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Team '06 Scrapbook
Roster by Category

Team Rider Information 2006

Bruce Argyle
Category: Men 50-plus
From:  Alpine
Bike:  Cannondale Scalpel
History:  Over 50 races in last 5 years. 2003 Intermountain Cup 2nd Place Season Champ in Men 50-plus. Six-time Senior Games medallist.
2005:  5th place for season.

Stephen Bergen
Category:  Beginner Men 30-39
From:  Sandy
Bike: Santa Cruz SL
History:  1st year racing.
Factoids:  Played water polo in HS. Was airlifted off Porcupine Rim in 98 after a nasty crash.

Dominic Bria
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Lehi
Bike: Specialized FSR
History:  2nd year racing Intermountain Cup with UMB.
Factoids:  Marketing executive. One of UMB's "Founding Fathers."
2005: Desert Rampage 10th, Five Mile 11th, Jackson 2nd.

Samantha Bria
Category:  10-12
From:  Lehi
Bike: Specialized
History:  First year racing 05
Factoids:  Daughter of Dominic
2005: Five Mile 8th

Suzie Bria
Category:  Women 35-plus
From:  Lehi
Bike: Specialized
History:  First year racing 05
Factoids:  Wife of Dominic
2005: Five Mile 11th

Vincent Bria
Category:  Men 13-15
From:  Lehi
History:  2nd year racing Intermountain Cup. Didn't race 2005.
Factoids:  Son of Dominic

Evan Christensen
Category:  Clydesdale
Beginner Men 30-39
From:  Richfield
History:  First year racing
Factoids: State title Cross-Country team in high school

Kelsey Engberson
Category:  9 and under
From:  Eagle Mountain
Bike: 50-pound bargain
History:  First season racing.
Factoids:  Mike's daughter

Mike Engberson
Category:  Men 30-39 Sport
From:  Eagle Mountain
Bike: K2 4000
Bike 2: custom hardtail
History:  3rd season racing Intermountain Cup for UMB team.
Factoids:  Be nice to this racer. He controls the UMB budget. Mike is an expert jumper and tech rider.
2005: Desert Rampage 27th, Cholla Challenge 2nd, Five Mile 19th, Soldier Hollow 21st, Sundance 10th, Logan 13th, Deer Valley 21st, Solitude 12th, Jackson 9th, Wolverine 12th. Season 14th place.

Matt Flygare
Category:  Men 30-39 Beg,
     Men 30-39 Sport
From:  Burley, ID
Bike: Custom hardtail
Bike 2: Big-hit Specialized
History:  2nd season with UMB team. Joined team for Jackson Hole race 05.
Factoids:  Rad tech rider, big air, trials. Moved to Idaho, but comes back for the biking.
2005 Season: Jackson 1st as Beg Men, Wolverine 19th as Sport.

Jay Griffin
Category:  Men 40+ Expert
From:  West Valley City
Bike: Kona King Kikapu
History:  6 years racing, on "vacation" from 2001 until this season. 2 first-place, 6 seconds, 7 thirds, team 6th at 24 hours of Moab, 4th Deer Valley Nationals, 2nd Snowbird Widowmaker Hillclimb.
Factoids:  Justin's dad.
2005: Five Mile 11th, Logan 7th, Deer Valley 12th, Solitude 9th.

Justin Griffin
Category:  10 to 12
From:  West Valley City
Bike: Giant MTX
History:  4th year racing Intermountain Cup, third season with UMB team. 2004 2nd place for season.
Factoids:  Has Jack Russell Terrier named Turbo. First rode singletrack trail at age 4!
2005: Desert Rampage 2nd, Five Mile 1st, Soldier Hollow 1st, Sundance 1st, Logan 1st, Deer Valley 1st, Solitude 1st, Wolverine 1st. 1st place for category 2005 season!

Shon Hender
Category:  Beginner Men 19-29
From:  Clearfield
Bike: Specialized Stumpy
History:  First year racing. 10 years riding.
Factoids:  On 1992 state champ 4A football team, Network Security Geek, father of 2.

Carlee Hunsaker
Category:  10-12
From:  Tremonton
Bike: Scott Contessa
History:  Second year racing. 2005 2nd-place 9-and-under girl, 4th place overall. 2005 Joyride 1st, Jackson 2nd.
Factoids:  Member Sliders Softball Team, plays violin and piano. Likes cats.

Colin Hunsaker
Category:  Beginner Men 16-18
From:  Tremonton
Bike: Specialized Epic Comp
History:  2nd year racing. 2006 16-18 Beginner 3rd Joyride, 4th Sundance Spin, 4th Utah Open
Factoids:  Plays trumpet in jazz band also plays piano, organ, saxophone, honor student, likes to garden.

Scott Hunsaker
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Tremonton
Bike: Specialized Epic Comp
History:  2nd year racing. 2005 40+ Beginners 5th Utah Open, 2nd Snowbird, 3rd Taming the Tetons, 5th Wolverine Ridge.
Factoids:  Elementary Principal

Chad Hunter
Category:  Singlespeed
From:  Highland
Bike: Modified K2
Bike 2: Custom singlespeed
History:  3rd season racing Intermountain Cup with UMB team. Specializes in spooky technical stuff, jumps.
Factoids:  Custom Monster 4-wheeler Isuzu "FrankenTrooper." Freeride jumper and expert tech rider. One of the "Founding Fathers" of UMB.
2005: Desert Rampage 14th, Cholla Challenge 1st, Five Mile 10th, Logan 9th, Deer Valley 11th, Solitude 7th, Jackson 3rd, Wolverine 9th. 7th place for season.

