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Team Photo Scrapbook 07
2007 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Frozen Hog
Lambert Park, Alpine. February 3, 2007

Seven UMB racers took to the trail during the 2007 Frozen Hog. This isn't part of the Intermountain Cup Series, but is a "just for fun" race. While the other half of the UMB team was conducting the race, here's what our teammates did...

[Frozen Hog 2007 UMB Team Page]

Desert Rampage
Green Valley Race Loop, St. George. March 3, 2007

At the Desert Rampage in St. George, 25 racers hit the Green Valley race loop. Justin Griffin took a first place, with Carlee Hunsaker, and Bruce Argyle posting 2nd place finishes. Photo: Carlee and Justin take off.

[Desert Rampage 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Cholla Challenge
Warner Valley Race Loop, Hurricane. April 7, 2007

26 UMB racers hit the dusty desert of Warner Valley for the Cholla Challenge. We did well. 20 riders hit team points, one of them (Justin) getting points twice. First-place finishes were posted by Todd Neumarker, Justin Griffin, Stephen Bergen, and Danny VanWagoner, with 2nd-place honors going to Vincent Bria, Dave Larsen, and Bruce Argyle. Carlee Hunsaker was the top girl in 10-12.

[Cholla Challenge 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Showdown at Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass, west of Lehi.  May 5, 2007

A highest-ever total of 43 UMB riders raced at Five Mile Pass. We won the team competition. 18 riders won team points (another 4 riders hit top-7, but only the top two finishers in each category get team points). First place finishers were Justin Griffin (twice, in 10-12 then again in a second race in Beginner Men 13-15) and Jordan Petersen. Danny VanWagoner and Skyler Hancock took second places. Photo: Julie and Chad Hunter.

[Five Mile Pass 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Hammerfest at the Hollow
Soldier Hollow, Midway.  May 19, 2007

29 UMB riders hit the Hollow to hammer 101 team points. 20 racers hit points, with six first place finishes (Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, Danny Van Wagoner, Jordan Peterson, Dave Larsen, and Mike Engberson) and five second-place finishes (Jake Van Wagoner, Casey Jensen, Todd Jackson, Kellie Williams, and Bruce Argyle). UMB won the team competition again at Soldier Hollow, but remains in 2nd place for the season. Photo: Scott Van Wagoner takes air.

[Soldier Hollow 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Stan Crane Memorial
Draper, May 28, 2007

Our team fielded 30 racers for the first-ever race on the new 10-mile Draper race loop. The UMB team saw 3 first place finishes by Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, and Dave Larsen, and 3 second-places by Mike Engberson, Catherine Reay, and Bruce Argyle. We had a little blood spilled, but no serious injuries. Fun day! Photo: Dan Hutchings leads the charge up the Lower Corner Canyon Trail.

[Draper 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Sundance Spin
Sundance Resort, North Fork, Provo Canyon. June 2, 2007

UMB put 29 racers on the trail at the dusty Sundance Spin. Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, and Todd Neumarker took 1st-place finishes. Mike Engberson and Dave Larsen hit 2nd place. The weather was sunny but not hot -- important for that tough singletrack climb to the top of the mountain. Photo:  Todd Neumarker and Mike Engberson finish 1-2.

[Sundance 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Deer Valley Pedalfest
Deer Valley, June 9, 2007

We had only 25 UMB team racers at Deer Valley but still managed to grab some good placements. Justin Griffin and Dave Larsen took 1st-place finishes with Carlee Hunsaker wining top girl in the 10-12, while Todd Neumarker and Kellie Williams were 2nd in their categories. Despite the rain and snow two days before the race, the trail was in perfect shape for a fun race. We lost a little ground in the season standings as Revolution edged us in team points.

[Deer Valley 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Solitude State Open
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon, June 30, 2007

22 UMB racers came to the Solitude State Open mountain biking championship race on a sunny warm day. The trail was dry, dusty, and more technically difficult than it's been in years. The team made a great effort, narrowly losing to Revolution to again hit second place by a handful of points. Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, Stephen Bergen, and Colin Hunsaker are now state champions in their categories, with Dave Larsen and Brian Oliver hitting for 2nd place.

[Solitude 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Wimmer's Race at Sherwood
Sherwood Hills, Logan, July 7, 2007

At Sherwood Hills, 17 UMB racers braved the hot weather to represent the team well. Sherwood Hills is a fun race, although the three-race format makes for a long day for families that have racers in different categories. 12 racers scored team points, one of them (Justin) twice. Justin Griffin, Carlee Hunsaker, and Kellie Williams took first place, and Bruce Argyle nabbed a second-place.

[Sherwood 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Snowbird Mountain Bout
Snowbird Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, July 14, 2007

16 UMB racers headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the 20th Mountain Bout. The weather was absolutely beautiful at Snowbird, with the trails in surprisingly good condition. First place finishes were racked up by Justin Griffin, Catherine Reay, and Kellie Williams, with Stephen Bergen and Bruce Argyle hitting second. Team points were earned by 11 UMB racers.

[Snowbird 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Taming the Tetons
Jackson Hole, July 21, 2007

18 racers made the sacrifice to go to Jackson Hole, but disaster hit three riders (no injuries, just a broken bike and a traffic accident that snarled traffic for hours south of Jackson). This probably made the difference, as Revolution beat us again. But the Jackson trail is great fun in a beautiful setting. Kellie Williams and Danny Van Wagoner took first-place finishes, with second-place finishes by Justin Griffin, Matt Flygare, and Bruce Argyle.

[Jackson 2007 Scrapbook Page]

Wolverine Ridge
North Slope, Uinta Mountains, August 4, 2007
Season Championship Race

19 UMB racers defended our 2006 season title at Wolverine Ridge, but lost to a superior Revolution effort as we handed over the Intermountain Cup trophy for 2007. Justin Griffin, Stephen Bergen, Todd Jackson, and Kellie Williams had 1st-place finishes, with Catherine Reay taking a 2nd.

[Wolverine 2007 Scrapbook Page]

UMB Team Season-end Party
November 9, 2007

Read about the special honors given to outstanding UMB team riders. Season wrap-up.

[Season BBQ Page]

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