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Race report -- the UtCX season ends at the new Draper course!
If you've been wondering how Draper stuffed a 1.6 mile loop (including stairs, bumps, and a flyover) into the oak brush west of the arena, here's the info. Nice riding!   Race report...    December 2014.

UtCX #4 at Big Cottonwood Park!
Thick grass, hairpin turns, carving turns around trees. Done under sunny blue skies, with warmer-than-normal fall temperatures making it pleasant.  Race report...    October 2014.

UMB racers at the Huntsman World Senior Games!
Wow!  Great October weather in St. George as three of our elder team racers hit the Senior Games Mountain Biking events. Read this article, because you'll be old some day.  Race report...    October 2014.

Beautiful weather for CX #2 at Weber!
Hard-pack riding in beautiful fall sunshine. Time trial type sprinting instead of tricky slippery tech riding. What a difference from lat week's race!  Race report...    October 2014.

Muddy slippery Cyclocross Fun!
The first race of the 2014 UtCX season was greated by torrential rains. The slippery grass and steep little hills made this a brutally FUN race.  Race report...    September 2014.

UMB Team results from the Draper Fall Classic!
The 2014 Draper Fall Classic race saw perfect weather on great trails. Here's the report from the team members.  As usual, the race was well-run with great swag.  Race report...    September 2014.

Utah Off Road Series, race 2 at Nordic Valley!
Great racing at Nordic Valley on Saturday August 9, as some brand-new trail greeted the Cat 1 racers. It's a fun course! Help support our developing racers by supporting this USAC-affiliated series.  Pencil in August 30 for the 3rd race of the series.  Race report...    August 2014.

ICup season finale at Solitude!
The Chris Allaire XC race at Solitude Resort was the final event of the 2014 season. The UMB race team scored a lot of wins at this event for a fine finish to the year.   Race report...    July 2014.

New Series gets off to a nice start at Nordic Valley!
The Utah Off Road Series got underway with a sparsely-attended Friday morning race at Nordic Valley in Eden. The UMB race provided almost 1/3 of the racers as riders checked out the new course and the new organization. We found both to be excellent.   Race report...    July 2014.

The Rage at Snowbird!
The second-to-last race of the 2014 Intermountain Cup season was Saturday July 5. The ranks were a bit thin on the holiday weekend, as only the hard-core racers showed up   Race report...    July 2014.

Deer Valley Pedalfest!
The 5.7-mile loop at Deer Valley was a variation on the traditional route, with 900 vertical feet of climbing per lap. The weather was perfect and the trails were in great shape.  The UMB team rocked a few first-place finishes!   Race report...    June 2014.

Dugway's Desert Scorpion race!
Each 7-mile loop had 1000 vertical feet of climbing with 5 miles of narrow technical singletrack. The desert was cooled by a chilly north wind as racers received a warm welcome from the military.   Race report...    June 2014.

Draper's Stan Crane Memorial XC race!
It was a great day of racing on the awesome trails of Draper's Corner Canyon, as warm sunshine greeted riders on the 10.7 mile loop.   Race report...    May 2014.

Lambert Park! Awesome day of racing...
Intermountain Cup race number 5 was a short-track event with multiple loops on a 2.8-mile route in northern Lambert Park. The overnight rain left the trails tacky but not squishy.   Race report...    May 2014.

Five Mile Pass!  ICup race #4.
The Five Mile Pass race was originally scheduled April 26. It was postponed until May 3 because heavy rain turned the clay soil into a giant mud pot. Weather was great for the delayed race.   Race report...    May 2014.

Rumble at 18 Road
The "Rumble" was the sound of mud-caked tires rubbing on mud-crusted frames. The rain ambushed the race at precisely the wrong time. On the first wave, riders slogged through deep mud. The second wave had a lovely race on a shortened course.   Race report...    April 2014.

The Cactus Hugger!  ICup race #2.
The clouds looked cold and threatening, but the weather was perfect for a St. George race.  The UMB race team popped a few tires and broke a few bike parts on this rough techy course.   Race report...    April 2014.

UMB results from the True Grit March 15!
Nice sunshine but a strong wind as our riders tackle this 50-mile epic race.   Race report...    March 2014.

First Intermountain Cup race of 2014!  The Red Rock Rampage!
Many racers were spooked by the weather forecast for St. George and stayed up north. For those dedicated (or deluded) bikers who headed south, the reward was unexpected great racing weather.   Race report...    March 2014.

