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About Bruce Argyle

Bruce is UtahMountainBiking's volunteer website author, with the annoying habit of writing about himself in the third person. Bruce started writing trail reports on the web in 1998. He wrote all of this website's trail reviews, first-aid pages, and fix-it instructions. The UtahMountainBiking shop in Lehi was founded a few years later.

Bruce spent 10 years as captain of race team. He rides a couple of bikes including a custom Rocky Mountain Element, Trek Superfly 100, Cannondale Rush, Rocky Mountain Minus 50 fat bike, Scott cyclocross bike and a couple of road bikes.

In 2014, Bruce's brother-in-law Mike took ownership of (both the bike shop and this website). But Bruce donates his time writing new trail reports for this website, providing a free service to the bikers of Utah.

Racing the Cactus Hugger near St. George.

Bruce's bike infatuation doesn't end with the web site. The Biking Power workout DVD, one of the toughest trainer workouts ever made, stars Bruce exercising on his bike on the trails above Park City. Bruce created the workouts and edited the video footage for the DVD. Bruce also films and edits the video shorts found on this web site.

Bruce makes up oddball biking lyrics for popular golden oldie songs and records those songs in his basement studio. He sings both the lead and the harmonies, and plays the guitar, bass, and piano. The songs are available on CD for trail fundraising.

Bruce dropping a ledge at Little Creek.


Argyle Family, Christmas 2000

Bruce lives in Alpine, a small village between Salt Lake City and Provo, just outside the border of the Lone Peak Wilderness. He has seven children.

And the little dog in many of the photos and videos? That's Jackie, an enthusiastic partner in trail exploration for 16 years. Jackie died in 2014.

Left to right: Brian, Steve, Kristen, Diane, Jackie (the dog), Bruce, Gary, Jessica, Mark, and Alex.  Nice looking, well-mannered kids -- his wife's genes at work. Photo winter 2000.

Bruce earned his way through college and med school as a musician. After a 35-year break, he's back on stage ripping the bass guitar and singing backup vocals. With band-mates who weren't even born when he last played professionally. His son Gary (far right) is the boss and lead singer of the band Dinosaur Kisses.

Original music in the alternative rock category. Songwriter Gary Argyle.

Bruce is a board-certified emergency physician, now retired from active practice. He's served as President of his five-hospital emergency medicine group, chairman of the Emergency Departments at two hospitals, paramedic medical director, Medical Staff President, member of the hospital Board of Governors, and President of the Utah Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).
Surprising for a guy who frequently endos onto his head, Doc Argyle was a pioneer at educational medical-simulation computer software. He completed work on the award-winning cardiac resuscitation simulator "Cardiac Arrest!" in 1985 and founded Mad Scientist Software to publish it. His work includes 6 emergency medicine training programs, 4 medical textbooks, and patient education software.
Water skiing at Utah's carp farm: Utah Lake. As a "mature biker," Bruce is getting slower and clumsier, but is still adding new trails to this web site. Typically, he spends 20 hours per new trail including driving, riding, tweaking photos and GPS data, creating maps and writing the trail web page -- with around 20 new trails per year.

Going airborne on the South Fork!

Above right: Taking a little air in the November snow of Deer Creek South Fork. Above left: Exulting after a water-skiing run on Utah "Carp Farm" Lake. 


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