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Team Photo Scrapbook 06
2006 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Frozen in Time Icebike Race
Park City.  January 21, 2006

In a pre-season event, four UMB race team members rode (or perhaps more accurately, ran with their bikes) in the 2nd annual Icebike Race.

[Frozen in Time 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Frozen Hog
Lambert Park, Alpine. February 4, 2006

Most UMB racers (in fact 12 of them) were busy working as volunteers for the Frozen Hog. While her family helped run the race, Kellie Williams raced in Sport Women 13-17, taking home a 1st place

[Frozen Hog 2006 Page]

Desert Rampage
Green Valley Race Loop, St. George. March 4, 2006

14 racers hit St. George for the Desert Rampage on the Green Valley race loop. Justin Griffin and Dallin Searle took home 1st-place ribbons. (Dave Larsen was there and nailed a first-place finish, but wasn't yet a member of the UMB team.)

[Desert Rampage 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Cholla Challenge
Warner Valley Race Loop, Hurricane. April 1, 2006

This desert crankfest saw the UMB team ride "into the big time." This was the debut of our pavilion home base, and we took second-place in the team competition for this race to move up to #3 for the season. Justin Griffin, Dallin Searle, and Jolene Nosack take 1st-place ribbons. The racers are now a force to be dealt with!

[Cholla Challenge 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Showdown at Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass, west of Lehi.  May 6, 2006

In the Five Mile Pass race, Jordan Petersen, John Van Wagoner, and Dallin Searle captured first-place ribbons. Justin Griffin, Trevor Simper, and Mike Engberson scored 2nd places. A total of  9 UMB riders went to the podium. We earned 54 team points, second-highest for this race and our highest of the season. 

[Showdown at Five Mile Pass 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Lava Rama!
Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.  May 13, 2006

Eight riders made the trip to Idaho for this combined Wild Rockies and Intermountain Cup event. Seven riders medalled, for some reasonable team point production on this tough course. The team holds onto 3rd place for the season.

[Lava Rama 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Hammerfest at the Hollow
Soldier Hollow, Midway.  May 20, 2006

Eighteen team riders raced at the 2006 Hammerfest. Justin Griffin, Dallin Searle, Dave Larsen, and Jordan Petersen hit 1st-place. Casey Jensen, Danny Van Wagoner, and Audrey Searle had 2nd-place finishes. All together, 13 riders made the podium and 17 riders connected for team points. This is our biggest race so far, and our highest point production ever. UMB won the team competetion.

[Hammerfest at the Hollow 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Point Blank
ThanksGiving Point, Lehi. May 27, 2006

Twenty-three UMB racers hit the undulating flat-track singletrack course at Thanksgiving Point. Dallin Searle, Justin Griffin, Danny Van Wagoner, Kellie Williams, and Eric Taylor scored 1st-place wins in their categories. Kris Nosack and Audrey Searle captured 2nd-place. For the second week in a row, UMB fielded a best-ever number of racers, and set a new UMB record for team points.

[Point Blank 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Sundance Spin
Sundance Resort, North Fork, Provo Canyon. June 3, 2006

16 team members raced at Sundance, with 12 of them grabbing points for the UMB team. Congratulations to Mike Engberson, Dave Larsen, Aaron Smith, Casey Jensen, Dallin Searle, and Justin Griffin for 1st-place finishes. 2nd-place in their categories were Audrey Searle, Eric Taylor, and Tyler Margetts. We won the team competition for this race, with our highest point production ever. Great work by all!

[Sundance 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Deer Valley Pedalfest
Deer Valley, June 10, 2006

After a night of heavy rain, 15 UMB team racers hit the awesome singletrack of Deer Valley. 13 riders scored team points. We had three 1st-place finishes, from Justin Griffin, Tyler Margetts, and Aaron Smith. Dave Larsen and Eric Taylor scored 2nd-place finishes. Once again, we won the team competition. As we move into the second half of the Intermountain Cup season, the team is looking good!

