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Team Roster

2004 Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series

Team Scrapbook

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Bruce Argyle
Category: Men 50-plus
From:  Alpine
Bike:  Cannondale Jekyll
Factoid:  ER doc
History:  Two 1st place finishes, Alpine Days. 2002 Senior Games Expert Div 4th Hillclimb, 4th Downhill, 4th XC.  2003 Intermountain Cup Season 2nd Place (11 races).  2003 Senior Games Expert Div Downhill 2nd, XC 2nd, Hillclimb 5th.
2004 Season:  Desert Rampage 9th, Cholla Challenge 4th, Five Mile 11th, Soldier Hollow Wed 7th, Hammerfest 9th, Sundance XC 4th, Joyride 7th, Sundance 5/31 Super D 10th, Deer Valley 15th, Cedar City 7th, Powder Mountain 5th, Solitude 12th, Brian Head 8th, Snowbird 7th, Wolverine Ridge 9th, Sundance Super-D 1st 45+, 7th overall, Sundance Super-D 5th overall.

Dominic Bria
Category:  Men 30-39
From:  Lehi
Bike: Specialized FSR
History:  1st year racing Intermountain Cup
Factoids:  Marketing executive
2004 Season: Five Mile DNF, Sundance Super-D 6th overall.

Vincent Bria
Category:  Men 13-18
From:  Lehi
History:  1st year racing Intermountain Cup
Factoids:  Age 12!
2004 Season: Five Mile 14th, Sundance Super-D 11th overall.

Mike Engberson
Category:  Men 30-39 Sport
From:  Eagle Mountain
Bike: K2 4000
History:  1st season racing Intermountain Cup
Factoids:  Be nice to this racer. He controls the UMB budget.
2004 Season: Five Mile 33rd, Joyride 15th, Sundance 5/31 Super D 7th, Sundance 7/3 Super-D 8th.

Justin Griffin
Category:  9 and under
     (age 8)
From:  West Valley City
Bike: Giant MTX
History:  2003 Wolverine Ridge 3rd Place.
Factoids:  Has Jack Russell Terrier named Turbo.
2004 Season:  Cholla Challenge II 2nd Place, Soldier Hollow 3rd, Joyride 2nd, Deer Valley 3rd, Powder Mountain 2nd, Solitude 2nd, Brian Head 2nd, Wolverine Ridge 2nd.

Chad Hunter
Category:  Men 30-39
From:  Highland
Bike: Modified K2
History:  1st season racing Intermountain Cup
Factoids:  Custom Monster 4-wheeler Isuzu "FrankenTrooper"
2004 Season: Joyride 17th, Sundance 7/3 Super-D 15th

Ben Hutchings
Category: Men Beginner 19-29
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Gary Fisher Tassajara
History:  First-time racer this year.
Factoids:  Expert runner.
2004 Season: Five Mile 9th, Soldier Hollow 8th, Deer Valley 6th.

Sally Hutchings
Category:  Beginner Women
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Bianchi Lynx
History:  First-time racer this year.
Factoids:  Enjoys fly fishing, hiking, outdoors.
2004 Season: Deer Valley 6th, Snowbird 1st.

Nathan King
Category:  Men 16-18 Sport
From:  Taylorsville
Bike: Schwinn Homegrown
History:  3rd year riding, 2nd racing.
2004 Season: Frozen Hog Hillclimb 1st, Downhill 1st. Red Rock Rampage 3rd, Joyride 7th, Powder Mountain 3rd, Solitude 3rd, Snowbird 4th.
Factoids:  His bike is worth more than his car.

Chris Williams
Category:  Clydesdale
From:  Provo
Bike: K2 Tirade 4.0
History:  1st year racing
Factoids:  Master student Accounting, Scuba diver, avid NASCAR fan.
2004 season: Frozen Hog, Desert Rampage 8th, Five Mile 7th.

Kellie Williams
Category:  Beginner Women
     (age 13)
From:  Spanish Fork
Bike:  K2 Razorback Team
History:  Riding for 2 years.  Youngest woman to finish 2004's tough Frozen Hog race. 
Factoids:  Loves basketball and all sorts of sports.
2004 Season:  Desert Rampage 8th, Five Mile 14th, Joyride 15th (Sport), Summer Games 1st, Brian Head 2nd, Wolverine Ridge 2nd.

Kristina Williams
Category:  Beginner Women
From:  Spanish Fork
History:  Race Assistant at Frozen Hog 2004.
Five Mile 17th, Summer Games 4th

Richard Williams
Category:  Clydesdale
From:  Spanish Fork
History:  Official at Frozen Hog 2003, 2004.
2004 Season: Five Mile 9th

Steve Winters
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Cedar Hills
Bike: Ellsworth
History:  Frozen Hog 2003 40-plus 1st.
Factoids:  Hobbies fly fishing, float tube, camping, old movies.
2004 Season: Summer Games 3rd

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