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Mountain Bike Anatomy  -- Overview
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Bottom bracket Attachment of crankset to body of bike. Replacing or adjusting bottom bracket.

Brake cable Cable connecting the brake lever to the brake mechanism. Cleaning cables.  Replacing cables.

Brake lever Lever on handlebar to activate brake. Left side is front brake, right is rear brake. Routing cables into lever.   Replacing the brake lever.

Chain Circular set of links to transfer power from chainring to cogs of freewheel. Chain repair.   Chain maintenance.

Chainring  Toothed rings attached to crank that hold chain. Fixing chainrings.

Chain stay Lower bar on portion of frame that attaches rear wheel. If there's no second tube on dual suspension bike, referred to as a swingarm.

Crank Lever extending from bottom bracket to pedal, transfers power to chainrings.  Removing the crank.  Pedal repair and replacement.

Derailleur  Mechanism for moving chain from one cog to another.  Rear derailleur tuneupFront derailleur tuneup.   Replacing the shifter.  Derailleur hanger straightening.  Front derailleur replacement.  Rear derailleur replacement. 

Down tube Section of frame extending downward from stem to bottom bracket.

Dropout  Cut slot at bottom of front fork or chain stay, designed to accept axle of wheel.  Replacing the skewer.

Freewheel  Set of rear cogs and idling mechanism.  Replacing the cogs.

Front brake  Brake on front fork of bike.  Brake tuneup.   Replacing brake pads.   Disc brakes.    Replacing the brake lever.

Front shock Shock absorber on front fork.  Troubleshooting shocks.   Speedometer installation.

Handlebar Horizontal bar attached to the stem with handgrips at the end, to which attach brake levers and shifters.  Handlebar options.   Installing bar ends.   Speedometer installation.

Headset  Mechanism in front of frame that connects front fork to stem and handlebars. Service headset.

Hub  Center portion of the wheel, to which the spokes attach.  Spoke replacement.  Lacing wheels.

Idler pulley  Bottom pulley of the rear derailleur, with spring tension to keep chain tight.  Pulley service.

Nipple  Threaded receptacle that holds the end of the spoke into the rim.  Spoke replacement.

Pedal  Platform for the foot to press on, attached to crank.  Pedal repair and replacement.

Rear brake Brake on the rear wheel, usually attached to seat stay.  Brake tuneup.   Replacing brake pads.  Disc brakes.    Replacing the brake lever.

Rear shock   Shock absorber for rear tire on dual-suspension bikes.  Troubleshooting shocks.

Rim   Metal ring with U-shaped cross section, holds spokes on the inside and tire on the outside.  Truing the rim.

Saddle  Seat -- the part your butt shouldn't be sitting on when going steep downhill.  Adjusting the seat.

Seat post  Support post for saddle, fits into seat tube with mechanism for changing height.  Adjusting the seat.

Seat stay  Upper support arm for the rear wheel, not present on dual-suspension bikes with simple swingarm.

Shifter, front  Shifting mechanism for the front derailleur, mounted on the left side of the handlebar. Routing cables into shifter.   Replacing the shifter.   Front derailleur replacement.

Shifter, rear  Shifting mechanism for the rear derailleur, mounted on the right side of the handlebar. Routing cables into shifter.   Replacing the shifter.    Derailleur hanger straightening.   Rear derailleur replacement. 

Skewer  Metal rod that goes through the hub, attaching the wheel to the dropouts of the frame.  Replacing the skewer.

Spindle  Freely rotating "axle" to which the crank arms attach, part of the bottom bracket.  Replacing bottom bracket.

Spokes  Thick wires joining the hub to the rim, with tension adjusted via a nipple on the rim side.  Spoke replacement.   Speedometer installation.  Lacing wheels.

Stem Piece that attaches the handlebar to the steering tube (headset).  Replacing the stem.   Headsets.  Handlebars.

Tire   Where the rubber meets the road.  Types of tires.   Flat repair.   Flat prevention.

Top tube  Top bar of the bicycle frame.

Wheel hub  Center of the wheel, to which the spokes attach.  Spoke replacement.   Lacing wheels.

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