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"How-to" instructions, biking news, useless information, and some FUN stuff.
Selected Newer Articles...

Mountain Biking with a Pacemaker
Bruce is a doctor and fanatic mountain biker. When cardiac arrhythmia took him off the trail, a pacemaker put him back in the saddle.   Go to the Pacemaker article.    June 2021.

Resource page for beginners
A page that organizes our many information and how-to articles for the new mountain biker.    Go to the "newb" page...    June 2019.

Review of the Trail Trainer workout series!
Working out on a trainer can be a boring hateful proposition. Anything that helps you feel like you're really riding a trail can keep insanity  away a little longer, until the snow melts and the dirt is ready for your tires again.    Read the Review article...    February 2014.

An introduction to Fat Bikes!
After exactly ONE ride on a Pugsley (1200 vertical, about 8 miles), I have the audacity to write a primer on Fat Bikes. Consider it a work in progress. Ooooh, nice picture!   Read the Fat Bike article...    December 2013.

Endurance Racing
Information for the rider who's considering a 50-mile race.  Read the article...  October 2013

An introduction to the world of Cyclocross (CX) Racing. About the bike, the course, and the races.  Read the article...  October 2013

Fitting the Bike
This spring Bruce has been researching the best advice on fitting your bike to your body. Practical stuff like adjusting handlebar height, placing your cleats, adjusting seat position for efficient pedaling, and setting the angle of your brake levers.  Read the article...  
Voice of America Chinese-language Moab Story
UMB's website editor Bruce and Derek Ransom (awesome UMB racer) help Voice of America film two segments on mountain biking for broadcast in China. The segments, part of a show in Mandarin Chinese called "Cultural Odyssey" were broadcast in China and Taiwan in December. Great fun.
Using a Resistance Trainer
A great how-to article. What a resistance trainer is, how to use it, and what add-ons you'll want to make your workouts effective! 
Going Tubeless!
Riding tubeless has some big advantages for the right riders. Is tubeless right for you? Read this article and be informed!
Teaching your Kids to Bike
We took hints from our website visitors to create a how-to article
on teaching your children to mountain bike without making them hate it, or hate you.
Index of cycling articles
Fitness, racing and race training, skills, and many other topics!
First Aid for Cycling Injuries - over  60 topics!
Link to Bruce's first aid section for the web's best emergency medical information. Practical stuff for self-diagnosis, home treatment, when to see the doctor, what to watch for.