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Report from 2003:  The February 1, 2003 Frozen Hog was held in the middle of a severe drought, so it wasn't as white and fluffy as the photo (above) would indicate. But it was great fun. 34 racers registered -- a good turnout for a first-ever racing event in the middle of winter.
Because Mother Nature had withheld snow for three weeks, riders had to contend with mud, ocean-sized puddles, and a couple of spooky rock-hard ice glaciers in the upper canyon. But "no fluffy stuff" meant hot riding times. Ed Warr cranked the fastest uphill time, a blistering 16:14. Jeremy Branch smoked the downhill at 6:40.

Time trial:  Hillclimb. Rider up. Go...

Frozen Hog Winners 2003 (Best Combined Time)
   First Place Second Place Third Place
   Ed Warr Jeremy Branch Zach Pitcher
Special Category Winners
 Men's Hillclimb Men's Downhill
   M under 18 Matt Bright  M under 18 Matt Bright
   M 18-29 Karl Jarvis  M 18-29 Jeremy Branch
   M 30-39 Ed Warr  M 30-39 Mike Holder
   M 40-49 Alan Jarrett  M 40-49 Steve Winters
   M 50-plus Bruce Argyle  M 50-plus Bruce Argyle
 Women's Hillclimb Women's Downhill
   W 18-29 Amber Hatfield  W 18-29 Amber Hatfield
   W 30-plus Melody Flygare  W 30-plus Melody Flygare
The Frozen Hog race is sponsored by UtahMountainBiking, our first try at holding an official event, and (as far as we know) the first winter-terrain mountain biking race in Utah. A special "thank you" to Richard Williams who stayed off his bike as the Hillclimb starter and Downhill finishing judge. The UMB guys supplied the goodies and Gatorade, plus prizes for the winners and "stuff" for the drawing. Everybody went home with something.

Dodge the slime... and shave some time...

A video short of this race (92 seconds) is available for download. This clip is TV-res (320x240) at 15 fps, so it's around 16 MB. It's designed for download-and-play on Windows Media Player, rather than streaming video. See our Video Download section.

The Downhill. Cooling off from a hot ride...
Thanks to racer Vince Jones from Tooele, whose wife Beth took the photos on this page.

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February 2004 for the 2nd annual Frozen Hog. 
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