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Team Photo Scrapbook 08
2008 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Frozen Hog
Lambert Park, Alpine. February 2, 2008

The UMB race team, with help from other volunteers, scrambled to keep the Lambert Park trails clear of snow for the annual Frozen Hog race. Thanks to all who helped make the event successful. In the photo, the Chosen Frozen accept the trophy.

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Desert Rampage
Green Valley Race Loop, St. George. March 1, 2008

This was a great race for a lot of reasons. Great weather. Great burger fry. New team mechanic Ryan, who made everything go better. UMB had first-place finishes by Kyle Jackson, Carlee Hunsaker, Skyler Hancock, and Meri Bruin, with 2nd places by Shane Horton Jim Jackson, Catherine Reay, Jay Griffin, and Mandy Clark. The team outscored Revolution to grab an early lead toward the season championship.

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Cholla Challenge
Warner Valley Race Loop, Hurricane. April 12, 2008

In the second race of the season, the UMB riders again narrowly pulled out a win. It's still early in the season, but it's nice to know we don't have to come from behind in the competition for the season championship. We had first place finishes by Joshua Peterson, Derek Ransom, Jim Jackson, Meri Bruin, and Brian Oliver, with 2nd-place wins by Shawn Nielsen, Kyle Jackson, Eric Ellis, and Justin Griffin. The team showed enough depth to score big and win the race despite (quite a bit of) bad luck.

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Repair Workshop - April 8, 2008
UMB offices
Skills Workshop - April 28, 2008
Bowery, Lambert Park
[ Skills workshop scrapbook page ]

Showdown at Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass, west of Lehi.  May 3, 2008

The UMB team was again victorious, winning the team competition at Five Mile Pass. Eric Ellis, Jim Jackson, Justin Griffin, Jay Griffin, and Todd Neumarker took 1st-place in their categories, with 2nd-place finishes by Kyle Jackson, Skyler Hancock, Derek Ransom, and Joshua Peterson. The weather was cool early, but nice during the race. Some areas of the race course were so dry, it was a sea of dust. But overall, a great race.

[ Five Mile Scrapbook Page ]

Wimmer's Race at Sherwood
Sherwood Hills, Logan, May 10, 2008

After a day of long and heavy rain, the beginner race at Sherwood was a memorable mud-fest. Sport and expert riders had it a little easier, but it was a tough race for all. UMB's toughest came to this race and fought the mud to a team victory. 1st-place winners were Kyle Jackson, Derek Ransom, Jim Jackson, Stephen Brown, Joshua Peterson, and Zach Peterson. Lance Jarvis, Rachel Hutchings, Justin Griffin, and Jay Griffin came away with 2nd-place finishes.

[ Sherwood Hills Scrapbook Page ]

Hammerfest at the Hollow
Soldier Hollow, Midway.  May 17, 2008

The weather was perfect: sunny and cool, but not cold. Our racers made some outstanding rides, so despite some bad luck hitting a few of our usual top scorers, we nailed another team victory. Kyle Jackson, Jim Jackson, Darren Stirland, and Joshua Peterson scored first-place wins. Second-place finishers were Dylan Tanner, Derek Ransom, Justin Griffin, Jay Griffin, Kendra Clark, and Bruce Argyle.

[ Soldier Hollow Scrapbook Page ]

Stan Crane Memorial
Draper, Monday May 26 (Memorial Day), 2008
Rescheduled to Wednesday evening May 28

On Monday May 26, torrential rains saturated the course. For the first time in 15 years, an ICup race was cancelled. Rescheduled for Wednesday evening, May 28, it was anybody's guess who, and how many, would show up. The UMB team responded with a great turnout, but we lost to Revolution's superior numbers. Distances for many groups were shortened and the award ceremony took place in the chilly darkness. Jim Jackson, Darren Stirland, Justin Griffin, and Joshua Peterson scored first-place wins. Second-place finishers were Dylan Tanner, Rachel Hutchings, Danny Van Wagoner, Jeff Gerke, and Bruce Argyle.