[Pedalfest 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Cache Valley Joyride
Sherwood Hills, Logan, June 17, 2006

On the harder-than-it-would-seem Sherwood Hills course, 15 UMB team racers competed. The weather was beautiful, and the trail surface excellent. 10 UMB riders scored team points. Justin Griffin scored a 1st in 10-12 and a 2nd in Expert 13-15. Eric Taylor, John Van Wagoner, and Tyler Margetts also nabbed 1st-place finishes. Jolene Nosack scored a 2nd place, as did Ryan Margetts. 

[Joyride 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Solitude State Open
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon, July 1, 2006

The overnight rains made the tough Solitude course even trickier, as 12 UMB team riders raced in the State Open Championships. 10 riders scored team points. First-place finishes eluded us, as we came in second to Revolution. Justin Griffin, Eric Taylor, Carl Reese, and Dave Larsen came up with 2nd-place finishes.

[Solitude 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Snowbird Mountain Bout
Snowbird Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, July 15, 2006

Hot, tough, and at times scary, Snowbird is one of the season's toughest races. 19 UMB riders came to Snowbird, with 17 finishing in team points. Jolene Nosack, Eric Taylor, Justin Griffin, and Tyler Margetts won 1st place in their categories. Colin Hunsaker, Stephan Bergen, and John VanWagoner scored 2nd-place wins. We're in command of 2nd place in the team competition, with 11 races down, 3 to go!

[Snowbird 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Taming the Tetons
Jackson Hole, July 22, 2006

The Jackson Hole singletrack has 1100 feet of climbing per lap, with a generous serving of rocks and roots! With temperatures hitting 90 by the race end, the UMB team dominated this race. Tyler Margetts "graduated" to Sport division with this race, taking 1st. Also winning their categories were Eric Taylor, Jolene Nosack, Mike Engberson, Dave Larsen, and Carlee Hunsaker. Julie Hunter, Kris Nosack, and Kellie Williams scored 2nd place finishes. With this race, we moved into 1st place for the season!

[Jackson Hole 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Bordertown Challenge
Pequop Ranch, west of Wendover, Nevada, July 29, 2006

This was a real sizzling race, with average 91-degree temperatures, rough climbs, and a long course. The UMB team fought to capture the team competition and hang on to our 1st-place ranking in the 2006 Intermountain Cup team competition. Eric Taylor moved to Sport division with this race. Carson Wick and Justin Griffin took a 1st place in their categories. Jolene Nosack and Mike Engberson had 2nd-place finishes.

[Wendover 2006 Scrapbook Page]

Wolverine Ridge
North Slope, Uinta Mountains, August 12, 2006

The team entered season finale at Wolverine Ridge with a slim lead over defending champs Revolution. We had a great turnout for this race, sending many riders to the podium to capture the team competition for this race, and winning the 2006 Intermountain Cup. Dave Larsen moved up to Expert, taking 1st place. Justin Griffin, Jordan Petersen, Dallin Searle, Danny VanWagoner, and John VanWagoner also posted 1st-place finishes. Second-places were scored by Audrey Searle, Carlee Hunsaker, Dan Hutchings, Eric Taylor, and Jolene Nosack.

[Wolverine Ridge 2006 Scrapbook Page]

The Endurance 100
Solo 100-Mile Adventure Race
August 27, 2006

Imagine riding 100 miles with a total of 19,000 vertical feet of climbing, at an average altitude of 8000 feet. Mike Engberson finished the E100 in 16 hours, 49 minutes.

UMB Team Season BBQ
Lambert Park Pavilion, Alpine
September 15, 2006

40 racers and family members get together for a rainy feast. Racers received their official championship racer portraits. In the raffle, every racer got some swag. Justin Griffin received the Racer of the Year award for his 2006 season performance.

[Team BBQ Scrapbook Page]

Congratulations Team UMB:

2006 Intermountain Cup champions!


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