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Replacing the Skewer

The skewer is the "axle" of the wheel. It holds the wheel hub in the dropouts. A bent skewer can make the wheel rotate unevenly.

Flip the quick-release lever to loosen the skewer.

Unscrew the cap on the opposite end of the skewer enough to drop the wheel out of the dropouts.

Now continue unscrewing the cap until it releases from the threads on the skewer.

Withdraw the skewer by pulling it out from the quick-release side. Inspect and clean the skewer. If the skewer is bent, replace it.

Note that the springs fit on the skewer with the WIDE ends aiming outward, towards the cap and quick-release.

Before replacing the skewer, lube the shaft and the threads with bearing grease. Slide the skewer in from the side where you want the quick-release (usually the left side). Slide the spring on, narrow side facing the wheel. Carefully compress the spring with the cap and begin turning -- rough handling at this point can damage the spring. Tighten the cap a few turns, then place the wheel back in the dropouts and finish tightening.

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