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Biking Power
UtahMountainBiking's strength-building DVD

Develop strength and burst-power to attack the steeps, hit the ledges, and win the races. Use this DVD to work out twice a week on your resistance trainer, and you'll become stronger and faster than you ever imagined!

Only $14.95 for the DVD

The Biking Power workout is now available through YouTube! It's available as individually-selectable segments, as a playlist of segments, or as the original one-hour workout. Insert a specific exercise into your session on the trainer, or do them all in sequence for a monster butt-kicking workout. 

This isn't your usual "spinning class" workout. Instead, you'll exercise with UMB's veteran racer Bruce on Park City's Mid Mountain Trail. Beautiful scenery to keep you in the riding mood. Exciting music (three selectable music tracks) gets your juices going.

The Biking Power workout gives you the power to win races, climb steep mountains, bull over roots and rock ledges, and fight your way through sand and mud. As your coach for this workout, Bruce brings his knowledge as a doctor and his training experience as a mountain bike racer. 

From the "Attacks" portion of the workout.

  • Beautiful scenery at 8000 feet elevation
  • On-trail exercises; never boring
  • Three unique music tracks! or use your own music
  • Doctor-designed and tested
  • Specifically designed for mountain biking skill and strength
  • Filmed in the Wasatch Mountains

From the one-leg pedaling exercise.

Why spend your winter watching sweaty guys sitting on their trainers in a gymnasium? 

Now you can do mountain-bike specific exercises in a beautiful setting with the Biking Power DVD. Guaranteed to contain more aspens than any other workout, or your money back.

From the Race Simulation.

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