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Team '06 Scrapbook
Roster by Category

Rider Information 2007  These are the riders who raced ICup for UMB in 2007

Bruce Argyle
Category: Men 57-plus
From:  Alpine
Bike:  Cannondale Scalpel
History:  Over 50 races in last 5 years. 2003 Intermountain Cup Men 50-plus 2nd Place for season. Six-time Senior Games medallist.
2006:  4th place for season.

Trevor Beard
Category:  Sport/Expert 16-18
From:  Orem
Bike: Diamondback Response
History:  1 year road racing, 1 mtb race. Endurance events; likes downhill tech stuff. 10 years mountain biking.
Factoids:  Woodworking.

Stephen Bergen
Category:  Beginner Men 30-39
From:  Sandy
Bike: Santa Cruz SL
History:  2nd year racing for UMB.
Factoids:  Played water polo in HS. Was airlifted off Porcupine Rim in 98 after a nasty crash.

Dominic Bria
Category:  Sport Men 40+
From:  Lehi
Bike: Specialized FSR
History:  3rd year racing Intermountain Cup with UMB.
Factoids:  Marketing executive. One of UMB's "Founding Fathers."

Samantha Bria
Category:  10-12
From:  Lehi
Bike: Specialized
History:  First year racing 05
Factoids:  Daughter of Dominic

Vincent Bria
Category:  Men 13-15
From:  Lehi
History:  2nd year racing Intermountain Cup. Didn't race 2005.
Factoids:  Son of Dominic

Meri Bruin
Category:  Beginner Women
From:  Salt Lake
History:  2nd place Desert Rampage 07 before joining up;1st year with UMB team
Factoids: ER nurse

Rich Bruin
Category:  Sport Men 30-34
From:  Salt Lake
Bike: Specialized Epic Pro
History:  Racing since 2000, 1st year with UMB team
Factoids: Also into Crit racing and triathlons.

Evan Christensen
Category:  Beginner Men 30-39
From:  Richfield
History:  2nd year racing
Factoids: State title Cross-Country team in high school

Anthony Cilluffo
Category:  Beginner Men 19-29
From:  Salt Lake
History:  Rides 100 miles/week, 7 years, but 1st year racing
Factoids: fanatic snowboarder and hockey player

Mike Engberson
Category:  Men 35-39 Sport
From:  Eagle Mountain
Bike: K2 4000
Bike 2: custom hardtail
History:  4th season racing Intermountain Cup for UMB team.
Factoids:  Be nice to this racer. He controls the UMB budget. Mike is an expert jumper and tech rider.
2006: Season 2nd place.

Jared Evans
Category:  Men 35-39 Sport
History:  1st season with UMB team.

Matt Flygare
Category:  Men 30-34 Sport
From:  Burley, ID
Bike: Custom hardtail
Bike 2: Big-hit Specialized
History:  3rd season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Rad tech rider, big air, trials. Moved to Idaho, but comes back for the biking.

Bill Foster
Category:  Men 40+ Beginner
From:  Clinton
Bike: Trek ZX-7000
History:  First year racing
Factoids:  Rock climber. Father of five.

Jeff Frederick
Category:  Men 30-39 Beginner
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Intense 5.5
History:  10 years riding. Frozen Hog x 2, ICup races 05 and 06, Roadie MS 150 and SL Bike Tour
Factoids:  Snowshoeing, backcountry snowboarding, wakeboarding, golf..

Matthew Greene
Category:  Men 40+ Beginner
From:  Clearfield
Bike: Trek 4300
History:  Mountain biking 3 years in Italy, 2 in South Korea, plus Tucson and Idaho. First year racing.
Factoids:  Scuba diver, Air Force Reserve, works at Hill AFB.

Jay Griffin
Category:  Men 40+ Expert
From:  West Valley City
Bike: Kona King Kikapu
History:  6 years racing, on "vacation" while he coaches Justin. 2 first-place, 6 seconds, 7 thirds, team 6th at 24 hours of Moab, 4th Deer Valley Nationals, 2nd Snowbird Widowmaker Hillclimb.
Factoids:  Justin's dad. Takes most of our race photos!

Justin Griffin
Category:  10 to 12
Also races 13-15 Sport.
From:  West Valley City
Bike: Giant MTX
History:  5th year racing Intermountain Cup, 4th season with UMB team. First place 9-and-under in 2005, 1st place 10-12 in 2006,
Factoids:  Has Jack Russell Terrier named Turbo. First rode singletrack trail at age 4!
2006: 1st place for category 2006 season!

Skyler Hancock
Category:  Beginner Men 16-18
History:  First year with UMB team

Amber Hatfield
Category:  Sport Women
From:  Highland
Bike: Kona Queen Kikapu
History:  20 years riding, multiple and varied races including winter racing, 24-hour race, and 72-miler, in Utah and Arizona.
Factoids:  Just back from Australia, where she learned to body surf and drive on the left side of the road.

