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Team Photo Scrapbook 05
2005 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Desert Rampage - St. George - March 5, 2005
On a beautiful sunny day, eight UtahMountainBiking racers hit the Green Valley race loop at St. George. Recent rains had left the hillside lush green, with water standing in the depths of Keyhole Wash. Justin Griffin and Kellie Williams gave their usual strong performances and finished with ribbons. Chris Williams pulled in a nice load of team points with his 7th place finish in Clydesdale. But we'll give "Rider of the Race" honors to Chad Hunter, who assembled a singlespeed bicycle just in time for this race and, having never raced singlespeed nor rode the Green Valley course before, finished "in the points" for the first time. 

Justin Griffin, a top finisher for the
UMB team at almost every race,
took 2nd in 9-and-under.

Kellie Williams continued her strong performances in Beginner Women
as she placed 5th.

Dominic Bria, in his first finish
for the UMB team, took 10th
place in Beginner Men 40-plus.

Tough competitor Chris Williams (left) starts his second season with the UMB team by placing 7th in Clydesdale.

Chad Hunter (right) rode in the Singlespeed class and finished in 14th place. "Rider of the Race" honors for this effort!

Julie Hunter (photo above), in her first race ever, showed her stuff by taking 12th in Beginner Women.

Mike Engberson (above, riding his new racing hardtail) came in 27th in  the large, fiercely-competitive Sport Men 30-39 division.

Bruce Argyle (right) placed 11th in Men 50-plus. Bruce posted the fastest lap time of any UMB racer.

Thanks to Jay Griffin for most of the photos above!

Cholla Challenge  -  Hurricane  -  March 26, 2005
In Warner Valley, four UtahMountainBiking racers battled 25 mile per hour winds with temperatures in the upper 40s. Imagine a race where you have to shift down several gears to turn upwind! But the skies were beautiful blue, the trail was in excellent condition, and our riders gave a great racing effort. This year, the Cholla was a non-series race, but Jerry at Red Rock says it will be back in the I.C. rotation next year.
Clay Smith made his debut with the UMB team riding Sport Men 18-29. Clay took 4th place, posting the fastest time on the UMB team -- 1:57 for the 22-mile race. Welcome to the team! Mike Engberson made a great effort to overcome a couple of crashes and derailleur issues. Mike took 2nd place in Sport Men 30-39. Mikey's goal is to beat teammate Bruce this season.
Chad Hunter battled the desert with one gear, riding in the Singlespeed category. Chad took home a well-deserved 1st place ribbon. Congratulations! Bruce took 2nd place in the Men 55-plus category. Big Bad Bruce wishes to point out that, while he only beat Little Mikey by 17 seconds, he still outraced and defeated Mike. Again.

Showdown at Five Mile Pass  -  April 30, 2005
15 UMB racers (the biggest turnout for our team yet) enjoyed a great day at Five Mile Pass. The trail surface was superb despite recent rains, with only a couple of puddles to dodge. The temperature was cool but great for riding. "Rider of the Race" goes to Justin Griffin, who took 1st place in 9-and-under.

Left: Sally waits for the women's start.

Right: Brent Simmons lines up.

Chris eyeballs his competition in the Clydesdale class.

Bruce jumps off the line in the Mens 50-plus category.

Two laps finished, Ben rolls into the finish line.

Five Mile Pass saw rides by first-timers Samantha Bria, Suzie Bria, Jeff Frederick, and Brent Simmons. It was also Jay Griffin's first race under the UMB banner, but we consider him an old-timer on the team. He's Justin's dad and he's gone the extra mile to take pictures of our UMB racers at many events. It was a great day for the team, as we moved up to 5th place in the team standings! Nobody got hurt, and the only mechanical problem was Bruce ripping his cleat out on Yellow Page Hill and riding the last 6.5 miles with only one leg attached to the bike. And Mikey got his wish, at last, of beating Bruce's time.

Justin Griffin on his way to 1st place.

Mike heads into the finish line.

Jay sprints out of the wash after 3 expert laps.

UMB Team Rider Category Placement
Justin Griffin 9 and under 1st
Samantha Bria 9 and under 8th
Brent Simmons Beg Men 30-39 10th
Dominic Bria Beg Men 40+ 11th
Kellie Williams Beg Women 4th
Sally Hutchings Beg Women 9th
Juli Hunter Beg Women 10th
Suzi Bria Beg Women 11th
Chris Williams Clydesdale 5th
Jay Griffin Exp Men 40+ 11th
Bruce Argyle Men 50+ 8th
Chad Hunter Singlespeed 10th
Ben Hutchings Sport Men 19-29 15th
Mike Engberson Sport Men 30-39 19th
Jeff Frederick Sport Men 30-39 31st

Kellie heads up and out of the wash towards the finish.

Chad fights to the finish line.

Thanks to Sally Hutchings and Jay Griffin for the Five Mile Pass photos!

