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Team Photo Scrapbook 2014

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Red Rock Rampage
Green Valley Race Loop, St. George. March 1, 2014

The weather forecast said heavy rain. Yes, there was an overnight storm, but the morning sun rapidly dried the mud. The race went on schedule and the riding was superb. The first wave went at 10 a.m. for Beginner categories, kids, and Women 40-plus. Temperatures were into the upper 50s by the second race for Sport and Expert classes. It was a great day of racing. UMB's only first-place finish was Dallin Hatch, with Sally Reynders taking our only 2nd.

Rampage Report  ]

True Grit Epic
St. George, Green Valley and Santa Clara Trails. March 15, 2014
Grit Report  ]

Cactus Hugger
Green Valley, St. George. April 5, 2014

For the second race of the 2014 ICup season, storm clouds surrounded the race course yet things remained dry for the riders. Sunshine peeked through the clouds for most of the race. A few gusts of wind and a couple of raindrops hit during the awards but overall it was a perfect day. The Cactus Hugger course served up plenty of rough rock on the technical south side of the loop. Overall the tough course knocked about 10% of our riders to trailside with flats and mechanicals. Dallin Hatch and Phil Blair took 1st place wins, with second-place finishes by Draeden Jensen, Steven Bonney, and Sally Reynders.

Cactus Hugger Report  ]

Rumble at 18 Road
Fruita, Colorado.  April 19, 2014

Our riders will remember this race for a long time. It may take electroshock therapy to ease the memories. For racers who were staged later in the first wave, this ride was a mud-slog extraordinaire.

Rumble Report  ]

Showdown at Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass, west of Lehi.  April 26, 2014 rescheduled to May 3, 2014

The scheduled date for the Five Mile Pass race was rained out, so the race was put off a week. For those who weren't totally hosed by the date change (pause for gnashing of teeth by your UMB website editor), Saturday offered great weather for the rocky rollers of the Pass. The UtahMountainBiking team missed many of our usual stalwarts, who had committed to other activities.

Five Mile Report  ]

Lambert Park
Alpine. May 10, 2014

The morning dawned cool, with ominous low clouds over Lone Peak. The trails were damp and slimy from the rain. Hazy sunshine broke through, and the trails became just the right type of grip-damp for a terrific race. UMB has first-place finishes by Hunter Ransom, Kellye Potter, Richard Ewell, Mitt Stewart, Rick Morris, and Meghan Sheridan, with second-places by Sally Reynders, Geno Smith, Tim Wagstaff, Katy Nafus, Jason Cowley, and Bentley Vanderwel.

Lambert Report  ]

Stan Crane Memorial
Draper's Corner Canyon, Monday May 26 (Memorial Day), 2014

The Memorial Day ICup race at Draper had a big turnout. Warm sunshine and dry trail waited for the racers. UtahMountainBiking's XC race team put 43 racers on the mountain. This is our largest group all year. We had first place finishes by Mitt Stewart (EM40+), Steven Bonney (SSp), Rick Morris (M60+), and Kellye Potter (BW). Second-place winners were Joel Quinn, Meghan Sheridan, Mike Engberson, and Daniel Truong.

Draper Report  ]

Wasatch Back 50
USCS race, Heber, June 7, 2014

Desert Scorpion
Dugway, June 14, 2014
UMB scores 5 first-places and multiple podium pacements on this tough 7-mile loop.
Dugway Report  ]

Pedalfest at Deer Valley
Deer Valley Resort, Park City, June 21, 2014

Deer Valley Report  ]

The Rage at Snowbird
Snowbird Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, July 5, 2014

Only 13 UMB team racers made it to Snowbird, but those who did enjoyed beautiful sunshine. Sally Reynders and Brandon Dubovik hit the first-place podium.

Snowbird Report  ]

UORS Season Opener
Nordic Valley, Eden, July 25, 2014

Nordic Valley Report  ]

Chris Allaire Solitude Cup
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon, July 26, 2014

The final event of the 2014 Intermountain Cup season was the Chris Allaire Memorial XC at Solitude Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The weather was sunny, with trails just a bit on the dusty side in spots. The course was changed a bit this year -- and riders liked the new loop a lot!Our first-place winners were Hattie Ransom, Hunter Ransom, Sally Reynders, Richard Ewell, and Daniel Truong. Second-places were won by Sawyer Ransom, Jason Cowley, Dallin Hatch, Rick Morris, and Mitt Stewart.

Solitude Report  ]

Draper Fall Classic 50
USCS Race, Corner Canyon, September 13, 2014

[ Draper 50 Report ]

Cyclocross #1, West Valley Park
September 27, 2014

[ Race Report ]

Cyclocross #2, Weber Fairgrounds
October 4, 2014

[ Race Report ]

Huntsman World Senior Games
St. George, October 13 and 14, 2014

[ Race Report ]

Cyclocross #4, Big Cottonwood
October 18, 2014

[ Race Report ]

Cyclocross #Last, Draper
December 6, 2014

[ Race Report ]

2014 Season Trailwork

Trailwork photos and stories will be added here.

2014 Season Awards

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