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Snow-biking in Corner Canyon
Summary of ride:  
   6-mile loop, 900 vertical feet of climbing
   intermediate or better snow riders

Deep-snow Season:  late December through February. Altitude 4900 to 5800 feet.

Usual packed Route(s): Bi-directional 6.0-mile loop consisting of Potato Hill, a bit of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST), Canyon Hollow, and eastern Ann's Trail. Packed via snowmobile grooming for deeper snows, fat-tire packing for lesser snowfalls.

Photo: Climbing uphill through the stout maples of Canyon Hollow

Characteristics:  Broad trail overall, but the packed surface typically is only 12 to 18 inches width. After a small to moderate snowstorm, bike-packing yields a very narrow trail, often only 6 to 8 inches. The BST and Potato Hill are lower altitude and somewhat sun-exposed, so expect some ice and frozen ruts in the mornings and melted slush after 11 a.m. Canyon Hollow is shaded so it stays fluffy. Ann's is mostly softpack but has a few short areas that tend to turn to ice/dirt, plus two short stretches of unpackable drift snow depending on the time of the season. If you're climbing up from the Equestrian Center, be aware that the Corner Canyon trail is dramatically more prone to melting, so between storms it will usually develop large icy areas and bare dirt.

Photo:  Almost to the top of Canyon Hollow, looking northwest over the Salt Lake valley.

Timing:  On sunny days, finish your ride before 11. All-day riding can be done only when stormy or cloudy on the day after a hard freeze.

Other notes:  Very popular route. Expect hikers and two-way traffic. Trail will be closed when conditions are muddy. (The Corner Canyon BST and Rattler are nearby all-weather trails to be used as an alternate ride.)

Photo:  Looking northeast on Ann's Trail near Ann's Point.

Recommended Access:  Potato Hill trailhead on Traverse Ridge Road then 0.1 mile east to trail fork. Straight for Ann's (counterclockwise loop), hard left to descend Potato Hill (clockwise).
Coyote Hollow 100 feet to trail fork, straight for Canyon Hollow (clockwise), right uphill for BST (counterclockwise). Equestrian Center (Highland Dr) cross road and climb Corner Canyon trail, R at doubletrack fork on BST to reach loop near Coyote Hollow (add two miles distance for this trailhead).

Trail page:  Go to Corner Canyon Overview page.
GPS:  Potato Hill - BST - Canyon Hollow - Anns
          Draper multi-track area file
Standard map:  Corner Canyon area topo map for printing

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