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This page lists a few very special videos!  Most of Bruce's trail videos are embedded on the corresponding trail pages within the UtahMountainBiking site. To select among all of our videos, go to Bruce's YouTube Channel!  There are over 150 videos currently available. And if you want to be notified whenever Bruce shoots and adds a new video, subscribe to his channel on YouTube.

Videos for FUN !
The following are not exactly "serious" trail videos... 
(MP3 files for the "Bruce Blues Band" tracks are downloadable here.)
Afternoon Ride
Classic 1950s type rock 'n roll on Zoltar and Houdini. A loop ride on Borderline, Zoltar, and Houdini in the Klonzo system while the Bruce Blues Band does a classic soundtrack. (Original composition)
Bad Mood Rising
Riding a brand new bike... that your wife said you couldn't afford. Can't go home tonight! The Bruce Blues Band warps an old Creedence song as Bruce hits the Kentucky Lucky Chicken trail. (Recycled song)
Bike It
You must Bike It, Bike it Good! The "Bruce Blues Band" takes on Devo, but with a bike helmet. Bruce hits the Country Club trails near Price for this vid.
Biker Blues
About a guy who loves his bike a bit too much! This video, featuring the "Bruce Blues Band" in concert, has scenes from winter in Lambert Park, spring in Moab, summer in Payson Canyon, fall on Antelope Island, and more. From April Fools Day 2018. (Original composition)
Biking Easy
It's only just the dog and me...  In our version of the classic Eagles song, it's about biking easy. While  Bruce hits the Iron Giant trail on the edge of Cedar City.
Ballad of Biker Fred
This started with a song encouraging Cub Scouts to wear their helmets!  The "Bruce Blues Band" sings the sad tale of Biker Fred, while the video shows every type of mechanical disaster befalling the bike. Based on an old Kingston Trio song.
Big Guy on a Bike
For those of us who have bodies and bikes in the XL range...  In this original song, the Bruce Blues Band deals with the challenges of being a larger biker, while Bruce rides Antelope Island. (Original composition)
Bike Thief Thing
Hey, this song takes an ugly turn.  In love with his bike on Wire Mesa, this rider finds his bike stolen and gets, well, hostile. Sound track, of course, provided by the insane musicians of "the Bruce Blues Band." Based on that old favorite, Wild Thing.
Bikie Q
Love that bike!  Bruce rides the eastern side of Quail Creek's Lakeside trail in this updated video. Meantime, the CCR classic Suzie Q gets remodeled into an ode to that wonderful bike..
Born to be Mild
In case any road bikers are feeling left out, here's a song about you.  While riding the Barrel trail in St. George's Green Valley area.  Steppenwolf on an acoustic guitar? The Bruce Blues Band rocks out, mildly.
Break the Chain
Always, always, be prepared to fix a busted chain. Because it's a long walk back.  In the Bruce Blues Band version of this Fleetwood Mac song, our rider hits the fabulous Guacamole trail.
Can I Buy That Bike
Pleading with your wife to buy your third or fourth bike?  This original reggae song from the Bruce Blues Band is a lot of fun. Fat bike riding in the snow of Lambert Park. (Original composition)
Can't Get Enough
Do you love your bike a bit too much?  While riding the Rim Rock trail in the Santa Clara preserve, the "Bruce Blues Band" does a bit of Bad Company rip-off.
Color My World with Bikes
Ode to a bike I'd like to buy.  The "Bruce Blues Band" turns to piano for this version of Chicago's classic love song. Meantime, Bruce rides the Green Loop of Fruit Loops in the foothills of Fruit Heights.
Crowded Corner Canyon
An ode to a very popular riding area!  The "Bruce Blues Band" offers its opinion on the riding in Draper, with a ride around the Lexie & Ethan Loop. Tune from a Neil Young ballad on the Crosby Stills Nash & Young album Deja Vu.
Cyclocross Women
A competitive girlfriend! Can our rider handle it?  No Honky-tonk Women here; just aggressive riders. A cyclocross-racing version of a classic Stones hit, while Bruce hits Gould's Rim near Hurricane.
