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Team Photo Scrapbook 2013
2013 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Frozen Hog
Lambert Park, Alpine. February 2, 2013

[ Frozen Hog Report ]

Red Rock Desert Rampage
Green Valley Race Loop, St. George. March 2, 2013

The weather was perfect for the first event of the combined Intermountain Cup and Utah State Championship Series. The temperature bumped 70 degrees as the second race of the day wrapped up. The course was in the great shape. Felt good to get away from northern Utah's snow and ride in the warm sunshine -- racing or not. UMB fielded 39 racers, for first place finishes by Rachel Hutchings and Joel Quinn, and a second places by Bruce Argyle.

[ Rampage Report ]

True Grit Epic
St. George, Green Valley and Santa Clara Trails. March 16, 2013

Not much for photos of this one. Several UMB racers hit this tough race. 

True Grit Report  ]

Cactus Hugger
Green Valley, St. George. April 6, 2013

While northern Utah sat under gloomy rain clouds, the weather in St. George was toasty warm and bone dry. The Cactus Hugger loop was in great condition. One of the more technical offerings of the racing circuit, this course rock challenges that flattened many tires. UMB had first place wins by Brock Jeske, Joel Quinn, and Ryan Margetts, with 2nd place finishes from Jason Sparks, Bruce Argyle, Chad Jenkins, and Rachel Hutchings. 

Cactus Hugger Report ]

USCS Lambert Park
Lambert Park, Alpine.  April 20, 2013

Cold rain soaked Lambert Park overnight, forcing a two-hour rain delay while the course was re-routed. The rain-loop avoided the dangerous mud of the Rodeo Trail, cutting 1/2 mile and 150 vertical feet of climbing from each lap. Intermittent rain and wind kept racing fans in their winter coats, but the cool temperatures were actually pleasant for those actively pedaling. UMB had first place wins by Meghan Sheridan and Joel Quinn, with 2nd place finishes from Bruce Argyle, Brock Jeske, John Twitchell, and Mitt Stewart. 

Lambert Park Report ]

Showdown at Five Mile Pass
Five Mile Pass, west of Lehi.  April 27, 2013

Five Mile Pass was perfect for Saturday's race. The weather was sunny and clear --delightfully cool for the first wave and not horribly hot for the second race. The lines were well worn in, with just a little dust coming up after last week's rain. The UMB team had a good turnout, welcoming some new racers and returning riders making their first appearance this year. We saw first place wins by Sally Reynders, Cat Kalwies, Greg Sironen, Joel Quinn, Mitt Stewart, and Meghan Sheridan. Second-place finishers were Bruce Argyle, John Twitchell, and Brock Jeske.

Five Mile Report ]

Call to Sundance
Sundance Resort, North Fork, Provo Canyon. May 11, 2013

The weather was sunny and warm for the Call to Sundance Intermountain Cup race. The Sundance trails had dried out nicely from Wednesday's rainstorm. There were some sections where dried ruts made the riding less than butter-smooth. A single snowbank near the bottom created enough water to splash brown spots on the white of the UMB jerseys. UMB was represented by 36 racers. First-place wins were scored by Mitt Stewart and Joel Quinn, with second places going to Bentley Vanderwel, Katy Nafus, Bruce Argyle, John Twitchell, Adam Lee, and Meghan Sheridan.

Sundance Report ]

Stan Crane Memorial
Draper's Corner Canyon, Monday May 27 (Memorial Day), 2013

The Memorial Day event began a little later in the day, as the trails of Corner Canyon were filled with a train-running event during the morning. The weather was sunny and clear for the first race, with high clouds moving in by the second wave. The trails were in good shape, although there were a couple of tricky sand pits on two newly cut sections. Meghan Sheridan and Nate Drozd scored our only first-place wins of this race. Second places in their categories went to Bruce Argyle, Mitt Stewart, and Shane Horton.

Draper Report ]

Wasatch Back 50
USCS race #2, June 8, 2013

Thirteen UMB racers hit the Wasatch Back 50 on Saturday June 8. This is the first of two 50-milers among the four races of the Utah State Championship Series. The course was the brand-new Coyote Canyon Loop northeast of Heber. The weather was sunny with a warm morning. Temperatures remained pleasant for riding during the day, as a north wind blew against riders heading north along the Riverview Trail on the lower altitudes. We had 7 podium finishers in this tough race. Second-places went to Dallin Hatch, Mitt Stewart, John Higgins, Bruce Argyle, and John Twitchell, with third-places to Brock Jeske and Meghan Sheridan.

