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The Frozen Hog 2005
     The 2005 Frozen Hog was held at Lambert Park in Alpine, Saturday February 12. Despite a frozen trail surface in the early morning hours before the race, rain pelted down and quickly melted the trail into a mud-fest. Riders still had a great time, and many relished the chance to score some slop-riding.
     During the week following the race, all trail surface rutting was smoothed. A UMB-sponsored trail work-day the following Saturday left the trails in better shape than before the race.

The Bowery pavilion at Lambert Park was wrapped in clear plastic. Propane heaters provided warmth. UMB staffed a mini-store with drinks, snacks, books, tools, and other fun stuff. The race started on the High Bench dirt road to allow riders to open some space. In this photo, over 20 Men 18-19 Sport riders sprint away from the starting line.

After climbing the mountain on doubletrack, riders dropped onto Lambert Park's great singletrack. With around 100 racers, that's one rider for every 200 feet of the 3.5 mile loop. The race brought out some fierce competitors. There were at least seven single-speed riders in the expert class alone. In this photo, 29-inch wheels smooth out the trail.

As the rain fell, the trail turned squishy. In addition to the expected pinch-flats from Lambert Park's rock, riders contended with chain suck and gummed cleats. The expert classes did three laps for a total distance of around 11 miles; women and sport did two laps. 12-and-under ran the length of the doubletrack and back.

Despite the mud, rain, and cold, racers report having a great time. Many came back for the next weekend's trail-fixing work-day, where the trails were smoothed and improved. This year's Frozen Hog became "Thawed Lamb." During the three years of the "Hog," we've now seen every extreme of weather. What weather disaster is planned for next year?

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Official photos of the Frozen Hog provided by
Joaquim Hailer Digital Event Photography

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