a bit later in the day than the typical ICup race. Riders got to sample three new trail-cuts in addition to the classics.  Read more...    May  2013.

Sundance! Sunny trails and fast bikes.
The weather was warm and sunny for the 4th ICup race of the 2013 season. The UMB team had strong performances in many categories.  Read more...    May  2013.

Klonzo Trail System is now fully built. And it rocks!
The Klonzo Trails lie just east of the Sovereign/Salt Wash trail system, on Willow Springs Road north of Moab. 8.5 miles of interconnecting loops make a gazillion riding options. Easy riding, nothing scary for intermediates.   Read more...  May 2013

Five Mile Pass! ICup race #3
The race at Five Mile had great conditions on the course and crappy conditions in the results computer. But wow, sunshine and dirt! Here's Bruces report on the race at Five Mile Pass on April 27.  Read more...    April 2013.

Lambert Park race. Great despite the rain!
The first race of the 2013 USCS series, and the third race of the combined ICup-USCS championship series, was delayed a bit by rain. Racers who held out were rewarded with some great riding.  Read more...    April 2013.

New expert-level singletrack "Captain Ahab"
Wondering when the Moab trailbuilders were going to quit creating more Ride-With-The-Kids trails and build something gnarly? Well, here it is: 4.3 miles of singletrack for hard-core riders. You'll need to ride up Amasa Back to get to it.  Read more...    April 2013.

Sidewinder Trail at the Bar M in Moab
New trail allows you to skip a portion of paved Old 191 when connecting trails in the Brand Trail area. Yeah, it's not exactly a trail that will make you load up your bike and skip work. But it adds new options.  Read more...    April 2013.

Cactus Hugger race report
Beautiful warm St.George weather greeted the UMB race team for the second Cactus Hugger at Green Valley. The mean rocks on this technical loop knocked quite a few riders out of the race.   Read more...    April 2013.

True Grit 2013. Even Grittier than last year.
On March 16, several UMB team racers hit the True Grit Epic in St. George. The 50 mile version is 100% dirt, 90% singletrack, and a lot of technical rock.  Read more...    March 2013.

Red Rock Rampage! The racing season begins...
It was a great weekend to be in St. George as the UMB team shakes the cob webs off the bikes in the first race of the Intermountain Cup season. This year, the ICup will combine with the USCS for a 14-race season with combined championships.   Read more...    March 2013.

UMB racers at the 2013 Frozen Hog
At the 11th (and last) Frozen Hog, UMB was represented by three racers who fought the deep snow.   Read more...  February 2013 is a dealer
for Ridley Cyclocross Bikes

Some of the world's best cyclocross bikes are made by Belgian manufacturer Ridley. Get the jump on the 2013 CX season by pre-ordering a 2014 model for delivery in late summer.  Read more...  February 2013

Suicidal Tendencies. A new trail near Santa Clara!
Suicidal Tendencies drops from the top of Sidewinder, across the valley between mesas, then climbs even higher to a loop on the mesa south of Sidewinder. The trail is now open to riding, although some of the switchbacks need to be hiked.   Read more...    February 2013.

UtahMountainBiking Team 2012 season honors
Here are the winners of the team voting for season honors for the cross-country squad of the UMB Race Team. Also links to the ICup squad season poster.   Read more...  January 2013
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