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 Mountain Bike Photography

  Welcome to the photo lessons...

Photo Basics Film speeds, camera selection, shutter speeds, aperatures, depth of field.
Composition Guidelines Rule of thirds, diagonals, camera angle, subject direction.
Shooting Landscapes How to frame a landscape, with or without a biker.
Taking Action Photos Types of action biking shots, and how to plan for them.
Flowers and Detail Photos Shooting trailside stuff like flowers.
Pictures of People Tips for making your biking buddies look good on film.
Every picture should tell a story. And it should have emotional meaning. Some pictures hold our attention -- even if we don't know the people in them; even if we were never there. What is it about these pictures that keeps you looking at them?  And why do some people easily take great photos -- and you don't? To call it "the artist's eye" is a cop-out. Let's call it "the science of good pictures." And you can learn this science.
Take this photo. You know this guy's in the woods. He's sweaty and his biking jersey is open. Must have been riding hard. We assume he's fond of his furry white biking buddy.

There's science behind this photo: It's a "people close-up," so it's shot at eye level using 60 mm telephoto. The dominant feature (the man's eyes) obeys the "rule of thirds" -- so we perceive a photo of "a biker and his dog," and not "a dog being held by a biker." The background was selected for its simplicity, but provides hints about location (the woods). Somebody got the exposure right.

In the lessons that follow, I'll give you some hints about shooting great biking photos. Some of the stuff is unique to biking, such as "helmet shadows" on the face. You'll be a better photographer, or I'll give you double your money back.

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