Dirt Church
Skipping the official services to go worship dirt...  Bruce takes the Alice Cooper song "Eighteen" and makes it truly offensive for this soundtrack to the eastern Lakeside Trail at Quail Creek reservoir.
Down at the Bike Park
Willie and his old Schwin are a'jumpin in the air...  A classic by Creedence becomes the sound track for this ride up Sidewinder in the Santa Clara trails.
Episode on the Bike
EKG trail!  Bruce does his usual bass and grabs a guest spot as lead singer with the group Dinosaur Kisses for this video of the EKG trail. (Based on a song by Gary Argyle of Dinosaur Kisses.)
Everything is Wonderful
Angry biker gets his mind fixed when riding.  This original song has angry punk verses and a "feel good" chorus. Gotta hear it to appreciate it, all while having fun on the Rhythm & Blues loop near Quail Creek.
First Bike is the Cheapest
The bikes just keep getting more expensive.  There have been a lot of "covers" of "The First Cut is the Deepest" over the years. Here's the Bruce Blues Band's version, as background to a ride on Twist & Shout.
Flat Tire
Why the race became a DNF.  Creedence Clearwater Revival's classic "Lodi" becomes a cautionary tale about hubris in this Bruce Blues Band soundtrack. The video shows the many trails in Eagle Mountain.
Gotta Ride Boogie
A tribute to Utah's alpine rides in a full-tilt boogie!  Video of the Deer Creek South Fork loop while the "Bruce Blues Band" does its thing. (Original composition)
Half the Man She Is
A couch potato whose wife is really into biking!  Climb Draper's Canyon Hollow trail and descend down the Rush trail as the "Bruce Blues Band" plays the sad tale of a guy's manhood crisis. (Original composition)
Heartbreak Race
High expectations, and a hard fall back to reality.  The Bruce Blues Band tries its hand at contemporary country with this ballad of a racer who can't win. Literally. Set to the beautiful open western spaces of the Prospector trail near St. George. Recycled tune from a Dixie Chicks song.
Hey Joe
A cautionary tale about dirt jumping.  Set to the classic Hendrix tune, the sound track by the "Bruce Blues Band" sets the mood for this ride around the EZ-Lazy loop in late November. (Recycled)
I Broke My Bike
Can I borrow yours?  Country and western lament from a rider whose ambition to ride big stuff exceeds his skills, to a video of Navajo Rocks near Moab. Sound track by the "Bruce Blues Band." (Original composition)
Mountain Bike All Night
I wanna mountain bike all night, and not just in the day...  With apologies to any KISS fans out there, here's the Bruce Blues Band version, set to a ride in Alpine's Lambert Park. (Recycled)
Do people think you need therapy? Because you can only relate to your bike?  Here's a Black Sabbath remake soundtrack by the Bruce Blues Band, while we hit the tough Hurricane Rim.
Patchwork Bike Blues
Trying to keep the bike rolling with scrounged parts.  Classic blues soundtrack by the Bruce Blues Band while riding the awesome Church Rocks loop. (Original composition)
Rear Wheel Traction
Snow Biking!   The Bruce Blues Band gets "Satisfaction" from a fat bike ride on the Rodeo Trail in Lambert. No "Stones" here. (Recycled)
Ride Like a Big Boy
Taking the training wheels off.  An old CCR favorite updated to talk about biking. The Bruce Blues Band's soundtrack plays while we ride Dunestone and Boondocks in the northern Klonzo system. (Recycled)
Ridin' through Heaven's Door   Electric Version
Broken bike or broken biker: a sad song about the end of biking.  Modeled after Guns n Roses' cover of Bob Dylan's classic, this song by the "Bruce Blues Band" is the background to a descent down the WOW trail above Midway. This is version 2.0, with rolling fingerpick and electric blues guitar.
Ridin' through Heaven's Door   Acoustic Version
Broken bike or broken biker: a sad song about the end of biking.  Modeled after Guns n Roses' cover of Bob Dylan's classic, this song by the "Bruce Blues Band" is the background to a descent down the WOW trail above Midway. This is the original, all on acoustic guitar.