A snowy final CX race in Kaysville!
Wow, what a great time! Riding in the snow, weaving through the trees of Barnes Park. It was like the weather was saying goodbye. And for some riders, the sidewalk and frozen ground said "Hello" or as translated into English, "Thud." Here's the story on race 12, the final event of the UtCX season.   Photos and UMB team results...    December 2013.

Cyclocross #11 at Fort Buenaventura
The leaves are now on the ground, hiding roots and rocks from the eyes. This second race at The Fort had a different feel from the last one, two months ago. Here's the report on the course, and a photo of whatever UMB rider happened to blunder in front of the camera lens.   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Cyclocross #10, State Championship at Weber
A new course layout was greeted by warm sunshine at the Weber County Fairgrounds. Intermittently, the wind blasted through to show us that, indeed, it's almost winter.   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Cyclocross #9 in the snow at Kaysville!
Wow, what an experience. Mother Nature served up cyclocross weather that made the old veterans grin. Read about the course and check out a few photos!   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Cyclocrosss #8 at Weber County Fairgrounds
A new course at the Weber County Fairgrounds served up some fun and interesting challenges, such as five logs in a row. The weather was unseasonably warm as racers enjoyed bright November sunshine.   Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Rocky Mountain Raceway Cyclocross
For race 7 of the 2013 UtCX season, the party moved to Rocky Mountain raceway on Saturday November 2. This was an interesting and challenging course, requiring mountain-biking skills as well as roadie speed for long pavement stretches. It appears that Bruce has finally breaken his streak of three sequential next-to-last finishes. Hahahahahaha.  Photos and UMB team results...    November 2013.

Halloween Cross at Cottonwood Park
Saturday October 26 was the official wear-your-costume cyclocross race at Cottonwood Park. The course was again a high-speed grassy layout with plenty of tight turns and tough climbs. A favorite of the spectators was the sickest sand-pit I've ever ridden (successfully).   Photos and UMB team results...    October 2013.

Another great CX day at Weber Fairgrounds October 19
A new course layout with more turns and a few fun tricky spots awaited racers at the Weber County Fairgrounds today. After a cold morning, the day served up warm fall sunshine.   Photos and UMB team results...    October 2013.

Huntsman World Senior Games Mountain Biking!
The race team was represented by four riders at the Senior Games in St. George.. Events include Hillclimb and Downhill on Monday October 14, and Cross-country on Tuesday. Here's the story.    Photos and UMB team results...    October 2013.

Week 3 of CX at Weber Fairgrounds, Ogden, October 12
The Weber County Fairgrounds served up a zippy course with a lot of tight turns that never let you rest. Here's a report on the race, with a link to more photos.    Photos and team results...    October 2013.

UtCX cyclocross! Fort Buenaventura
This was a great CX course. Fast and fun, with a bit of everything. Except snow. Well, there was frost for the first wave of racers. Go team!   Photos and team results...    October 2013.

UtCX cyclocross at Draper, September 28
Goatheads! Twisting singletrack! Deep sand! Railroad tracks! 18 racers competed for the cyclocross team.   Photos and team results...    September 2013.

Draper Fall Classic
Weather and trails cooperated for a perfect race in Draper's Corner Canyon on Saturday September 21. The combined USCS and ICup season for 2013 is now over. All that remains are the awards. Any bets on which raced team gets the season win?   Read about the Fall Classic...    September 2013. Race Team season honors...
After a fun cyclocross clinic (thanks, Jason!) the season awards were revealed. Who did the team vote for?.    Read more...    August 2013.

Soldier Hollow -- final race of 2013 ICup season
The trail was firm and surprisingly non-dusty as racers hit the slopes above Soldier Hollow on August 10 for the last race of the 2013 Intermountain Cup season.    Read more...    August 2013.

A light rain fell periodically as cloud cover kept temperatures cool at Solitude in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The 8th ICup race of the season was split into two waves.    Read more...    July 2013.

Snowbird. The Rage.
After a few days of record-setting rains, Snowbird was thoroughly saturated. The lush greenery combined with the challenging wet trail to create a memorable day of cycling.    Read more...    July 2013.

