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Resources for the new mountain biker!
Welcome to mountain biking! This page will get you started.
  Some Stuff Every Biker Needs to Know
Always take a basic toolkit with you.
Pack more-than-enough fluids and calories.
Do NOT ride when trails are muddy.
If you ride alone...
  - take "spend the night" emergency supplies.
  - let someone know where you'll be, and when to worry.
Cyclists yield to hikers and horses.
Bikers riding downhill yield to climbing riders.
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  Getting (and Fitting) a Mountain Bike
If you already own -- or have borrowed -- a bike, you'll still want to make sure it's the right type of bike and the right fit for you. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the sport and you'll quit. Good equipment makes a big difference. Ride the right bike for your body's shape and size, and for the type of riding you'll do. Even expert riders can benefit from little tweaks in how the bike fits -- for example seat forward or back, handlebars higher or lower and rotated forward or back.
Picking a Bike Fitting a Bike to YOUR Body
  What to Wear
If you're just trying out mountain biking on a lovely perfect-temperature day, hiking shorts plus running shoes will work. But as you ride more, the special fabrics and design of bike-specific clothing will increase your enjoyment. Then there's special bike shoes. And winter bike clothing. And for many rides, even in midsummer, you'll want to pack "just in case" clothing.
General Info About Bike Clothing Winter Bike Clothing
  Things You'll Need on the Trail
For every ride, you need to bring enough fluid and calories. And you should be prepared for the "expected emergencies" such as flat tires, broken chain, or rattled-loose bike parts. And it's smart to have emergency gear -- such as a rain slicker, thermal blanket, single-use sunscreen packet, and single-use bug repellant -- always in your pack or on your bike. That way you can't forget to bring this stuff. Because you will need it some day.
Options for Hydration Options for Packs On-trail Biking Tools
  Build Basic Riding Skills
Start out on flat simple trails, then build skills as you get stronger. Make sharp turns with increasing speed. Roll over ledges, roots, and rocks. Practice getting the bike started on a steep hill.
Downhill steeps Hops and dips Ledges! Obstacles downhill
Obstacles uphill Switchbacks Tire traps Uphill steeps
  Where to Ride
Find a nearby trail that meets your needs. Then branch out to other easy but more-distant trails to keep things fresh and interesting. Next, head for more-challenging trails, steeper trails, longer trails. Build your skills steadily. Select trails that are fun for you at your current fitness and skill level -- and not too scary or hard. 
Selected Beginner and Family Rides, by region
  Basic Bike Fix-ups
Before you go riding:  Check the tire pressure, see if you need to lube the chain, and do a quick quick brake check. You should be prepared to do basic on-the-trail fix-up, such as flat repair, chain fixing, and component adjustments.
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  Special Types of Biking
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Teaching Kids to Bike Biking with Dogs