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2009 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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2009 UMB Team Trailwork

Because the Intermountain Cup's trailwork year starts immediately after the championship race, our trailwork page includes work sessions in the fall of 2009. We're trying to keep the IMBA trailwork trophy for 2009, but it will take a lot of volunteer efforts!

[ 2009 UMB Trailwork Page ]

Frozen Hog
Lambert Park, Alpine. February 7, 2009

The UMB race team, with help from other volunteers, scrambled to keep the Lambert Park trails clear of snow for the annual Frozen Hog race. Thanks to all who helped make the event successful. 

[ Frozen Hog Page ]

Desert Rampage
Green Valley Race Loop, St. George. March 7, 2009

Saturday saw beautiful blue skies in St. George, with temperatures warming to "perfect." For team members from northern Utah, it was a great break from dreary snow. Highlights include first place finishes by Zach Peterson, Justin Griffin, and Jay Griffin, while Joshua Peterson and Eric Ellis finished 2nd in their categories. 

[ Desert Rampage ]

Cholla Challenge
Warner Valley Race Loop, Hurricane. April 4, 2009

Despite the snowstorm up north, the weather at the Cholla Challenge was perfect: blue skies and cool temperature for riding hard. The previous day's rains packed the trail firmly. The 7.5-mile loop offered plenty of challenges, and racers generally agreed it was the best Cholla race ever. But the fun came with a price: pinch-flats sidelined many of our riders, and Corbin's crash broke bones in his hand. The trail was lined with racers pumping tires -- more tire-pumpers than spectators. UMB had first-place finishes by Steve Winters, Justin Griffin, Jay Griffin, and Derek Ransom, with a second place by Zachary Peterson.

[ Cholla Challenge ]

Showdown at Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass, west of Lehi.  May 2, 2009

The rain poured down, turning the clay soil into sticky slippery gumbo. Many riders bailed and went home. But enough UtahMountainBiking race team members were willing to brave the mud to give us a win and great memories. UMB had first-place finishes by Hunter Ransom, Brian Terry, Mark Messer, Dallin Johnson, Colleen Tvorik, and Jay Griffin. Second-place winners were Brayden Nielsen, Jakob Haderlie, Ryan Nielsen, Jordan Anderson, and Derek Ransom.

[ Five Mile Pass ]

Wimmer's Race at Sherwood
Sherwood Hills, Logan, May 9, 2009

The day started out with temperature in the upper 30s, but the sun quickly warmed things up. The trail at Sherwood Hills was firm and grippy under the tires, with just a few damp spots and one accidental creek. The UMB team was down in total numbers, with just 36 riders at Sherwood, but we earned over 100 team points to keep the season lead. UMB had first-place finishes by Jakob Haderlie, Mark Messer, Justin Griffin, and Jay Griffin. Second-place winners were Zach Peterson, Ryan Payne, and Stephen Brown.

[ Sherwood Hills ]

Hammerfest at the Hollow
Soldier Hollow, Midway.  May 16, 2009

It was a perfect day for racing as the sun lit up the clean air on the east side of Mount Timpanogos in the Heber Valley. Temperatures were pleasantly cool. The trail was dry, well, except for a little gooey grass just before the finish line. Surprisingly, dust wasn't a major issue. On the descent from the upper mountain, some tire-track grooves made the sharp turns a little more dicey, but overall the singletrack was smooth, fast, and fun. Our team had first place finishes by Dallin Johnson, Jared Muir, Colleen Tvorik, and second place wins by Jakob Haderlie, Zachary Peterson, Ryan Payne, Jay Griffin, and Justin Griffin.

[ Soldier Hollow ]

Stan Crane Memorial
Draper, Monday May 25 (Memorial Day), 2009

The weekend rain saturated the trails in Corner Canyon. Ghost Falls and Clarks Trail were too muddy to ride. The race was pushed back a couple of hours while a new loop was marked on the sandy trails of the lower mountain. The expert and pro categories were put off until the afternoon. Most racers felt that the substitute trail made a great ride. UMB had no first-place finishes in this race. There were second place wins by Jakob Haderlie, Jay Griffin, and Dallin Johnson.