Sherwood Hills. Nice trail; hot day.
With a heat wave in the valley, Sherwood Hills was toasty but tolerable for Saturday's ICup race. Attendance wasn't as good as expected, possibly because of the heat. But racers who showed up were rewarded with great riding.   Read more...    June  2013.

Round Valley USCS race report.
Temperatures were cool for the afternoon face on June 22 at Round Valley. The course was in good shape and a steady north wind kept the dust down. Here's how the UMB team fared.   Read more...    June  2013.

Wasatch Back 50!
Tight switchbacks and fresh-cut trail added to the challenge of racing 50 miles with 6000 vertical feet of climbing. The 2013 WB50 offered delicious new trail and great racer support in the mountains northeast of Heber.  Read more...    June  2013.

Draper's Stane Crane Memorial race!
The trails of Corner Canyon were in great shape for this event, which started a bit later in the day than the typical ICup race. Riders got to sample three new trail-cuts in addition to the classics.  Read more...    May  2013.

Sundance! Sunny trails and fast bikes.
The weather was warm and sunny for the 4th ICup race of the 2013 season. The UMB team had strong performances in many categories.  Read more...    May  2013.

Five Mile Pass! ICup race #3 under perfect conditions.
The race at Five Mile had great conditions on the course and crappy conditions in the results computer. Beginner Men results had to be adjusted a few times, and a medallion went to the wrong person. But wow, sunshine and dirt! Here's Bruces report on the race at Five Mile Pass on April 27.  Read more...    April 2013.

Lambert Park XCO race. Great despite the rain!
The first race of the 2013 USCS series, and the third race of the combined ICup-USCS championship series, was delayed a bit by rain. Racers who held out were rewarded with some great riding.  Read more...    April 2013.

Cactus Hugger race report
Beautiful warm St.George weather greeted the UMB race team for the second Cactus Hugger at Green Valley. The mean rocks on this technical loop knocked quite a few riders out of the race.   Read more...    April 2013.

True Grit 2013. Even Grittier than last year.
On March 16, several UMB team racers hit the True Grit Epic in St. George. The 50 mile version is 100% dirt and sandstone with 90% singletrack, and features a lot of technical rock.  Read more...    March 2013.

Red Rock Rampage! The racing season begins...
It was a great weekend to be in St. George as the UMB team shakes the cob webs off the bikes in the first race of the Intermountain Cup season. This year, the ICup will combine with the USCS for a 14-race season with combined championships.   Read more...    March 2013.

UMB racers at the 2013 Frozen Hog
At the 11th (and last) Frozen Hog, UMB was represented by three racers who fought the deep snow.   Read more...  February 2013 Race Team 2012 season honors
Here are the winners of the team voting for season honors for the cross-country squad of the UMB Race Team. Also links to the ICup squad season poster.   Read more...  January 2013

UMB racers on the podium!
UMB put 21 racers on the season podium for the Intermountain Cup, and won the team competition. Here's the story.   Read more...  September 2012

Snowbasin's Basin Bash
10th and last ICup race of the 2012 season! 
The August 4 race at Snowbasin was a great finish to the Intermountain Cup racing season. UMB takes the team championship, and 21 UMB riders take spots as overall category winners for the season.    Read more...   August 2012

Solitude! 16th Chris Allaire Memorial
It was a beautiful day at Solitude Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon, with trails in great shape. At the 9th race of the 10 races of the Intermountain Cup season, the UMB race team made a strong performance.    Read more...   July 2012

Wasatch Back 50
The third race of the USCS 2012 season was a brutal test of climbing: 7300 vertical feet over 52 miles. There were more than a few DNFs. The downhill was fun, fast, and sick on this race that included Soldier Hollow and ATV track in the Little Deer Creek area.    Read more...   July 2012

Snowbird Mountain Bout
In the 8th race of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season, riders found that the new downhill singletrack turned Snowbird from an OK race venue into a great big loop of fun. Here's the report from the race team.   Read more...   July 2012

Wimmer's XC at Sherwood
Here's the UMB team page for the Sherwood Hills race (delayed a few days by evacuation for the Alpine fire). In memory of Patrick McKnight.   Read more...   June 2012

Round Valley USCS race #2 report  
In an afternoon race in upper-80 heat, racers hit the twisting singletrack of Round Valley in the second Utah State Championship Series race of 2012. Here's a quick report and the run-down on the UMB team racer results.   Read more...   June 2012

