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Team Photo Scrapbook
2004 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

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Red Rock Rampage
March 6, 2004
Bruce Argyle raced as the only representative of the UtahMountainBiking team, placing 9th. The Men's 50-plus category is blisteringly fast this year. Bruce is moaning that while he's 8% faster than last year, he's placing waaaaaay lower. The big baby. He just needs to suck up and train harder.
Cholla Challenge II
March 27, 2004
Justin Griffin, age 8,  rolls to his 2nd-place finish in the 9-and-under category at the 2004 Cholla Challenge race. Go, Justin!

Thanks to Jay Griffin for these photos!

Bruce Argyle tackles the slickrock section. He's wearing the new UtahMountainBiking jersey, ready just in time for this event. Inspired by a jersey that makes him look fast, Bruce fought his way to a 4th-place finish.

In the raffle following the race, Bruce scored a $25 floral arrangement. "Honey, I was thinking about you the whole time I was down there. So I got you these flowers to show how much I appreciate you. Thanks for letting me spend 3 days in the St. George sunshine while you were stuck here with the kids during the snowstorm. Oh, by the way, the next race is..."

Five Mile Pass
May 1, 2004
L to R: Mike Engberson, Chad Hunter, Dominic Bria, Vincent Bria (first row), Bruce Argyle, Chris Williams, Kellie Williams (first row), Kristina Williams, Richard Williams. Also racing for UMB, but not in the photo: Ben Hutchings, Nathan King.

Placements: Chris 7th Clydesdale, Ben 9th Beg M 19-29, Richard 9th Clydesdale, Bruce 11th M 50+, Kellie 14th Beg W, Vincent 14th Beg M 13-15, Kristina 17th Beg W, Mike 33rd Sprt M 30-39.

Chris Williams gets "Rider of the Race" for his Clydesdale performance.

Busted bikes:  Chad, Dominic, and Nathan.
(Total = 4 flats, 1 broken pedal, and 1 stripped crankarm)
Bleeding:  Bruce
Dirty but not mortally wounded:  Mike
Fsssssswumpwumpwump: Chad and Dom
Exciting Game! Match the excuse to the rider:
"I ran out of patches."
"My time would have given me 3rd place last year."
"I didn't want the extra weight of a pump."
"I could feel it wobbling right from the start."
Soldier Hollow

May 15, 2004: Soldier Hollow won't be a pleasant memory (or any memory at all) for Nathan, who went to the hospital with a concussion. In the photo at right, note the post-accident dirt on the right shoulder.

Ben moved up to an 8th place finish in his division. Nice job! That's Ben on the left with the mountains of the Wasatch in the background.

Justin Griffin gave us a good showing at 3rd place in the 9-and-under category. We're giving Justin "Rider of the Race" honors for this one. Good race, Justin!

After getting tangled up in a wrecking crew of ladies and clydesdales (at least, that's his excuse), Bruce dragged himself over the finish line in 9th place. Bent derailleur hanger and broken sunglasses, but no blood this time. In the photo, Bruce gasps his way towards the finish line.

Thanks to Jay Griffin and Ben Hutchings for these photos!

Logan Joyride
May 29, 2004: Six riders rode for UMB at the Sherwood Hills course. The rain let up in time for a very pleasant ride.

Mike Engberson landed some points with a 15th-place finish in the race's largest category, Sport Men 30-39.

Justin Griffin (left photo) rode to a 2nd-place win in 9-and-under.

Kellie Williams (right photo) arrived late for her race, but couldn't be denied, as she moved to the Sport Women category. Kellie raced a respectable time, finishing in the points at 15th place.

Chad Hunter (left photo) was waylaid in the bushes with thigh cramps on the third lap, finishing 17th.

Bruce (right photo) had a flat tire, but got back into the race to finish 7th in Men's 50-plus. At the time of this photo, he'd pulled up to 4th position before disaster struck.

Nathan King finished 7th in Men Sport 16-18.

Many thanks to Jay Griffin for these photos!

Deer Valley Pedalfest
Four racers represented UtahMountainBiking at Deer Valley June 5, 2004. The weather was perfect. Thanks to Jay Griffin for these photos!