Rocks Hurt
Appropriately enough, on the rocky Cub Scout loop.  Remember Nazareth and "Love Hurts?" The "Bruce Blues Band" does its version on the Quail Creek Overlook trails. (Recycled)
Roll on the Bike
Classic Thunderbird knockoff.  Boogie-like song about the need to ride within your skills. All set to the awesome slickrock riding on the West Rim trail of Sand Mountain near Hurricane. (Recycled)
Smoke on the Rotor
Gettin' lube on your brakes...  If you were alive in the 70s, you'll know this over-done song! The Bruce Blues Band tries out some Deep Purple. Meantime, we're riding the JEM trail from top to bottom.
Singing about how it feels to get away into the hills.  The Bruce Blues Band takes a classic James Taylor finger-picking love song and makes it all about biking. 
Sweaty Petty Horse
So there's this guy, and he has both a horse and a mountain bike...  Remember line dancing and Billy Ray and his achy breaky heart? Well, here's the Bruce Blues Band version, set to the awesome scenery of Goodwater Rim.
Sweet Home ala Moab
Southern Rock. And we do mean rock.  The Bruce Blues Band does the guitar licks while our rider hits the Great Escape trail in the Gemini Bridges riding area. 
Sweet Little Bike
A ballad about a guy and his bike.  Another classic James Taylor song -- about a lonely cowboy -- is remade into an ode to my mountain bike..
This Christmas Sucks
A nice ride in the snow, accompanied by very horrible Christmas song.  In this original song by Bruce, a young man didn't get the bike he wanted for Christmas.
Valhalla Trail
Utah's toughest trail -- and it's real. Not lying. We swear!  A compilation of ridiculous stuff -- such as riding through water and having a picnic in the snow, plus plenty of bike breakdowns. Assembled into a "ride video" about the brutal but fictional Valhalla trail. From April Fools Day 2017.
What a Wonderful Trail 
East Mountain Wilderness Park in Kaysville.  The Bruce Blues Band does its Louis Armstrong impersonation in this sweet little video. 
Why Stop the Pain
Long as I've been riding, my bike's been breaking down...   The Bruce Blues Band plays some classic CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) -- inserting mountain biking lyrics of course -- while Bruce rides the Red Canyon Rim at Flaming Gorge.
Wish I'd Brought a Light
After dark and lost on the bike trail.   Our rider hits the Bloomington Microloop as darkness descends, while the Bruce Blues Band twists and mangles an old James Taylor love song.
Won't Hike Down
Inspirational Bike Song!  Really.   To set the mood for a descent down Bull Run in the Gemini Bridges area north of Moab, the Bruce Blues Band performs its version of a Tom Petty classic.
Older videos !
Many of these classic videos were published on our UtahMountainBiking Trail Sampler DVD in 2003.
Alpine's Lambert Park
Early spring riding! This video features the awesome "Biker Blues" soundtrack -- you've gotta hear it -- as you cruise technical singletrack. Plus, you get a helmet-eye view as Bruce slides right into an oak tree on a slimy trail! The second riding video made by UMB, quite a few years ago when Jackie was a mere puppy. 60 seconds playtime. [ YouTube ]
Amasa Back
Great tech hillclimb to a viewpoint over the Colorado! Join the UMB crew as they play on the Amasa Back trail. Gnarly rock, great view, and sick stunts. Stay tuned following the ride for a brief "bloopers" reel with sphincter-tightening wipeouts. 110 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Bartlett Wash
Premiere sandstone playground.  Bartlett Wash is where stunt bikers go to make movies. The rolling Entrada sandstone makes Bartlett a rock-rider's delight. Check it out. 77 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Bearclaw Poppy Trail  (Green Valley Trail)
The most fun you ever had in the desert.  From the Lion's Paw (Three Fingers of Death), to the Acid Drops and Clavicle Hill, to the BMX rock 'n roll, this is one KICKIN' trail. Get the helmet-eye view, dropping vertical off the toughest of the Three Fingers of Death. 85 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Quick look at UMB's fabulous Biking Power resistance-trainer workout DVD, features a brief snippet from each exercise. 320x240, 2 minutes run-time, 23 MB.