Deer Valley Pedalfest report  
The Deer Valley Pedalfest for 2012 was a USA Cycling qualifier event. As such, racing categories were different than the usual ICup groups.   Read more...   June 2012

Stan Crane Memorial -- ICup racing at Draper  
On Memorial Day, the UMB team hits Corner Canyon in Draper for the 6th Intermountain Cup race of the season. Our racers deliver a good turnout and strong performances in the fun but tough race.   Read more...   May 2012

Hammerfest at the Hollow.  
The UMB team hits Soldier Hollow for the half-way point of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season.  The trails were perfect for the race, with sunshine and pleasant temperatures.   Read more...   May 2012

Sundance Spin!
At Sundance Resort in the North Fork of Provo Canyon, the UMB team hits the fun twisty singletrack of the Intermountain Cup's 4th race of the season.   Read more...   May 2012.

Five Mile Pass!
The UtahMountainBiking team makes a strong showing in the dusty doubletrack of Five Mile Pass. The morning started with a chilly wind, but conditions were great for the race at 10 a.m. as Intermountain Cup racers hit the third race in the 2012 series.  Read more...   April 2012.

USCS Lambert Park race. Awesome!
The trail was perfect for the high-speed Lambert Park race that kicks off the 2012 Utah State Championship Series of four races.  UMB was well-represented at this event, putting nine racers onto the podium.  Read more...   April 2012.

Cactus Hugger!  ICup Race 2.
Red Rock's Cactus Hugger was held April 7 at the Green Valley competition area of St. George. Highlights were great weather and fine technical singletrack riding. Here's the report from the UMB race team.  Read more...   April 2012.

True Grit Epic race report!  
The 2012 True Grit had 23, 50, and 100-mile options. The weather was fabulous, and the trails were fun but brutal. racers took 2 podium spots. Here's the race report from Bruce.  Read more...   March 2012.

Desert Rampage!  ICup 2012 Race Number One is History.
On March 3, racers from the region fled the snowy north for the sunny dirt of St. George. This always-fun race course was a great start to the Intermountain Cup 2012 season.  Read more...   March 2012. team at the 2012 Frozen Hog team members were at the 2012 Frozen Hog as volunteers and as racers. Team Pro Casey Zaugg takes 2nd place.  Frozen Hog website...   For Race Team results, read more.   January 2012

Huntsman World Senior Games... Mountain Biking report!
Three Race Team members went to St.George for the 2011 Senior Games. Here's the scoop on how they did. (Hey, UMB racers! All you have to do is send me a photo and a quick note about your race, and that race will then be "important" enough to warrant inclusion in our team racing section.)  Read more...   October 2011

UMB Race Team season honors
At the team season picnic, we honored those racers who made outstanding efforts during 2011. Here's the run-down on the picnic menu... and the racers who, by vote of the team, won awards for the season.  Read more...   September 2011

Snowbasin ICup Season Finale!
After 11 races, the 2011 Intermountain Cup racing series is over.  At the season-ender on Saturday July 30th, racers enjoyed great trails and nice weather, as UMB and Mad Dog fought for the team season championship in the Basin Bash XC.  Read more...   July 2011

Chris Allaire Memorial at Solitude
The 10th race of the Intermountain Cup season had great weather and magnificent trails at Solitude Resort. A new race loop changed the dynamics by cutting off that hateful road-grunt. The riding at Solitude has never been better than it is this year.   Read more...   July 2011

USA Cycling Nationals: Results for racers
Utah riders take to the podium at the national championship in Sun Valley, Idaho.  Read more...   July 2011

Mountain Bout at Dutch Hollow
The "Snowbird" Mountain Bout was moved to Dutch Hollow by Midway, because people are still skiing on the bike trails at Snowbird. At Dutch Hollow, racers found a great no-apologies race course with tight twisting singletrack that had many asking if it could become a permanent ICup event.   Read more...   July 2011

Wimmers XC at Sherwood
Perfect weather, great trail. The 8th race of the Intermountain Cup season was at Sherwood Hills in the mountains south of Logan. The temperature was pleasant, the trail was buff, and the scenery was beautiful. Could you ask for more?  Read more...   May 2011

Deer Valley Pedalfest -- a great day of racing at ICup race #7.
The snow was still heavy on the upper slopes of Deer Valley, but a minor trail route change put the event onto dry smooth singletrack. This race was a USAC qualifier and the State Championship.  Read more...   May 2011