Julie Hunter
Category:  Beginner Women
From:  Highland
Bike: K2
History:  Second season racing.
Factoids:  Mother of four -- and faster than all of them.
2005: Frozen Hog 6th, Desert Rampage 12th, Five Mile 10th

Ben Hutchings
Category: Men 19-29 Sport
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Gary Fisher Sugar 292
History:  3rd Intermountain Cup season with UMB team. 2004 Season: Five Mile 9th, Soldier Hollow 8th, Deer Valley 6th.
Factoids:  Expert runner. Sally's brother.
2005: Five Mile 15th, Soldier Hollow 13th, Deer Valley 10th, Solitude 13th, Snowbird 7th.

Dan Hutchings
Category: Men 19-29 Sport
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Gary Fisher 292
History:  Second year racing
Factoids:  Network engineer, fly fisherman, water skiier.
2005: Deer Valley 5th

Sally Hutchings
Category:  Women 35-plus
From:  Salt Lake City
Bike: Bianchi Lynx
History:  Third racing season with UMB team. 2004 Season: Deer Valley 6th, Snowbird 1st.
Factoids:  Enjoys fly fishing, hiking, outdoors. Ben's sister.
2005: Five Mile 9th, Solitude 5th, Snowbird 5th

Casey Jensen
Category: Beginner Men 16-18
From:  Fruit Heights
Bike: Trek 4500
History:  Three years biking, first year racing.
Factoids:  Wakeboarder, snowboarder, rock climber.

David Larsen
Category: Sport Men 16-18
From:  Ephraim
Bike: Specialized Epic
History:  6 I.C. races with top-3 finishes every time.
Factoids:  Does trumpet, snow boarding, scuba diving, and rock climbing

Dan Lund
Category: 10-12
From:  Ephraim
Bike: Scott Contessa
History:  2 I.C. races in 2005 with 2nd and 3rd place.
Factoids:  Soccer player, helps out w Dad's sheep ranch

Ryan Margetts
Category: Beginner Men 16-18
From:  Murray
Bike: Klein Pulse Comp
History:  First season racing, five years riding.
Factoids:  Lacrosse team captain. Wakeboards, guitar, singer.

Tyler Margetts
Category: Beginner Men 18-29
From:  Murray
Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper
History:  First season racing.
Factoids:  Wakeboards, guitar player. Attending UVSC

Travis Millward
Category: Beginner Men 18-29
From:  Bountiful
Bike: Giant Warp DS-1
History:  First season racing.
Factoids:  Endurance racer

Todd Neumarker
Category: Sport Men 30-39
From: Pleasant Grove
Bike: Santa Cruz
History:  Road, mountain biking for 18 years. First Season with UMB team.
Factoids:  Programming, bike riding, playing with twin boys.

Jolene Nosack
Category: Women 35+
From: Orem
Bike: Gary Fisher Sugar 293
History:  Frozen Hog, First IC season racing with UMB.
Factoids:   Enjoys volleyball and cross country skiing

Kris Nosack
Category: Beginner Men 40+
From: Orem
History:  Frozen Hog 2 years
Factoids:   Jolene's hubby.

Jordan Petersen
Category: Beginner Men 16-18

Carl Reese
Category: Beginner Men 19-29
From:  SLC
Bike: Gary Fisher 292
History:  Raced I.C. Solitude 2005, first season UMB team.
Factoids:  Avid reader

Audrey Searle
Category: 9 and under
History:  First season with UMB team

Dallin Searle
Category: 9 and under
History:  First season with UMB team

Brent Simmons
Category: Beginner Men 30-39
From:  Kearns
Bike: Gary Fisher Cake
History:  Second season with UMB team
Factoids:  Ender's Dad
2005: Five Mile 10th, Soldier Hollow 5th, Deer Valley 8th

Trevor Simper
Category: Pro Men

Aaron Smith
Category: Men Beginner 30-39
History:  First season with UMB team

Jeremiah Smith
Category: Men Expert 19-29
From:  Saratoga Springs
Bike: Custom Jamis Dakar XLT
History:  Two years racing, 2 Frozen Hogs. First season with UMB team

Lynn Stephens
Category: Men 50+
From:  Orem
Bike: Specialized Enduro Pro
History:  Lotoja, 24 Hours of Moab. First season with UMB team
Factoids:  Rock and ice climbing, mountaineering

Eric Taylor
Category: Beginner Men 16-18
From:  Fruit Heights
Bike: Specialized XC Pro
History:  XC racing interest
Factoids:  Outdoor enthusiast

Kellie Williams
Category:  Sport Women
From:  Salem
Bike:  Gary Fisher Sugar
History:  3rd year on UMB team.  2004 Season:  Desert Rampage 8th, Five Mile 14th, Joyride 15th (Sport), Summer Games 1st, Brian Head 2nd, Wolverine Ridge 2nd.
Factoids:  Loves basketball and all sorts of sports.
2005: Frozen Hog 1st, Desert Rampage 5th, Five Mile 4th, Soldier Hollow 5th, Joyride 5th, Cedar City 4th, Solitude 5th, Wolverine 2nd.

Steve Winters
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Cedar Hills
Bike: Ellsworth
History:  Frozen Hog 2003 40-plus 1st. 2004 Season: Summer Games 3rd.
Factoids:  Hobbies fly fishing, float tube, camping, old movies.

Danny Van Wagoner
Category:  Sport Men 13-15
From:  Highland
Bike: Diamondback XSL
History:  Highland Fling winner 05
Factoids:  Football, wakeboarding, fishing, hunting, expert skier (since age 2)

John Van Wagoner
Category:  Beginner Men 40+
From:  Highland
Bike: Santa Cruz Blur
History:  Park City Endurance 50, Leadville 100
Factoids:  Wakeboarding, skiing, fishing.

Carson Wick
Category:  Beginner Men 19-29
History:  1st year racing.

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