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Sick and Twisted

from UtahMountainBiking

Mini-posters are 10 x 8 inches, but can be scaled to larger sizes -- if you've got a printer that will handle larger paper. Each comes in a low- and high-resolution version. For further info on downloading, saving the poster files, and printing, see the bottom of this page.

If you think this is cold, come home late again
and see just how frosty your wife can be...

A journey of a thousand miles
begins with forgetting your patch kit.

The only reason I keep working here
is that nobody pays me to ride my bike

God gave men perfect brains
but then the devil added testosterone.

For the next 15 seconds, no useful work will be conducted here. Activity will resume after this brief daydream of Gooseberry Mesa.

Until you spread your wings, you'll never know
how far you can carry your broken bike

If you can't learn to do something well
learn to enjoy doing it poorly

That which does not kill me,
postpones the inevitable

To feel fear means you're still alive

Perhaps the purpose of your life
is to serve as a warning to others

Hard work pays off eventually.
Hard play pays off now.

Hold on. Saturday is coming.

Unscraped skin is wasted skin. Go for it.

My wife says if I go to Moab again she'll leave me.
I'm going to miss that fine woman.

The downside of being better than everyone else
is that people tend to assume you're pretentious.

Selecting a file: Low-res files are JPEGs (a common compressed photo format) compressed around 20%, at 150 DPI (dots per inch) and are approximately 200 KB in size. The low-res poster is recommended for dial-up modems and for plain-paper printers. High-res versions are slightly compressed JPEG files at 300 DPI, around 1 megabyte  each in size. These files are excellent for photo-quality printing.
Downloading instructions: Click the download button. Wait until the full photo appears. (Depending on your browser and your computer's graphics settings, your screen may show only a portion of the poster.) Save the photo file onto your computer's hard drive. (For example with most Windows browsers, right-click your mouse over the picture, then select "Save image as...")
Printing instructions: We advise against printing the photo through your web browser, unless you know for a fact that it will scale the photo correctly. Some browsers will print only the portion of the photo that shows on your screen, or will print at screen (rather than printer) resolution. Instead, save as many posters as you want onto your hard drive. Then launch your favorite photo-editor and print the posters through that program.  If you have access to a wide-format printer, up-scale the high-res version to 20 x 16 inches (use your photo editor to scale the photo) and print it on slick paper to yield a truly worthy poster.