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Sorry!  Our  Screen Savers  are out of publication!
These old screensavers don't run under the latest version of Windows, and they're a bit dated with their 800x600 pixel size. And since screensavers are SO last-century, we won't be updating the programs. We've left this page here only because about 1600 other pages on this site still have a menu item for screensavers. 

In other words, nothing on this page works. Not even the links.   Go away.

UtahExtreme Biking Screensaver. Jumps, steeps, rough stuff, extreme weather.
Download:  Small version, 2.5 MB.   Full version, 5 MB.
UtahAlpine Biking Screensaver. Mountain vistas and tree-dodging in Utah's high country. It'll satisfy any single-track junkie!   Download:  Small version, 40 photos, 4 MB.   Full version, 10 MB.




UtahSeasons Biking Screensaver. Watch Utah's seasons change from your bicycle. 60 photos. Cycle through five years of biking. Awesome!  Download:  Smaller version 4.5 MB.  Full version 6 MB.
UtahTour Biking Screensaver. Take a look at Utah's premiere bike trails. A fun screensaver, but also a great introduction to Utah's variety and beauty! Download:   Smaller version (60 trails) 5.6 MB.  Full version 9.2 MB.
UtahHotRock Biking Screensaver. For sandstone junkies, a steady diet of rock riding. Get psyched for some major rock-hopping!  Download:  Smaller version, 40 photos, 3.1 MB.   Full version 6 MB.
UtahFlowers Screensaver. Not a biker in sight -- just pretty mountain meadows and lots of flowers. Non-bikers love this one!  Download:   Smaller version, 30 photos, 2.3 MB.   Full version, 7 MB.
And lots MORE!
For Moab fans, there's UtahMoab, photos of world-famous Moab's trails.
         Download:  Small version, 36 photos, 2.8 MB.  Full version, 5.3 MB.
     UtahWinter has chilly snow-biking scenes -- shred it, dude! 
         Download:  Small version, 20 photos, 2 MB.   Full version, 2.4 MB.
     UtahBike (lots of misc photos includes shots from the other screensavers).
         Download:  Small version, 40 photos, 2 MB.   Set #1, 6.8 MB.   Set #2, 6.5 MB.   Set #3, 7 MB.   Set #4, 5 MB. 
Want wallpaper photos? We have a selection of individual photos of various sizes for downloading. We also offer a Wallpaper Changer program that includes photos. Awesome biking shots, mountain peaks, sandstone cliffs, and a few pretty trailside flowers!
Select an appropriate wallpaper photo for your current "mood," or to change your wallpaper automatically every time you boot your computer, or to watch a slide show of the photos. Click for Wallpaper Page.

Download the wallpaper changer program:  Smaller version (100 photos) 11 MB.  Full version 33 MB.

Instructions: Click on a link to download a screensaver. Save the file in any directory, then run the program by double-clicking it in the Windows Browser or using the "Run..." option in the Start menu. Once the screensaver has installed, you'll be offered a chance to make it your current screensaver. (To select a new screensaver any time, move the mouse to an empty area of the Windows desktop and right-click. Select "Properties" from the popup menu. Click the "Screensaver" tab, and select the screensaver from your list of active screensavers. Click "OK" and you're on your way!)