One-Foot Pedaling Sample  Introduction and uninterrupted sequence from the one-foot pedaling drill, for a more detailed look. 2 minutes. [ YouTube ]
Race Simulation Sample   Beginning of the race simulation segment of the exercise video. 90 seconds.  [ YouTube ]
Cassidy-Losee Loop 
Bruce and Jackie head up the awesome Cassidy Trail in Red Canyon, descending via Losee Canyon! Picturesque limestone formations similar to Bryce Canyon. 94 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Corner Canyon Snow-biking Video
Winter tour of Corner Canyon's South Mountain Trail. Watch Bruce, Mike, Chad, and Jackie the Biker-dog fly down the racetrack in the snow in our first-ever riding video, made many years ago when nobody was doing it. Totally cool and awesome! 58 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Dark Hollow Trail 
The "Vertical Mile" of Brian Head's premiere downhill.  Check out the views from Brian Head Peak as Bruce drops down 5000 feet on the Dark Hollow Trail. (Note: we lost the footage of technical riding on the harder downhill sections, so this trail is more technical than it appears on the video.) 46 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Deer Creek South Fork 
Awesome alpine singletrack loop! The South Fork Trail is near the top of the Alpine Loop, between Provo Canyon and American Fork Canyon. Ride this 6-mile loop (using Ridge 157 in the middle) with Bruce and Jackie, to a boogie stereo soundtrack. 70 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Diamond Fork
Bruce and Little Jackie ride the Three Forks Loop in Diamond Fork. Climbing on the technical Cottonwood Creek Trail, then downhill on Fifth Water. Stereo music track. 96 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Fat Biking
Quick look at Fat Biking in American Fork Canyon, includes both groomed hard-pack roadway and singletrack in the snow. 158 seconds playtime.   [ YouTube ]
Four Seasons
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall in Alpine's Lambert Park. Starting in winter's deep snow on the River Trail, ride Lambert Park through spring's crisp air and summer's beautiful poppies, finishing off with a rocket-ship cruise down the Rodeo Trail in the colorful leaves of fall. 140 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Frozen Hog 2003 
Insane winter mountain bike race.  Hillclimb and Downhill races in the dead of winter -- not for wimps. The February 2003 race in Hog Hollow didn't have a lot of snow, but it was fun fun fun. Rock music background. 92 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Frozen Hog 2004 
Snow galore for this gnarly winter race.  2004 socked Hog Hollow full of deep snow. Not "easy riding!" Racing, falling, hiking the bike through the drifts -- watch the winter fun. California surfer boogie background. 102 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Frozen Hog 2005
Rain-soaked race! The race video for the 2005 Frozen Hog winter mountain bike race, held in Lambert Park February 12. Thrills, chills, spills, and plenty of cold mud. 90 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Frozen Hog 2006
The race video for the 2006 Frozen Hog winter mountain bike race, held in Lambert Park February 4. Great conditions for a snow ride, with probably the best "hog-wild" conditions ever.  120 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Frozen Hog 2007
The 2007 Frozen Hog race was the biggest ever, February 3 in Lambert Park. Great conditions, blazing-fast trail. Not bad in this low-res version -- but you aughta SEE this video on our trails DVD! Awesome.  96 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Frozen Hog 2008
The 2008 Frozen Hog was blessed with a wealth of snow. The riding was tough and slippery. Those who braved the elements were rewarded with a race they can brag about for a long time. And the groundhog saw his shadow. 160 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Frozen Hog 2009
For the 2009 Frozen Hog, rain and warmer weather turned snow to slush. The riding was tricky for our Groundhog Heros. This is a fun Hog short film. 120 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Gooseberry Mesa 
White-rock sandstone heaven! Gooseberry Mesa is one of our favorite rides, with well-marked trails ranging from beginner to expert. Shot on the South Rim Trail, this is an awesome video. Certainly Mike (in photo at left) makes a big splash! (Yes, this is the famous water-pocket crash.) 81 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Green Valley Race Loop