Carlee Hunsaker
Category:  10-12
From:  Tremonton
Bike: Scott Contessa
History:  3rd year racing, 2nd with UMB team. 2005 2nd-place 9-and-under girl, 4th place overall. 2005 Joyride 1st, Jackson 2nd.
Factoids:  Member Sliders Softball Team, plays violin and piano. Likes cats.

Colin Hunsaker
Category:  Beginner Men 16-18
From:  Tremonton
Bike: Specialized Epic Comp
History:  3rd year racing, 2nd with UMB team. 2006 16-18 Beginner 3rd Joyride, 4th Sundance Spin, 4th Utah Open
Factoids:  Plays trumpet in jazz band also plays piano, organ, saxophone, honor student, likes to garden.

Scott Hunsaker
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Tremonton
Bike: Specialized Epic Comp
History:  3rd year racing, 2nd with UMB team. 2005 40+ Beginners 5th Utah Open, 2nd Snowbird, 3rd Taming the Tetons, 5th Wolverine Ridge.
Factoids:  Secondary School Principal. Father of UMB racers Colin and Carlee.

Chad Hunter
Category:  Singlespeed
From:  Highland
Bike: Modified K2
Bike 2: Custom singlespeed
History:  4th season racing Intermountain Cup with UMB team. Specializes in spooky technical stuff, jumps.
Factoids:  Custom Monster 4-wheeler Isuzu "FrankenTrooper." Freeride jumper and expert tech rider. One of the "Founding Fathers" of UMB.

Julie Hunter
Category:  Beginner Women
From:  Highland
Bike: K2
History:  3rd season racing with UMB.
Factoids:  Mother of four -- and faster than all of them.

Ben Hutchings
Category: Men 19-29 Sport
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Gary Fisher Sugar 292
History:  4th Intermountain Cup season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Expert runner. Sally's brother.

Dale Hutchings
Category: Men 30-39 Beginner
From:  Lehi
Bike: Gary Fisher Tassajara
History:  1st year racing with UMB team
Factoids:  General contractor. Loves fishing, bowhunting.

Dan Hutchings
Category: Men 30-34 Sport
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Gary Fisher 292
History:  Third year racing with UMB team
Factoids:  Network engineer, fly fisherman, water skiier.

Sally Hutchings
Category:  Women 35-plus
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Gary Fisher Cake 2
History:  4th racing season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Enjoys fly fishing, hiking, outdoors. Sister of team members Ben, Dan, and Dale.

Todd Jackson
Category: Beginner Men 40+
From:  Herriman
Bike: Stumpjumper Pro
History:  Occasional races 2 years, 1st year with UMB, raced Cholla 07 prior to joining team.
Factoids:  Outdoor activities.

Casey Jensen
Category: Beginner Men 19-29
From:  Fruit Heights
Bike: Trek 4500
History:  Three years biking, 2nd year racing.
Factoids:  Wakeboarder, snowboarder, rock climber.

Denmark Jensen
Category: Sport Men 35-39
From:  Bluffdale
Bike: Cannondale Scalpel
History:  2nd season racing, first with UMB team.
Factoids:  Basketball, board games, indie music from the UK

David Larsen
Category: Sp/Exp Men 16-18
From:  Ephraim
Bike: Specialized Epic
History:  2nd season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Does trumpet, snow boarding, scuba diving, and rock climbing.
2006: 1st place for season

Mark Ludwig
Category: Beginner Men 19-29
From:  Murray
Bike: Specialized XC Comp
History:  1st season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Camping, 4-wheeling, horses, wakeboarding, skiing.

Dan Lund
Category: 10-12
From:  Ephraim
Bike: Scott Contessa
History:  2nd season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Soccer player, helps out w Dad's sheep ranch

Russ Margetts
Category: Beginner Men 40-plus
From:  Murray
Bike: Canondale Jekyll
History:  2nd season with UMB team, 15 years mountain biking.
Factoids:  Father of UMB racer Tyler. Into boating, skiing, canyoneering

Tyler Margetts
Category: Sport Men 18-29
From:  Murray
Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper
History:  2nd season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Wakeboards, guitar player. Attending UVSC

Travis Millward
Category: Beginner Men 18-29
From:  Bountiful
Bike: Giant Warp DS-1
History:  2nd season racing.
Factoids:  Endurance racer

Greg Myers
Category: Men 35-39 Sport
From: Magna (via Oregon)
Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper
History:  20 years extensive racing: Oregon and California state series, Baja Cali Mexico series, Kuoloa triathlon. 1st year UMB.
Factoids:  In Utah with USMC. Flyfishing, snowboarding, surfing. Brews own beer. Married w two boys.