Hammerfest at the Hollow - Soldier Hollow, May 14, 2005
The rain came in torrents during the week of the Hammerfest, with just one day of sunshine before the race. The race-day weather was great, but the soft trail surface made the singletrack a real thigh-killer. Battling back pain and thigh cramps, seven riders of the UtahMountainBiking team fought through for a respectable team performance. We held on to 5th place in the season Intermountain Cup standings.

Mike (left) heads towards the finish line in Mens Sport 30-39. Mike rode the fastest time for the UMB team at 56:11 per lap for two laps.

Justin crosses the finish line in First Place (again) in the 9-and-under category!

We'll give the "Rider of the Race" honors to Chris Williams, who took 2nd Place in Clydesdale category for the best finish of his Intermountain Cup racing career. Of course, we have to recognize the continued outstanding performance of Justin Griffin, who nailed his second 1st place of the season and was Rider of the Race at Five Mile Pass. An "AttaBoy" goes to Mike Engberson, who's now the fastest racer on the team but is battling the speedsters of the Intermountain Cup's biggest division.

Kellie battles a large women's field to take a solid 5th place. Chris keeps getting tougher in Clydesdale class, finishing in Second Place! Ben nails some personal and team points by finishing lucky 13th in Sport Men 18-29.
Brent starts out strong in the Beginner Men 18-29 division, taking 5th.

Bruce (right) rolls into a downhill section on the way to 12th in Men's 50-plus.

Thanks to Sally Hutchings and Jay Griffin for the Soldier Hollow race  photos!

Sundance - North Fork Provo Canyon, May 21, 2005
Four UtahMountainBiking team members raced at Sundance, with every rider finishing in the points. The singletrack ascent was beautiful but brutal. And the Sundance's twisting downhill is probably the most fun of any IC race site. Yeah, there were a couple of snow-melt mud bogs that splattered our pretty race jerseys. But it was a great day to be riding a bike!
took another 1st place in 9-and-under. That's three in a row!
Chris turned in a strong climbing performance to take 4th place in Clydesdale.

Justin (right) comes out of the woods towards his first-place finish.

Mike, a veteran of Sundance's Super-D series, nailed 10th place in the huge Sport Men 30-39 division with an incredible time of 1:27:44. Mike again proved himself the fastest on the UMB team, this time by 8 minutes -- maybe we should check that new Camelbak to see if there's a motor in there...
Bruce lost the hill-climbing contest to "the usual old guys" in Men 50-plus but managed to take an 11th place.

Bruce (left) rolls a picturesque turn. 

Joyride - Sherwood Hills, Logan - May 28, 2005
Eight UMB team members raced at the Cache Valley Joyride. We had two first-place finishes! Seven riders finished "in the points." It was a sunny day, just a bit warm. Among the trees, racers contended with clouds of dust and bugs. More than a few grams of insect protein were ingested during the race.

Chris Williams led the Clydesdale class to a first-place finish. Congratulations!

Kellie Williams rode to 5th place in Beginner Women. Chad Hunter stopped to rebuilt his bike's gearing ratio between the 1st and 2nd laps, but returned to finish 9th in Singlespeed.

Justin Griffin (left) turned in another win with first place in 9-and-under.

Jay Griffin (right) placed 7th in Expert Men 40-plus.

We'll honor Justin Griffin and Chris Williams with "Rider of the Race" for their first-place finishes. That's four in a row for Justin. It's the first blue ribbon for Chris, who's getting faster and tougher every race!

Thanks to Jay Griffin for supplying the photos of the Joyride!

Bruce took 7th-place in Men 50-plus. Mike took 13th in Sport Men 30-39.

PedalFest - Deer Valley - June 4, 2005
Deer Valley was chilly and cloudy for the PedalFest. A massive snow field required minor re-routing of the racecourse on the climb to Little Stick. Unfortunately the detour sent riders right through a deep mud bog. Nine UMB riders made this race, with seven racers picking up points for the team.

Ben (left) cruises the singletrack to finish 9th in Sport Men 19-29.

Justin (right) races across the meadow on his way to his fifth first-place finish of the season. Justin is solidly on course to take the season championship in his division.

Our nine riders were in nine different race categories. For the second time this season, it was an all-guy affair, as none of our women racers could make the race.

Chad (left) placed 11th in Singlespeed.

Chris (right) rode to a strong 3rd-place in Clydesdale. Chris is now in second-place for the season in his class.

UMB Team Rider Category Placement
Justin Griffin 9 and under 1st
Dan Hutchings Beginner Men 19-29 5th
Brent Simmons Beginner Men 30-39 8th
Ben Hutchings Sport Men 19-29 9th
Mike Engberson Sport Men 30-39 21st
Chad Hunter Singlespeed 11th
Bruce Argyle Men 50+ 16th
Chris Williams Clydesdale 3rd
Jay Griffin Exp Men 40+ 12th

Mike rolls towards down from the Gap.