Memorial Day race report!  ICup race #6.
The weather did everything it could to mess up the Stan Crane Memorial race in Draper. An inch of rain, plus snow, fell overnight, and the temperature at registration was in the upper 30s. But those who braved the weather had great (wet) racing.   Read more...   May 2011

Hammerfest!  ICup race #5.
Here's the race report for the Hammerfest at the Hollow ICup race. The UMB team scores well, but drops to 2nd in season ranking as Mad Dog again scores big.   Read more...   May 2011

Sundance at Soldier Hollow!  ICup race #4.
The new trail setup proved to be great and the weather was nice for racing. The Mad Dog team really sank their teeth into this race.  The cantankerous canines showed up in a massive pack and snatched the kibble from the under-manned UMB team.   Read more...   May 2011

Five Mile Pass!  Report from the UMB race team.
Five Mile Pass was dry and dusty, which was a welcome change from the ugly weather of the last couple of years. The UMB ICup squad came out in force and enjoyed a sunny race in perfect temperatures.   Read more...   May 2011

Cholla Challenge - ICup race #2
At Warner Valley south of Hurricane, the UtahMountainBiking team takes on the tough Cholla Challenge desert race course. Here's the report on the race, plus links to photos and video.   Read more...   April 2011

The Intermountain Cup Series is underway!
The UtahMountainBiking team finds warm weather and fun riding at the Red Rock Rampage, the first race of the 2011 Intermountain Cup Race Series.   Read more...   March 2011

UtahMountainBiking's  International Team  files this report...
Mike MacDonald hits the Golden Triangle Epic in Bendio, Australia, and files this report. Good on ya, mate!.    Read more...   December 2010

UMB Cross team
Results for our UMB team members in the first 8 races are posted.  Updated to include all season races, December 2010.  Did I miss anybody?  Read more...  November 2010

UtahMountainBiking has been named Mountain Race Team of the Year for 2010 by Cycling Utah

UMB team season picnic and awards... by vote of the team!
The UMB Intermountain Cup Squad wrapped up its season with a picnic September 25. (Our Endurance Squad is going strong, and the Cyclocross Squad goes into action October 2nd.) The team voted for special honors for some of our racers.   Read more...  September 2010

UMB team member Justin Griffin wins National Championship 
In Granby, Colorado, Justin Griffin won the mountain biking National Championship for the age 13-14 category. Utah Riders Keegan Swenson and Noah Talley take 1st and 2nd in the age 15-16 race. Here's the story according to Justin, with a re-telling from his Dad's point of view.   Read more...  August 2010

ICup Season Winners
Twenty team riders got to the season podium in their categories. UMB won the IMBA trailwork trophy for another year. Setting another new record for team points earned, the UMB ICup squad permanently retires the 12-year championship trophy.   Read more...  August 2010

Rock the Canyons!  ICup season finale. 
The last race of the 2010 Intermountain Cup season was held on a shortened course at The Canyons on Saturday, August 8. The rain held off until the afternoon for a fun morning of racing.   Read more...  August 2010

Basin Bash XC - the Snowbasin ICup race... 
It was already toasty-warm and humid at the 9 am race start, as racers headed out for a long race at Snowbasin. Tricky rock gardens and tight turns meant an early end to the race for many riders.   Read more...  July 2010

The race team trailwork report for 2010...
Our race team does volunteer trail maintenance and construction. For the 2010 Intermountain Cup season, team members combined for over 240 hours of digging, pruning, rock-hauling, tree cutting, and thistle chopping.   Read more...  July 2010

State Open Championships at Solitude -- ICup race #11. 
The race loop at Solitude has plenty of climbing and a technical downhill. The mountain gave flat tires and broken chains, and in exchange, accepted offerings of blood and skin. A great day of racing for the UtahMountainBiking team.   Read more...  July 2010

Snowbird!  23rd Annual Mountain Bout Report 
Crisp temperatures, sunshine, clean mountain air. And gnarly treacherous trail in a brutal high-altitude race. Who could ask for more? The UMB race team puts the wheels on the trail at Snowbird.   Read more...  July 2010

Jackson Hole! 
On the most technical course of the Intermountain Cup season, the UMB team speeds over rocks and roots on the beautiful singletrack. Great individual efforts help the team come away with another win.   Read more...  June 2010

