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Trails Section Advertising

Our Trails section has over 250 bike trails. Each page shows multiple color photos of the trail, plus a detailed trail description, access instructions, and a trail map. The Trails section received 8000 visits per week during 2007.

You can purchase placement of a banner, half-banner, or logo on any page. Maximum is three advertisers per page. (Even if you see multiple ads on the page, check with us for availability. Some ads are unpaid promotions, others are our own internal advertising.) Yearly price is $15 per half-banner, $20 for a full-banner.

An advertiser can also adopt a specific trail for "exclusive sponsorship":

  • The sponsor is granted exclusive right to a single trail page (no other advertising will be accepted for that page). The sponsor is named in the initial text paragraph describing the trail.
  • There will be placements of art work on the page equivalent to two full-banner ads on the page (example, full-banner at top of page, two different half-banner ads within the page text).
  • A brief text description (maximum 100 words) of the services offered, plus phone number and address, within the body of the page..
  • If desired, a photo of the sponsor's place of business can be included alongside the above text.
  • The location of the sponsor is shown (or described) in relation to the trail in the "Getting there" section on the trail page.

While any business can sponsor a Trail Page, we think the ideal advertiser is a motel, eatery, or bike shop near the trail. This gives the ideal balance: the advertiser's message is viewed by bikers who are planning to come to the area, and bikers are made aware of services near the trail. Here's a sample:

SampleCo Bicycles is conveniently located on Main Street in Moab, just 2 miles from this trail. Drop by for current trail conditions, and a free trail map of this trail. We offer K2 and Cannondale bike rentals. See us at 100 North Main for your bike repairs and supplies.

We also offer guide services for this trail. Call 1-801-555-1212.

To see how this would look on a trail page, click here.

As you review our Trail pages, ignore any advertisement for medical software, books, DVDs, or UMB on-line store items. These advertisements are simply a "placeholder ads." If you see no other business mentioned on the page, it is available for you to occupy with your advertising!

Cost of exclusive sponsorship of a single Trail page is $100 per year. Supply us with your logo or art work, descriptive text, and store photo. Or refer us to your web page, and we'll grab some art to modify and convert to advertising for you.

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