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Team Photo Scrapbook 2012
2012 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Frozen Hog
Lambert Park, Alpine. January 28, 2012

Three UMB racers competed in the 2012 Frozen Hog in Lambert Park. Casey Zaugg took 2nd place in the Expert Men category.

[ Frozen Hog page ]

Red Rock Desert Rampage
Green Valley Race Loop, St. George. March 3, 2012

While northern Utah was digging out from 8 inches of snow, the weather was sunny and dry in St. George. After a cool early morning, temperatures rose into the low 60s. The trail was in great shape for racing. The Rampage saw a good racer turnout as the cold-weather refugees came to southern Utah for some pedaling and sunshine. UMB had 45 racers in the competition. We had first-place wins by Adam Lee, Rachel Hutchings, David Sheeran, Ben Schmalz, Justin Griffin, and Jay Griffin, with 2nd-place finishes by Christian Burrell, Eric Ellis, and Chanda Jeppson.

[ Desert Rampage Report ]

True Grit Epic
St. George, Green Valley and Santa Clara Trails. March 17, 2012
[ True Grit Report ]

Cactus Hugger
Green Valley, St. George. April 7, 2012

The weather was sunny and pleasant for the Red Rock Cactus Hugger on Saturday April 7. The race was held in the Green Valley competition area, with a more-technical race loop using the Barrel Trail. Congratulations to first-place winners Adam Lee, Christian Burrell, Rachel Hutchings, and Darren Stirland. Second-place finishers for UMB were Jake VanWagoner, Ben Schmalz, and Joel Quinn.

[ Cactus Hugger Report ]

USCS Lambert Park
Lambert Park, Alpine.  April 28, 2012

The USCS circuit race at Lambert Park was blessed with sunny weather. The trail was tacky from Thursday's rains, so dust wasn't a problem. The 3.4-mile race loop was fun and fast. Morning check-in temperature for the beginners was 33 degrees, but things had warmed up by race time. UMB had 24 team racers at the event, part of a large crowd of 300-plus racers. We saw first-place wins by Ben Becker, Ben Schmalz, Bruce Argyle, and Meghan Sheridan. Joel Quinn took a 2nd place, and 3rd-place podium finishers were Adam Lee, Tim Martindale, John Higgins, and Nate Drozd.

[ Lambert Park Report ]

Showdown at Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass, west of Lehi.  May 5, 2012 was represented by 42 racers at Five Mile Pass. The trail was dry and dusty, with plenty of room to pass on the 10.7-mile doubletrack loop. The morning started out with a chilly wind, but it stopped just in time for pleasant racing temperatures and a warm barbeque afterwards. UMB had first place wins by Christian Burrell, Adam Lee, Stephan Bergen, and Jake VanWagoner.  Second-place finishers were Chase Vallejo and Tim Martindale.

[ Five Mile Pass Report ]

Sundance Spin
Sundance Resort, North Fork, Provo Canyon. May 12, 2012

The 34-degree early morning chill quickly gave way to pleasant temperatures before the start of the Sundance Spin in Provo Canyon. UMB was represented by 45 racers, which is close to record turnout for our team. The trails were dry and even a little dusty on Sundance's twisty singletrack. First place spots for UMB were Dallin Hatch, Rachel Hutchings, and Jay Griffin. There were many second-place wins, including Ryan Margetts, Tim Martindale, Adam Lee, Steve Bonney, Denmark Jensen, Casey Gibbs, and Bruce Argyle.

[ Sundance Spin Report ]

Hammerfest at the Hollow
Soldier Hollow, Midway.  May 19, 2012

At Soldier Hollow, 35 racers represented the UMB team for the 5th race of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season. The day before the race, a rainstorm dampened the trails to make the surface absolutely perfect for riding. On raceday the weather was perfect with sunshine and cool racing temperatures. UMB had first-place wins by Dallin Hatch and Lee Nitchman, plus second-place finishes by Draeden Jensen, Ryan Margetts, Michael Dodge, Tim Martindale, Jake Van Wagoner, Ian Beaty, Jay Griffin, and Joel Quinn.