Sherwood Hills Race Report
The singletrack in the trees of Sherwood Hills had just the right amount of moisture. The temperatures were pleasant as sunshine played over the trailside flowers. It was a great day of racing on this fun and challenging course.   Read more...  June 2010

Deer Valley Pedalfest! Rainy! Cold! Slippery!
After a cancellation and rescheduling due to torrential rains, the Deer Valley ICup race was held Wednesday evening 6/16. Laughing hysterically, the Race Weather Gods sent a cold front to drizzle on the shivering racers as they waited to brave the slippery singletrack.   Read more...  June 2010

Stan Crane Memorial. A great race in Draper!
The Memorial Day weather was perfect for racing. After three races where fear of the weather kept racers away, the turnout was huge. The trails were in great shape and the new course layout was a blast  Read more...  May 2010

Hammerfest at the Hollow. Soldier Hollow ICup race report!
The overnight rain and foothill snow frightened a lot of racers. But those who showed up were rewarded with a fun, if slimy, race on the slopes of Soldier Hollow. The UMB team takes advantage of the low turnout to score a new record for team points.  Read more...  May 2010

Sundance Spin. The Mad Dog Team rocks their own party!
The trails were near-perfect, the weather was beautiful, and it's great to be in the mountains again. Thanks to Sundance, sponsor Mad Dog, and the Intermountain Cup Series for an awesome event. The Mad Dogs show some teeth as they chew up the competition like an old slipper.   Read more...  May 2010

Five Mile Pass ICup race report
The riders who dared to drive through the sleet and 34-degree temperatures found that Five Mile Pass was dry and dusty. A bit cool, and with schizophrenic racetime weather, but a great day. The UtahMountainBiking team grabs another team victory in the Showdown.   Read more...  May 2010

Cholla Challenge race report
While the rest of the state suffered under an Easter snowstorm, the weather in Warner Valley was perfect for racing. The UMB team celebrated with a burger fry, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and a convincing team win   Read more...  April 2010

Intermountain Cup race season is here! Desert Rampage report.
The 2010 Desert Rampage in St. George saw a huge racer turnout under pleasant temperatures. The UMB race team fielded 60 riders and struggled to win over 100 team points. And check out our cool new race jerseys!   Read more...  March 2010

Slush-fest  Frozen Hog  Saturday February 6.
Lambert Park was blessed with rain and toasty-warm temperatures during the 24 hours before the 2010 Frozen Hog race. The hard-pack singletrack trail turned soft. Deep and soft. Slippery and soft. Racers got a good calf workout running alongside their bikes. (Think of it as exercise to improve your run-up skills.) Even the doubletrack was tough riding. Can we say 2010 was the most brutal ever? Yeah, I think that's a safe assumption. UMB race team members' results...

Final race of the Cyclocross season
In a snowy cold day at Fort Bueneventura, the race team slips and slides its way through the final race of the 2009 CX season, finishing in 7th place.   Read more...  December 2009

Cyclocross race 10 at Draper's Equestrian Center
Next to last race of the season. The weather is cold, with frozen ruts down near the pond, but it was a great day to race. The UMB team gets some good placements.   Read more...  November 2009

Double-Cross weekend at Wasatch and Wheeler...
The weather wasn't as bad as predicted, so the UMB Cross Team had a great time racing Saturday in Heber at the Wasatch fairgrounds and in Salt Lake at Wheeler Farm on Sunday. Our new CX team is in 7th place for the season.  Read more...  November 2009

Frozen Hog 2010 will be Saturday February 6! is pleased to announce that Bike Peddler (of American Fork) will be the managing sponsor of the Frozen Hog. The race is set for 9 am, Saturday February 6. We hope to see plenty of UMB volunteers. Preliminary information...  Posted November 2009

CX #7 at the Weber County Fairgrounds!
The UMB Cross Team hits the Weber course and despite a few flat tires, manages to move up in the standings to 7th place for the season.  Read more...  November 2009
UtahMountainBiking is Mountain Bike Team of the Year!
In a repeat performance, UtahMountainBiking has been named Mountain Bike Team of the Year by Cycling Utah magazine, in recognition of our trail work and domination of the Intermountain Cup competition.  November 2009