[ Draper ]

Sundance Spin
Sundance Resort, North Fork, Provo Canyon. May 30, 2009

It was a beautiful sunny day at Sundance. Yesterday's rain put the right amount of moisture into the trail, so dust wasn't a problem on the singletrack in the trees. The sunshine lasted until the award ceremony, with the thunderstorms moving in after the award ceremony. The UMB team had first place finishes by Derek Ransom, Jared Muir, Jay Griffin, and Justin Griffin. Second-place wins were scored by Hunter Ransom, Dallin Johnson, Randy Croall, and Ryan Payne.

[ Sundance ]

Deer Valley Pedalfest
Deer Valley, June 13, 2009

Once again, for the third time this season, rain made an Intermountain Cup race interesting. Deer Valley got a good soaking overnight. But the trail was surprisingly firm, and racers quickly learned to stay in the center of the trail to avoid slippery stuff on the trail edges. A light dribble stopped just in time for the race, and there was even sunshine for our BBQ. Dale Hutchings, Dallin Johnson, Jared Muir, Justin Griffin won first place victories in their categories. Second place finishers were Hunter Ransom, Brayden Nielsen, Ryan Nielsen, Derek Ransom, Denmark Jensen, Sally Hutchings, and Joel Quinn.

[ Deer Valley ]

Snowbird Mountain Bout
Snowbird Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, July 11, 2009

This was the first race on Snowbird's new singletrack switchbacks to Mid-Gad. No more Dick Bass Highway. The new route added some extra climbing, and that ugly tram-road descent still keeps many riders away from this race. The rain sprinkled on racers and on our BBQ grill intermittently during the day. The UMB team hit Snowbird with smaller numbers, and with a few high-scoring racers having moved up into tougher categories. Two broken chains knocked key racers to the back of the pack. We saw first-place finishes by Stephen Brown, Dale Hutchings, and Jared Muir, plus second-place wins by Jake Weber, Dallin Johnson, Ryan Payne, Jolene Nosack, and Jay Griffin.

[ Snowbird ]

Solitude State Open
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon, July 18, 2009

It was a beautiful day in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Temperatures were nice for the first race, but got a little warm as the experts were racing in the afternoon. Our team was hit by significant mechanical problems, with at least two delayed finishes and two DNFs. The team saw first-place finishes by Brayden Nielsen, Jared Muir, Dale Hutchings, and Ryan Payne, with second-place wins by Hunter Ransom, Dallin Johnson, Justin Griffin, Denmark Jensen, and Sally Hutchings.

[ Solitude ]

Taming the Tetons
Jackson Hole, July 25, 2009

It was cool and sunny at the 9:30 start time at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village. The race loop was the same as in past years -- and rocky and rooty as usual, but perhaps having more moon-dust than in years past. Some TLC had been given to a couple of the more-difficult rock gardens, so you could fire right through them. The ferns, wildflowers, and groves of fir and aspen were beautiful. It was a great day to race. Dallin Johnson and Ryan Payne took first-place wins. Jakob Haderlie, Andrew Weber, Dale Hutchings, Jay Griffin, Joel Quinn, Jake Weber, and Jolene Nosack had second-place finishes.

[ Jackson ]

Rock the Canyons
The Canyons Resort, Park City, August 1, 2009
Season Championship Race

It was sunny and warm for a noon-time race at The Canyons. The trail was rocky and powdery, brutal to climb and spooky to descend. It was a tough race, worthy of a season-ender. The UMB team again had its share of bad luck with flat tires and injuries, squeaking out a close second-place team finish behind Mad Dog. First-place winners for UMB were Brayden Nielsen, Randy Croall, Jared Muir, Joel Quinn, and Denmark Jensen, with second-place finishes by Jakob Haderlie, Dale Hutchings, Justin Griffin, and Jolene Nosack.

[ The Canyons ]

Mount Ogden 50K
Snow Basin

Race Report  ]

Season-end Picnic
Season Award Ceremony
September 12 at Lambert Park
[ Team BBQ and Awards Page ]

And in other news... Justin Griffin WINS the Snowbird Widowmaker hill climb! Pretty impressive, huh?

October 3 at Weber County Fairgrounds
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