Seven-mile loop in Green Valley, just west of St. George. Two semi-technical rock-bottom washes, high-speed desert singletrack. Join Bruce on the trail. 81 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Guacamole Trail
Slickrock riding and singletrack in the trees, on a flat-top Mesa near Zion National Park. Join Mike, Dom, and Chad on this great new trail.  80 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Hurricane Loop 
Tour the Gould's Rim Trail, JEM Trail, and Hurricane Loop Trail in one fantastic 21-mile loop. Join Mike and Chad on the voyage.  120 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Jordan River Picnic 
Check out this family bike trail.  By request: a "gentle" trail video! Lovely Diane takes 5 kids and a dog down Lehi's Jordan River Parkway for a biking picnic. See how to cook a whole hot-food picnic out of ONE Camelbak. 76 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Little Cottonwood Creek 
Alpine hill climb - quick and close-by.  Want to see why hundreds of bikers ride this trail every week? Ride along as Bruce attacks the Little Cottonwood Creek Trail -- with attitude. 77 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Little Creek Mountain 
Rock and juniper playground.  In his "video director's debut," Little Mikey aims the camcorder at Bruce, Chad, and Matt as they romp over the great rock and singletrack of Little Creek Mesa. 88 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Making the Trail Videos
A tongue-in-cheek look at how UMB makes trail videos. Bruce narrates and stars in this docu-dementory. 2 minutes 50 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Mid Mountain Trail
Join Bruce on the Park City's awesome Mid Mountain Trail. Through aspens, firs, and open views, the Mid Mountain Trail is a terrific ride. 82 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Mill Creek Pipeline 
Early season cruise on one of Utah's most popular trails. Ride with Gary on the cruisin' singletrack of the Mill Creek Pipeline, to a guitar-rag stereo soundtrack. This was the third trail video that Bruce shot, many moons ago. 62 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Mikey's Greatest Hits 
UMB's Little Mikey is a great technical rider. But he just happened to be in front of the camera for a few on-camera wipeouts. In honor of Mikey's 30th birthday a few years ago, we compiled this brief ode to Mike. 45 seconds playtime.
[ MRes only (320x240) mpg 8 MB ]  [ YouTube ]
Mueller Park 
One of Utah's must-ride trails! Every true-blue Utah mountain biker rides the Mueller Park trail. Cajun two-step soundtrack.  Bruce will never forget filming this trail, as "partly cloudy with a high of 78" turned into below 50 degrees, fog, and an inch of rain. Stereo Cajun two-step soundtrack. 72 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Navajo Lake
Experience the beautiful scenery of the Navajo Lake Loop, as Kristen, Alex, and Jackie ride the singletrack around the lake. Kind of idyllic. 75 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Night Ride!
Night riding in the woods is an other-worldly experience. Join the UtahMountainBiking Race Team in this interesting video short. 90 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
OLM Commercial
The commercial that made us famous, sort of.  Bruce, Mike, and Dominic ride in the OLM TV ad featuring (Dom wants everyone to know he was TOLD to crash.) 33 seconds playtime, around 5 MB.  [ VIDEO LOST in transfer to new server! Looking for it. ]
Paradise Canyon
Breathtaking scenic technical ride.  Join Mike, Matt, and Dom as they romp down the advanced-technical singletrack at Brian Head's Paradise Canyon trail. 79 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Park City's Town Loop
Why Park City isn't just for skiing any more.  Bruce visits Park City during the peak of the fall colors. From Sweeney's Switchbacks to the colorful technical aspens of John's Trail, ride to a soft-rock guitar soundtrack. 84 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Porcupine Rim 
Moab's big downhill singletrack.  The Porcupine Rim is the second-most famous ride in Moab. For aspiring big-league downhillers who like to rock rough. Major gnarly, starring Bruce, Chad, Dom, Matt, and Mike! 75 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Prospector Trail 
Kristen and Alex join Jackie the biker-dog for a cruise on the Prospector Trail near Leeds. A taste of desert riding to a rolling blues music track. 70 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Red Canyon 