WB50 Report ]

Round Valley XC
Round Valley USCS race #3, June 22, 2013

Temperatures were cool for the USCS Round Valley race in the late afternoon. A north wind kept dust down, but froze racers as they waited for awards after the race. The trails were in good shape and fun to ride. Mitt Stewart, Bentley Vanderwal, and Joe Benson won 1st place in their categories. UMB had 2nd place finishes by Joel Quinn, Steve Dalley, Sally Reynders, John Twitchell, and John Higgins.

Round Valley Report ]

Wimmer's Race at Sherwood
Sherwood Hills, Logan, June 30, 2013

Turnout for the Sherwood Hills ICup race was a bit disappointing. Perhaps it was the 105-degree record heat in the valley. While it was indeed warm, the temperature in Sherwood Hills' maples was tolerable, and the trail was fast and fun. First-place finishers for UMB were Daniel Truong, Joel Quinn, Mitt Stewart, and Meghan Sheridan. David Ressa scored a second place.

Sherwood Hills Report ]

North Fork Park
Ogden Valley, July 4, 2013
- Cancelled -

The Rage at Snowbird
Snowbird Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, July 6, 2013

Racers came away from Snowbird feeling they'd really been mountain biking. The scenery was beautiful and the trail was a challenge of damp roots, big rocks, and mud splashes. The overnight rains moved the Beginner wave into mid-afternoon. Some stuck around for 6 hours, most went home. UMB saw a first-place win by Michael Dodge, and second-place finishes by Bentley Vanderwel, Dave Benson, John Twitchell, Joel Quinn, and Sean Linden.

Snowbird Report ]

Solitude Chris Allaire Memorial
Solitude Resort, Big Cottonwood Canyon, July 27, 2013

The morning was cool and overcast, with light showers hitting the second half of the early race. Temperatures were nice for racing and the trail surface was firm. There were the usual patches of rocks and roots. was represented by 25 racers at Solitude. First place winners were Katy Nafus, Joel Quinn, and Mitt Stewart, with second-placed finishes by John Twitchell, Sally Reynders, and Brock Jeske.

Solitude Report ]

Soldier Hollow 
Midway, August 10, 2013

Soldier Hollow in August looks very different from the green slopes we've seen in previous years. But the riding was good, as racers agreed this was an excellent racing loop. UMB had 28 racers at Soldier Hollow for this final race of 9 Intermountain Cup events of 2013. First-place wins were scored by David Ressa, Katy Nafus, Geno Smith, and Joel Quinn, with seconds by Joe Benson, John Twitchell, Clyve Cousins, Sally Reynders, Mitt Stewart, and Meghan Sheridan.

Soldier Hollow Report ]

Draper Fall Classic 50
September 21, 2013

It was clear and sunny for the Draper Fall Classic. After a chilly morning, temperatures climbed into the low 80s. A stiff breeze kept racers from overheating. UMB was represented by 18 racers, with 4 doing the mini-race of 23 miles and 14 going for the 50-mile version. Bruce Argyle secured UMB's only first-place win, with John Twitchell taking a second place.

Draper 50 Report ]

2013 Season Trailwork

Although there was no formal trailwork credit or competition this year, our team members contributed to many trailwork projects. In addition to National Trails Day work, team members put Lambert Park back together after two very damaging floods.

[Lambert Park #1]  [Lambert Park #2]

2013 Season Awards

Read about team members who were voted special honors for the 2013 cross-country season.

Team Awards Page ]

Cyclocross at Draper, September 28 ]

Cyclocross at Fort Buenaventura, October 5 ]

Cyclocross at Weber Co Fairgrounds, October 12 ]

Rick Morris, Joe Benson, Joel Quinn and Bruce Argyle represented our team
at the 2013 Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George October 14-15.
Senior Games Report ]

Cyclocross #4 at Weber Co Fairgrounds, October 19 ]

Cyclocross #5 & #6 at Cottonwood Park, October 26 ]

Cyclocross #7 at Rocky Mountain Raceway, November 2 ]

Cyclocross #8 at Weber Co Fairgrounds, November 9 ]

Cyclocross #9 at Barnes Park, Kaysville, November 16 ]

Cyclocross #10 at Weber, November 23 ]

Cyclocross #11 at Fort Buenaventura, November 30 ]

Cyclocross #12 at Barnes Park, December 7 ]

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