[ Draper Scrapbook Page ]

Sundance Spin
Sundance Resort, North Fork, Provo Canyon. May 31, 2008

At Sundance we edged Mad Dog for the team victory. We scored enough points on the 3rd-place Revolution team to take back the season lead. It was a great day for riding, and our team members made an outstanding effort. Darren Stirland, Derek Ransom, Brian Beck, and Joshua Peterson scored first-place wins. Second-place finishers were Jared Muir, Shane Horton, Jim Jackson, Justin Griffin, Jay Griffin, Kendra Clark, and Todd Neumarker.

[ Sundance Scrapbook Page ]

2008 UMB Team Trailwork

For the 2008 season, the UMB team constructed a mile of new trail in Alpine's Lambert Park. At the city's request, we smoothed annoying rock areas on some existing trails. We constructed and installed a resting bench high on the mountain along the Corkscrew Trail.

[ 2008 UMB Trailwork Page ]

Deer Valley Pedalfest
Deer Valley, June 7, 2008

The  Deer Valley took place on a 35-degree morning following rain and snow. Damp and muddy trail stole the energy from the legs, but race distances were shortened for most categories because of the difficult conditions. The UMB team members did a great job. In this race Jim Jackson and Derek Ransom moved up to Sport Class. First place finishers were Kyle Jackson, Jay Griffin, and Joshua Peterson. Taking second place in their categories were Shane Horton, Derek Ransom, Denmark Jensen, and Kendra Clark.

[ Deer Valley Scrapbook Page ]

Solitude State Open
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon, July 5, 2008

The Solitude race was postponed to July 5th due to snow. The drifts melted a few days before the race, and the trail quickly turned powdery. Most riders agreed the trail was the most technically-difficult race so far this year. The UMB team made a good effort, finishing just behind Revolution in the points. This is the State Championship race. The first-place winner in each division gets a special medallion. Taking first place were Kyle Jackson, Dylan Tanner, Shane Horton, Jay Griffin, and Joshua Petersen. Brayden Nielsen, Justin Griffin, and Jared Muir took 2nd-place finishes.

[ Solitude Scrapbook Page ]

Snowbird Mountain Bout
Snowbird Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, July 19, 2008

It was a beautiful day in the mountains as the UMB team went into the 10th Intermountain Cup race of the season. Snowbird is generally agreed to be the toughest race of the season, featuring technical singletrack, a brutal climb up the Dick Bass trail, and a spooky loose tram-road descent. Our youngsters and beginning racers were up to the challenge, and by the time the sport race started UMB already had 79 team points. It was a big day for UMB. First place winners were Joshua Peterson, Jared Muir, Darren Stirland, and Rachel Hutchings, with 2nd place finishes by Dylan Tanner, Jay Griffin, Jolene Nosack, Catherine Reay, and Shawn Nielsen.

[ Snowbird Scrapbook Page ]

Taming the Tetons
Jackson Hole, July 26, 2008

In a best-ever 138-point victory, UMB's depth across multiple categories allows the team to dominate the slopes at Jackson Hole Resort. Zachary Peterson, Kyle Jackson, Jared Muir and Jason Sparks nailed first-place victories, with second-place finishes by Shawn Nielsen, Brayden Nielsen, Justin Griffin, Danny Van Wagoner, Derek Ransom, Jay Griffin, Kendra Clark, John Van Wagoner, and Bruce Argyle. A total of 20 UMB riders got onto the podium (1st through 3rd place).

[ Jackson Hole Scrapbook Page ]

Wolverine Ridge
North Slope, Uinta Mountains, August 9, 2008
Season Championship Race

For the season championship at Wolverine Ridge, the team came ready to battle. Our impressive point total won the race and secured the season championship for UMB. First-place winners were Kyle Jackson, Dylan Tanner, Justin Griffin, Danny Van Wagoner, Eric Ellis, and Jolene Nosack. Shawn Nielsen, Jared Muir, Ryan Nielsen, Jason Sparks, and Cat Reay scored second-place finishes.

[ Wolverine Ridge Scrapbook Page ]

Season-end Picnic
Lambert Park, September 20, 2008
Season Award Ceremony

Lots of great stuff at the UMB season-end BBQ at Lambert Park. Team poster, individual-racer action photos, awards for outstanding individuals on the team.

And good food and great company.

[ Picnic/Award Scrapbook Page ]

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