Double Cross Weekend at Wheeler Farm!
Races 5 and 6 of the 2009 Cyclocross season saw 17 UMB Cross Team riders compete in 25 races. This included two 1st-place finishes as well as a 2nd and a 3rd place.  Read more...  November 2009
25 hours of Frog Hollow
UMB team members Joel Quinn and Jake Weber were part of this race. Joel's team took 1st place in the corporate category. Jake Weber files the report.  Read more... November 2009

Cyclocross race #4 at Draper
The largest group of UMB team racers ever hits the race course at the Draper Equestrian Center and grabs some good finishes! That's in spite of a few flats and mechanicals.   Read more...  October 2009

Cyclocross race #3 at Heber
On October 17, a small UMB contingent races in the third CX race of the season. But while few in number, the team does well enough to move upward in the season standings!   Read more...  October 2009
Senior Games at St. George!
UMB Team members Jay Griffin and Joel Quinn hit the Mountain Biking events at the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George on October 12 and 13. Each of them won the overall championship in their category for the event, with a total of 5 gold and one silver between them!  Read more... October 2009

Cyclocross race #2 at the Weber Fairgrounds
The report of the growing UMB CX team for race #2 is now ready. Thanks, Dan! Seven UMB riders hit the CX track, with Jeff Kingsford doing two races. Looks like FUN stuff!   Read more...  October 2009
24 hours of Moab
Two UMB team members hit the race. Jake Weber for his 2nd time, and Steve Brumbaugh for six times. "What else is there that allows you the opportunity to suffer from hypothermia one moment and within about 4 hours, you are sunburned to a crisp? It truly is a unique experience." Jake's report    Steve's blog...'s Cyclocross Team starts the season
Our race team, only in its fifth year, is expanding into other areas of racing. Check out our CX page and link to the report on the first race of the cyclocross season at the Weber County fairgrounds!   Read more...  October 2009
Justin Griffin wins Widowmaker 2009!
UMB team member Justin Griffin has again won the Snowbird Widowmaker hillclimb event with a time of 55:51. Not bad for somebody who's not old enough to shave yet! Eric Ellis took 4th overall, 2nd in his 20-29 age group. Jay Griffin took 1st place in the 50+ group and 5th place overall. Good job guys! September 2009
Pocatello Endurance Festival
At the big endurance race in Pocatello, Joel Quinn took 1st place in 20K, Justin Griffin got 2nd place in 40k, and Jay Griffin hurried behind Justin for 3rd place in the 40K. September 12, 2009

Race Team Season Picnic and Awards
Over 60 UMB race team members came to a cookout at Lambert Park on September 12. We honored our "workhorses" and presented special awards to several team members. Who was our Racer of the Year?  Read more...  September 2009
UMB team racers at the Park City P2P race!
Brian Oliver and Dan Hutchings competed in the Park City Point 2 Point endurance race. Of 168 racers, 131 finished, including our guys! Brian had a time of 9 hours 39 minutes. 
Snowbird Hill Climb
Justin Griffin raced to a first place, junior division, in the Snowbird Hill Climb road race on Aug 22, 2009. He took 19th place overall out of over 300 racers.

The Mount Ogden 50K race at Snow Basin
Eleven riders from the UMB race team participated in this long and brutal race on August 22. Five were members of two-man relay teams riding one lap each. Eleven did the whole thing. Here's the report of how our riders did.   Read more...  August 2009

2009 ICup season champions!
Running up a new record of 1599 team points for the season, UMB keeps the ICup trophy for another year. This was a hard-fought campaign, with runner-up Mad Dog scoring 1375 and Revolution also getting over 1000 points.  Season Champions Page...  August 2009

IMBA Trailwork Trophy for 2009
With over 350 hours of trail work done by our race team members, UMB has again won the IMBA Trailwork Trophy for the 2009 season. Team members worked on new trail for five major trail systems, and performed trail improvement and maintenance for many existing trails.    UMB's trailwork scrapbook...  August 2009

Rock the Canyons - the final ICup race of 2009
The final ICup race was rather warm, brutal, and treacherous. This interesting course featured an unending tough climb followed by a rocky rooty moon-dusty descent where hazards awaited you around blind corners.  Read more...  August 2009

Taming the Tetons... The Jackson Hole race report
It was an absolutely beautiful morning in Wyoming as the UMB race team hit the fun and technical singletrack at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Flat tires, crashes, and damaged bikes... but our determined riders got across the line.   Read more...  July 2009