Colorful limestone and and pines surround a paved trail.  The junior bikers (Kristen, Savannah, Alex, Vince, and Jessie) ride Red Canyon, near Bryce Canyon National Park. Of course, Jackie comes along. 80 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Retail Sale 
Join Troy of Altitude Cycle in Vernal and UMB riders Chad and Mike on the Retail Sale trail! Twisting, up-and-down desert riding, virtually year-round. 80 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
The most famous bike trail in the world. For good reason.  Ride with Bruce, Chad, Dom, Matt, and Mike on the Navajo sandstone of Utah's world-famous Slickrock Trail. If you haven't been to Slickrock, this video will make you pack your bags. 87 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Snow Canyon Trail 
Easy family biking in a beautiful sandstone canyon.  Join Kristen, Alex, Jessica, and mom Diane on Snow Canyon's paved bike trail. A "bike with the family" inspiration, for the next time you go to St. George. Western music soundtrack. 69 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Southern Skyline Trail 
Ogden's awesome ridgeline ride awaits.  Join in as our bikers conquer this 3000-vertical hillclimb, as the October storm blows snow onto the mountain. Fall colors and "cool" riding! 80 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Sovereign Trail 
Join Kellie Williams, in her UtahMountainBiking race team colors, for a ride on the Sovereign singletrack trail near Moab.  82 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
One of Park City's most-popular climbs is the Spiro Trail. See why, as Bruce rolls up and down Spiro to a rockin' music sound track. 90 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Chairlift up and rocket down.  The UMB crew (Bruce, Chad, Dom, and Mike) takes the easy way to the top on Sundance's chair lift. Rad cruising downhill in the trees on Sundance's great singletrack system. Rasta rock background. 75 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Three Peaks Loop 
Follow Kristen and Alex as they ride the Three Peaks trail near Cedar City! Pretty rock, cute kids, eager dog. 92 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Thunder Mountain
An other-worldly ride through Thunder Mountain's orange rock.  Four riders rage through the orange rock of southern Utah's Thunder Mountain trail. Bruce, Dom, Matt, and Mike play to a stereo psycho guitar soundtrack. 86 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Tibble Fork 
Gnarly downhill romp! The Tibble Fork Trail, reached via American Fork Canyon's fabulous Ridge 157 Trail, is an awesome technical Alpine downhill. Beautiful, but with some sick roots and rocks, this trail will thrill you. Starring Dom, Chad, and Mike as blazing downhillers. 65 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Virgin River Trail 
See why St. George is a kid-friendly and bike-friendly place.  Join a boy (Alex) and his dog (Jackie) as they cruise along the Virgin River on St. George's fabulous bike trail system. 62 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Voice of America (Chinese) Pt 1 - Mountain Biking / Slickrock 
8-minute feature story by Voice of America in Mandarin Chinese for broadcast in China and Taiwan. Starring Bruce and Derek in their team colors. Starts with intro of Bruce as UMB website creator then goes to Slickrock. [YouTube (biking starts 0:58)]. [Shortened English-version YouTube]
Voice of America (Chinese) Pt 2 - Porcupine Rim 
6-minute part two Chinese-language feature story about mountain biking produced by VOA for Chinese broadcast. Emphasis is on challenges and hazards. Starring Bruce and Derek from the UMB race team on the Porcupine Singletrack and Porcupine Rim.   [YouTube (biking starts 2:20)].
Wardsworth Creek 
Climb the Wardsworth Creek Trail in Hobble Creek Canyon. Starring Bruce and Jackie, this is the video where Bruce performs an unbelievable technical stunt on-camera. You'll have to see it to believe he could actually do this! 88 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]
Wasatch Crest 
The one.  The only.  The Wasatch Crest.  Join the guys at 10,000 feet for Utah's ultimate alpine singletrack. Fabulous views, great riding. Stereo music soundtrack and a gnarly wipeout. 78 seconds playtime.
  [ YouTube ]
White Rim Trail 
The ultimate multi-day PARTY trail.  Brian, Bob, and Bruce show you what this trail's all about. 103 miles, from the Green River to the Colorado, with one awesome view after another. What a cruise. Blues soundtrack.102 seconds playtime.  [ YouTube ]