Bruce finished 15th in Men 50-plus. As an illustration of the competition in the old-fart category: Bruce finished with the same time that gave him 3rd-place last year.

Justin took 3rd in 9-and-under.

Ben placed 6th in Beginner Men 19-29.

Sally Hutchings, in her first race for the UMB team, rode to a 6th-place finish in Beginner Women. That's Sally on the far right.

Utah Summer Games (Three Peaks at Cedar City)
Four UMB team members made the trip to Cedar City for the Utah Summer Games, race #7 of the Intermountain Cup Series, on June 12, 2004.

Kellie Williams (left photo, and on the top box at right) took 1st Place in Beginner Women. Kellie is our Rider of the Race!

Thanks to Richard Williams for these photos!
Kristina Williams (left photo) took 4th in Beginner Women. Good race, Kristina!

Steve Winters (right photo), in his first race for the UMB team, took 3rd in Beginner Men 40+.

Bruce placed 7th in Men 50+. Beautiful day, great fun course, and some good placements for the UMB team.

Powder Mountain
Three riders from UMB raced at Powder Mountain on June 19, 2004.

Nathan King is shown jumping out to an early lead in the Sport Men 16-18. After a flat tire (courtesy of a nail), Nathan finished 3rd in his category.

Justin Griffin took 2nd place in 9-and-under in a very close finish. In the photo at right, Justin (in the UMB jersey) rides around the snowbank and uphill through the mud chasing the #1 spot just 100 yards from the finish line.

Bruce captured 5th place in Men 50-plus.

Powder Mountain featured technical singletrack, beautiful views, and a smidge of mud and snow, all at a lung-busting altitude. It was a sunny but cool day -- perfect for racing. Congratulations to these three UMB team members!

Thanks once again to Jay Griffin for supplying our race-day photography!

Solitude (Utah Open Championship)
Three riders hit the slopes of Solitude for the Utah Open State Championship race, number 9 of the Intermountain Cup Series, on June 26, 2004.

Justin Griffin took 2nd in 9-and-under. He's accumulating quite a collection of red ribbons.

Thanks to Jay Griffin for these pictures!

Nathan King placed 3rd in Men Sport 16-18. Congrats!

Despite one crash, Bruce rode the course 3 minutes faster than his 2003 time and 4th-place finish. But he's refusing to say what his placement was for the 2004 race, and we hear he's started on Prozac and electroshock therapy. UMB is taking up a collection to hire a professional trainer for Bruce. Send your spare cash to: Slow Old Farts Training Fund, c/o

Brian Head
Brian Head, July 3, 2004

Justin Griffin (left) took 2nd in 9-and-under.

Kellie Williams (right) placed 2nd in Beginner Women.

Bruce (center in photo at left at the race start) rode to 8th position in Men 50-plus, cutting his 2003 3rd-place time by over 5 minutes.

For the 50+ guys, Brian Head was two loops around a vicious 10-mile, 2000-vertical course at 10,000 feet of elevation. Lung-busting climbs and technical rock-banging, tree-dodging downhill singletrack. Gnarly!

Thanks to Richard Williams for these photos!

Snowbird Mountain Bout, July 17, 2004. A heavy rain the night before the race left the trail wet, with a few puddles, more than a few slippery roots, but with the same loose rock that makes climbing a challenge.

Nathan King, left, took 4th place in Men Sport 16-18.

Sally Hutchings rode to a 1st-place finish in beginner women.

Despite the cool temperatures, the high humidity made this a tough race. The trail included new singletrack since last year, making the race longer with more vertical climbing and tougher technical challenges.

Justin Griffin, left, racing in the 9-and-under.

Bruce struggled to a 7th-place finish in Men 50-plus.

Thanks to Ben Hutchings for these photos!

Wolverine Ridge
August 14, 2004, saw the season championship race at Wolverine Ridge. The trail was loose, rough, and mean.

Justin Griffin (left) placed 2nd in 9-and-under.

Kellie Williams (right) finished 2nd in Beginner Women.

Nathan King (left) raced in Mens 16-18 Sport, but had to take a DNF for this race.

Bruce fought a tough Mens 50-plus field to roll in 9th.

Thanks to Jay Griffin for these photos!

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