[ Soldier Hollow Report ]

Stan Crane Memorial
Draper's Corner Canyon, Monday May 28 (Memorial Day), 2012

The weather was sunny and clear for the Memorial Day race at Corner Canyon. The rains of the past two days gave time for the trail surface to dry, leaving just enough moisture for the tire tread to get a firm grip on the trail. UMB fielded 44 racers for this 6th race of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season. Our first place winners were Adam Lee and Jay Griffin. Sawyer Ransom, Ryan Margetts, Jake Van Wagoner, Ian Beaty, Stephan Bergen, Rick Morris, and Meghan Sheridan won second place ribbons.

[ Draper Race Report ]

Deer Valley Pedalfest
Deer Valley, June 9, 2012
(non-ICup event, USAC Qualifier)

The Deer Valley Pedalfest for 2012 was a USA Cycling event and was not part of the Intermountain Cup Series. Because age categories are different and racers must qualify to ride Cat 1, it's hard to combine ICup with USAC into the same race. UMB had 16 racers at Deer Valley, with first place wins going to John Higgins, Dallin Hatch, and Rachel Hutchings, and second places to Jason Sparks, Jay Griffin, and Mike Engberson.

[ Deer Valley Race Report ]

Round Valley XC
Round Valley USCS race #2, June 23, 2012

[ Round Valley Race Report ]

Wimmer's Race at Sherwood
Sherwood Hills, Logan, June 30, 2012

The singletrack at Sherwood Hills was in beautiful shape, but dry and dusty. Because the race loop is short, racers are staged into three separate races. By the Expert race at 1:30, it was plenty toasty. UMB had quite a few empty categories in this race, but still came away with a good team showing. We had first-place finishes by Devin Spencer, Eric Jensen, Jake Van Wagoner, Casey Gibbs, Jay Griffin, and Joel Quinn plus second-places by David Ressa, Ian Beaty, Jack Gage, Jeff Kingsford, John Twitchell, Meghan Sheridan, and Casey Zaugg.

[ Sherwood Hills Report ]

Snowbird Mountain Bout
Snowbird Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, July 7, 2012

The weather was cool but humid at Snowbird, as two days of rain had drenched the mountainside. Things were a bit slippery for the first race, but the trail was drying by the second. The new singletrack descent was a hit with riders, increasing both the distance and the fun. UMB had first-place finishes by Adam Lee, Dallin Hatch, Stephan Bergen, and Dave Benson. David Ressa, Rachel Hutchings, Hayden Sampson, Ian Beaty, Cat Kalwies, John Twitchell, and Meghan Sheridan were second-place winners.

[ Snowbird Report ]

Wasatch Back 50
Midway, Utah, July 21, 2012

[ WB50 Report ]

Solitude Chris Allaire Memorial
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon, July 28, 2012

For the 16th annual Chris Allaire Memorial race at Solitude Resort, the weather was just about perfect. Temperatures were cool at the 8:30 first race and scattered clouds kept temperatures tolerable for the second wave at 11. The trails were in great shape, as recent rains had packed down the dust. UMB put 35 racers on the mountain for a solid team performance. First places went to Ryan Margetts and Mitt Stewart, with 2nd places for Devin Spencer, Rachel Hutchings, Jake Van Wagoner, Stephan Bergen, Sally Reynders, Joel Quinn, and Meghan Sheridan.

[ Solitude Race Report ]

Basin Bash XC 
Snowbasin, Ogden Canyon, August 4, 2012

The Basin Bash was the 10th and final race of the 2012 Intermountain Cup season. The morning weather was sunny and cool as the Snowbasin singletrack delivered plenty of great riding. The UMB team finished the season strong, with first place wins by Devin Spencer, Ryan Margetts, Adam Lee, Jake Van Wagoner, Jay Griffin, and Rick Morris. Second place finishers were David Ressa, Maggie Ressa, Hunter Ransom, Rachel Hutchings, Dallin Hatch, Mitt Stewart, Sally Reynders, and Joel Quinn. It was a great finish to a fun racing season.

[ Snowbasin Race Report ]

2012 ICup Season Champions

The race team won the 2012 Intermountain Cup team championship, the IMBA trailwork trophy, and put 21 individual racers onto the season podium in their respective categories.

[ UMB Championship Page ]

2012 Season Trailwork

The UMB team combined for 144 hours of trailwork in the 2012 ICup season.
[ The Trailwork Report ]

Mt Ogden 100K
August 18, 2012

Draper Fall Classic 50
September 15, 2012

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