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Race Team Season BBQ

September 15, 2006
Lambert Park, Alpine

At the Bowery in Lambert Park, Mike tends the dutch ovens. On the menu:  Mike's secret-recipe BBQ ribs with pineapple and peppers (oops, I gave away his secret), BBQ chicken, Bruce's famous taters-onions-n-cheese, plus all the trimmings.

The weather was cool, but the pavilion kept the rain off our heads. And because mountain bikers are a tough bunch, a little cold front wasn't going to spoil this party.

Left:  Kellie and Mei-dai (Justin's mom) grab some salad.

Right:  Kris and family dig in.

We had about 40 UMB racers and family members at the party. There was plenty of food for seconds, and even for leftover lunches the next day.

Tyler grabs a spot near Richard, Kellie and family as the puddles get deeper in the Bowery parking area. A bathroom and paved parking area were added to Lambert Park this summer.

And if you got chilly, there were plenty of coals left over from the dutch ovens to warm you up.

The Hutchings clan celebrates their 3rd season with the UtahMountainBiking team. Right to left, that's Ben, Rachel, and Josh.

In the "swag raffle," every UMB racer got a freebie. Goodies ranged from a hydration backpack to alien tools to boxes of carb gels.

Justin Griffin received "Racer of the Year" honors. He nailed an incredible 11 first-place finishes during the season, the most of any racer in the Intermountain Cup Series, winning the season championship in the 10-12 category. Justin actually did 16 races, because he often raced (and scored points) in the Sport-Expert 13-15 category after completing his 10-12 race. (Try riding FOUR laps around Snowbird, and you'll appreciate the moxie this young man showed.) Justin was the top point producer for the UMB team.

Racers received their official championship portraits. Gosh, we're a good-looking team. Thanks to Jay Griffin (with occasional help from the Nosacks, Hutchings, and others) for creating so many great photos to choose from.

There was also a chance to fondle the Intermountain Cup trophy and have a photo taken. Here Kris and Jolene take well-deserved credit as part of the winning team.

Great season!  Can't wait for 2007...

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