Jay comes past the ski lift to start another brutal lap. Note the mud-covered left leg.

Dan completes his first race for the UMB team in Beginner Men 19-29.

Brent (left) finished 8th in Beginner Men 30-39.
"Excuse-of-the-day" honors go to Bruce (right), who slashed a one-inch hole in his front tire for a spectacular downhill ditch-or-die flat. With the replacement tube bulging dangerously through the hole, he managed to get across the finish line with his feet on the pedals.

In all, it was a good day for the team, as we held onto 6th place in the Intermountain Cup season rankings.

Thanks to Sally Hutchings and Jay Griffin for supplying race photos!

Utah Summer Games - Cedar City's Three Peaks - June 11, 2005
At the misnamed Utah "Summer" Games, the temperature dropped into the 40s, and the rain created rivers through the race course. Many riders simply put their bikes back on their cars without racing. The small contingent of UtahMountainBiking riders fought through the miserable weather to claim good placements. But with only three riders on the trail, UMB dropped to 8th place in the team standings. 
Kellie Williams (photo at right) made a good ride for the UMB team to take 4th in Beginner Women. Bruce was knocked to the back of the pack with a failed O-ring on a tubeless wheel. But after changing his tire, he fought back to take a 4th place in Men 50-plus.
Chris Williams (shown racing at left, on the winner's podium at right) took another first place in Clydesdale. Way to go, Chris!

Utah State Championship - Solitude - July 9, 2005
Nine UMB racers hit Solitude on a warm, sunny day.

Justin Griffin (left) is our State Champion in 9-and-under division with his first-place finish at Solitude. Congratulations, Justin! You da man!

Chad Hunter (right) rode to 7th place in Singlespeed.

Ben Hutchings (at left) placed 13th in Sport Men 18-29.

Sally Hutchings finished5th in Beginner Women.

Chris Williams (right) crashed on this
tricky trail, but struggled on to place
6th in Clydesdale.

Kellie Williams (left) grabbed
5th place in Beginner Women.

Bruce borrowed a bike just in
time for this race, finishing 12th
in Men 50-plus.


Jay Griffin (left) finished 9th in Expert
Men 40-plus.

Mike Engberson (right) captured the 12th place position in Sport Men 30-39.


Our point tally for this race moved us from 8th to 7th place in the team season standings.
Thanks to Sally and Jay for the photos of this race!

Mountain Bout - Snowbird - July 16, 2005
Four UMB racers made the brutal Mountain Bout race at Snowbird. With technical singletrack climbing 800 feet in less than a mile and a half, this is one of the toughest outings of the year. We held onto 7th place for the UMB team. Two more races to go...
Chris (left), took 3rd place
in Clydesdale.

Sally (at right) raced to a 5th
place finish in Beginner Women.

Ben (photo at left) finished
7th in Sport Men 18-29.

Bruce (right) placed
6th in Men 50-plus.

Taming the Tetons - Jackson Hole, July 23, 2005
Five UMB riders (the founders of the web site) brought their families to Jackson Hole for a group camping trip along the Snake River. That's 5 racers, 5 spouses, and 15 kids.

The race at Jackson Hole moved the UMB team up to 6th place in the Intermountain Cup season standings. Here's the news:

Matt Flygare took 1st place in Beginner Men 30-39.
Bria took 2nd place in Beginner Men 40-plus.
Williams placed 3rd in Clydesdale.
Hunter was 3rd in Singlespeed.
took a dive early, then rode 11 miles with broken ribs to finish 6th in Men 50-plus.
Engberson placed 9th in Sport Men 30-39.

Wolverine Ridge! the season finale - August 13, 2005
Seven racers represented UMB at the season championship race at Wolverine Ridge. Two UMB racers made it to the season championship podium: Justin with 1st in 9-and-under, and Chris with 3rd in Clydesdale. We earned enough points to hold on to 6th place for the season. Way to go, racers!

Justin Griffin finished his season with a first-place win in 9-and-under.

Justin is the 2005 season champion in his category. Congratulations!

Kellie Williams took 2nd in Beginner Women.

Chad Hunter placed 9th in Singlespeed. Chad captured 7th place for the season among the one-gear guys.

Mike Engberson nailed 12th place in Sport Men 30-39.

Matt Flygare moved up to Sport Men 30-39, finishing 19th.

(Left to right: Kellie, Chad, Bruce, Mike, Matt, Chris)

Bruce rode with a rib binder to protect his healing ribs, finishing 9th in Men 50-plus. Bruce finished the season with a 5th place for the senior category.

Chris Williams, in contention for the season title in Clydesdale coming into this race, suffered a flat tire, crossing the line 6th.

Chris finishes in 3rd place for the season. Tough break, but a well-fought season, Chris! That's Chris on the right side of the photo, getting his season 3rd-place plaque.

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