Utah State Open - UMB at the Solitude race
July 18 was a beautiful day in Big Cottonwood Canyon, and the new race loop was a lot of fun. Temperatures were nice for the first wave, but getting a bit warm and dusty for the mid-day racers.   Read more...  July 2009

Snowbird Mountain Bout race report.
Riding through intermittent drizzle, the UMB team hits the slopes of Snowbird for the 9th ICup race of the season. The race loop has some new singletrack switchbacks that replace the dreaded Dick Bass Highway. Now if we can only do something about that doggone Tram Road...  Read more...  July 2009

Team work day on Traverse Ridge. The race team spent a trail day on the unnamed trail in Corner canyon. The trail will span from the upper Clarks trailhead on Traverse Ridge down to the Silica Pit with plenty of swooping turns on its 3.5-mile run. Most of the trail will be hand-built. July 2009

Deer Valley Pedalfest ICup race report.
An overnight rain soaked the Deer Valley trails for the June 13 Pedalfest. But aside from slippery trail edges, the track held up well and gave reasonable traction even on the downhills. The UMB race team returns to the "W" column and extends their season lead.  Read more...  June 2009

Sundance Spin! ICup race report.
It was a beautiful day at the first "mountain" race of the ICup season. Green trees and grass, brilliant sunshine, Mount Timpanogos in all its splendor. The twisting singletrack trail was in great condition.   Read more...  May 2009

Stan Crane Memorial ICup race report: Draper.
Team Revolution defends its own territory in fine style in a re-routed and rain-delayed sixth Intermountain Cup race. Ed and his helpers did a great job of finding a fun backup race loop.  Read more...  May 2009

Hammerfest at Soldier Hollow ICup race report.
The Heber Valley had plenty of clean air and sunshine, with temperatures absolutely perfect for racing. The trail was dry and in good condition, if just a little bumpy and grooved on some of the singletrack turns.   Read more...  May 2009

Sherwood Hills ICup race report.
The snow melted just in time for the May 9th Wimmer's XC at Sherwood Hills near Logan. The UMB race team was a bit thin in number as they tried to defend their lead toward the season championship.  Read more...  May 2009

Five Mile Pass ICup race report.
The UtahMountainBiking team scores big at Five Mile Pass. The race was delayed and rerouted as massive rain turned the clay soil into slop. More intelligent racers packed up their bikes and went home, but UMB's racers played dirty to get the victory.  Read more...  May 2009
UMB team racers at Sea Otter!
This will be a story, some day. Email me the details! 

Cholla Challenge race report!
April 4 was a sunny day in southern Utah as the UtahMountainBiking XC race team dominated the Cholla Challenge to take the lead in the 2009 Intermountain Cup Racing Series. Racers lined the trail pumping their tires as the tricky dips and rocks ate tubes and cut tubeless tire sidewalls. Read more... 

Desert Rampage race report!
The team scores a solid 93 points at the Desert Rampage in St. George to start the 2009 Intermountain Cup season.  It was a beautiful break from winter weather, and a nice excuse for a hamburger fry after the race.  Read more...  March 2009
Frozen Hog race 2009
96 finishers cross the slushy finish line in a mean winter race. Adam Heckman is the top Expert finisher, and the Racers Cycle Service team (Kenny Jones, Chucky Gibson, Dan Nelson, and Brad Keyes) grabs the trophy!  Read more...  February 2009
Justin Griffin wins Widowmaker!
Kudos to Justin Griffin of the race team! Justin has won an "Outstanding Performance of the Year" award from Cycling Utah magazine for winning the Widowmaker hillclimb race at Snowbird. Justin is 12 years old, smokin' the big guys to be first at the top of the hill.  November 2008
UtahMountainBiking is "Mountain Club of the Year"
Cycling Utah has named UMB the Mountain Club of the Year. UMB won the IMBA trailwork trophy with over 250 hours of trailwork, and won the ICup trophy as 2008 champions. UMB also sponsors the Frozen Hog winter bike race. Cycling Utah... November 2008 wins 2008 ICup!
This was an awesome season due to the efforts and enthusiasm of many team racers. We set a new ICup record of 1585 team points, winning 10 of 12 races against competition that also broke previous point records this season. We had our highest-ever number of season champions, putting 13 UMB racers on the podium. For more info on our outstanding season, see the team BBQ and awards page.  September 2008
That's as far back as the news goes for now...