Holly Nelson
Category: Beginner Women
From: Midvale
Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper
History:  Some XC races, 1st year with UMB team
Factoids:  Combat medic with the marines.

Todd Neumarker
Category: Men Sport 30-34
Category: Men Sport 35-39
From: Pleasant Grove
Bike: Santa Cruz
History:  Road, mountain biking for 18 years. 2nd season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Programming, bike riding, playing with twin boys.

Jolene Nosack
Category: Women 35+
From: Orem
Bike: Gary Fisher Sugar 293
History:  Frozen Hog, 2nd IC season racing with UMB.
Factoids:   Enjoys volleyball and cross country skiing
2006: Second place for season

Kris Nosack
Category: Sport Men 40+
From: Orem
History:  2nd season with UMB team, Frozen Hog 2 years
Factoids:   Jolene's hubby.

Brian Oliver
Category: Singlespeed
From: Salt Lake
Bike: On-One 29er SS
History:  Substantial racing history in expert category (mid-90s), interrupted for school and ER residency, now again ready to rocket. 1st year with UMB team.
Factoids:  ER doc, avid backcountry skiier.

Jordan Petersen
Category: Beginner Men 16-18
History:  2nd season with UMB team

Catherine Reay
Category: Beginner Women
From:  Taylorsville
Bike: Rocky Mtn Fusion
History:  New to racing.
Factoids:  Learning to play banjo

Carl Reese
Category: Beginner Men 19-29
From:  SLC
Bike: Gary Fisher 292
History:  Raced I.C. Solitude 2005, 2nd season UMB team.
Factoids:  Avid reader

Scott Reynolds
Category: Beginner Men 30-39
From:  Cedar Hills
Bike: Jamis Dakar XLT
History:  1st season racing with UMB team
Factoids: State wrestling champion Texas.

Audrey Searle
Category: 10-12
From:  American Fork
History:  2nd season with UMB team

Cami Searle
Category: 9 and under
From:  American Fork
History:  1st season with UMB team

Dallin Searle
Category: 10-12
From:  American Fork
History:  2nd season with UMB team

Brad Sneed
Category: Beginner Men 40+
From:  Highland
Bike: Rocky Mountain Element
History:  Riding 8 years, some NORBA races, broke wrist in Brian Head DH race.
Factoids:  Raised in Tooele, just relocated from Las Vegas.

Lynn Stephens
Category: Men 50+
From:  Orem
Bike: Specialized Enduro Pro
History:  Lotoja x 2 as a relay team, 24 Hours of Moab. 2nd season with UMB team
Factoids:  Rock climbing, ice climbing, road riding

Eric Taylor
Category: Sport Men 19-29
From:  Fruit Heights
Bike: Specialized XC Pro
History:  2nd season with UMB team
Factoids:  Outdoor enthusiast

Kellie Williams
Category:  Sp/Exp 16-18
From:  Salem
Bike:  Gary Fisher Sugar
History:  4th year on UMB team.
Factoids:  Loves basketball and all sorts of sports.
2006: 2nd place season

Richard Williams
Category:  Clydesdale
From:  Salem
History:  Occasional racer, has helped with team support for 4 years.
Factoids:  Novell guru, expert camper and outdoor cooker. Father of UMB racer Kellie.

Steve Winters
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Cedar Hills
Bike: Ellsworth
History:  3rd season with UMB team. Frozen Hog 2003 40-plus 1st. 2004 Season: Summer Games 3rd.
Factoids:  Hobbies fly fishing, float tube, camping, old movies.

Danny Van Wagoner
Category:  Sport Men 13-15
From:  Highland
Bike: Diamondback XSL
History:  2nd season with UMB team. Highland Fling winner 05
Factoids:  Football, wakeboarding, fishing, hunting, expert skier (since age 2)

Jacob Van Wagoner
Category:  Beginner Men 13-15
From:  Highland
Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper
History:  First season racing.
Factoids:  Owns a bearded-dragon lizard.

John Van Wagoner
Category:  Sport Men 40+
From:  Highland
Bike: Santa Cruz Blur
History:  2nd season UMB team. Park City Endurance 50, Leadville 100
Factoids:  Wakeboarding, skiing, fishing.

Scott Van Wagoner
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Highland
Bike: Santa Cruz Blur
History:  1st season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Speedy road cyclist, ER doc.

Chad Waldron
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Kaysville
Bike: Specialized Epic
History:  First year racing.
Factoids:  School and Action Sports Photographer.

Steven Winters
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Cedar Hills
History:  3rd year with UMB. Frozen Hog 2003 40-plus 1st.
Factoids:  Hobbies fly fishing, float tube, camping, old movies.

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